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My ideal place to go on vacation is The Meliá Caribe Tropical,

located right on the beachfront of the spectacular Playa Bávaro,

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where families and
couples will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

How to get to this place and where it is located

To get there we have to travel by plane from Colombia or on a

cruise that goes through the Caribbean islands.
next year we are going to Dominican republic
a friend will pick me up at the Santo Domingo airport

What does the weather look like in this place?

The climate of the Dominican Republic is classified as subtropical:

Hot and humid. Many people time their vacation to the Dominican
Republic around the weather patterns. The most popular times to
travel to the Dominican Republic are the late winter and early
spring months, there is also less rainfall during these months.
However, if you are looking for higher temperatures, your best bet
are the months of June and July.
What specific facilities does this place have

At Meliá Caribe Tropical we also have more interesting facilities,

such as the casino, our large tennis courts, boutiques and gift
shop, or direct access to Palma Real Shopping Village, where you
can find the most contemporary and exclusive brands. And the
hotel is fully adapted to accommodate people with reduced
What activities can you do in this place?
We will wait for you to walk on the beach
on the day we would practice tennis, we would swim and we
would like to go shopping, our friends can come to the resort to
share with them.

I find interesting the contribution of the companions but I do not

see the modal verbs, future sentences, nor phrasal verbs highlight
as the tutor