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G7 BUCLAY, Maria Christina M.

October , 2018
10C- Kamalayan Acts of Love/ Persuasive Speech

The Philosophy of Doing Small Acts of Love

We always say that the little things in life matter. But what happened to most of you when you
were doing your proposals for your Acts of Love? Isn't that the time you started to overthink?
The time where most of you are focused on what you are supposed to do rather than the
essence of the project? I am not blaming anyone here because I was just like the majority of

Usually, we tend to overlook how powerful small acts can be. We have those sparks of doubt
that affects our perspective. I, for one, doubted the idea of a cleanup drive. I was skeptical
because other groups went to paint their waiting sheds. Others went to visit the daycare center
of their barangay. I know that I shouldn't be comparing our choice of a cleanup drive to what
others did. However, I did anyway. I was afraid that it wouldn't be enough. I was insecure that
ours was too simple.

But not too long, a realization struck me as lightning would. Why are we so bothered with such
thoughts? Why are we forgetting the primary purpose of the project "Acts of Love"?

People of God, first of all, I want you to understand that love can be expressed in infinite ways.
But it doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be extravagant. What is the main essence of the
so-called Acts of Love? It is to fulfill our Christian social responsibility on our vocation to love.
So regardless of how small your Acts of Love can be, never think of it as something
unimportant. It is not just the big things that can create a difference. Small things are building
blocks too towards a transformed world-community. Just like what Aesop once said, "No act of
kindness, however small, is wasted."

Again, what we did for this project is a simple cleanup drive situated at Sarok, Camp 7. With the
cleaning materials that we brought, we went from spot to spot to sweep and pick up any
garbage that we see. Even though we were growing exhausted, we never gave in to the
temptation to leave everything and go.

Yes, it was simple. Yet it was also meaningful in its own way. Rather than seeing it as a graded
performance, I saw it as an opportunity to realize that indeed, the measurement of love is not
based on how extravagant it is. That love is measured on how much of your heart is involved
into it.

Brothers and sisters of Jesus, cast all your doubts and remember that small things matter- small
acts of love, moments of selfless giving, baby steps in the right direction. You don't have to take
someone to the moon, divide the Pacific ocean into two, move mountains to the left and right, or
G7 BUCLAY, Maria Christina M. October , 2018
10C- Kamalayan Acts of Love/ Persuasive Speech

silence the heavens to show that you truly love. Practicing small acts of love with mindfulness is
enough to show that you care to fulfill your vocation to love. Smiling at a stranger. Hugging your
friends. Saying words of appreciation to your parents or guardians. Taking your time to
compliment your seatmate. Expressing genuine gratitude to your teachers. Those are some
expressions of love that you could start with. You are a child of today. Through your efforts, you
are becoming the hope of tomorrow. May the Lord God bless you all. Thank you!

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