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Alienware M17X lands

Hotspot Modem
Huawei’s E5830

2011’s hot internet

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WWW.TECHSMART.CO.ZA ISSUE 86 November 2010 ISSN 1726–3358
The Internet issue ›› November 2010
Heita my
8ta » The future of 9
ast month’s
birth of 8ta,
Telkom’s play for
connectivity in SA

the cellular
market, is cause
for reserved
celebration. At
the launch of the » Internet 11
new network Telkom talked tough and promised to deliver security round-up
aggressive pricing. We can only hope that this contributes to an
overall drop in cellular costs, especially on the data side, seeing
that cellular connection is the only way to access the net for a
big percentage of our population.
There are however reasons to be sceptical. The launch of
Cell C back in 2001 did little to lower costs, plus the fact that
Telkom is trying to enter a pretty mature market means that it
» Huawei E5830
connectivity on the go
will take time before 8ta makes an impact, if at all. Still, I am
curious to see what this new cat will do amongst the cellular
pigeons. And let’s face it – we need some new advertising to
compete against the ubiquitous Trevor Noah.

Enjoy the issue,

Mike <michael@techsmart.co.za> » Motorola Backflip 17

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» Alienware M17X
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techsmart.co.za l November 2010 5



Xbox LIVE at Telkom 8ta Lucky Windows
long last sees the Phone 7 appears
landing in SA mobile light icrosoft has long been

G ood news for SA’s Xbox gamers –

Xbox LIVE is making its long awaited A fter years of rumours surrounding
Telkom’s intentions to enter the
M criticised for its poor
mobile operating systems.
entrance to the SA market. Upon joining cellular arena the company has Fortunately, the company
Xbox LIVE users will be able to play live announced the launch of its 8ta swears it has the formula
online, interact with the Xbox LIVE platform, signalling the entrance of a right this time with the
community, download games and fourth mobile operator in the local recent release of Windows
demo’s from the service as well as sphere. 8ta has hit hard at competitors Phone 7, which is supposedly set to
additional content such as new maps, Vodacom, MTN and Cell C by offering revolutionise the Windows Mobile brand
levels, characters and songs. The launch considerably lower rates with regards to completely. Packing a new user interface
is set for 10 November. mobile data and voice calls. Prepaid and Xbox Live support, the first phones
packages are currently available. Let the to feature the updated OS are due to hit
›› Hot new products cellular wars commence! SA shores within this month.

BlackBerry Style 9670 Nokia C7 Office for

okia has announced the C7, joining
A nd who says clamshells are dead?
Definitely not BlackBerry, who N the highly anticipated N8 in the
Mac 2011
or those Apple fans
recently announced the Style 9670 with
its flip-open screen. You’ll also find a
Symbian^3 stable. A 3.5" AMOLED
touch-screen, Bluetooth 3.0 and a 8
F who can’t do
without Office, Office
megapixel camera with 720p video
secondary screen at the for Mac 2011 has
recording will make the Nokia faithful
front and a full QWERTY landed in SA, the first
lick their lips. No local release date is
keyboard, plus it runs major revision for the
available yet.
on their new 6 productivity suite since
operating system. 2008. For the first
Unfortunately for time it also includes Outlook as its email
SA fans the client, replacing Entourage. Two versions
phone does not are available – Home and Student
look set to grace (R999 - R1299) and Home and Business
our shores. (R2499 - R2699).


No one knows your business better than you do! Using our
>2 million. Mobile users of Dropbox who access their online files via their phones.

15 years of Internet, wireless and networking experience,

we work very closely with clients to create and manage
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enabling customers to maximise IT infrastructure.

Education Special Services Include:
Offer to 30 November 2010 • Bandwidth Management:
Monitor and log Internet activity
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• Netwatch: Monitor specific port or IP address on the network.
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• Web Proxy Services
both) and get 1 FREE. • Firewalling Services
While stock lasts. • Wireless Services: Simply add a wireless card to turn GloZone
into a wireless APN or bridge.
Bands: 802.11 a/b/g/n Quarter and Half Band (Proprietary).
Frequencies: 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz (11, 54, 108 Mbps).
Licenses: ICASA approved (Level 3-6).

©2010 DYMO, a Newell Rubbermaid company

Email: info@globalsa.co.za
Call us on: 082-859-1984 or
Tel: 012-997-3887
visit www.mimio-dymo.co.za

techsmart.co.za l November 2010 7


The constant improvement to connecvity technology is great news for
consumers looking for fast and more reliable means to access the online world.
echSmart have compiled a short
T description of three of the most
promising connectivity technologies on
which is currently offering its prepaid
‘4G’ USB dongle option to users in
alternative to ADSL.

selected cities such as Port Elizabeth
the horizon, and how they might and Cape Town. WiMAX, or Wordwide Interoperability
benefit you in the future. for Microwave Access, is essentially a
Fibre technology which utilises wireless
LTE Although the ADSL network which we spectrum (or microwaves) to deliver
LTE, or ‘Long Term Evolution’, is the are used to is relatively stable and internet connectivity to homes and
buzzword for fourth generation mobile reliable, there is a limited amount of businesses. This option is fairly
networking services which are designed bandwidth capacity which can be fed common in South Africa, with providers
to offer far greater bandwidth through a copper cable (which makes such as iBurst, Neotel and Telkom pro-
capacities than the 3G counterparts we up the majority of the network). As a viding service to the market. WiMAX
are used to. result, fibre optic systems, which technology operates independently to
At present, the world is beginning to incorporate thin glass fibres through that of cellular networks and so
make the leap towards LTE connectivity which information is passed by means requires its own infrastructure. For this
(which is typically associated with of light, are beginning to find reason, coverage is primarily limited to
download capacities of anything from prevalence in the fixed line market. major metropolitan areas.
50 Mbps to 350 Mbps. In South Africa Industry players such as Vodacom Unfortunately WiMAX has been
the vast majority of our mobile Business and Neotel have been hard at criticised for losing operability during
networks are taking steps towards the work recently laying fibre optic poor weather and is very dependent on
next evolution by providing aptly networks around the country’s primary efficient spectrum allocation in order to
named ‘3.75G’ services which offer up metropolitan districts. These services offer a reliable service.
to 21 Mbps connectivity throughout the are now beginning to come online, pro- South African users can typically
country. viding businesses with a much expect to pay roughly R599 for a 5 GB
The latest to join the race is Cell C, improved (and more costly) bandwidth per month WiMAX option. [TM]

Tivit Mobile TV streamer

Tivit is a mobile TV receiver that enables
you to view mobile broadcast via a
notebook, netbook, personal mobile device
>5 billion. Amount of pictures that have been uploaded to photo-sharing site Flickr.

or smartphone, which doesn't have a

built-in mobile TV receiver. By installing
dedicated application software \"Tivit
Mobile TV Viewer\" on your smartphone or
PC, you can watch digital mobile TV
(DVB-H) channels which are transmitted
from the Tivit through the Wi-Fi connection
on your smartphone or PC.

What TechSmart said about the Tivit:

“If you’re looking to test out DTV locally,
the Tivit is a good choice. We can see
ourselves using this device at the rugby,
soccer or cricket to check out replays of
+27 87 820 7220 on-field action.”
www.navixsa.co.sa Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch
With the new Bamboo, Wacom is
introducing the first tablet combining multi-
touch functionality and pen tablet
technology in a single device. The result: a
totally new, simple and inspiring way to work
with computers, for example, a simple tap of
the finger will select an icon or open a
menu. With two fingers you can easily flip
through a presentation or scroll and zoom
through a blog, websites or photos.


techsmart.co.za l November 2010 9


The end of the year usually sees an-virus companies
releasing their new updated packages. For this, our
internet issue, we decided to take a quick look at some
of the best internet security soware available today.

