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What do you do right now? (Study)

¿Que haces ahora?
I study English.
What are you doing now? (Study + ing)
¿Que estas hacienda ahora?
I am studying English.
What is your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is ________
How old are you?
I am ________years old.
How many jeans do you have?
I have _______ /pairs of jeans
Where do you live?
I live in Santa Bárbara
When is the Valentine’s Day celebrated?
The Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14
How many people live in your house?
In my house live ______people
Do you prefer vegetables or fruits?
I prefer ________
Will you study next year? (Yes/no)(Where)
Yes I will study in Santa Bárbara next year
What is your best friend’s name?
My best’s friend name is __________
How old is your best friend?
My best friend is ________years old
Did you go to the school last year? (Yes/no)
Yes I went to the school last year
Did your father talk with you last week? (Yes/no)
Yes my father talks with me last week
What is your favourite singer or band?
My favourite singer/band is _________
Do you prefer English or Math?
I prefer __________
Is your favourite animal a dog? (Yes/no)
No my favourite animal is not a dog
Do you have animals in your house?
Yes I have _______animals in my house


Japan: Japanese
China: Chinese
Chile: Chilean
Brazil: Brazilian
Canada: Canadian
France: French
Germany: German
Australia: Australian
Argentina: Argentine
Parts of the Body


Nariz: Nose Boca: Mouth

Mentón: Chin Cuello: Neck
Pecho: Chest Brazo: Arm
Muñeca: Wrist Dedo Pulgar: Thumb
Mano: Hand Estomago: Stomach
Pierna: Leg Rodilla: Knee
Tobillo: Ankle Dedo del pie: Toe
Talón: Heel Dedo: Finger
Trasero: Botto Cadera: Hip
Cintura: Waist Espalda: Back
Codo: Elbow Hombro: Shoulder
Oreja: Ear Cabeza: Head
Pelo: Hair Muslo: Thigh


TH=D (Father,Mother,The)
TH=Z (Three,Thank,Thursday)
EE=I (See,Bee.Three)
Ending with ERE=ER (Were,Where,)
W=g (Was,When,Will)

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