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The Lord's Day Announcements/Matangazo


1. Those worshipping with us for the first time are
requested to spare a few minutes and meet in the "Visitor's
Youth Corner
FOCU S: GO D’ S FOO LI SH NE SS IS MAN’ S W ISDO M room" next to Church office after the service to kindly sign
1 ST CORINTHIANS 1:18 - 2:5 our visitors book.
Youth Service - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m. 2. All are welcome to Weekly Prayer sessions on Mondays
Service Leader : Miriam Mweru from 5.30 pm onwards. Please also note that the prayer FITTING IN VS. BELONGING
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Clement Miano It is easy to mistake belonging with 'fitting in'. While the
In ter cessory Prayer : Clement Miano room at the top of the KBA School multipurpose block is
Sc rip ture Readi ng : A n tho n y Mu n ga i open for prayers any time of the day. former encourages uniqueness and personal freedom, the latter
Main U shers : Ruth Wanjiku / Steve Waithanji 3. Children Dedication Service will be held today during often involves hiding or suppressing who you are and your
P reac her : Pst. Silas Otieno English & Kiswahili services. Please pick your child's views, attitudes and opinions. However, it can be argued that as
English Service - 9. 00 - 10. 45 a .m. dedication certificate at the church office immediately after Christians we are not meant to embrace 'who we are' but should
Service Leader : Lea h Ng ige
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Charity Maina
the service. focus on spiritual transformation that we may embody Christ.
In ter cessory Prayer : Charity Maina 4. First Friday evening service will be this Friday 5th April Moreover, it is likely that within a Christian setting, personal
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Ra ha b Mb ur u 2019 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm led by the Congo/Soweto views and opinions may not be valued as priority is given
Main U shers : David Kariuki / Irene Mbugua fellowship. Please purpose to attend. Please note that the towards establishing a common mindset that can be 'inappropri-
P reac her : Dr. Mos es Mw an gi pastoral office always prepares an appropriate sermon in
Kisw ahili Servic e - 11 .00 - 12.45 p.m. ately' based on Scripture.
Ki o n g o zi : E r n es t Mi tha mo
these services aligned with the annual theme. Despite this, we possess an innate desire to belong and this
Shemas i Msi ma mizi : Francis Kamau 5. Love Sunday will be next Sunday 7th April 2019. A also applies within the group of Christians that we fellowship
Maombi : Francis Kamau second offering will be collected at the end of the services. with. A person who belongs is free to express their authentic
Kusoma Neno : E va ns Mis ig o Please prepare to bless a needy person and feel free to
Wahud umu waku u : Pamela Mwende / Rosemary Muthoni bring food items, clothes and any gift as the Lord has self which also includes not feeling the need to hide their flaws
Mhubiri : Pst. Jo el Injai ru blessed you. and imperfections. This makes one realize that they are not only
(Teens) CBN Ser vice - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m
6. The KBA Schools will hold annual prize giving/Education accepted but also cherished. People who belong feel valued,
Service Leader : Larry Afanda appreciated and most importantly loved.
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Phaustine Khaoya days this Friday 5th April at Maziwa and Saturday 6th
In ter cessory Prayer : Phaustine Khaoya here at Kahawa west. All are welcome to celebrate and Attaining oneness in Christ is, and should remain to be, the
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Ian Mwangi thank God for the performance of the KCPE Class of goal. All of Christ's teachings (and also through his apostles'
P reac her : Ps t. Sta nl ey Migwi 2018. teachings) point towards this. (unity and diversity in the Body
7. Baptism for those going through classes is next Sunday of Christ. c.f. 1 Cor. 12:12-26) This, nevertheless, should not be
SUNDAY, 7TH APRIL 2019 7th April towards the end of the Kiswahili service. achieved by making one feel trapped within the confines of
FOCU S: A RE VEA LE D MESSA GE 8. Children's Music Club takes place every Saturday at being made to fit in. Such traps promote desperation, the
1 CO RINTH IA NS 2 :6 - 16 10am to 12pm for children of ages 3yrs - 12yrs
Youth Service - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m.
constant need to seek approval from others and feeling forced to
Service Leader : L i l y O g u tu 9. Church Council meeting will be on Sunday 14th April accept attitudes and expectations that a person may not be ready
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Peter Mbugua 2019. Those who were in the old council and are not for. Perhaps a more effective approach to attaining the
In ter cessory Prayer : Peter Mbugua continuing in the new council are requested to attend briefly aforementioned goal would be to assist others to not feel like
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Phi llip Mba isi and participate in the handing over process from the old to outsiders and disconnected but to acknowledge that there is
Main U shers : Ann Makeba / Hurry Mabetter the new.
