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School of Education

February 24, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of Colorado State University (CSU) it is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Natalie Pearce,
who is completing student teaching under my supervision until May, 2019. Natalie served as an EDUC 350 Scholar
during the fall semester and is now a consultant in my ED 350 class this spring semester. I am fortunate this
semester to be working with Natalie as she mentors the 17 teacher candidates at Boltz Middle School in my EDUC
350/386 classes. She is working directly with one of the candidates as a student teacher leader. Her work as a
student teacher and consultant/mentor is invaluable and a prized leadership role for teacher candidates in the
School of Education. These additional leadership roles put Natalie in the position of being one of the most valued
and exceptional student teachers currently available at CSU.

CSU has established a program of study and partnership that meets the TEAC (Teacher Education Accreditation
Council) standards, which are the most rigorous in the nation. The resulting Student Teacher Expectation Checklist
includes tasks that must be certified by the cooperating teacher and me.
They are divided into the following areas:
Planning: prepare daily planning, long range and unit plans
Instruction: demonstrate competence using at least five different teaching strategies, competence with teaching
aids and technology
Assessment: show competence in developing traditional and authentic assessments requiring rubric scoring, utilize
pre-and post-assessments to assess student’s growth and improvement, demonstrate ability to interpret student
assessments to critique teaching and help prepare students for state assessments
Management: develop positive, task-oriented classroom environment, develop positive relationships with students,
and deals appropriately with discipline problems
Communication: demonstrate respectful and effective communication skills
Professionalism: understands and uses professional code of ethics

During Natalie’s student teaching semester I received and closely reviewed all of the coursework required for
content specialization and for student teaching. I have forty years of administrative and teaching experience in the
public schools and at CSU. I have found Natalie’s preparation, philosophy, beliefs and practices to be outstandingly
thoughtful and consistent. She does a superb job of managing the classroom. Please ask Natalie about the
numerous school meetings/activities she has attended and items she developed to complete her student teaching.
She will be pleased to provide you with hard copy or an e-portfolio of her current assignments as a student teacher.
In my experience, Natalie is at the top of the rating scale. She has done exemplary work and is earning an A+ as a
student teacher. Her teaching and professional development activities in the school reflect this continued

It is difficult in a brief letter to do justice to such an exceptional new teacher. It is a privilege to work with Natalie.
She is exciting and kids love her. I know from experience Natalie will make herself and your school a success. I
welcome a call to discuss any specific or further information. You can best reach me at my home (970-484-7364
voice mail available) or e-mail linda.williams@colostate.edu.

I highly recommend Natalie for a professional teaching position. She is no doubt one of the most outstanding
student teachers I have worked with.

Linda Williams
University Coach/Instructor