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Monitor Work Operations


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Western Australian Department of Training

STUNDENT ID: 201806661
Monitor Work Operations


Qualification: SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality




Instructions to candidate
1. Read this booklet.
2. Complete the task described in this booklet.
3. Complete the cover sheet for the written report [Figure 1] and attach it to your
written report.
4. Submit the written report to the assessor by insert time and date.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 2
Figure 1 – Cover sheet

Student name Le Nghiem Hoang Nam

Qualification SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality

Written Report

Candidate email lenghiemhoangnam@gmail.com

Candidate telephone 01298406007

Authenticity statement

I state that this written report is my own work that no one has written it for me, that I have
not copied the work of another person and that all sources that I have used have been
properly and clearly documented.

If I have used the ideas, words, or passages of an outside source, I have quoted those
words or paraphrased them and have provided clear and appropriate documentation of
the source of that material, both what I have quoted and what I have paraphrased.

I have read the definition of plagiarizing as printed below, and I understand that definition
and its consequences.
To plagiarize:
1. To steal and use (the ideas or writings of another) as one's own.
2. To appropriate passages or ideas from [another] and use them as one's own.
3. To take and use as one's own the writings or ideas of another.

I understand that the plagiarism of any part or section of a paper suggests to the reader
that other parts of the paper may not be the writer's own work.

I understand that plagiarism is a serious offense and that the penalty for plagiarism -- in
any part or section of my report -- may result in a failing grade for the assessment.

Signature: …………………………………………….

Date: ………………………………………………….

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 3
Table of Contents









SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 4
I. Introduction

Starbucks coffee is a well-known brand throughout the world and Starbucks is

now the largest coffee company in the world with its assets on the stock market
totalling 51.6 billion dollars and more than 20,000 retail shops in 65 countries.

ü Mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup
and one neighbourhood at a time.

ü Objective: to maintain Starbucks standing as one of the most recognized

and respected brands in the world. They plan to achieve the respect and
to be recognized through the use of ethical sourcing and environmental

ü Retail objective: to be the leading retailer and brand of coffee in each of

their target markets by selling the finest quality coffee and related products,
and by providing each customer a unique Starbucks Experience.
ü Strategy: to expand the global retail business to increase the market share
in a disciplined manner, by selectively opening additional stores in new and
existing markets, as well as increasing sales in existing stores, to support
the long-term strategic objective.

ü Tactics: to promote and advertise their use of ethically sourced products

to their customers and environmentally print on their products (cups,
tissues, cup sleeves, bag) that they are environmentally friendly this
serving as a constant reminder that they are environmentally aware.
Furthermore, they create regularly new and innovating products to create
a loyal customer supporting the strategy.

ü Coffee: They are always believed in serving the best coffee possible. It's
their goal for all of their coffee to be grown under the highest standards of

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 5
quality, using ethical sourcing practices. Their coffee buyers personally
travel to coffee farms in Latin America, Africa, Asia to select high-quality
beans. And their master roasters bring out the balance and rich flavor of
the beans through the signature Starbucks Roast.

ü Stores: Their stores seem like a neighbourhood gathering place for

meeting friends and family. Their customers can enjoy quality service, an
inviting atmosphere and an exceptional beverage in more than 28,000
stores in the world.

ü Employees: Starbucks’s employees, who called partners, are at the heart

of Starbucks experience. Starbucks treats their staffs with respect and
dignity, and also offer comprehensive health coverage for eligible full- and
part-time partners.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 6
II. How Starbucks monitored their work operation and Quality Assurance

Fortunately, I have a chance to interview directly with Patricia Marques, General

Manager of Starbucks Vietnam. When talking about the initial success of
Starbucks coffee company in the Vietnamese market, she said: “We start from
small details to bring great success.” Patricia made great efforts researching the
psychology and coffee-drinking style of the Vietnamese people with the typical
culture of each region to create coffee products suitable to the taste of the
Vietnamese people.

“It was not easy to keep the general criteria of the Starbucks brand, especially the
“take away coffee” in a country with a coffee tradition like Vietnam. Meanwhile,
Vietnamese people have the habit of drinking coffee in a quiet space to talk”. From
this small detail, Patricia Marques and her colleagues tried to make each
Starbucks shop have a unique design in accordance with the culture and taste of
the Vietnamese people.

