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Call for Papers – “Focus Gene-Fatty Acid Interactions”

Genetic variants in the metabolism of fatty acids are important in the determination of nutritional
requirements (nutrigenetics). Similar dietary intakes of fatty acids do not lead to similar blood
concentrations. Different dietary fatty acids influence gene expression leading to differences in
human metabolism and homeostasis (nutrigenomics). Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics could
provide a framework for development of genotype-dependent novel foods for health promotion
and disease prevention and management of chronic diseases and eventually personalized
nutrition. For “Focus Gene-Fatty Acid Interactions”, we welcome papers addressing nutrigenetic
and nutrigenomic aspects of gene-fatty acid interactions. It is a call for papers that may
contribute to the identification of genes, DNA sequence variants or other genetic and genomic
factors associated with homeostasis or disease development that are modified by dietary fatty
acids. Original papers involving genetic and genomic technologies and various observational or
experimental study designs in human or animal models will be considered.

Professor Artemis P. Simopoulos, MD Professor Philippe Legrand, PhD

Co-Editor “Focus Gene-Fatty Acid Interactions” Co-Editor “Focus Gene-Fatty Acid Interactions”
The Center for Genetics, Nutrition and Health Directeur Laboratoire de Biochimie/Nutrition
Washington, DC, USA humaine
E-mail: cgnh@verizon.net Agrocampus-Ouest, 65 Rue de St Brieuc, 35042
Rennes Cedex
Email: philippe.legrand@agrocampus-ouest.fr

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