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1. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous or Present Simple.

1. The children _________________________ (play) football in the courtyard every weekend.

2. My friend __________________________ (work) in the office right now.
3. Listen! The baby ________________________ (cry).
4. They _______________________ (not read) a book at the moment.
5. John sometimes ____________________ (drive) to work.
6. Our parents _______________________ (not go) on holiday every summer.
7. You never ________________________ (drink) coffee.
8. We ____________________________ (swim) in the ocean now.
9. Many people ________________________ (visit) New York every year.
10. Mother ____________________________ (cook) dinner at the moment.

2. Write the correct plural form of the words:

a. wish - ____________________ b. child - ____________________

c. photo - ____________________ d. tomato - __________________

4. Fill in the text with the correct form of the verb to be and have (got).

Hello my dear friend,

As I promised I will present myself in a few lines. I __________ Sarah. I _________ 12 years
old. I ________ Romanian and I live in Romania. I ________ a student and I _________________ a
lot of books to read, especially in English. I____________ a lot to study and a lot of homework after
I get home. But let me describe myself and my family a little bit.

I ___________ not that tall but I ____________slim. I _____________ green eyes and black
hair. I _____________ a sister and a brother. They ____________ older than me, but they
______________ nice to me and my friends. My sister’s name _____________ Jane. She
____________ 16. She _______________ the prettiest eyes and hair. She _______________ very
friendly to everybody. My brother’s name ____________ Jack. He ___________ 18 years old. He
________________blue eyes and dark hair. He __________ a football player and he always plays
football with my friends. My friends ______________ always there for me, and I __________ always
there for them. I _____________ any pets, although I’d like to have a dog. My best friend
____________ a cat. Her name ___________ Tricksie. She __________ very cute and in a playful
mood. She ______________ blue eyes and brown fur. We _______________ best friends. I love her
very much and I like playing with her all the time.