P reac her : Ps t. S ta nl ey M igwi uniqueness to what they have experienced in life. The aim is not
English Service - 9. 00 - 10. 45 a .m.
10. Vocational Bible School ( VBS) for children of ages 3- to promote social convenience in church but to ensure people
Service Leader : J a mes Mu hu 12 on 20th April 2019. Please plan to bring you children do not pretend to be who they are not or are yet to become.
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Dr. Hillary Mulama and inform & invite neighbours.
In ter cessory Prayer : Dr. Hillary Mulama 11. Good Friday Service will be on 19th April 2019 at 9.30 Once this is accomplished, the sense of belonging will be
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Trevor Mwangi am to 12 pm. Please note that the Lord's Table will be inculcated and the desire to fit in will no longer be present.
Main U shers : Lucy Kihanya / Esther Gikonyo served. People will be more sincere and genuine in their words and
P reac her : Pst. Jo el I njai ru deeds. They will be willing to have their views and
Kisw ahili Servic e - 11 .00 - 12.45 p.m. 12. Easter Carols led by the Choir will be on Easter Sunday
Ki o n g o zi : Fra ncis Kamau 21st April 2019 during English and Kiswahili services. attitudescorrected, according to scripture, for it will be offered
Shemas i Msi ma mizi : Phaustine Khaoya 13. Men's department invites all men to bible study training by those who do not want them to fit in, but to belong.
Maombi : Phaustine Khaoya on, "effective personal bible study" facilitated by Dr. Jimmy Compiled by Mike Aseka
Kusoma Neno : J u d i t h O bu s h u r u Bledsoe at the KBA school complex top floor - boardroom
Wahud umu waku u : Joseph Mwaura / Janet Ntongai
Mhubiri : Dr. Moses Mw an gi
immediately after the English service.
(Teens) CBN Ser vice - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m 14. Ladies:
Service Leader : Liana Wanjiku i. Ladies monthly fellowship will be on Sunday 14th April
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Clement Miano immediately after Swahili service. Kindly note it will be a
In ter cessory Prayer : Clement Miano visitation, prepare to attend
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Myles Kariuki
ii. The ladies' leadership appreciates The Church for
P reac her : Pst. Silas Otieno
support to the Kajiado project and also all those who gave MONDAY FELLOWSHIP
Joel Injairu Stanley Migwi
towards the project, God bless you
Host: Leader: Speaker:
Pastoral Care & Leadership Dept Minister Children Minister Deacons:
Hillary Mulama
0721 - 417799 0712422642 Francis Kamau A. Mwangi P. Mbugua C. Miano J. Muhu J. Donge C. Maina E. Muchai P. Khaoya Dr. B. Kinyanjui
Church Council Chairman
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…connecting with fellow Christ Followers in a Small Fellowship
To Become Rivers Of Living Waters
Group Deacon in Coordinator’s Meeting Meets on Activity/
Charge Name Place Preacher Flowing To The Nations (John 7:38).
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OJ Kiwanja
Maziwa/ F. Kamau Lucy Mwaura Maziwa Fridays YEAR 2019 THEME - “BECOMING A CHRIST CENTERED CHURCH "
Jacaranda (0722467207) Campus 1ST CORINTHIANS 2:2
ANNUAL THEME: Message of the Week Sun.31 st March 2019
Kongo/ J. Muhu Silvester Musyoki Wednesdays
J. Donge
Kigochi J
The Corinthian church started on the right footing. They came to the
Jane G.
CENTERED CHURCH ! faith when the gospel was preached to them in simplicity and not
eloquence of words. It was purely a work of the Holy Spirit. 1 cor.