1. How do you think about Starbuck’s objectives?

A lot of Starbuck’s objectives focus around 3 main goals, ethical sourcing,

environmental stewardship, and community involvement.

ü Focusing on helping inspire our employees as well as our customers -

customers are very important in helping our business continue and grow.
ü Satisfy the customer’s needs and as well inspire the customers to do better
in their own community.
ü Attract customers to keep coming back to our store.
ü Make the driving force for employees to keep working, keep them
motivated to keep growing and reaching for higher achievements, inspire
them to work harder in the future.
ü A way to encourage and set goals for Starbucks, the purpose and aims of
ü Provide balance not only what is important to the customers but also to the
employees, improve a strong bond between employees in the company.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 7
2. If you could describe Starbucks with 3 adjectives, what would they

The most visible words were picked up are Trendy & International, Well-
know brand, Cozy & relaxing & Homy, American Style, Friendly &
Professional. There are also a few words were visible representing slightly
negative attitude towards Starbucks, such as Similar everywhere, like fast-
food, not-individual.

3. May you share your mind about competitive market in Vietnam? Do

you worry about it?

I'm not afraid of competition. On the contrary, I really like it because of its

Although Starbucks faces the competition of many coffee in Vietnam, each

coffee has its own style. With a population of nearly 100 million people,
Vietnam is a market and opportunity for many coffee brands to grow

Vietnam has 50% of the population is young generation and that is the
target that Starbucks comes to. We would like to bring more "made in
Vietnam" production to the counter.
I am also happy to have more partners. You know, there are many partners
in Vietnam we work with open new stores, many young people like to work
in the company or become the store manager ...

The outbreak of competition has given consumers more opportunities, now

they do not have to wait anymore, they have many options. They may like
capuchin here and juice elsewhere.

Competition is extremely good not just for the coffee sector. If you open a
store, next to someone else opens a store, that's a good thing because you
can not sell with lower quality that you are forced to become the best you
can. Competition is hard but also the opportunity for good brands, good
business will make a difference.

4. Starbucks is currently the largest coffee company in the world,

according to that, what is the difference the company has created?

That is the difference and the quality.

The process of making Starbucks products really lasts through many

stages and has to work with many teams at home and abroad, from
planting to shipping and processing.

Each season we get a lot of coffee samples from different countries. The
quality assurance team will come to the coffee plantation and quality
assurance, from the care process and they will only be able to purchase it
when the Starbucks quality standards are met. Even if the purchase

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 8
contract has been signed and the coffee is loaded on the car to prepare for
coffee is still checked again if the new standard purchase.

When the container arrives at the factory, the coffee beans are checked
again and the coffee criteria of the purchasing team and the team at the
factory must match on the taste. It was then that they began to be roasted
at a single factory in Seattle, and then the powdered coffee returned to the
global market through Starbucks stores. Coffee of Starbucks is currently
purchased from eight countries in the world, including Vietnam.

5. How about the Grooming and Appearance in your business?

A partner’s appearance and personal hygiene are important not only to the
partner but also to co-workers and customers. At Starbucks, employees
are the face of our beloved brand, connecting with our customers every

Staffs expected to present a clean, neat and professional appearance

appropriate for a retailer of specialty gourmet products when starting every
shift. In keeping with this Dress Code, make sure the clothing is clean,
hemmed, wrinkle-free and in good repair.
All partners are expected to follow these standards during the workday.
Failure to adhere to the dress code may result in corrective action,
including termination of employment.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 9
6. Grooming Standards details will be showed in the picture below

7. I have seen that Starbucks is committed to a role of environmental

leadership in all facets of business. May you tell me about what
Starbucks has done to complete this mission?

We fulfil this mission by a commitment to:

ü Understanding of environmental issues and sharing information with
our partners.
ü Developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about change.
ü Striving to buy, sell and use environmentally friendly products.
ü Recognizing that financial responsibility is essential to our
environmental future.
ü Instilling environmental responsibility as a corporate value.
ü Measuring and monitoring our progress for each project.
ü Encouraging all partners to share in our mission.

8. Can I ask you the reason why Starbucks foods looks identical no
matter where I’m in?

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 10
No matter if you're in Vietnam, California, Canada, or Japan, you can count
on Starbucks' food to look exactly the same. There's something mildly
comforting about it: When you order your usual egg sandwich, you get your
usual egg sandwich. It's predictable. Standard.