AVG Internet Security BitDefender Internet Kaspersky Internet Norton Internet Security
2011 Security 2011 Security 2011 2011

VG’s new Internet he BitDefender Internet he new Norton Internet

A Security 2011 suite
provides multiple layers of
T Security 2011 package
offers the latest protection
K aspersky Labs’ new
security offering comes in T Security 2011 from
Symantec aims to give users
the form of Kaspersky
protection for all your web against unwanted attacks Internet Security 2011. KIS the fastest and lightest
surfing adventures, from including antivirus, firewall and 2011 keeps users safe online internet security available.
downloads to online banking network management tools, by providing constant With System Insight 2.0 the
to social networking. file encryption, online back-up software goes beyond simple
Almost 32 million. Kaspersky Lab detected that many vulnerable apps and files on users’ PC during Q3 of 2010.

internet protection, whether

AVG’s Protective Cloud as well as hourly updates to you bank, game or Facebook. security alerts, letting users
technology alongside its keep your system one step The new Safe Surf feature know when applications have
Community Protection ahead of the herd. A unique ensures you’re never a significant impact on their
Network means data is Adaptive Design interface exposed to harmful websites, system resources.
constantly collected on the allows users to customise their with regular database And no more fretting about
latest threats and shared experience, creating shortcuts updates from Kaspersky suspicious downloads as
with the AVG user base. to different functions and keeping track of and blocking Download Insight 2.0 applies
The software also optimising how BitDefender unsafe sites. Smart anti- protection to any file you’re
features protection for works alongside the rest of phishing and an easy-to-use downloading, regardless of
sensitive online transactions your system. BitDefender also virtual keyboard also ensures what email client, web
in the form of AVG Firewall, makes the user experience as your online identity and browser or IM program you’re
Anti-Spam and Identity easy as possible, with passwords are kept safe using. Add to that Norton
Protection, which helps keep streamlined installation, user while Parental Control 2011’s trustworthiness reports
you safe on social networks. tips, video tutorials on top of protects the young ones by which lets users know if their
Scanning speed has also free 24-hour technical support. limiting access to certain download habits are risky or
been increased, with AVG Enhancements have also been sites. The user interface and not compared to the 53
claiming it to be up to three made to threat detection and scanning procedures have million other Norton
times faster than previous scan speed. It sells for R399 also been updated for Community Watch members
versions. for one license and R449 for increased ease-of-use. KIS today, and you have a very
It is available for R299 three licenses. Full review: 2011 is available at R399 for robust protection system on
for one license. http://tiny.cc/ one license and R499 for your hands. A three PC license
bitdefender2011 three licenses. is available for R899.

techsmart.co.za l November 2010 11



obile internet connectivity has come to play a large role in
M the modern world as everyone and their uncle wants to
connect to the internet no matter where they are. To satisfy this demand,
Huawei introduced the E5830 new generation mobile broadband modem.

E5 series bands. It also USB port. It

The Huawei has quad- does this not
E5 line is a band GSM/ only when
growing GPRS/ Edge connected to
series of support your PC but
compact under the also when
HSDPA 3G hood for connected to
modems added the data
that also connectivity network.
doubles up if you’re far
as Wi-Fi from a Speed
hotspots, major The device
also centre. supports a
referred to as theoretical
MiFi. The aspect that distinguishes the maximum
E5 products is their ability to connect So what is MiFi? speed of 5.76 Mbps for upload and 7.2
to various devices simultaneously. Have you ever found yourself in an Mbps for download. In reality you’ll be
awkward position trying to balance a dealing with less than this with the
More than one device? notebook in one hand and a 3G dongle speeds hovering around a suitable 4.7
Instead of simply hooking up to a in the other as you try and eek out that Mbps for downloads and 1.7 Mbps for
single device, such as your notebook, uploads.
150 million. The number of Facebook users that access the social networking site via their mobiles.

last bit of connectivity? Well those days

the E5830 with its built-in access point are over thanks to MiFi, the
has the ability to share a 3G link combination of Mobile broadband and Range
among all your toys including mobile Wi-Fi into a single device. This means The E5830 is an impressive device, but
phones, tablets, desktops and of course one device functions as a portable due to its compact size it won’t be able
notebooks. If you don’t have additional wireless router and 3G dongle all in to provide the same reach as a
devices it can also connect directly to a one. standalone home or office wireless
computer to function as a standard 3G router, so don’t expect to turn it on and
dongle. Lightweight power have internet access throughout the
The Huawei E5830 features an entire building. We’d recommend
Connectivity in your pocket extremely compact design for what it’s keeping the E5830 close to the device
Thanks to this wireless access, users capable of. Smaller than a mobile you’re connecting, preferably not
are able to connect to the internet via phone it can comfortably fit into any farther away than two or three metres,
the E5830 without ever needing to take pocket or handbag. It measures 86 x lest the signal starts to drop.
it out of their bag or plug it in, since it 46 x 10 mm and weighs a barely
functions as its very own mobile registrable 90 grams. Availability
hotspot. The modem is available from MTN and
Battery Vodacom shops.
Wires, what wires? The E5830 is powered by a removable
The E5830 features 802.11b/g Wi-Fi 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery, similar Contact
support alongside a 3G radio that can to that of a mobile phone except that it For more info visit
operate in 900 MHz or 2100 MHz UMTS can be charged via your computer’s www.huaweidevice.com

Huawei company profile ››

Huawei Technologies was established The company’s headquarters are throughout the year. The company
in 1988 by Chinese businessman, Ren situated in Longgang District, Shenzhen, spends 10 percent of its entire
Zhengfei. The company specialises in China and today serves 45 of the world’s revenue each year in R&D, putting
high-tech communications and top 50 telecoms operators. them at the forefront of emerging
networking equipment and has gone It also provides network services for communications technologies.
on to become the largest supplier of telecom carriers and has a huge The company has research centres
such technologies in China, as well as research and development (R&D) in China, the United States, Sweden,
the second largest in the world, department working on developing new India, Ireland, Russia, Indonesia and
second only to Ericsson. communications technologies the Netherlands.

techsmart.co.za l November 2010 13

Kaspersky Kaspersky 2011 Kaspersky 2011 Kaspersky
Open Space Internet-Security Anti-Virus PURE
Why Kaspersky Open Space Complete PC & Notebook Essential PC Protection Ultimate Protection for
Security? Protection Your Digital Life
Kaspersky Open Space • Real-time proactive protection • Real-time protection against • Fights digital pollution
Security meets and exceeds against all Internet threats viruses and spyware Improved • Family Protection (Advanced
core requirements for Improved • Scanning of websites and parental Control)
comprehensive protection of • New Safe Surf feature for emails for malicious code • Password Manager
corporate networks: unparalleled online security New Improved • Disaster recovery (backup)
• A solution for all types of • Protection for your digital identity • Protection for your digital • Home Network Security
network nodes at all times Improved identity at all times Improved • Digital Identity Protection
• Protection against all types of • Feature-rich and effective • Vulnerability scan and • Application Control and
computer threats Parental Control Improved treatment advice Sandboxing
• Customer-focused technical • Application Control prevents • Easy-access Desktop gadget • Centralizes security
support dangerous software from New management
• Proactive technologies backed harming your system Improved • Safeguards digital identities
by traditional signature-based • System Watcher technology
protection New
• Innovative technologies and new • Unique Safe Run mode for apps R299.00 – 1 User R599.00 – 1 User
antivirus engine speed up & websites Improved
R399.00 – 3 Users R699.00 – 3 Users
• Special tools to treat even the
• Out-of-the-box protection most complex infections
• Centralized management Improved
• Provides security for remote • Easy-Access Desktop gadget
users New
• Compatibility with third-party
solutions R399.00 – I User
• Efficient use of network
resources R499.00 – 3 Users

• Email Archiving • Content Monitoring

• Unified Threat Management • Firewalls
• VPN • Intrusion
• Anti-Spam • Detection/Prevention
• Anti-Virus
Tel: 012-665-2513 l Fax: 012-665-0509 l Email:info@africasd.com
Website: www.africasd.com

The BIG Issue ›› Mobile TV

Despite numerous delays, Mobile TV now looks set to finally
make its debut on a commercial level after the Independent
Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) issued
broadcasting licenses to two industry players this year.

ith this in mind, we took a closer through Vodacom using

W look at the big issues behind mobile
television in South Africa.
TV: On Demand or DStv
mobile, allowing users to
request and download content at will.
What is Mobile TV?
Mobile TV essentially offers users the DVB-H
ability to watch live television content on Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld Why has it taken so long?
their cellular handsets. In South Africa, (DVB-H) is a type of broadcast DVB-H is not a new technology, in fact, it
this is achieved using two technologies technology that utilises its own network has been successfully implemented the
namely 3G and DVB-H. of transmitters. This means that it is world over for some time now. Why then
has it taken South Africa so long to jump
After numerous delays, both Multichoice and on the mobile TV bandwagon?
The answer involves a mixture of
etv were granted licenses to broadcast Digital complex bureaucracy wherein ICASA’s
licensing for the spectrum (radio waves)
Video Broadcasting – Handheld content. required to broadcast using DVB-H
technology, and its issuance of licenses,
3G TV streaming independent from television and cellular took much longer than expected.
3G mobile TV streaming sends content to networks. This technology, like television, After numerous delays, both
users’ phones over the operator’s data is a one way broadcast based technology Multichoice and etv were granted licenses
networks. This means that users are which requires a DVB-H receiver to view to broadcast DVB-H content in September
essentially streaming live video over the video. 2010. No official launch dates have yet
network to their handsets much in the At present, only Multichoice and etv been given for their services.
same way that they would watch live are licensed to offer DVB-H based Many argue that the usage of 3G
video on a PC using a broadband services in South Africa. DStv Mobile, an streaming has acted as a stop-gap
connection. arm of Multichoice, has been trialing this technology until DVB-H arrives.
Presently, this service is available technology countrywide since 2005. Multichoice has however denied this. [TM]
16 months. The time it can actually take for that embarrassing photo on Facebook to finally be deleted.

