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Fourty-Second Annual Convention & Exhibition, May 2018

Widodo Nugroho*
Rizki Nanda**
Marcelinus Febbi Arismara**
Muhammad Zaki Rahadian**
Cahyo Gunawan**
Eti Rahayu**
Yazid Abdurrazzaq Setyowiyoto**
Ilham Ilmawan**
Arri Rusdiyantara*
Dimas Triadi Wicaksono*

ABSTRACT BUMDes (village-owned enterprise). The master
plan budget for this program has been approved by
Bayat regency is an area that is a natural laboratory Klaten Regency Government. In addition,
for earth sciences in Indonesia where consist management permit has also been approved by
important geological information. Apart from being PERHUTANI (state-owned forestry company).
a geological educational objectpotential as a
Geotourism destination. Kebon Village is one of the Keywords: Geological, Geotourism,
villages in Bayat that has all the natural wonders of Geoconservation, Geoproduct, Tourism Village,
Bayat in terms of geology, culture, and magnificent Empowerment, Community Development,
natural beauty. Unfortunately, over time, the Corporate Social Responsibility
geological outcrops at the site have begun to degrade
due to natural processes and human activities. INTRODUCTION
Supported by Kebon villagers who want to develop
the potential of their village, Geodwipa Teknika and Bayat regency, located in Klaten District, Central
Jogja Geowisata work together with the Geological Java, is a natural geological laboratorium which has
Engineering Student Association of Universitas provided much important geological information.
Gadjah Mada to assist and empower Kebon Villagers Bayat has huge geotourism and geological education
to develop a Geotourism village using the concepts potential. There are 3 main aspects of geotourism in
of Geoconservation and Geoproduct. The geological Bayat which are: cultural uniqueness, high variety of
outcrops in this area will be conserved by actively geological objects, and the beauty of its natural
involving the community. Geoconservation is condition.
achieved through socialization to the villagers about
the importance of geological objects and empowers The diversity of Bayat’s geological sites have not yet
the villagers as managers of Geotourism been utilized to maximum potential by the villagers.
destinations. Geoproduct is a handicraft product According to Sutanto (2008), Bayat’s geological
made by Kebon villagers based on geological sites are ideal models for geological-based tourism
objects. The main Geoproduct of Kebon village is objects (geotourism) that can be utilized to educate
hand produced batik with geological motif and students, and geology specialists about earth
home-based geological handicraft products. This sciences. As time goes by, geological objects in
sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Bayat have experienced degradation caused by
program is encouraging the villagers to utilize the natural and human activities and the villagers lack
natural potential of their sorroundings by understanding about the geological potential of the
empowering the community to improve their area and how to conserve it. If the geological
welfare. The final goal is that they can manage potential can be conserved, then it can improve the
independently the Geotourism potential of their area economy of the villagers by realizing the geological
through a tourism business unit under Kebon Village potential to become a geotourism destination. With

* Geodwipa Teknika Nusantara

** University of Gadjah Mada
that in mind, Geodwipa Teknika and Jogja 4. The final objectives of this CSR program aims to
Geowisata, together with HMTG FT UGM, has enable the villagers of Kebon Village to manage
committed to accompany and develop the villagers their tourism potential independently under their
to convert Kebon Village to become a BUMDes
geoconservation-and-geoproduct-based tourism

