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97/4, Nand Ghanshyam, Road No. 24, Sion, Mumbai – 400022.

Police Contonale
Bureau des amendes d’ordre
Chemin de la Madeleine 8
Case Postale 160
CH-1763 Granges - Paccot.
Date: 6th March 2019.
Dear Sir,

Sub: Explaination / Apology Letter for the Fine Charged

Ref: Your Court Order Ref No: LHA/MAE D 18 2244 dated 12th Feb 2019
Police Cantonale Bulletin No. 500309940 dated 8th Aug 2018.

This is with regards to your above referenced court order which we have received on 16th Feb
2019. I would firstly like to apologies you for all the inconvenience caused to you with this regards. This
was my first time travel to Switzerland and also my first time drive in all the countries which I have

I would like to inform you that we were travelling in a group of 11 people and we had hired 3
cars for 9 days starting from 24th July 2018. I was aware about the rules and regulation for driving but
was unaware about speeding during that time that the speed went up to 164kms & resulted in speeding
at Bosingen, on the motorway A12, on the side of Jura.

On 12th August 2018 we received a letter from “Police Cantonale Kantonspolizei” stating that
they required few details of mine, and on 17th August 2018, I was been charged CHF 49 by Hertz AG
(mail copy attached). I thought that it was for the same reason and I didn’t give much attention to it.
After many months, we received a letter from you with a total Fine of CHF 717.00 which shook me from
within and I just wondered for what was it that I had to pay.

CHF 717.00 is a huge amount for me. All I can say is that, “I am really sorry for what happened
and I wasn’t aware that it would escalate this much.” I request you to please remove the criminal case
against me and prove me “Not Guilty” as this was my first time. I assure you that it won’t happen again
because I will be more careful next time I drive.

Also I would like you to understand, that all our 3 cars were travelling together. Our routes and
destinations were same as it was our first time driving in Switzerland and we were new to the routes,
because of which we were following each other for our entire 9 days journey. This was a mistake from
my side and I request you not to grant me the fine for CHF 717.00 or put me behind bars.

I would like to apologies once again for all the inconvenience caused to you and hope you will
consider my request.

Thanking You.
Copy to:
Yours Faithfully, Ministere Public
Place Notre Dame 4,
Case Postale 1638,
1701 Fribourg.