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RRUS 11/61

The multi standard RRUS 11/61 is

designed to be located near the an-
tenna and remotely extends the reach
of the RBS by up to 40 km. A fiber
optic cable connects the RRUS to
the RBS main unit or a hybrid macro
RBS. The RRUS can be connected in
a star or cascade configuration with
optical cable links.

The RRUS supports the Antenna

System Controller (ASC), the Tower
Mounted Amplifier (TMA), the Fre-
quency Shifting Tower Mounted
Amplifier (TMF) and the Remote Elec-
trical Tilt Unit (RETU).

The RET interface on the RRUS is the

link to the antenna communication

RRUS 11 supports WCDMA, CDMA

and LTE FDD (depending on frequen-
cy band). It has two duplex receiver/
transmitter (RX/TX) branches and
supports cross connection of RX
ports with other RRUs.

RRUS 61 supports LTE TDD. It has

two duplex RX/TX branches.

RRUS 11 can be used together with

an RRUS A2 to provide a four RX
branch implementation for Main
Remote applications.

The optional equipment available for

the RRUS is wall installation equip-
ment, pole installation equipment,
power supply Unit (PSU) and TX-
monitor port.
FREQUENCY BANDS RRUS 11, 3GPP BANDS B1 (W/L), B2 (W/L), B4 (W/L), B5 (W/L/C), B7 (L), B12 (L), B13 (L),
WCDMA, CDMA, LTE FDD: B20 (L), B25 (L/C), B26A (C/L), B26B (L)

FREQUENCY BANDS RRUS 61 3GPP BANDS B38 (L), B39 (L), B40B (L), B40C (L), B40D (L), B40 (L), B41A (L)

HW CAPACITY RRUS 11(61): Carrier capacity WCDMA, CDMA: 4 carriers
Carrier capacity LTE: 1 x 20 MHz FDD, (1 x 20 MHz TDD)
IBW: Up to 20 MHz (20 MHz)
MIMO: Yes, 2T2R (2T2R)
Output power: Up to 2 x 40W, (2 x 40 W)

INTERFACE SPECIFICATIONS: Power supply: -48 VDC (2-Wire)

Antenna Ports: 2 x DIN 7/16
Cross connect RXA: SMA
RXA co-site: SMA
Cross connect RXB: SMA
External ALD: RET 2.0, DIN 8
External Alarm: 2 x DIN 8
CPRI: 2 x 2,5 Gbps CPRI (Changeable SFPs)
Maintenance button
2 x optical indicators
Field Ground

RRUS 11: WxDxH: 416 mm x 148 mm x 406 mm without solar shield and handle
WxDxH: 431 mm x 184 mm x 452 mm with solar shield and handle
Volume and weight without sunshield: 25 litres and 20-23 kg depending
on frequency band

RRUS 61: WxDxH: 416 mm x 128 mm x 406 mm without solar shield and handle
WxDxH: 431 mm x 182 mm x 500 mm with solar shield and handle
Volume and weight without sunshield and handle 21,6 litres and 21,6 kg

POWER SPECIFICATIONS: Nominal voltage: -48 VDC

Voltage variation: -38.1 VDC to -57.6 VDC

MOUNTING: Wall, Pole mount, using standard RRU brackets


Operating temp: -40 - +55 ºC (cold start at -40 ºC)

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