The final objectives of this CSR program aims to Tourism Village

enable the villagers of Kebon Village to manage their
tourism potential independently under their According to Nuryanti (1993) a tourism village is a
BUMDes. Until now, the objectives that have been form of integration between attraction,
achieved include: activities proposal has been agreed accommodation, and support facilities which are
by the Klaten Goverment and PERHUTANI, funds presented in a structure of people’s lives and fused
has been dispersed to Kebon villagers, the usage of with the ways and the traditions of the village.
PERHUTANI’s forest has been permitted, the early Pariwisata Inti Rakyat (PIR) in Hadiwijoyo
construction of a footpath by the villagers has been (2012:68) explains a tourism village as a region of a
started, and routine meetings to converse about the village which offers the overall atmosphere
efforts made have taken place between the tourism representing the originalities of the village, including
village team, Jogja Geowisata, and Geodwipa the economy, social, culture, daily routine, the
Teknika. building architecture, and the distinct village layout
structure together with the unique and attractive
As service and tourism companies, Geodwipa and economic activities that have potential to become a
Jogja Geowisata have a commitment to operate tourism component, like attraction, accommodation,
legally and contribute to an increase in the quality of and other tourism needs.
life for its employees and their families , the local
community, and the wider community. We National statute number 10:2009 defines tourism as
encourage partnership responsibility between the a complete program that is multidimensional and
goverment, academia, and local communities that are multidisciplinary that emerges from the needs of the
active and dynamic. To achieve this, our company population and and countries and interactions
develops Elkington’s 3P principles (1997) which are between people, the local community, fellow
focused on profit, planet, and people. These 3 travelers, government and local government, and
principles become the companies benchmark to entrepreneurs.
implement social responsibility.
Tourism village development is driven by three
This paper will discuss about the natural, social, and factors. Firstly, village areas possess the natural and
cultural potential owned by Kebon Village that can cultural potential which is relatively more authentic
become a tourist attraction as well as how to develop than urban areas, villagers still operate a traditional
the villagers who have realized the geoconservation- and ritualistic culture. Secondly, village areas have a
and-geoproduct-based tourism village. physical environment which is still relatively native
and not widely polluted compared to city areas.
PROGRAM OBJECTIVES Thirdly, the economic depevelopment in the village
areas is relatively slow, so the utilization of the
The desired objectives to be achieved are : economic, social and cultural potential of the
villagers optimally is rational in the development of
1. Villagers acknowledge and utilize the village tourism (Damanik, 69 in 2013: Andriyani,
geological, social, and cultural potential that dkk, in 2017).
Kebon Village has to build a geotourism village.
Some aspects that are important in the making of a
2. Encourage and help the villagers to realize new tourism village (Soemarno, 2010) are:
geoconservation and geoproduct-based
geotourism destination as the special traits of a. Good accessibility. Easy to be visited by tourists
Kebon Village. using different forms of transportation;

3. Kebon villagers can be independent developers b. Have interesting objects including nature, art and
of the geotourism village in Kebon Village to culture, legend, local food, and so forth which
increase the local economy. can be developed as tourist attractions;

c. The villagers and village officers accept and give 5. Geological resource exploitation activities that
the highest support to the tourism village and pose problems toward the condition of the local
tourists who come to their village; environment.