Tivit Mobile TV streamer ›› TV now on your smartphone

With MultiChoice and etv recently awarded licences for Digital
Video Broadcasting – Handheld (DVB-H) spectrum by the
Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA), live
television looks set to make an appearance on our phones soon.

he Tivit Mobile TV streamer is a DVB-

T H tuner able to receive this digital
broadcast signal and stream it to not just
three hours. It does so via the mini
Wi-Fi network created by the Tivit,
within which applicable devices can
certain cellphones but notebooks too. access the signal. In short, there is no

“In short, there is no internet access required,

just a handset and the Tivit”
How it works internet access required, just a Wi-Fi
At the moment the Tivit works on enabled handset and the Tivit. although
iPhones and the iPad and certain Nokia Until recently Tivit users had access to the Tivit app
and Blackberry models, if you install the DStv’s mobile bouquet which included is easy to find
correct app. It also connects to Windows SuperSport 1 & 2 & 3 & Blitz; Channel O; on Apple’s App
notebooks and PCs via Tivizen software, CNN; Big Brother Africa; Africa Magic and Store. We would also
while Android functionality is reportedly Cartoon Network for free. This is now set have liked to be able to connect multiple
on its way. Not many phones currently to change as DSTV will make certain devices at a time, but the Tivit only
have DVB-H receivers built in, making channels in their bouquet available with a supports one device at a time.
the Tivit an appealing choice. monthly subscription. At the time of going
All a user needs to do is extend the to press the subscription information was Conclusion
small Tivit’s aerial and connect your not available from DSTV. If you’re looking to test out DTV locally,
phone to it via a Tivit application (a the Tivit is a good choice. We can see
cable can be used to connect it to a PC). No support ourselves using this device at the rugby,
The user will have access to digital Although the Tivit is well made and soccer or cricket to check out replays of
television for the remainder of the functions perfectly, we had issues on-field action. Available from NAVIX on
device’s battery life, which is typically tracking down the BlackBerry application, 087-820-7220. [TM]

techsmart.co.za l November 2010 15

internet security anti-virus internet-security anti-virus
Business Business
2011 2011 Edition 2011 Edition 2011
• Surf and search knowing • Surf and search knowing • Ultimate endpoint security • Exceptional endpoint
you are fully protected you are fully protected for your employees’ Lap- security for your
• Download and share files • Download and share files tops and PCs employees’ Laptops and
risk free risk free • File Server protection to PCs
• Shop and bank with • Make your social networks prevent malware from • File Server protection to
confidence safer spreading across your prevent malware from
• Block spammers and • Keep tough threats out network spreading across your
scammers • Email Server protection network
• Make your social networks against spam, phishing • Automated Security
safer and email threats Updates plus security
• Chat, email and send • Automated Security monitoring and reporting
instant messages safely Updates plus security • Centralized configuration,
monitoring and reporting reporting and updating
• Centralized configuration, One-stop license
reporting and updating management
One-stop license • Security policy
management enforcement
• Security policy

Why Buy .Com when you can Buy .Co.Za and save up to R100.00?
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• Email Archiving • Content Monitoring

• Unified Threat Management • Firewalls
• VPN • Intrusion
• Anti-Spam • Detection/Prevention
• Anti-Virus
Tel: 012-665-2513 l Fax: 012-665-0509 l Email: info@africasd.com
Website: www.africasd.com

Motorola made a successful move to Google’s Android
operang system with their popular Droid (known locally as
the Milestone) phone. They are now pushing new Android
devices, with the BACKFLIP adding an innovave twist to
smartphone design. We give you the low-down on this
interesng device.

Backflipping keyboard
Not content with a QWERTY keyboard that
simply slides out or flips open, the
BACKFLIP’s keyboard literally does, as the
name states, a backflip. Since when closed
the keyboard is on the outside of the
device, it flips backward to align with the

Backtracking trackpad
At the back of the screen the BACKTRACK
navigation tool makes an appearance. It
performs the same function as a trackpad
does on a notebook and this can be used to
scroll through pictures and help with on-
screen navigation.
15 million. Clients refunded by Verizon Wireless for wrongly billed data sessions, amounting to $90 million.

The 320 x 480 pixels 3.1" capacitive touch-
screen might not be the largest or pixel
packed in the business, but is decent for its

The camera has a decent 5 megapixel
sensor with autofocus and an LED flash, but
is missing 720p video recording that a
number of new smartphones include.

Motorola’s MOTOBLUR functionality
incorporates all your contacts across all social
networks, including Facebook and Twitter,
into your phonebook. This includes their
pictures as well as recent status updates. You
can customise your homepage with
MOTOBLUR’s Happenings, Status and
Messaging widgets.

Also onboard
Wi-Fi 802.11 b,g; HSDPA; aGPS.

So what is Android?
ndroid is Google’s operating system for
A smartphones, competing against the likes of
Symbian, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile and
Almost 20% of all smartphones sold in the US
runs on Android, and it is expected that Android
will power the majority of the tablet PC market
BlackBerry OS. Unlike the other solutions Android in the future.
can be used free of charge by manufacturers and Android Market is the place to head to if
many of them have successfully adopted Android you’re looking for free (and paid for) apps. It is
for their smartphones including Sony Ericsson well populated with over 100 000 apps, second
(X10), HTC (Legend) and Motorola (Milestone). only to Apple’s App Store in quantity.

techsmart.co.za l November 2010 17



Alienware, arguably the top customised gaming PC brand in the
world, has finally expanded to SA as the company’s out-of-this-
world products finally start invading the country.

e were fortunate enough to get our

W hands on the new Alienware M17X, a
notebook which Alienware totes as “the
most powerful 17" gaming notebook in the

Looks to die for

One of the first things that strikes you
when looking at this notebook is its
amazing aggressive design philosophy.
The M17X sports Alienware’s ‘industrial
design’ concept, making it appear as mean
on the outside as it is powerful on the
The notebook’s visual presence is
further enhanced by Alienware’s signature
custom lighting options, with which you
can change the backlighting on the device
(keyboard, logos, etc.) with a whopping
150 000 different combinations available.

Locked and loaded

The M17X’s looks are great but it’s the
machine’s internal armaments that really
allows it to stand out from the crowd.
Our test unit was equipped with the
powerful Intel Core i7 Q720 CPU running
at 1.6 GHz alongside a whopping 8 GB of
38 million. 62 million. Global sales figures for Sony’s PS3 and PlayStation Portable respectively.

DDR3 RAM and an insane two ATI HD

4870 GPUs running in a CrossFireX
configuration. This enables the M17X to
give users desktop level gaming
performance wrapped in a stylish, robust
and compact package.
Another aspect of the M17X which
really impressed us was the display
quality. The device features a 17" wide-
screen WUXGA display with a native
resolution of 1920 x 1200. The dual CCFL
back-lit LCD display sports a high level of
brightness and clarity and the display is
perfectly viewable from almost any angle.
Customise your ship
The Alienware M17X is equipped, like system allows users to choose from an
We don’t have enough space here to give
the rest of the Alienware fleet, with array of colours spread over six distinct
the M17X a proper run-down, but the bot-
premium customisation software and zones including the keyboard, touchpad
tom line is that this is one of the biggest,
capabilities. It ships with the Alienware and even the Alienware logo. Whether
prettiest and craziest notebooks that we’ve
Command Centre pre-installed, which you want a mean looking red layout, a
ever come across and it will satisfy any
provides user-friendly access to all the cool blue look or a cheerier multi-
enthusiasts appetite. This little big bundle
exclusive options. The unique lighting coloured layout, anything is possible.
of joy does come at a price though, retail-
ing for R32 999 from Incredible Connec-
tion. [JK]
Phoning home
Full review: sporting names inspired by the show. In
So from what corner of the galaxy did
http://tiny.cc/alienwarem17x 2006 the company became a wholly
the Alienware brand originate?
Alienware was started in 1996 by hard- owned subsidiary of the mighty Dell.
» Quick specs core gaming fans Nelson Gonzalez and Alienware caters to the niche high
Alex Aguila. The brand’s emphasis on performance gaming market, designing
• Intel Core i7 Q720 @ 1.6 GHz Alien design themes comes from the both desktops and notebooks sporting
• 8 GB DDR3 RAM founders’ fondness for the X-Files TV the highest settings and standards in
• 2 x ATI Radeon HD4870 GPUs series, with many of their products the industry.
• 17" LCD screen

techsmart.co.za l November 2010 19

Copyright © 2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, Norton and the Norton Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the US and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Billion 6200NXL broadband router and 3300NX Mobile Server

›› United or apart, these are fantastic networking
There are many more glamorous technologies out there than routers.
The truth is that this sector is vibrant and constantly changing with new
innovations. This is why when Billion’s BiPac 3.75G Wireless-N Broadband
Router and Mobile Server landed on our desks, we paid special attention.