And standard means standardized — there are rules, regulations, and a

whole slew of legal jargon surrounding the appearance, maintenance, and
preparation of Starbucks food. It's very technical. It has to be; if it wasn't,
the safety of your pristinely-crafted Starbucks meal would be severely

9. People said Starbucks has challenged conventional business

methods in the food and beverage industry many times, and also had
crucial improvements. Talking about success story, can you tell me
some main things about Customer Loyalty, what did Starbucks do?

We have been credited with revolutionizing the coffee industry. Up to now,

we took something that had been done the same way for decades and
turned it upside down and did things differently ever since, including
customer loyalty. I will explain to you clearly how Starbucks has high turn-
over rate:

ü Outstanding Mobile Experience

Starbuck’s app makes their loyalty program more interactive and more
effective. The app makes it easy to see how many “stars” (points) you
currently have, as well as make orders and payments right from your
phone. You can even use the service to find the nearest Starbucks

ü Rewarding for Grocery Product Purchases

Starbucks was able to expand the scope of its loyalty program by
introducing points for purchases outside of their retail locations. Starbucks
sells many products outside of their retail locations, including: coffee
beans, tea, K Cups, and ready to enjoy drinks.

Starbucks Rewards actually lets customers earn points for purchasing

coffee beans outside their retail locations. A shopper just needs to look for
a Star Code on participating products and enter the code into the app.

ü Exclusive Gold Card

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 11
When a member of the Starbucks program gets 30 Stars” in a 12 month
period they achieve “Gold Level” status. This comes with some great perks
including: free refills on ice or brewed coffee, free refills on tea, free food
and drink offers, and most importantly the personalized gold card.

In my opinion, there’s only one true motivator for a customer to achieve

Gold level, and that is the Gold Card. The other perks are great but are not
exactly game changing rewards. What customers truly desire in the
Starbucks program is the chance to feel exclusive and important.

Customers of Starbucks also love to show others what they are drinking,
sharing updates on social media like Instagram and Twitter. That is
behaviour you just don’t see with other coffee companies like Dunkin
Donuts or, here in Canada, Tim Hortons. Starbucks drinkers feel a sense
of pride and feel of a higher class when drinking Starbucks compared to
other coffee. That’s why the Gold Card is so effective.

10. May you tell me more what strategies make Starbucks be a King of
customer loyalty?

It’s really hard to say “laugh”

However, the biggest method of us, Personalization is a “Must”.

Customers crave a personalized, created-just-for-them experience

whether they’re purchasing a taxi off an app or even online shopping for
underwear. Starbucks knows exactly who customers are and what kind of
cozy experience they’re looking for. Even though the green-apron-wearing
barista writes down the names of every person who walks through their
door, consumers still feel special when they write down consumer's name
on their cups in black Sharpie. They could just jot down the order on the
cup and call out their beverage, but that’s impersonal. It's not just a drink
order after all.

When the barista calls out a name, it instantly feels more like a cozy
neighbourhood coffee shop where all the baristas know you, and less like
a corporate chain that serves millions of customers per day. And speaking
of neighbourhood feels, Starbucks is committed to connect with their
clientele through their products and decor. Every store has a laid back
atmosphere tailored to its specific neighbourhood. Starbucks would never
dream of using the same interior design elements in all of their locations,
because the point is to embody a local, artisanal cafe, one that makes you
feel at home. Wouldn’t you much rather play brand favourites with a
company that goes the extra personalization mile? “smile”

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 12
11. I’m feeling great about it. Especially for me, Starbucks is not only a
cafe shop that I just go and have a drink, Starbucks is also a favourite
place for me to come and stay in every mood I’m in to receive love
and satisfactions.


Let make it crystal clear, our value platform has rested on three key
ü premium coffee products
ü superior customer service
ü unique coffeehouse atmosphere.

Perhaps much of Starbucks’ global success has been due the latter,
creating a sense of “the third place”. Our company persistently strives to
create an intensely personal experience within the brick and mortar walls
of every retail location that effectively appeals to customer emotions.
Starbucks does so by offering a great deal of attention to the retail
atmosphere, including everything from the layout, to the furniture, to the
music, but more importantly the baristas, whose ability to engage with
customers is at the heart of the Starbucks experience. It is that experience,
beyond locational optimization, on which the company has historically
relied on to produce a place that is a destination which draws loyal

12. Is that the special thing in marketing that Starbucks is focusing on?

It’s another confusing question. “laugh”

In my perspective, Physical evidence is a key component of building

customer relationship especially in service sector, people perceive things
much better when they can experience them, thus everything customers
could see and touch forms the perception of our company and everything
it does.