d. Security in the village must be guaranteed; Hall and Weiler (1982) in Hendratno (2002) describe
geotourism as a form of tourism with special interest
e. Accommodation, telecommunication, and and REAL travel aspects such as:
adequate labor are available;
a. Rewarding: that is a form of appreciation toward
f. Cool or cold temprature; the visited tourism objects, through the intent of
the tourists to understand or even taking a role in
activity that pertain the object;
g. Relates to other tourism objects that are publicly
acknowledged. b. Enriching: the addition of knowledge and skills
through activities conducted by tourists;
c. Adventurism: contain aspects of involving the
Geotourism is a form of natural attraction which tourists in any activity that contain physical risks
specifically focus on panoramic and geological through the activities of adventure;
aspects (Downling, 2011 in Kubalikova, 2013).
Geotourism is sustainable tourism which focuses on d. Learning: contain aspects of education through a
geological features and grows understanding about learning process followed by tourists during
the environment, culture, appreciation, conservation activity pertaining to a tourism object.
and local benefits (Dowling, 2013 in Kubalikova,
2013). The Geotourism product protects, connects Geoconservation
and promotes geoheritage and helps establish
cooperation within the community (Kubalikova, According to Burek and Prosser (2008) in
2013). According to Sampurno (1995) in Hendratno Kubalikova (2013), conservation is an activity that
(2002), there are several geological phenomena that aims to protect geologic and geomorphologic
can be used as a basis for promoting the geotourism, features from natural changes while preservation is
such as: an activity of keeping something so it will remain
unchanged and in the same situation.
1. The active process of geology including Geoconservation is one way that can be used to
eruption of volcanos with their products, areas protect and conserve an important part of
vulnerable to tectonic earthquake, movement geodiversity, namely geoheritage effectively (Cleal,
of active faults, geothermal manifestation, and 2007 in Kubalikova, 2013). Geoconservation could
areas prone to landslides; be described as an activity that is oriented to
geoheritage conservation with the intention of
2. Natural beauty that is formed due to past or keeping the variety of nature such as rocks,
present geodynamics, like the emergence of geomorphology and soil from changes caused by
morphology in the form of mountain scenery, nature (Sharples, 2002 in Kubalikova, 2013).
the river, the coast, kars, high ground (hills) Community Development
and coral reefs;
According to Kartasasmita (1997:11-12) in
3. The aspects of culture that adapt with the Andriyani, dkk (2017) community development is an
development of geodynamics, like the effort to increase the quality of life and dignity of a
destruction of the site of ancient relics as the group of people who are unable to release themselves
result of natural disasters in the past; from the grip of poverty and underdevelopment.
Community development needs processes, because
4. Geological resource exploitation activities, the definition of development is a “process” or a
like the exploitation of hydrocarbons and continous series of actions or steps. These are
valuable mineral resources (gold, copper, performed chronologically and systematically and
silver mines) both large and small scale; reflect the steps to bring development to the people.
(Sulistiyani, 2004:77 dalam Andriyani, dkk, 2017).

RESEARCH METHODS determine routes, define things that can be
developed in the area including the villagers’s
The methodology used is a qualitative approach handicrafts.
conducted through direct observation in the field to
look at the community and interviews to ascertain the Data Processing
problems from the perspective of the head of Kebon
village, the Kebon villagers and stakeholders who are After data collection, this was used to develop the
actively involved in developing Kebon village next steps, including:
1. Designing tourism sites with acceptance from
CSR Location the head of Kebon village together with the
achitecture and civil engineering teams;
The research was conducted in Kebon village, Bayat
regency, Klaten district, Central Java Province. The 2. Making proposals based on the design and the
determination of research location was based on potential and other factors acquired during early
results after collecting a geological outcrop data observation;
which is now beginning to be degraded and has the
potential for development to become a geology- 3. First steps of socialization to the villagers about
based tourist destination. (figure.2) the plans to develop a toursim village and the
potential that can be developed by the villagers
CSR Subject and Object from the tourism village development. This
stage, proposal has been completed and the
The subject of the study is the Kebon villagers and results presented of the observations and design
stakeholders who are actively involved in Kebon suggestions for the tourism sites. In this stage,
village development. While the object of the study is advice from the villagers are accomodated to
the Kebon village region where geological outcrops provide a better result;
are located and are in a degraded state. This object
has the potential to be developed for geotourism. 4. In this Stage where PERHUTANI is asked for
permission regarding the land and forest which
Data Collection Technique is owned by PERHUTANI.
In order to collect the data field observations and
interviews with Kebon villagers were used. Data is 5. Geotourism development stages to the villagers
collected in stages that have been established to prepare them for managing the geotourism
including; area which will later be independently managed
by the Kebon villager themselves.
1. Early stages of survey. This phase aims to
define locations that have tourism potential RESEARCH RESULTS
based on topographical and geomorphological
map analysis, which are supplemented by field Tourism Potentials of Kebon Village
surveys to evaluate the tourism potential that
was planned in tourism village plan maps; Based on observations conducted in Kebon Village,
Bayat Regency, Klaten District, Central Java
2. Approaching the head of Kebon village. This Province, there are several potential sites owned by
stage aimed to unite the vision with local the village that can be used to develop geotourism.
villagers regarding the development of tourism Information about these potential sites was acquired
village and to ask permission perform advanced through the results of field observation and
surveys in order to determine tourism routes and interaction with the villagers and stakeholders of
the potential tourism locations; Kebon Village. There are potential sites with
geotourism potential that have been successfully
3. Further stages of survey. This stage was identified inside Kebon Village Region which can be
performed after obtaining a permit from the developed.
local head of Kebon village to execute further
surveys. These were performed together with Nature Potential
the locals in order to determine the feasibility of
geological outcrops for conservation and Kebon village, which is located in Bayat Regency,
cultivate it as geological-based tourism, to has a beautiful atmosphere because of its location