Billion 6200NXL Router and aerial ports for WiMax connectivity.

s routers go, the Billion 6200NXL
A (R1199) is relatively standard, but
offers a few additional options.
3300NX Mobile Server
The Billion BiPac 3300NX Wireless-N
For one, it features two integrated USB Mobile Server/ Router (R1099) is a
hubs which allow users to connect to 3G complimentary device to the 6200NXL in
networks via a dongle. This offers a great the respect that it can function
redundancy option in the event that your independently or as a repeater slave to a
wired broadband fails to function. As larger router.
such, it offers support for HSDPA, HSUPA, Featuring a unibody design based on a quick and simple. We were able to
HSPA+, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS ‘twin prong’ plug point, the 3300NX also achieve a wireless distance of roughly 80
networks. supports HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, UMTS, metres using both devices together.
In addition, the router also offers EDGE and GPRS networks via two USB
802.11n wireless, which delivers almost 2.0 inputs. Conclusion
three times the coverage of the older In addition, it features a single LAN Although it may not be particularly
802.11b/g standards and is also perfect and a single LAN/WAN Ethernet port interesting, it’s technology like this that
for high-definition video streaming. WPS (which would be used to deliver wireless can change users day to day lives and
(Wi-Fi protected setup) support is also connectivity to a PC without this ability), online habits. Overall the 6200NXL and
547. The number of robots residing on the Carnegie Mellon University campus, tallied in the CMU robot census 2010.

included. and a WPS button. 3300NX are great devices which, when
In terms of structure the Billion When testing we used it both as a used separately or together, can certainly
6200NXL also features four Gigabit standalone router and an AP client offer a dependable solution to any
Ethernet connections for wired units, a (essentially a Wi-Fi repeater) to the customer. For more information visit
reset button, power adaptor, on/off switch 6200NXL and found the set up to be www.webAntics.co.za [TM]

Intel Core i7 Overclocked

Advertorial MAGIX Xara Web Designer 6

Extreme Gaming PC ›› Websites made easy

›› PC gaming to the max
MAGIX Xara Web Designer 6 is an all-in-one soware
The hardware specialists at Evetech have come up with soluon that will enable budding web designers to
another ultra gaming rig in the form of the Intel Core i7 create their own websites and enhance exisng ones.
Overclocked GTX 480 Extreme Gaming PC All this without the need to know HTML programming.

owering this beast is The latest iteration of the

P Intel’s Core i7 950,
usually running at 3.06 GHz
to choose between two
motherboards to employ as
the foundation of their
software now also includes
25 complete websites with
but now overclocked to a systems and both of these five subpages, as well as
powerful 3.8 GHz. The features compatibility with 300 objects such as photo
blistering Nvidia GeForce GTX USB 3.0. galleries, speech bubbles
480 DirectX 11 GPU with 1.5 If you have R16 299 to and icons to use in the
GB DDR5 should ensure that spare call the friendly folks at design of the webpages. It
gamers can enjoy all the Evetech on 011-653-0033. also sports ‘Stretching
latest titles at the highest Visit http://tiny.cc/ Buttons’ which are buttons
possible settings. evetechgtx480 for more and frames that will
The rig also boasts 6 GB of information. automatically adjust to the
triple channel DDR3 1600 text length.
MHz high performance Web Designer 6 comes
gaming RAM with a free website hosting
with a heat offer from MAGIX, allowing
spreader, as users to publish their
well as a one websites as part of
terabyte Magix-Online world. This
Western Digital offer includes 500 MB of
Caviar Black eb Designer 6 allows storage as well as the user’s
7200 RPM SATA3
W users to easily design
their own websites using the
own web address. You can
get it for R595 from Edumall
Users will also get software’s flexible templates. (www.edusphere.co.za).

techsmart.co.za l November 2010 21


Asus VG236 LCD monitor ›› 3 dimensional perfection

Motion control is so 2007, it’s clear to us living in 2010 that 3D technologies
is the next big craze in the entertainment and gaming industry.

o coincide with this bold statement, 1920 x 1080, making for a full HD and a
T Asus recently jumped on-board the 3D
bandwagon releasing the gorgeous Asus
perfect wide-screen display experience.

VG236 3D enabled LCD monitor. Nvidia 3D vision

When purchasing the Asus VG236, users
Features will not only get a great display, they will
The VG236 is a 23" 120 Hz Full HD also find the full Nvidia 3D vision kit
display featuring a super-fast trace-free 2 bundled with the display. This includes
ms (millisecond) response time. From the one pair of Nvidia 3D vision active shutter
get-go one gets the feeling that this is a glasses, 3D vision USB controller, all the
very high quality monitor – little things cables you’ll need and even adjustable
like the instantly adjustable screen nose pieces for the glasses.
height, tilt and swivel settings and the Users require a 3D supporting Nvidia
attractive overall design adds to the graphics card to use the 3D glasses, games such as Left 4 Dead 2, Battlefield
monitor’s appeal. most new Nvidia cards support this Bad Company 2 and R.U.S.E. to name but
a few.
“Thanks to vibrant Colour Shine technology
the display is one of the clearest and most The Asus VG236 LCD monitor is a
stand-out product thanks to its high level
crisp we’ve ever come across” of quality and 3D capabilities. It retails for
R5999, contact ASUS SA on
Thanks to vibrant Colour Shine feature. The 3D effect works very well 011-783-5450. [JK]
technology the display is one of the and increases game immersion tenfold,
clearest and most crisp we’ve ever come although at the start we experienced a » Quick specs
across. Connecting the display up to our little discomfort as we got used to the
test PC for the first time we were effect. As far as gaming content goes, • 23" LCD display
seriously impressed with the overall users can be assured that more 3D • 2 ms response time
colour quality and clarity. enabled titles are on the way. There • Nvidia 3D vision enabled
The display has a native resolution of already exists a wide range of 3D enabled • Full HD 1080p

1292 Heuwel Avenue l Centurion, 0157 l (Next to GWM) l Prices Quoted are CASH or EFT only!
012-663-1155 | www.laptopcity.co.za l sales@laptopcity.co.za
Gigabyte Q1580L HP 4520s Samsung X120 Asus K52JC Laptop Batteries
Intel Celeron Intel Core i5-430M 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Intel Core i5-450M
$11.1 billion. Intel reported its best quarter results in its 42 year history.

Dual Core 1.9GHz 3GB DDR3 Memory SU7300 1.3GHz 2.4GHz, 4094Mb
1 GB DDR2 Memory 320GB Hard Drive 3GB DDR3 Memory DDR3 memory,
DVD-Writer 320GB SATA Hard 500GB Hard Drive,
250 GB SATA Hard Wireless Lan Drive, NVidia GT325M 1
Drive Bluetooth Wireless Lan GB VGA,
DVD-Writer Built in 3G Bluetooth DVD-Writer, Webcam, Wi-fi,
Wireless Lan Windows 7 11.6" LED Display Bluetooth, 15.6" HD Display, Numeric
Windows 7 Starter 32Bit Professional Windows 7 Home Premium 32Bit Keypad, Windows 7 Professional

R4299 R8750 R6699 R8399 R710

HP Compaq 620 HP Compaq 620 HP Probook 4515s 3 Fan Cooling Pad Laptop Chargers
Intel 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz AMD Athlon Dual Core
1024 MB RAM 2048 MB RAM 2.1GHz
160 GB Hard Drive 320 GB Hard Drive 4GB DDR2 Memory
DVD-Writer 320GB SATA Hard Drive
DVD-Writer Wireless LAN DVD-Writer
Wireless LAN Bluetooth Wireless Lan
15.6" LCD Display 15.6" LCD Display Bluetooth
Built in Webcam Windows 7 Built In Numeric Keypad
Windows 7 Basic Professional Windows 7 Home Basic 32Bit

R4899 R6799 R5699 R120 R260

Terms and Condions apply. Stocks are limited. E&OE. Prices may change without noce due to Rand Dollar fluctuaons. All prices quoted are cash or EFT only and Incl VAT.

Printer Repairs l Repairs l Upgrades l Projector Repairs l LCD Screen Repairs

All repairs done in our workshop
HP, Acer, Compaq, IBM, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, Mecer, Sony, Asus, Toshiba, Packard Bell, LG, Lenovo, Proline, Gigabyte, Apple Mac, BenQ, Sahara, and many more….

