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ASEAN, New Zealand and the Pacific: New Security Dynamics

Jesus S. Domingo, Philippine Ambassador to NZ

Windsor Club, 2 April 2019, Wellington Club

- Global & Multilateral Security Frameworks

o United Nations Peace Operations
o Multilateral Disarmament
 Nuclear Weapons Free Zones
 Weapons of Mass Destruction / CBRN
o Counter- / Anti - Terrorism
- ASEAN and NZ Security Mechanisms
o NZ is ASEAN Dialogue Partner
o NZ active in ASEAN Mechanisms
 East Asia Summit
 ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting +
 Cybersecurity, Peacekeeping, etc.
 ASEAN Regional Forum
o ASEAN Committee Wellington (ACW)
 ASEAN Trio Network (ATRION)
 Political-Security, Economic, Socio-Cultural
 Track 1 (Govt), Track 2 (Civil Society), Track 3 (People)
- Bilateral & Other Security Mechanisms
o Five-Power Defence Arrangement
 NZ, AU, UK, Malaysia, Singapore
o Bilateral Training & Other Support by NZ
o Bilateral Humanitarian Assistance by NZ
 Ex: PH – Typhoon Haiyan
o Defence Relations w NZ’s Security Partners
 Ex: PH-US, PH- AU
- NZ Strategic Outlook
o Asia-Pacific, Belt & Road, Indo-Asia-Pacific
o NZ’s Pacific Reset
o Maritime Domain Awareness
 Search & Rescue
 Illegal Fishing
 Smuggling (esp. drugs)
 Illegal Migration
 Terrorist Activity
 Energy Security
 Conservation
 Disaster Relief
- ASEAN-NZ Pacific Nexus
o Emerging ASEAN Pacific Policy
 Wellington as ASEAN’s “Pacific Window”
 ASEAN as Regional Friend of the Pacific
 Indonesia & Philippines – Close Interest
o PH’s Pacific Policy
 Common Austronesian Heritage (Polynesian)
 Common Christian & English Speaking Heritage
 Common Global / Regional Issues: Climate Change, DRRM, Maritime, Migration
 Alliances in UN
 Provision of Training & Capacity Building
 Filipino Communities in Pacific
 Multicultural NZ
o Indonesia’s Pacific Policy
 Common Austronesian Heritage (Melanesian)
 West Papua
 Common Global / Regional Issues (like PH)
 Trade, Investment & Tourism