near mountain areas. The potential of its natural Win Langseh which, according to history, was the
resources and ecosystem can be developed and used first person to perform hermitage at Pertapan Hill.
optimally for communal benefit with attention paid Until now, Petilasan or the rest of the Hermitage
to conservation efforts. Natural resources that can be Langseh still exists in Pertapan Hill. Therefore, every
used as tourist attractions are: Pertapan Hill which year Kebon villagers still perform the traditional
has a relatively flat peak and where there are several customary event "Nyadran" at the summit of
geological sites in the mountain area and on the Pertapan Hill and "Rasulan or Merti Desa" on the
slopes. Metamorphic schist and limestone with slopes of the hill after harvest time as a form of
nummulites fossils (the oldest on the island of java) gratitude to God and nature (figure.4, 5., 6.)
can be found. Pertapan Hill presents natural scenery
in an exquisite way. Based on the field observation Geoconservation dan Geoproduct
done from the peak of Pertapan Hill, sunset can be
observed between the hills that face west (figure.3). The first concept is Geoconservation. Over time, if
left unchecked then the geological outcrops around
Social Potential Kebon Village will be degraded. The the main cause
of concern relates to human activities such as
Kebon villagers are very independent and forward outcrops damaged by mining or obtaining
thinking compared to surrounding villages. This has construction materials. To keep the geological
been proven by the ability of the villager’s groups outcrops, the Kebon villagers need to be actively
and activists to make Kebon Village the only village involved. Geoconservation can be performed by way
with BUMDes (Badan Usaha Milik Desa) status of socialization to the villagers about the importance
listed in the Ministry of Village, Construction, Poor of geological objects as having great potential in
area, and Transmigration of the entire Bayat Regency Bayat and making the villagers managers of the
in 2017. Regional Original Income (PAD) of Kebon tourist destinations to be made in Kebon Village.
village has been helped by business units under
BUMDes Kebon Makmur. The existing business The next concept is geoproduct. This concept is
units run loans and savings, farmers group, village realized by creating a distinctive product made by
PDAM, and Batik Tulis. In an effort to increase the Kebon villagers themselves based on geological
villager’s economy the head of Kebon Village, Mr. objects. The main products of this geoproduct are in
Sukoco together with Kebon villagers, have tried to the form of batik with geological object motifs and
develop the natural potential of PertapanMountain. other products with shapes resembling the geological
Because of a lack of knowledge and no expert objects. It is expected that from this geoproduct the
consultation, they have been unable to develop the tourism village can be known to the wider
natural potential until now. community and geoproduct can become Kebon
village’s special traits. Additionally, given the
Cultural Potentials concept of geoproduct, an indirect positive impact
can be generated in the form of new job openings that
Kebon Village is very famous for its Batik Tulis can be used by Kebon Village people to improve the
called "Batik Tulis Kebon Indah". Starting from just local economy.
a recipient of batik cloth service from a famous batik
shop in Solo, Central Java, since 2008, Mr. Sukoco, THE PROCESS AND DEVELOPMENT OF
together with batik maker community groups GEOTOURISM VILLAGE
conducted regular training in batik making from
production to the marketing process. Until now, Based on observations regarding the potential of
Kebon Village’s batik artisans are frequently visited Kebon Village and driven by the desire of the
by foreign tourists to train in how to make batik. villagers to develop the tourism potential of the
Some batik artists from Kebon Village have even village development of a Geology-based Tourism
given batik workshops in California, USA and Village combining Geotourism and Geoproduct for
Milan, Italy in collaboration with UNESCO (United the first time, utilizes potential combined with
Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural existing geological conditions. Community
Organization). This Kebon Village batik product has development is achieved by involving Kebon
been sold domestically and exported abroad. villagers as the main actors in the development stages
of geotourism village below.
Kebon Village, based on a historical story that
researchers obtained from Mr. Sukoco, is the oldest The stages of development made with Kebon
village in Bayat. This is evidenced by the tomb of villagers are as follows:

