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Group 7 NGO Questionnaire

Communication Barriers Questionnaire : NGO

Psychological Barriers

Yes No

1 Is there a preconceived notion that the NGOs are not helping children?

2 Do you feel that people think they not act as somebody

who has already done it?

Emotional Barrier Yes No

1 Do people fear in contributing to the NGO due to lack of trust

and doubt in the way and intention of use of funds?

2 Does emotions impact the contribution of donors in NGO?

Linguistic Barrier Yes No

1 Did language as barrier prove to have negative effect

on fund raising capacity and understanding of the donor?

2 Does style of communication and gestures affect the

amount contributed?

Socio-Cultural Barriers Yes No

1 Is caste biasness present amongst contributors?

2 Do you feel an impact on investment and contribution

due to traditional donors to local partners and beneficiaries?

Group 7 NGO Questionnaire

Physiological Barriers Yes No

1 People dealing with stress and pain in their life, are you able to convince

them to donate?

2 Sometimes donors may wish to hear feedback or whether the needs

of the handicapped people (deaf, blind) or even orphan children

are fulfilled or not, are you able to solve this issue?

Environmental Barriers Yes No

1 Your NGO might receive funds from multiple countries

Do you find delay in receiving funds and sending confirmation?

2 Do you face it difficult to approach foreign fund providers

due to different time zones?