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Present Continuous 4. your friends / play football / ?

Write the questions and the short Yes, _________________________

1. your dad / work / today /?

Complete the dialogues.
1. a. I´m going on holiday.
Yes, _________________________
b. Where ______________ ?
2. you / have a good time / on
holiday / ? 2. a. He´s cooking dinner.

_____________________________ b. What ______________ ?

Yes, _________________________ 3. a. My sister is going to England.

3. your mum / cook dinner / now / ? b. Who ______________ ?

_____________________________ 4. a. We aren´t staying in a hotel.

Yes, _________________________ b. Where ______________ ?

Complete the sentences using correct form of given verbs.

1. The teacher is annoyed. We ____________ (not listen).

2. I´m scared. A big dog ____________ (stand) in front of me.
3. .She´s happy. She ____________ (not work) today.
4. What ____________ you ____________ (wait) for?
5. I´m ____________ (wait) for John.
6. ____________ it ____________ (snow)?No, it ____________ (rain).
7. What ____________ you ____________ (do) today?
8. We ____________ (go) to the park.
9. ____________ you ____________ (listen) to me? No, I ____________ (listen)
to the radio.
10. ____________ you ____________ (watch) TV? No, we ____________ (study).
11. What ____________ you ____________ (do)? I ____________ (do) my
12. ____________ they ____________ (sleep)? Yes, they are.

Present Simple Tense

Manuel and Lila Vega

Manuel and Lila Vega ___________ (have) a busy lifestyle. Manuel is a doctor at a
hospital. He works at night, so he _________(go) to work at 7:00 p.m. and
__________(come) home at 7:00 a.m. His wife Lila works at a bank. She
________(go) to work at 8:00 a.m. and comes home at 6:00 p.m. They____________
(not, see) each other a lot during the week.

Manuel and Lila also __________ (have) two children, Luis and Carla. Every morning
they all ___________ (have) breakfast together at 7:30. Then, Luis and Carla
_____________ (go) to school, and Lila _____________ (go) to work. Manuel
__________________ (do) the dishes, and then ___________ (go) to bed. Carla
usually ______________ (do) her homework at a friend’s house in the afternoon, and
Luis _______________ (have) soccer practice. Manuel _________(get) up at 4:00 p.m.
At 6:00 p.m., he ___________ (have) dinner with Lila, Luis, and Carla. After dinner, he
____________ (drive) to work. Manuel and Lila ________________ (have) a busy
schedule during the week, but on weekends they __________( relax) .

Read the paragraphs. Find and correct 13 mistakes. (Present simple and
prepositions of time)

Anna are a reporter. She works for a newspaper. She asks questions and writes
articles. She don’t drive to work. She walks. She don’t work in the morning. She works
from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. She doesn’t goes to bed early. She goes to bed on 1:00
a.m. She doesn’t work at Saturday and Sunday. She relaxes in weekends.

Max Kraushaar studys in Seattle. He likes to bake. At Friday and Saturday morning, he
bake pies. In night, people call or text Max. They order pies, and Max delivers them. He
doesn’t drives a car. He rides a bicycle and carrys the pies in a basket. He takes orders
until 3:00 a.m. Max’s company have a funny name. He calls it “Piecycle.”