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Tel: 087-808-6736 email: info@TechNet.co.za
011-314-7268 www.TechNet.co.za
E & OE, While stocks last

Desk Ready PCs Notebooks Peripherals Graphics Cards

HP Compaq 8x DVD Writer Trancend
Slim Portable USB Black
R449 5200AGP-256MB

CASE l INTEL CHIPSET G31 1333FSB Notebook 620 8400GS-256MB R309

M CELERON 430 1.8GHZ l DDR2 Tv Tuner – with FM + Remote R189 64B DDR2-GALAXY VGA+DVI
PC-800 1024MB MEMORY l 250GB WK335EA PCI-E low profile
SATA 3.5" HDD 8M l SAMSUNG 22X USB TV Box + Remote R189
HDD: 160GB 8400GS-512MB R359
USB Internet TV + Radio Player R129
CPU: Intel Celeron T3000 2.20 GHz USB TV Stick with Remote R249 PCI-E LOW PROFILE
BLACK AND SILVER HANDLE USB TV Stick + FM And Remote R269 8600GT-512MB R959
Screen size: 15.6" Brightview HD LCD PCI: 10/100 LAN Card R55
Other: DVD +/-RW DL Supermulti
CHIPSET G31 1333FSB M l Lightscribe, MS Windows 7 Home Basic PCI: 2 Channel S-ATA Card + 1 R175 GEFORCE 210 512MB R449
E5400 DUAL CORE 2.7GHZ Edition, Bluetooth is built in, Built-in PCI: 2 Serial + 1 Parallel R159 DDR3-GALAXY, /CRT/DVI/
800MHZ l DDR2 PC-800 HDMI/Cooling Fan/PCI
Webcam & Carry Case PCI: 5 USB Ports (4ext/1int) R132
1024MB MEMORY 500GB included. GEFORCE 9800GT 512MB R1089
SATA 3.5" HDD 8M l PCI: Add On :E-Sata Card R175 DDR3-GALA, W/HDMI/VGA
R1799 R156
SAMSUNG 22X DVD WT020ES PCI: ATA 133 Controller Card /DVI/Cooling Fan/PCI
WRITER HDD: 320GB 7200RPM PCI: PCMCIA Port Card (G3) R199 GEFORCE GT220 1GB R749
CPU: Intel Celeron T3000 1.80 GHz PCI: Wireless LAN Card 54MBPS R137 DDR2-GALAXY, W/CRT/DVI/
GAMING CASE 600W PSU PCMCIA To Express Card/34 R879 HDMI/Cooling Fan/PCI
Optical: DVD +/-RW DL Supermulti GEFORCE 8400GS 1GB R445
INTEL CHIPSET H55 Lightscribe PCMCIA: 10/100 LAN Card R169
Screen size: 15.6" PCMCIA: 4 Port USB Card R179
3.06GHz Other: 15.6" Brightview HD LCD, MS
PCMCIA: Serial Port Card R239 DDR2 W/CRT/DVI/C, PCI-E
2 X 2048MB DDR3
Windows 7 Home Basic PCMCIA: TV Card with R375
3.5" SATA 1TB HDD Edition Built-in Webcam GEFORCE 9800GT 1GB R1239
FM + Remote
Metallic Body Web Camera + mic R75 GEFORCE FX5500 256MB R549
Netbooks Mobile V6555
Microsoft Lifecam Vx800
USB Webcam
W/TV/DVI, Cooling Fan AGP8X
MSI N270 10.1" Celeron 900 DDR3 W/CRT/DVI/HD,
CPU: Intel Atom
270N 1.6Ghz
CPU: Celeron 900
(2.2GHz 1MB 800MHz)
Genius Products Cooling Fan/PCI-E
RAM: 1024MB DDR2 Memory RAM: 2GB DDR2-800
HDD: 160GB SATA 5400RPM Harddrive Genius USB Keyboard R49 WCRT/DVI/HDMI/PCI-E
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8200M G GEFORCE GTX465 1024MB R2849
Screen Size: 10.1" LED TFT Graphics Genius Combo R145
Other: Intel 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN DDR5 256BIT W Mini HDMI/
Screen size: 15,4" WXGA Bright PS2 Keyboard, Mouse & Speakers
Bluetooth, Windows XP Home, 1.3MP Display Cooling Fan/PCI-E, FLI
Genius Keyboard & Mouse R74
Webcam w/ Mic, 3 in 1 Other: DVD Super Multi, Gigabit LAN, GEFORCE GTX470 1280MB R3249
Card Reader Kb-C Ps2 K/Board + Ps2 DDR5 320BIT W Mini
WLAN, 802.11b/g, Integrated Webcam,
Optical Mouse Bundle
Windows 7 Home Basic + HDMI/Cooling Fan/PCI-E
MINIX 10" M1100 Genius Keyboard & Mouse R87
Netbook OfficeReady GEFORCE GTX480 1536MB R4999
Kb-C USB Keyboard And USB DDR5 384BIT W Mini HDMI/
Optical Mouse l Black COOLING FAN/PCI-E
HDD: 160GB Pentium T4400
5400RPM CPU: Pentium T4400 (2.2GHz 1MB Genius Keyboard & Mouse R149 HD 4650 FAN R639
CPU: Intel Atom 800MHz) And Kms110 (USB, Netscroll 120 HDMI 1GB Dual LINK-DVI/
N450 1.66 GHz HDD: 250GB HDD Mouse, Keyboard + Sp-S110 Speaker VGA/HDMI PCLE, with game
Screen size: 10.0" LCD RAM: 2GB DDR2-800 Genius Speakers Sp-S115 R52 HD 4850 ATI RADEON R1249
Other: 1.3M Pixel Webcam, Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8200M G 100w Hightech ICEQ 4 FULL HD 1080P
802.11b/b/n wireless technology, Graphics Genius Speakers Sw-5.1 3005 R539 GDDR3 DUA LINK-DVI/VGA/HDMI
Screen size: 15,4" WXGA Bright
Keyboard skin and Screen P.M.P.O,75watt Rms,6 Piece Speaker (HDCP) PCLE with game
Cleaner cloth included. Display
Other: Integrated Webcam, Gigabit
System,1 X Subwoofer (25watt), HD 4870 ATI RADEON R2619
Speakers (9watt),1 X Center Speaker Hightech , ICEQ 4+ FULL HD 1080P
Monitors LAN, WLAN 802.11b/g, DVD Super
Multi, Windows 7 Home
Basic + OfficeReady R4399
(14watt),2 X Rear Speakers
(9watt),Black And Metallic Silver
with game
18.5" LCD Monitor R899 Genius Photoframe R1089 HD 4890 ATI RADEON R2219
19" LCD Wall Mountable R999 DPF800, 8" Screen – Black Frame GR. Card Hightech, fan turbo 900MHZ
21.5" LCD Monitors R1499 full HD 1080P 3.9 GBPS GDDR5 dual
Gigabyte Genius Camera G-Shot R1089
DL-DVI & TV with game
HD520, 5MP HD
Memory Notebook Genius Camera G-Shot
HD550 HD Handy Camcorder
R1249 HD 5970 HDMI 2GB R6769
DDR3 1024MB R349 Q1580L (5MP Record and Output HD DL-DVI/MINI DISPLAY PORT PCIE
HDD: 250GB to HD TV,3" Panel Display,3x Digital HIS HD 5830 GR. CARD 1GB R2659
DDR3 2048MB R659 CPU: 1.9GHz,
Transcend 1GB PC400 R427 Zoom, Detection,Li-Ion Battery Or 4 DDR5 ICooler native HDMI 1GB
Intel® GDDR5 DL-DVI/display
Alkaline,Led Light,32mb Built
Celeron® T3100
Power Supply Units RAM: 1GB DDR2-800
Optical: DVD writer
32gb HCSD)
Genius Camera G-Shot 501 R625
port/HDMI/PCIE modern warfare
limited edition of duty games
HIS HD 5850 iCooler V Turbo R3099
Screen size: 15.4" WSVGA V2 12MP, Motion-Jpeg Format For
450 Watt Power Supply R159 HD(1280x800) Video, Microphone, SD Cards Native HDMI 1GB (256bit) GDDR5 Dual
650 Watt Power Supply Other: 0.3 Mega Pixel Up To 16g TFT LCD Display, 5x DL-DVI / Display Port / HDMI / PCIe
800 Watt Power Supply R759 Webcam, FREE DOS Digital Zoom, Sensor Type Cmos with game MW2
Edimax 3G-6200n Router Edimax AR-7284WnA Router
›› Wireless convenience inside ›› Connect on your terms
The 3G-6200n from Edimax is a mul-funcon wireless Edimax is keeping its router offering strong with the
broadband router that aims to connect you and those AR-7284WnA, a high performance router that is able to
around you to your required internet sources in record provide full rate ADSL2+ access while sporng great
me. reliability alongside a budget friendly price tag.

he ‘3G’ in the name of the 3G-6200n there’s no

T product isn’t only there for
show either. With the
need for multiple
routers any more
T he router is compatible
with the new 802.11n
wireless standard, meaning it
downstream speed of
24 Mbps and an
upstream speed of
3G-6200n users will be able thanks to its built- provides a data transmission 1 Mbps. The router
to connect either a 3G or in NAT (Network rate of up to six times faster
29. Average number of friends Japanese users on social networks have, the least worldwide. Malaysians are the most popular with an average of 233 friends.

also supports
3.5G USB modem to the Address than before, reaching 150 applications that
router after which all users on Translation) Mbps connection speeds require open
the network, wired or function that while providing three times ports, such as
wireless, will be enables it to better wireless online
able to share the support a coverage than games, VoIP
3G internet whopping older 802.11g/b phones and
connection. 253 wired or routers. web servers
The router can wireless clients The through the
support simultaneously. AR-7284WnA Virtual Server
3G/3.5G In addition to this also and DMZ
speeds of up the router’s USB port can supports up function found on the
to 7.2 Mbps also function as a print to 253 device. The Edimax
and includes a built-in server. Available for R613. clients who AR-7284WnA retails for
Ethernet WAN port that can For more info contact Miro can all benefit from ADSL, R479. For more info contact
support cable and xDSL distribution on ADSL2 or ADSL2+ internet Miro distribution on
modems. And with the 086-123-6476. connections with a 086-123-6476.