Starbucks offers a combination of product and service and I think it really

does a good job in giving customers the best experience, so that they want
to try it again and again. Customers pay not just for cup of coffee or tea,
but for overall enjoying their time. When you enter the café you see clean,
friendly environment, with cozy chairs, sofas, tables, book shelves, bright
and “tasty” show case with those alluring pastries, menu with tempting

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 13
coffee pictures… you see smiling welcoming staff in those green uniforms
with Starbucks logo, you hear nice music which complements the
atmosphere of the “place to be”.

Mmm, the outstanding design of coffee drinks, cream, cinnamon and other
dressings, convenient mugs and high glasses give an impression that you
have so much coffee to drink, but it’s suddenly finished very quickly and
there is no other option than to go and order one more. What else physical
evidence do you need than your perfect cup of special specialty coffee?

Just dreaming about an extra hot Latte and feeling like you’re in home.

13. What does Starbucks do to improve the process of giving services?

Quality of service and quality of coffee are key aspects of Starbucks’

business. Our company realizes that customers actually are not interested
in the details of how Starbucks runs the business; what they care about is
that the system works well and they get products and service of high quality
for considerable price. The staff issue has already been discussed above,
but I’d like to underline one more time that work and performance of
employees play important role in service quality.

How does the process actually work when you are ready to make your
choice for one of those delicious drinks? It can be different dependent on
the size of the coffee house, the most efficient way is a person who takes
the orders, next one taking the payment and a third one making the drinks.
This sequence reduces the queue, though still queues are daily issue in
many Starbucks location due to the high demand.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 14
III. Issues observed with the work operation and Starbucks SWOT in
tremedous coffee market in Vietnam

Strengths Weaknesses

S1: Positive working W1: Relatively high

environment due to the prices
company’s emphasis on
SWOT the importance of
S2: Worldwide recognition, W2: Starbucks menu
high quality, and positive does not suitable to
reputation Vietnamese people
Oppotunities O1: Many high SO1: Company’s image WO1: COGS are likely
educated and matches the potential to increase the extra
international- consumer market cost for the higher
minded customer quality
in Vietnam
O2: Tremedous SO2: Consumers are WO2: Starbucks can’t
coffee market in experienced coffee expand their brand
Vietnam drinkers and welcome large in Vietnam while
innovative quality products their successes in
Asian market
Threats T1: Starbucks ST1: Starbucks’ worldwide WT1: High prices
lacks of acknowledged brand has should be an instrument
experience and the certain advantage over to emphasize on the
also acknowledge existing competitors company exclusiveness
in Vietnam
T2: Criticism ST2: Starbucks needs to WT2: Starbucks should
against the “evil” maintain its efforts to be further develop its
corporate socially responsible. social responsibility and
character of its reputation in
Starbucks Vietnam.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 15
Problems Details Solutions
Too crowd – Employees feel they work Use technology – order via mobile phone
partners too much in the store, and app by deliverynow.com in Vietnam
working customers are waiting in line Arrange more staffs in those overloaded
overload in the peak of the time to reduce their workload.
Limited wifi Customers complain wifi in Increase the time access wifi limit – about
connections Starbucks store is just only 1 2 hours to fit needs of customers in
hour – which is really difficult Vietnam
and annoying for
Vietnamese – with their
waiting habits
Advanced What happened when Starbucks should built more their
technologies Starbucks appears many reputation, so that they can have more
make technologies applied in their promotions and commercial videos to
consumers store?! It makes customers approach customers, explain the new
feel hard to confusing about what they technology for them.
adapt should do to access the very- Have reward events when consumers use
new Starbucks ways Starbucks’s technologies, to change
consumer habits payment.
Foreigners Foreigners sometimes Apply staffs with at least one English
can’t hear misunderstanding what certification
what employees/barista in Invite experts to train staffs in English and
partners say Starbucks Vietnam say – conversation with customers
which is totally
inconvenience and takes Training staffs with sales scripts – like
time while many people McDonald’s with well-known sentence:
waiting “Would you want French fries?”

