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Naeem Akhtar
BS (BZU), MS (BZU), Ph. D. (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan)
Assistant Professor (IPFP)
Institute of Chemical Sciences
Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan
Mobile: 0092-0331-6877622
Email: naeem_nomii2000@yahoo.com

Field of Specialization
 Doctor of science with specialization in Nanotechnology

Research Interests
 Fabrication of nano-materials for designing,
1. Energy storage devices
2. Electrochemical and photo-electrochemical sensors for bio-molecular recognition from
physiological fluids
3. Electrochemical and photo-electrochemical sensors for toxic metal ions from environmental
4. Electro-catalysis for oxygen reduction reaction
Dr. Naeem Akhtar received his BS and MS (Physical Chemistry) in 2010 from Department of
Chemistry, B. Z. University, Multan Pakistan. He was selected as a senior visiting scholar in 2011 to join
National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Beijing China under the supervision of Prof. He. Tao
and was awarded excellent student award. In 2012, he won National institute for material science
(NIMS)-Waseda university joint Jr. Research assistantship and became the first Pakistani to Join NIMS as a
junior researcher. He started his Ph.D research work in April 2013 under the supervision renowned
Egyptian Scientist, Prof. Sherif El. Safty (Japan has proposed him formally to the Noble prize for
chemicals, because of his excellent work in the field of Nanotechnology). During Ph.D research work he
won Waseda University, Young Doctoral Scholarship for consecutive three years (1600000 JPY) and also
JASSO Honors Scholarship (65000 JPY/month) for a year. He was awarded Ph.D degree with entitle
“Doctor of Science” on March 25, 2016 by Waseda University on thesis title “Nanoelectrochemical
sensor for selective molecular recognition”. After his return to home country Pakistan, he joined Institute
of Chemical Sciences, B. Z. University, Multan Pakistan as an assistant professor in Physical Chemistry on
July 28, 2016.

1. Akhtar, Naeem; El-Safty, Sherif A.; Abdelsalam, Mamdouh E.; Shenashen, Mohamed A.;
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2. Akhtar, Naeem; El-Safty, Sherif A.; Abdelsalam, Mamdouh E.; Kawarada, Hiroshi. One-Pot
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3. Akhtar, Naeem; El-Safty, Sherif A.; Khairy, Md; El-Said, Waleed A. Fabrication of a highly selective
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modified electrode. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. 2015. vol. 207, Part A, no. 0, p. 158-166.
(IF. 4.10)
4. Akhtar, Naeem; El-Safty, Sherif A.; Abdelsalam, Mamdouh E.; Kawarada, Hiroshi. Electron
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6. Warkocki, Wojciech; El-Safty, Sherif A.; Shenashen, Mohamed A.; Elshehy, Emad; Yamaguchi,
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for the removal of arsenic and nitrate, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014, 1-5. (IF.
9. Tabasum, S. Asghar, S. Ashraf, S. Ahmad, H. Badar; Akhtar. Naeem; Physicochemical
Characterization and Frying Quality of Canola and Sunflower Oil Samples, Journal of the
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10. Akhtar, Naeem; El-Safty, Sherif A.; Abdelsalam, Mamdouh E. Heme-protein Modified Electrodes
for Highly Selective and Sensitive Detection of H 2O2 from Apple Juice. NANOMATERIALS:
APPLICATIONS AND PROPERTIES. Vol. 4 No 2, 02NABM05 (8pp) (2015).
Most awaited Publications:
11. Akhtar, Naeem; El-Safty, Sherif A.; Shenashen, Mohamed A.; Yamaguchi, Hitoshi; Mesoscopic
Fabric Sheet Racks and Blocks as Catalysts with Efficiently Exposed Surfaces for Alcohol
Electrooxidation, Advance energy materials. (IF. 16.11)
12. Akhtar, Naeem; El-Safty, Sherif A.; Kawarada, Hiroshi.; Fabrication of a highly selective
nonenzymatic photoelectrochemcial sensor for screening dopamine level in living cells. Nature
communications. (IF. 11.47).