Edimax BR-6641Router Mikrotik RouterBoard 750G

›› Network management simplified ›› Compact connectivity
The Edimax BR-6641’s intelligent roung engine with The RouterBoard 750G from Mikrok is a small SOHO (small
real-me load sharing and balancing will direct each office/home office) router encased in stylish white plasc.
session or connecon to the best available link, ensuring The device features a generous helping of five independent
you have the best possible connecon at any one me. Gigabit ethernet ports, with oponal Switch Clip
funconality providing cable speed Gigabit throughput.
he BR-6641 can
T aggregate
multiple T his compact device
is the perfect fit
in a flash. MikroTik
users also gain
connections and for any home or access to
increases total small office the
bandwidth by becomes environment and MikroTik
trunking various unstable, one of the most RouterOS,
connection types, such traffic will be affordable MPLS an operating
as fixed line, xDSL and automatically capable Gigabit system which
cable modem, to form a redirected to other routers on the market at will turn it into a
single virtual WAN (wide available networks to ensure present. The RB750G adds a router with
area network). The load uninterrupted connectivity. slew of improvements over its firewall, wireless
balancing router provides Thanks to the auto load predecessor, including Gigabit access point, hotspot
users with 4 WAN ports for balancing feature the BR-6641 capable ports and a new 680 gateway, VPN server and
internet connections. The also supports policy-based MHz Atheros 7161 CPU for more. The device also
Edimax features outbound routing, persistent routing and increased throughput. This features 32 MB of DDR
fault tolerance technology traffic scheduling. The Edimax enables the device to reach SDRAM memory and 64 MB of
which not only increases total BR-6641 is available for speeds of up to 580 Mbps onboard NAND storage space.
bandwidth but also serves to R5275. For more info contact when dealing with large It retails for R719. For more
backup your connections. If Miro distribution on packets and up to 91500 bps info contact Miro distribution
one connection fails or 086-123-6476. to take care of small packets on 086-123-6476.

techsmart.co.za l November 2010 25

Eskom increases rebates as part of an improved
solar water heating programme

A substanal increase in the solar water heater rebates offered by Eskom, in some cases up to 120%, is set to bring
environment-friendly solar heated geysers within the financial reach of thousands of South Africans wishing to
reduce their home energy costs.

accredited by the SABS, will offer more South Africans access
to solar water heating. This could result in an increased
number of households having their energy costs being cut by
between 30 and 50%,” says Worthmann.
“The increase of up to 120% in the rebate offered is a
response to present market conditions, and will not be
available for an indefinite period,” Worthmann says. The value
of the rebate will be evaluated and decreased according to
market drivers and energy costs on an annual basis for the
next five years.
“Our aim is to encourage as many South Africans as
possible to move away from electric geysers, and replace them
with solar heated systems. We estimate that there are
currently about 4.2 million electric geysers in the country, and
only 76 873 installed solar water heating units.”
Making significant inroads in this market could see huge
benefits for the country as electric geysers presently account
for between 30 and 50% of all electricity used by the domestic
The levels of rebate will now see consumers receiving cash
rebates of between R2 100 and R12 500.
“We believe our new, increased rebate scheme will make
he major advantage of the increased rebates is that solar the acquisition of solar heating more attractive than it has ever
T systems now become more affordable for consumers. The
claim process still involves paying for the full cost of the
been at any time in a country where solar energy is an obvious
alternative to electricity. The widespread adoption of solar
system upfront, and then claiming the rebate back. water geysers could also contribute significantly to achieving
Consumers are guaranteed that once a complete rebate the government’s objective of having 10 000-gigawatt hours of
application has been lodged, money will be deposited into their final energy consumption emanating from renewable
accounts within eight weeks of the paperwork being received. resources,” Worthmann concludes.
“The payback period for the costs of the installations has
been significantly reduced, enabling consumers to pay for People wishing to know more about the Eskom rebate
systems in less than five years,” says Cedric Worthmann, scheme and approved suppliers can obtain more
Eskom Renewable Energy Portfolio Manager. information on the internet through the Eskom website
“Our improved scheme, which will provide purchasing www.eskom.co.za/dsm, or by telephoning Eskom’s
assistance for systems supplied by Eskom-approved suppliers solar help desk on 011-800-4744.

techsmart.co.za l November 2010 27

The Global Leaders in “ultra low cost
and ultra green desktop virtualization”

Put 30 users on 1 computer

Put 1000’s on a server

X550 L300
PCi connected Ethernet connected

R2885/ 5 user kit R1485each

• Efficiently share one PC with
up to 30 users
• Dramatically reduce
acquisition & support costs
• Easy to set up, maintain,
and secure
• Compact and reliable
• Exceptional multimedia
L230 performance
4 WATT PC • Supports Windows and
Ethernet connected Linux
• Energy-efficient
R895each (just 1–4 watts per user)

Save money,
time, and

We now specialize in
complete VDi Solutions

(Mac Virtualization) (VDi-in-a-box)

CALL: 011 513-4048 l Email: info@ncs.co.za

For more information Web: www.ncs.co.za
• E&OE • While stocks last • Prices are ex VAT and subject to the Rate of Exchange
ruling at the time of invoice

28 November 2010 l techsmart.co.za


Eco News ›› November

Hot new method to charging Planet-friendly turbines kill Eskom looking to grow its
your phone planet’s inhabitants usage of green power
ccording to Business Day, Eskom may
C an heat mean more talk time? The
Nokia E-Cu (E for environment, Cu for A ccording to a recent study in the
European Journal of Wildlife A receive $1 billion in funding from the
World Bank, to be used for renewable
Copper) concept phone, developed by Research, the colour which eco-friendly
British designer Patrick Hyland, utilises a wind turbines are painted directly affects energy projects. The parastatal is seeking
copper exterior and a thermo-generator how many insects they attract. This has to fall in line with government’s proposals
integrated interior to convert heat energy given scientists fresh insight into why contained in the draft integrated resource
into electric energy. these turbines habitually kill bats and plan, whereby it aims to reduce
Its back casing is made from copper birds. investment in coal-fired plants.
and sports engraved heat-sinks that look The study reveals that the most This funding should give Eskom’s
like dried earth. This allows the charger- common colour of paint utilised on these research and development into renewable
free mobile phone to be powered by any turbines, white and grey, also draws the energy a major boost, with upcoming
source of heat such as a radiator or even most insects. More insects means that renewable projects to include a 100 MW
12. Planned number of Blink EV electric vehicle charging stations to be set up in several American cities by March next year.

the inside of your jean pocket. more bats and birds are drawn to the concentrated solar power project with
vicinity of the devices and ends up being storage in Upington in the Northern Cape,
killed by their powerful turbine blades. as well as a 100 MW wind project. [HD]
» Other interesting stuff
Scientists tap one megajoule of power Green highlights from the 2010 Paris GE Hitachi is aiming to turn toxic
using the world’s largest laser. Motor Show. nuclear waste into fuel.
http://tiny.cc/lazerenergy http://tiny.cc/greencarsparis http://tiny.cc/newfuel

techsmart.co.za l November 2010 29

QTX9 Features:
• 10.2" TFT LCD Multi-Touch screen (1024 X 600)
• Intel ATOM-N450 1.66 GHz RAM: 2 GB DDR2
• Wireless: IEEE 802.11 b/g network
• 3G Mobile Service: HSDPA/WiMAX/CDMA 2000 x1.
Bluetooth 2.0, GPS
• HD 1.3 Megapixels Camera
• LAN:10\100 Base-TX
• OS: Windows 7 Premium Home
• Weight: 1 Kg (including battery)
• I/O: Three USB 2.0 interfaces
• 4-in-1 Card Reader (SD/MS/MMC/ms-pro)
• One external monitor interface; One network(RJ-45) jack;
• One DC-in jack; One Micro-phone jack; One Earphone jack.
• Video Card: Intel 3rd Integrated Graphics Engine, 200MHz
render clock.