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 16
IV. Technologies in Starbucks

How can Starbucks, a completely F&B brand, not a technology

company like Google or Apple become the leader in digital payment
on the mobile platform?

Investing and applying new technology is part of a long-term business

strategy, Starbucks is changing the face of the food industry in
unprecedented ways. The integrated technology at the coffee shops has
helped Starbucks provide a competitive advantage over the rivals to
maintain the number one position in the industry. In 2016, nearly a third of
all Starbucks’ orders were paid for via the company’s phone app,
consumers seems to be react well to the brand’s digital innovations.

Percentage of Starbucks consumer payment methods

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 17
Starbucks history is full of big technological steps forward. They
have been investing heavily in technology to enhance operations and
improve the customer’s experience.

Wifi connection

Ever since offering Wi-Fi to the public in 2002, the company's on-the-go
audience has seen Starbucks as not just a pit stop, but as a mini-office
where they can set up their laptops and attend to business while sipping
their favourite beverages. Starbucks was also establishing their social
media presence.

QR code payment

In 2011, technology companies such as Google are struggling to find

customers using sophisticated mobile payment systems, Starbucks
launched a simple payment application QR code and of course Starbucks
also not forget Offer promotions if using this app.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 18
Wireless charging systems on store

Starbucks has recognized this trend early so they launched plans to install
100,000 wireless charging stations in more than 7,500 stores around the
world from mid-2014. The key is that Starbucks has a huge start in the
early days. days while boosting the need to use and educate more than
just coffee drinkers on this new technology.

Mobile Order & Pay and Digital Loyalty Program

Starbucks released its Mobile Order & Pay in late 2014, a smartphone-
based application that enabled customers to do two things:
ü Submit an order in advance via the app
ü Pay using the app when picking up the order at the store.

It helps Starbucks accomplish the following three things:

ü Reduce the bottleneck—taking orders and processing payments
ü Smooth demand and increase employee utilization
ü Decrease customer wait times

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 19
My Starbucks Idea and Starbucks Digital Network

• Starbucks launched its My Starbucks Idea initiative in 2008. The

purpose of the initiative was to open communication with customers
willing to share their ideas of what would make Starbucks better.
• Many of Starbucks’ technological initiatives came from via this simple
platform, for example, Mobile Pay and in-store wifi.
• While SB has benefited from early technology investments, they
continually invest in order and delivery capabilities, the company
leverage technology to improve its operations and drink-making
For example, Starbucks could invest in inventory management
systems to track expiration and replenishment of ingredients,
ingredient dispensing controls to automate ingredient add-ins
currently being done manually and reduce waste, and temperature
controls to offer customization if desired or simply improve
temperature consistency.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 20
Require Wi-Fi users to sign up.

The plan is to require customers to submit their email addresses once to

use free Starbucks Wi-Fi, then automatically connect their devices every
time they enter a store. Consumers get convenience; Starbucks gets email

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 21
SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations
Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 22

Starbucks is using AI to make even more money off consumer coffee habit.
Looking toward the future, they are implementing artificial intelligence to
predict what customers want even before they know they want it.

The tech will take into account things like order history, the current weather
conditions, the time of day, whether it's a weekend or a workday, and even
if it's a customer's birthday or not to make drink and food suggestions.

"Starbucks is one of the best companies in the world that connects brand,
user and consumer experience between digital mobile and the real world,"
Brian Solis, principal analyst and futurist at Altimeter, told The Street. "They
are still pushing forward, rolling out their Digital Flywheel strategy to be
more dynamic to further integrate digital and real world."

“Our digital flywheel is a powerful proprietary asset that is driving deep

customer engagement, revenue, and profit growth around the world”,
Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson noted

Starbucks Digital Flywheel

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 23
V. How Starbucks enhance their sustainability

It is undeniable that Starbucks had already built an empire of F&B

services. In my opinion, there are 4 things make Starbucks enhance
their sustainability.


Technology is second nature to market now. The target age of Starbucks

is 22 to 60, with the teen audience growing steadily. Even the 50- and 60-
year-olds rely on their smartphones to make their lives easier. Starbucks
with its app for mobile orders and payments in the early 2015, and it was a
huge success.