General Socialization Workshop of Geoproducts

General socialization is conducted for a basic  Adjusment of geological objects that can be
understanding to Kebon villagers about the CSR made to be themes of geological products;
program that brings Geoconservation and Thin section of minerals and Nummulites and
Geoproduct as the main parts of Geotourism geological rocks (Igneous, sedimentary, and
village. The ultimate goal of this CSR program is metamorphic)
that the people are aware of the importance of
geological outcrops that exist in their village and  Training to make geologic-patterned Batik Tulis
they can manage independently the Geotourism and geological souvenirs
potential of their area through a tourism business  Marketing Training
unit under Kebon Village BUMDes (village-
owned enterprise)(figure.13) Geotourism Infrastructure (Supporting tourism
sites and Geoconservation)
Basic Understanding of Geoconservation And
Geoproduct  The development of constructions of tourism
sites to support geotourism areas. This physical
Data collection of geological outcrops development includes the construction of a
Geological outcrops in Kebon Village is located in viewing substation, amphitheater, camp ground,
Pertapan Hill collected by field observation. The tree house, open stage, ticketing, rest area, and
information then compiled according to the outcrop souvenir center as public attractions.
condition, the importance of developing geological
science, description of outcrops, rock sampling,  The development of geoconservation
positive and negative potential information and field infrastructure is in the form of making
documentation (figure.14). information boards in every existing geological
outcrops and making the boundaries of human
Socialization of geoconservation and geoproduct exploitation.
This socialization giving awareness the
importance of geological outcrops to be protected Geotourism Development
in their land. Any potential both positive and
negative will be introduced to the villagers. In the Geotourism development will conducted to enhance
achievement of this CSR program, information in tourist attractions and to improve opportunities that
the form of sign boards and digital informations can be created by Kebon villagers; (retail, homestay
related to development of geoconservation and softskill needed in managing the tourist village).
infrastructure stage (figure.15, 16., 17.). According to the aim of geotourism development
Pioneer of Geotourism Enterprise Unit under above, analysis was made of the results of
BUMDES observations and plans that will be implemented for
the development of geotourism village. The analysis
Geotourism community includes scenarios of Socializations and Workshops
The temporary community has a big role and it is of managing the tourism village, tourist attractions
a major subject of community development. The development, geotourism products that can be
whole of CSR programs covered together with this enjoyed by the tourists, and the scenario of tourism
community through conjunction and activities and tourism packages.
accompaniment in every assigments. Geotourism
community will be a founder of Geotourism CONCLUSION
enterprise unit under BUMDES of Kebon Village The tourism potential in Kebon village can be
(figure 18). divided into natural potential, social potential and
Actuate cultural potential. These 3 tourism potentials can
be developed into Geological-based tourist
Consisting of two great things that run parallel; attractions in the form of scenarios of natural
Workshop of geoproduct and Geotourism tourism activities in the area of Pertapan Hill.
Infrastructure development (Non Geoconservation Kebon villagers can combine existing geological
and Geoconservation). (figure 19, & .20) sites with social and cultural potential and
geological objects in Bayat as the theme of the
Tourism Village attractions, such as the geologic-