t h e
i.1 n g
o d u c
Int r
l ’s
d TX9
Wo t PC Q
b l e

Fro 0
59 0
QT Electronics (Pty) Limited
info@myqte.com REL R

Sci News ›› November

The cuckoo’s nest Grunt stunt A long stretch

he early bird catches the worm – ome tennis players make quite a
T especially if it’s a cuckoo. According to
an article in a recent issue of the
S racket. And intentionally it seems.
According to a study published in an
A connection is just as strong as its
weakest link. And scientists write in a
recent issue of the Biophysical Journal
Proceedings of the Royal Society of issue of PLoS ONE last month, a tennis that it’s true about tendons too. Tendons,
London (Series B) cuckoo eggs, laid in a player’s grunt may serve to distract the which connect bones to muscles, consist
86. Number of moves it took for the Akara 2010 to beat top Shogi player, Ichiyo Shimizu, the first time a computer had beaten a human in Japanese chess.

hijacked nest of another species, hatch opponent. of bundles of collagen fibres held
almost a day and a half earlier than the Researchers showed 33 viewers together by a biological type of “cement”.
rightful occupants. The researchers found videos of tennis players hitting a ball, This is made of proteoglycans.
that cuckoo moms incubate their eggs with the shots accompanied by either a The researchers found that collagen
internally for around 24 hours before grunt-like sound or silence. Using fibres can stretch to double their original
laying them in a surrogate bird’s nest. keyboard buttons, the viewers had to length before breaking, yet a bundled
Because a cuckoo’s body temperature indicate the direction of the shot as tendon snaps when drawn out to only an
is about 4°C higher than the incubation quickly and accurately as possible. On extra fifth of its original length. Further
temperature in the nest, the internal shots that came with a grunt investigation showed that tendons
incubation gives the developing embryo a participants responded much slower and toughen in watery surroundings and
distinct advantage. By the time the other made more mistakes than when viewing since the proteoglycans control the
eggs hatch, the day-old cuckoo chicks silent shots. Although the results still degree of hydration of the tissue, they
can deftly kick them out of the nest and need to be verified in real life, the are likely responsible for reducing
monopolise the food the foster parents preliminary findings suggest that collagen’s elasticity. The findings may be
bring. grunting may distract an opponent useful for developing drugs that could
during response preparation. help to control tendon strength. [LP]
» Other interesting stuff
Cooking brain tumours with lazers: For when the Nobel Prize is just too There is no such thing as free will:
http://tiny.cc/donteatthat clever: http://tiny.cc/laughandthink http://tiny.cc/wearerobots

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12 million. Amount of iPads Apple is aiming to sell during Q4.

November 2010 l techsmart.co.za


Gadgets & Goodies

Top 101 1500VA Skypix handyscan Philips SHK1030 ZTE S306 Granny
Back Up UPS TSN410 Scanner children headset Phone

his handy
T scanner
imple and
A part from reminding you
to frequently save, power
interruptions can also
enables users to
scan a variety of I f you don’t want your kids
deaf before the first set of S straightforward, the ZTE
S306 can indeed be seen as
A4-sized documents and batteries on their MP3 player
damage your electronic save them to a microSD card runs out, the Philips the ideal phone for grannies.
equipment. You may want to (supports cards up to 32 SHK1030 children headset is Unless grannie uses Facebook
opt for an uninterruptable GB). It is completely a good option. Apart from a and Twitter, she should be
power supply (UPS), which portable, being powered by smaller headband fit, the content with this easy to use
will protect your business two AA batteries and sports headset features a volume phone with its enlarged keys,
PCs from suffering any a real-time scanning control embedded in the torch and FM radio. A handy
damage or data loss, while detector to ensure that cable of which parents can SOS button sets of an alarm
adding some extra backup images aren’t distorted while set the maximum volume and sends a SMS to allocated
power. It is available for being scanned. Get it from level. It retails for about people. Call Vodacom’s
R1109 from Timeline Cameratron on R249 from Game and Musica Specific Needs Contact
Computer on 011-791-2468. 011-622-0556 for R890. stores nationwide. Centre on 082-12580.

Mecanno iRiver Cover Story

Early 2011. Suspected availability date for a rumoured tablet from HTC running on Android 3.0.

n the world of MXit,

I Facebook and the PS3,
toys for kids look a lot
A s November comes round
we’re sure to hear the first
Xmas ads soon. Treat yourself
different. But how about to an early Xmas present with
going for some retro the iRiver Cover Story. This
playthings in the form of Wi-Fi enabled ebook reader
old-school Meccano? Nothing has a 6" 8-grayscale e-ink
about these construction kits display (also touch-enabled)
is virtual and the nuts and and the ability to read a whole
bolts don’t need an internet host of files, including
connection to work. Get the PowerPoint and Excel.
different sets from The Surprisingly email is also
G.A.D.G.E.T. Shop on supported. Get it from The
012-346-2726 for between G.A.D.G.E.T. Shop on
R105 and R769. 012-346-2726 for R3199.

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Billion 6200NXL Dual-WAN 3.75G

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First half of 2011. When the first smartphones running on Intel and Nokia’s MeeGo OS will drop.

34 November 2010 l techsmart.co.za


Jargon Busters ›› Fighting tech jargon so you don’t have to

We continue our series of jargon busting explanations this month as simply refers to the act of transferring
we try to explain some of the more confusing tech terms the data over an internet connection.
you might come across. Common examples of VoIP technology
include Skype and VoIPBuster.

games monsters and each other. Popular

MMORPG’s include World of Warcraft
(with 12 million players), Guild Wars and
Aion Online.

G refers to fourth-generation wireless
4 networks, acting as successor to the
previous 3G standard. 4G aims to
dramatically improve on the speeds of
MMORPG the current 3G enabled networks, NAS server
NAS (network-attached storage)
F or those still
not in the
know, an MMORPG
providing users with high-speed
connections fast enough to seamlessly
stream high-definition video. 4G on the
A server is a unit connected to a
computer network that provides file-
is a massively other hand will make use of all-IP based data storage services to other
multiplayer online packet-switched networks gaining an devices on the network. This type of
role playing game. ultra-broadband data rate in excess of 1 server usually doesn’t feature a
The thing that Gigabit. All the layman needs to really keyboard or display of their own. Rather,
distinguishes understand is that 4G will be NAS servers are accessed and controlled
these titles from significantly faster than current 3G net- over the network, usually via a browser-
other games is that they take place works. based software solution. NAS servers
entirely online, with the player contain one or more hard disk drives
interacting with thousands (or even VoIP (HDD’s), usually arranged into logical,
2013. Release date for a horror game that film director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) is working on.

millions) of other players in the virtual oice Over Internet Protocol is the redundant storage containers. Usually
game world. In MMORPG games the
player takes on the role of a character or
V technology that enables us to make
voice calls over an internet connection.
reserved for the workplace NAS servers
are becoming more popular at home
hero in the world and they can then It does not define any particular with products like Iomega’s StorCenter
form parties to fight with or against the standard for transferring voice data, it making an appearance.

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PC Medic ›› First aid for your PC

It is rumoured that he controls PCs with just his mind
and that he advised Steve Jobs not to call his
company Pear. PC Medic is here to answer your
computer related questions.

Hello PC Medic.
Q Is there a way
for me to link the
search function in
Windows 7 with
my web
browser so
that I can
access info
Adriana De

49. Microsoft fixed a record 49 vulnerabilities in a patch last month, involving Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and the .NET framework.
PC Medic
A (PCM): Hi
Adriana. You can
search the internet
from your Start Menu
in Windows 7. Go to
the Start menu
search box, enter
“gpedit.msc” and
press enter, which
will open the Group
Policy Editor (GPE).
Go to “User
Configuration”, then
Templates” and “Start
Menu and Taskbar”.
Double click “Add
search Internet link to
Start Menu”, select What’s up PC Medic.
“Enabled”, click “OK” and
Q I have a huge
close the GPE. collection of music stored
Now when you type on my PC and have
something you are searching recently started listening to
for into the search box, a them via Windows 7 Media
“Search the Internet” link will Centre instead of Media
appear. When you click on Player. How can I get the
that link it will launch the Windows 7 Media Center to
search in your web browser. play a wider range of
tracks because only certain
Hey PCM. Every time I ones keep popping up?
Q dare to switch off the Heinrich Pieterse.
firewall in Windows 7 I am
notified of that fact. Can I PCM: Heita Heinrich.
switch these annoying
A By default Windows
notifications off? 7 Media Center plays a list
Nkosingphile Maseko. of songs based on various
things such as your ratings
Hello Nkosingphile. You of the songs, how often
A can easily turn off you play them and how
alerts on certain topics. If recent these are (when
you no longer want to see they were added). If you
warnings, then go to the want more control over the
Control Panel, select “System song selection go to
and Security”. Click on “Tasks”, then “Settings”,
“Action Centre” and select “Music” and select
“Change Action Centre “Favorite Music”. You’ll be
settings”, clear the Network able to configure the
Firewall box and finally click program to suit your
“OK”. needs.

