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  Street  Art  Lesson  #4  

Grade   Secondary  5  Media  and  Pop  Culture  
Duration:   55  minutes    
Specific  Teaching  Skill  for   • Effective  questioning  (asking  students  authentic  
Development:     questions  during  their  presentations  to  spark  
critical  thinking  and  conversation)    
Program   • Discusses  pop  culture  
Cross   • Uses  ICT    
Curricular   • Communicates  appropriately    
Competencies:   • Exercises  critical  judgement    
Objectives:     Students  will  gain  knowledge  of  the  street  art  scene  in  Montreal  
and  examine  the  political  and  societal  messages  contained  in  
street  art  by  presenting  and  listening  to  short  presentations  on  
local  street  art  pieces.    
Materials:   • PowerPoint  of  students’  chosen  street  art  pieces    
Context:   Earlier  this  week,  students  were  asked  to  find  one  or  more  
examples  of  street  art  around  Montreal  by  searching  online  and  
then  email  these  examples  to  me  so  that  I  could  compile  them  into  
a  power  point.  Students  were  asked  to  prepare  a  short  oral  
presentation  on  the  piece(s)  of  street  art  they  selected  outlining  
the  following:  info  about  the  artist,  info  about  the  location  and  how  
the  piece  contrasts/compares  to  the  surrounding  environment,  
their  reasons  for  choosing  this  particular  piece,  and  an  analysis  of  
the  piece  with  attention  to  political  and  social  messages.    
Plan:     1.  5  minutes  -­‐  Recap  last  class,  hand-­‐back  corrected  work,  give  out  
any  missed  worksheets,  introduce  today’s  lesson.    
2.  10  minutes  -­‐  Allow  students  time  to  finalize  their  presentations.  
Give  students  head’s  up  about  the  order  they  will  be  appearing  in.  
Students  may  use  personal  devices  or  class  computers  to  do  any  
last-­‐minute  research.    
3.  30-­‐40  minutes  -­‐  Students  will  present  their  chosen  street  art  
piece(s)  to  the  class.  I,  and  other  students,  will  ask  questions  to  
help  guide  their  presentations.  Students  will  be  asked  to  take  
notes  about  the  design,  societal,  and  political  elements  of  the  
street  art  samples  to  guide  them  in  their  next  assignment  (creating  
a  piece  of  ‘street’  art).    
4.  If  there  is  any  remaining  time  -­‐  Have  students  begin  preparing  a  
rough  sketch/plan  for  their  street  art  assignment  that  we  will  be  
doing  in  class  on  Monday.    
Assessment:   Students  will  be  assessed  on  their  in-­‐class  presentations.