Starbucks identified the smartphone revolution years before most bricks-

and-mortar firms, and the technology still holds big promise in boosting
sales over the long term. They believes that they are building an
unassailable position that will only strengthen and become more relevant
as today’s increasingly mobile-first consumer economy evolves.

This link below is about Starbucks Technology Careers Team


Starbucks Digital Network

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 24

Energy and water conservation. The company will be purchasing new

technology and upgrading aspects of their stores like weatherization to
drive down water use by 30% and energy use by 25%. In the early steps,
Starbucks is going to save over 1 billion gallons of water each year in the
U.S. and Canada. They said: "The best technology costs more, but the
efficiencies it creates are worth it.”
Renewable energy. Either through purchasing credits or making direct
investments into the grid, Starbucks will source 100% of the energy used
across its U.S. and Canadian stores from renewable sources.

Responsible materials. The company will ensure that materials that go

into store construction, as well as those for product packaging, are
sustainably sourced.

Waste diversion. Starbucks has an existing partnership called FoodShare

with Feeding America to donate unsold food in the U.S., but under the
framework aims to scale both that program and its waste diversion efforts
across other countries like Japan, Mexico, and the U.K.

Healthy environments. Starbucks will take measures to ensure air quality,

temperature, and lighting across stores is optimized for both sustainability
and comfort. John Kelly, SVP of global affairs and social impact, said “A lot
of cities around the world that struggle with air quality issues, our stores
are seen as a respite, and the clean water and air is often the reason
people come in”

Engagement. The company will double down on efforts to engage

partners and employees in sustainable practices, and source information
from them about how in-store sustainability efforts are proceeding, and
where they can improve.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 25

The answer is Social Media, obviously.

There are a variety of options available in today’s media-led world. Social

media promotion is being touted to be one of the most effective and
probably the best possible promotional medium for promotion and
marketing, especially in the urban sector. However in the multitude of
companies that attain success in the social media marketing sector,
Starbucks comes across hands down as the ultimate winner. They were
the first consumer brand to reach 10 Million fans on Facebook, and they
are also the world’s leading social marketer has been ranked #1 in online
engagement, #1 on Facebook and the #1 Tweeted brand.

“Brand Marketing” – The Starbucks marketing strategy has always

focused on “word-of-mouth” advertising and letting the high quality of their
products and services speak for themselves. For years, this has been
uniquely Starbucks, and it has played a huge part in making Starbucks
Coffee Company a success. The definition of social media viral marketing
speaks to this new word of mouth that Starbucks has run with and made
their own.

“Creating a Starbucks Community” – The Starbucks social media viral

marketing strategy has even expanded to create a community around their
brand. On their website, on Facebook, on Twitter or Instagram and in their
blogs; individuals are encouraged to express their experiences with
Starbucks history, and the company strives to “personally” join in the

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 26
discussions. They create an open communication channel to speak with
the public and fans have a place to open discussions and comment as
many of them do.

“My Starbucks Idea” – Starbucks’ own version of a social network

welcomes the customers to share their ideas on anything related to
Starbucks. The site gives users the ability to see what others are
suggesting, vote on ideas and check out the results. This site is a brilliant
and important aspect of Starbucks social media strategy. Users who are
part of this network feel that they have some role in the decision making
process of the company and it makes them feel a part of it.

Starbucks Blog entitled “Ideas in Action” – Starbucks Blog is written by

various Starbucks employees and talks about what Starbucks is doing with
the ideas given by users on the My Starbucks Idea site. The blog keeps
customers in the loop and in the know regarding what’s happening with
their ideas and increases their sense of loyalty to the brand.

Overall Starbucks’s social media strategy integrates many different

elements into the mix and combined together, these elements create a
social media plan that works beautifully to create millions of fans for the
brand and keep them involved in the brand’s doing. Starbucks is showing
its customers and potential customers – “hey, we care about what YOU
have to say.” I believe any business that claims and proves to put people
before business often experiences consistent success and Starbucks is an
excellent proof of the phenomenon.


Aside from extraordinary coffee, Starbucks has made a business out

of human connections, community involvement and the celebration
of cultures. The question is, how can they do that?

The secret is Starbucks treats their customers as they treat one another,
with respect and dignity. Coffee, partners and customers are the core
values of the company and they live up to those values.