36 November 2010 l techsmart.co.za


Web Time Wasters ›› November 2 Red Ice Creations www.redicecreations.com

ncient civilisations, commonly held beliefs. Also
A geopolitics, conspiracy,
secret societies, parallel
check out their twice a week
podcasts (Red Ice Radio)
universes – Red Ice Creations where they talk to interesting
covers it all. With their motto characters such as author
of “We present, you decide” Graham Hancock, researcher
RIC brings a different Rick Strassman and
perspective to some Egyptologist Robert Bauval.

1 2 3 Quake Live www.quakelive.com

ooking for some old your skills will be assessed
L school gaming action?
The classic FPS game Quake
and you have to
undergo a training session in
is available on the net as the order to be matched up with
free-to-play title, Quake opponents that are on a
Live, directly in your similar level.
browser. Before you’re able Now bring me my Lightning
to fire up that Railgun, Gun.
4 3
4 Rolling Stone www.rollingstone.com
olling Stone magazine is iconic movies and of course
1 ZumoDrive www.zumodrive.com
R probably one of the most
famous popular culture
the most relevant social
issues of our time
ooking for a way to access repository that is accessible
L all your work files from
home without having to
from a multitude of devices.
Download the application
magazines out there,
covering not only music but
(a recent article for example
lead to the firing of US
store them on a flash drive (9.2 MB), select your files also politics, movies and General Stanley McChrystal,
or mail them to yourself? and upload them to social issues since 1967. and let’s not forget the late
ZumoDrive is your answer. ZumoDrive to access them Their website aims to keep great Hunter S. Thompson’s
This simple-to-use service from a netbook, notebook, the stone rolling (we Gonzo articles).
enables users to sync and iPhone or Android-powered couldn’t resist) by giving For a more music focused
store their files in the cloud smartphone. Also check out users site you can point your
(2 GB of free storage), Dropbox.com for a similar in-depth coverage of the browser to the absurdly
creating a type of online option. greatest musicians, the most hip www.pitchfork.com.

On www.techsmart.co.za this month TechSmart.co.za online poll results

As per usual there is a lot more to find over at

www.techsmart.co.za, SA’s top tech site. Are you going to buy the new iPhone 4?
Yes at MTN. 33%
Sony equips their new small Couldn’t care less about iPhone hype. 25%
Alpha NEX-3 digital cameras No way, too expensive. 17%
with full APS-C sensors, the Nope, I prefer another handset. 15%
same size sensor found in
Yes at Vodacom. 10%
most dSLRs. The NEX-3 is
small but felt good in hand,
captured good quality pictures
and was a breeze to shoot FOLLOW US Facebook: http://tiny.cc/TSFB
$600 million. Amount Netflix spends on postage each year.

720p movies with. Read our Twitter: @TechSmartMag

full review: Newsletter: http://tinyurl.com/32j2tjk

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2 000. Amount of apps available for Windows Phone 7 at launch.

38 November 2010 l techsmart.co.za

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The Data Recovery and Virus Removal Specialists

60 million. Units sold of Lenovo’s ThinkPad notebooks after 18 years on the market.

if this ad accompanies your Drive to us!

Hard Drive Failure? Data Recovery and

Virus Removal
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Unbeatable Service & PC’s, Mac’s & iPods
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RAID failure?
Camera SD cards etc.
(Assessment fee applies)

Call Data Gate & Distribution

Unit 81A Studio Park
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No Recovery – No Charge.
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No Assessment &
Evaluation Fees.

Call: 011-467-3817

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Windows 7 Microsoft Office PC special

Professional Home and 1gig ram,
student 2010 500gig HDD

R1287 R717 R2800

Cnr Lenchen North / Heuwel Avenue, Centurion

3.42. The new version of PlayStation 3 firmware which prohibits pirates using PSJailbreak devices from using the system.
(Next to Godfather Restaurant)
Tel: 012-663-8389 l Cell: 079-4979-933 / 079-4979-955
Doing business on Christian principals
All p r ice s i ncl ude VAT l P i cture may vary from actual product l E & OE l Whi l e s toc k s l as t

40 November 2010 l techsmart.co.za

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Lexmark’s excellent

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“Great initiative. More cellular network operators!
Hopefully this will translate to cheaper data bundles and
call rates. I think technology wise we are finally on the
verge of matching tech savvy countries.”
The Lexmark INTERACT is a 3-in-1 printer, scanner
and copier with touch-screen. It includes paper
saving Eco Mode and a three year guarantee with
>5 million. Global sales milestone for the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, including two million in the US and a million in South Korea.

lifetime phone support.

The Way Forward Computing will
assist you to focus on your core Did you know? 1 in 6 pages printed in the workplace are never
business by maximising the used! Let’s protect the planet together. Let’s stop printing waste!
functionality of all your IT needs, Avoid printing e-mails just
updating your systems and leaving Courtesy of:
because you plan to read
the problems to us.
• Support Services
• Web Development & Hosting
10 them later
Tips from Lexmark for those of us looking
to improve our printing practices, for the
benefit of the environment.
• Data Backups
• Support of small business, onsite
TEL: 072 724 4911
and remote www.thewayforward.co.za Competition runs from 1 – 30 November 2010

e-Studio 212

The BEST deal in Gauteng


per month on rental*
* Subject to credit approval.
Terms and Condions apply.

TEL: 0861-462-782 l 0861-GNCPTA

Email: info@gncholdings.co.za
A content client is a GNC Holdings client.

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anchester United vs. Manchester City, England vs. Germany or Kaizer Chiefs vs. Orlando Pirates –
M football has always been dotted with bitter rivalries, but none compares to the virtual dual between EA
Sports’ FIFA series and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. TechSmart traversed the playing field to bring you FIFA
11 vs. PES 2011.

> 4 million. Number of copies the new Pokemon Black and White games have sold in Japan, enough for a copy each for the entire population of New Zealand.
FIFA 11 PES 2011
Graphics Graphics
FIFA 11’s graphics PES 2011 features
boast a few excellent player
improvements in models and
terms of player stadiums while
models, stadiums developers Konami
and crowds, which employs a menu
help to make the system that is as
beautiful game uncluttered as the
look, well, even more beautiful. interior of a luxury Swedish sedan.

Atmosphere Atmosphere
There are some nice touches like the Matches FIFA’s with your team’s players
stadium announcer giving a run-down of staring down their opponents whilst
your teams roster while the players take coming onto the pitch. The team rosters
to the field. however aren’t as up to date as FIFA
11’s, which counters its realistic feel.
FIFA 11 features nearly every Licensing
conceivable league, cup tournament and A lack of licensing hinders its authenticity
stadiums. No team or player is amiss. as many teams play under a different
identity – Liverpool for example is called
Gameplay Merseyside Red.
The game sports numerous
enhancements including Pro Passing, Gameplay
which enables you to time your passes Spain’s charismatic playing system known
better. Opposition players will also do a as “tiki-taka”, helped to make them the
lot more jostling for the ball, making it world’s best team and PES 2011’s control
generally more difficult. There is also Be scheme makes it the best in terms of
A Goalie mode, which enables you to don gameplay, allowing for really slick and
the jersey of your team’s number 1. fluid passing. When you get the timing
right, passing can become a magically
What we said online orchestrated affair.
“It’s not perfect with the commentating
becoming predictable, but it’s the most What we said online
authentic virtual football experience thus “PES 2011 recreates the look and
far.” atmosphere of real life football and is
more entertaining to play than FIFA 11,
Full review but it isn’t as authentic when it comes to
http://tinyurl.com/FIFA-11-on-PS3 its stadiums, teams and competitions.”

Full review
» The Good http://tinyurl.com/PES-2011-on-PS3

A bit more challenging than before,

plus the new goalie mode.
» The Good
Enthralling gameplay.
» The Bad
» The Bad
Graphics are only slightly better than
FIFA 10’s and the commentating can Lack of licensing plus team rosters
become repetitive. not as up to date as FIFA 11. [HD]

42 November 2010 l techsmart.co.za

4 million and 15 million. Nintendo’s 3DS and 3DS software sales expectations for the first month of its new portable console’s availability.

techsmart.co.za l November 2010

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Future Occupation: Fashion Designer Future Occupation: Business Executive Future Occupation: Physical instructor
Favourite Quote: But the colours clash Favourite Quote: A+ again... sot Favourite Quote: You 2 need to exercise more

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