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142 LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER Wderare Rock ‘Words and Music by JON BON JOVI, Moderate Re RICHIE SAMBORA and DESMOND CHILD Emadd¥’) En est cee DE i cE D/E Em, es re TE (Spoken:} Once upon a time, conti contort hig oa ent an ed Mo nec nob re me common dsm net eRe 143 Em Em@ddFh em, L.Tom-my used to work on the docks, un-ion’sbeen on strike, ‘2.Tommy'sgot his six-string in hock, he's held-ing in F down on his luck, it’s used temake it talk, So —3I— ne works the din= er all day sa dreams of nup-ning & - wayi— 44 Em(addF4) ) work-ing for her man She brings home her pay, for she cries in the night, Tom-my —whis - pers: ba by, it’s = Bet —3—, when ml ORR She says we've got tal We've got tof held Fm c a eR om doss-n't make 2 dif-frenceif we make it or nol We've got each Be