Starbucks supports the concept “we’re not employees - we're partners”

because they passionately share common goals and mutual success”, as
it realizes that “happy customers” start with “happy staff”. Starbucks
spends much time and efforts to train their staff, and goes through coffee
making, serving, tasting (staff must know what to advise the customers
when those are confused with the wide choice), communication skills…
The critical point of Starbucks service – create a feeling of neighbourhood
and home warmth, where everyone is happy to see customers.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 27
More importantly, Starbucks supports diversity. Diversity within the
company, diversity of customers, partners and everyone Starbucks
interacts with. It is a truly international environment welcoming people from
all over the world and treating them equally.

They define Diversity in the form of an equation. 

Diversity = Inclusion + Equity + Accessibility

Saigon is a welcoming city for people from different countries, it supports

multinational environment. And that’s great as Starbucks would find
enough people among locals and internationals searching for a full-time
and part-time job. They just need to have the skills and characteristics
important for Starbucks service: ready to be everywhere, active and
getting the things fast, customer-oriented, open-minded and friendly.

VI. Conclusion

During this written report, I've been facing many obstacles, not only some topics
that I hardly find sources but also overwhelm information in some points what
makes me completely confused. However, I tried to pass over my process with
supports from my assessor and friends

Special thanks to
Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong for giving me inspiration and encourage me all the
Ms. Vo Thi Phuong Thao, marketing assistance in marketing team of Nestle, for
giving me ideas and explain clearly about marketing strategies in some iconic
brands and perspective from her field.
Mr. Le Minh, journalist of Vietnamnet, for letting me use his interview to develop
my written report.
Mr. Huy Khanh, international student in US, for correcting my writing problems
and improving the vocabularies in this written report.

I've learned a lot from my research that Starbucks has been successful to build
up their strategies to eliminate their issues and enhance company sustainability.
When establishing a brand, we should start from the smallest details and have
clearly plan. As a huge - international chain store, Starbucks still listens to
customers’ opinions and shares their minds, so that they can understand what
customers’ need and fulfil far from their expectations, giving them the best
Furthermore, witnessed Starbucks successes in technology evolution and
Starbucks 7P system, I also have shaped the theme and concept base on my
very own brand and I’m going to improve them day by day in the future.

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 28
VII. References
Starbucks profile: https://eugeniachanlush.weebly.com/blog-posts/objectives-
Dress code and appearance:
Food quality standards:
Loyal Customer:
Starbucks rewards:
Starbucks Marketing strategies:
7p of Starbucks: https://prezi.com/iqrlfsnmbylt/7-ps-of-starbucks/
Starbucks Social Media and Reputation:
Starbucks connection with “partners”:
Competition coffee market in Vietnam:
Differentiations of Starbucks:
Starbucks technologies:
Starbucks Technology Career Team:
Starbucks Sustainability, Environment:

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 29
Figure 2 - Assessment criteria and report form

Candidate name
Le Nghiem Hoang Nam
Trade Tour Guiding

Qualification SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

Unit Written Report

Assessor name Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong

The written report provided evidence that the Allocated If yes, tick Actual
candidate: Marks the box Mark
• monitored efficiency of work operation through close q
contact with day to day operations.
• identified how the work operation supported overall q
organisation goals and quality assurance initiatives.
• identified quality problems and issues associated with q
the work operation.
• made suggestions for improvements to the work q
operation, including adjustments to procedures and 10
• consulted with management and staff about ways to q
improve efficiency and service levels, including potential 10
for new technologies and other innovations.
• provided feedback to management and staff to inform q
future planning
• evaluated current and emerging industry trends and q
practices for relevance for improving the work operation.
• assessed opportunities to improve sustainability of day- q
to-day operations.
• considered impact of recommended improvement[s] on q
operational efficiency and customer service.
TOTAL 100 /100


Authenticity statement
Candidate indicated that the report is his or her own work [tick the relevant box]: ☐Yes ☐ No
Overall the candidate’s performance on this assessment activity was [tick the relevant box]:
(80% - 100%) (70% – 79%) (60% – 69%) (50% – 59%) (0% – 49%)
□ High Distinction □ Distinction □ Credit □ Pass □ Fail
Assessor Signature: Candidate Signature:

Date: Date:

SITXMGT001 Monitor Work Operations

Dated: 30 October 2016 Page 30