Kamiti A. Mwangi Naman Mugambi St. Wednesdays : @
(0720201568) Christopher 5:45- 6:45 1:4,6 "I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of
Church ANNUAL THEME VERSE: 1ST COR 2:2 God that was given you in Christ Jesus, … as the testimony about
Juakali East C. Maina Stella Wairimu Wednesdays: @
Christ was confirmed among you".
This message and method of preaching which introduced them to
(0723707970) 7:00 -8:30 pm
Juakali West H. Mulama Mrs. Kisala Wednesdays: @ the faith, seemed too simple. It lacked the overtones of the day's
(0722625509) 7:00 -8:30 pm
Kamae E. Muchai Veronicah Njoki Thursdays: @ standards of oration, which emphasized wisdom and eloquence. The
Estate/ PNU
P. Khaoya Lucy Ayoyi
5:00 - 6:00 pm
Tuesdays: @
7:00 – 8:30 pm
KNOW NOTHING AMONG YOU generation in the time and setting of writing of this letter has been
observed to be one that relished eloquence and speech. It was trendy
and wise to give speeches of great oratory. Orators in debates would
/ Quarry
P. Mbugua Jane Thirikwa
H. Mulama Lucy Misigo
Tuesdays: @
7:00 – 8:30
Sundays: @
(0727393438) EXCEPT coin their words so artistically as to arouse the people's emotions to
a conviction. Though the conviction would only be artificial.
Embakassi (0722849213) 3pm
SALT Jacob Mwenda Fridays@ 7 p.m This was the pressure Paul faced when he came to Corinth. There was
(Young (072658111) pressure to conform to those standards, to re-package the message of

CRUCIFIED. (ESV) the cross with eloquence and sophistication befitting the Greco-Roman
However, he didn't succumb to that pressure. He preached the cross
with simplicity. In this text in focus today he jogs their memory. He
wants them to know that salvation is not a work of man or in any way
a contribution from us to help God in his agenda. It is purely a work
of God. No human being has ever saved anyone and neither has the
'wisdom' of the world. Paul did not manipulate or cajole their
BIBLE STUDIES emotions. He did not cater to the demand for a message packaged in
Department Time venue the standards of the day, that appealed to the mind and emotions. He
Men After 1st service KBA Complex came with simplicity because salvation is purely a work of the Spirit
Ladies. After 1st service 2nd floor(std 3 knowledge) KBA building to regenerate the deadness of man's heart.
SALT After 1st service KBA building, 2nd Floor(std 2 understanding) True change is that transformation that comes from the Lord Jesus
Intaphase After 1st service KBA building, 2nd floor(std 3 wisdom) Christ himself by the Holy Spirit.
CBN KBA building, ground floor(middle wisdom) In verse 1 Cor. 1:17 he is outrightly categorical. He will not dim the
light of the cross with eloquence or flowery speech that will attract
the attention due Christ to him. He has to remain in oblivion and
USHERS TO COLLECT OFFERINGS ON 31ST MARCH 2019 Christ be made visible by the preaching of the cross. Thus, he preaches
Youth English Kiswahili Christ with simplicity and 'foolishness' letting himdo his work.
Ruth Wanjikiu Emily Moraa Carol Njeri For the Jews, he didn't parade miraculous signs to convict them. It was
Steve Waithanji Mary Njuguna Jane Githinji 'simply' the gospel - "a foolish message".
Lillian Njuguna Miriam Kariuki In our day the pressure is on. To conform to worldly standards and
Joseph Gikonyo methods that appeal to what the itching ears want to hear. To adopt to
methodologies that bring results. However, for the true disciple of
Christ our conviction must be that only Christ brings true, lasting
USHERS TO COLLECT OFFERINGS ON 7TH April 2019 change. we must advance the course of the gospel with a determination
Youth English Kiswahili to know nothing else but Christ crucified.
Hurry Mabetter Irene Mbugua Simon Waweru And this comes with the preaching of the cross.
Ann Makeba Priscilla Wairimu Eva Kimani Pst. Joel Injairu Lubamo
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