patterned batik tulis fossils and geological rocks thin Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan
section and products of geological objects-based Rakyat. 2015. Informasi Statistik Infratruktur
souvenirs and food. Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat. Jakarta:
Pusat Data dan Teknologi Informasi.
Kebon villagers can be independent developers of
the geotourism village in Kebon Village to increase Kubalikova, Lucie., 2013, Geomorphosite
the local economy achieved by the development Assessment for Geotourism Purposes, Czech
stages of geotourism village includes General Journal of Tourism, 02/2013/ Czech. p. 80-104.
Socialization, Basic Understanding of
Geoconservation And Geoproduct, Pioneer of Kubalikova, Lucie., and Kirchner, Karel., 2015,
Geotourism Enterprise Unit under BUMDES, Geosite and Geomorphosite Assessment as
Actuate, and Geotourism Development. Geotourism a Tool for Geoconservation and Geotourism
community as the pioneer or initiator of Geotourism purposes: a Case Study from Vizovicka vrchovina
enterprise unit is the major subject to make Kebon Highland (Eastern Part of the Czech
Villagers can manage their tourism potential Republic), The European Association for
independently under BUMDes Kebon Village. Conservation of the Geological Heritage,
Geoheritage (2016) 8:5-14.
REFERENCES Martin-Duque, Jose F., G.J Caballero., U.L.
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Figure 1 – Methodology of research (This picture can be seen in the poster as Figure 1 in Research Methods)

Figure 2 – (a) The Indonesian Earth Façade Map, Cawas Part. The red box showing the research area
(b)Digital Elevation Map (DEM) in 3D view showing the morphology of Jiwo Hill’s complex in
Bayat Regency. Kebon village is located in foothills of East Jiwo Hills. The red box shows the
Pertapan Hills that conducted as the research area. (This picture can be seen in the poster as
Figure 2 in CSR Location)

Figure 3 – The nature potential in Kebon Village as a principal asset in making of geotourism village. (This
picture can be seen in poster as Figure in CSR Location’s choosing reason)

Figure 4 – The Cultural potential that Kebon Village already had, Batik Tulis Kebon, (This picture can be
seen in poster as Figure in CSR Location’s choosing reason)

Figure 5 – The cultural potential in Kebon Village representing the originalities of the village (This picture
can be seen in poster as Figure in CSR Location’s choosing reason)

Figure.6 The culture heritage in kebon village, Nyadran Festival (This picture can be seen in poster as Figure
in CSR Location’s choosing reason)

Figure 7 - Tourism route made according to field observation, containing the locations of tourism attraction

(a) (b)

(c) (d)


Figure 8 – (a) Amphitheatre design, (b) Rest area design (c) Ticketing location design (d) Substation of view
design (e) Souvenirs center design


Figure 9 - The condition of Batik Kebon Indah owned by Kebon Village, Bayat, Klaten, Central Java

Figure 10 - Sunset condition that can be enjoyed from the Pertapan Hill’s peak (This picture can be seen as
Figure in Research Result)

Figure 11 – The culture potential of Kebon Village, called “ Batik Tulis Kebon Indah” (this picture can be
seen as Figure in Research Result)

Figure 12 - Geotourism Spot in Pertapan Hill’s peak

Figure 13 – General Socialization about CSR program in Kebon Village (this picture can be seen as Figure in
the process and development of geotourism village)

Figure 14 – Data collection of geological outcrops in Pertapan Hill (this picture can be seen as Figure in the
process and development of geotourism village)

Figure 15 – Socialization of geoconservation and geoproduct in Kebon Village (this picture can be seen as
Figure in the process and development of geotourism village)

Figure 16 – Ground cleaning geological outcrops for geoconservation in Kebon Village (this picture can be
seen as Figure in the process and development of geotourism village)

Figure 17 – One of geological outcrops for geoconservation in Kebon Village. This outcrops is Schist (this
picture can be seen as Figure in the process and development of geotourism village)

Figure 18 – All meetings with Geotourism Community Kebon Village (this picture can be seen as Figure in
the process and development of geotourism village)

Figure 19 – Sample design of geologic-patterned Batik Tulis Kebon (this picture can be seen as Figure in the
process and development of geotourism village)

Figure 20 – Geotourism Infrastructure progress (this picture can be seen as Figure in the process and
development of geotourism village)