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Department of Education

Region III
Division of Pampanga

Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in English 8

Date: January 10, 2019

I. Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

a. differentiate facts and opinions from each other;

b. distinguish facts from opinions; and

c. display in-depth understanding of facts and opinions out of the given activities.

II. Subject Matter:

Topic: Facts and Opinions

Materials: laptop, powerpoint presentation, audio visual presentation, television,

chalkboard and chalk

Reference: Learning Module for English – Grade 8, p. 393

III. Procedure:

A. Preparatory Activities

a. Classroom Conditioning

b. Prayer

c. Greetings

d. Checking of Attendance

e. Setting of Class Standards

B. Motivation:

Fact or Bluff

Direction: Tell whether the following statements are FACTS or BLUFFS.

___________ 1. Nouns are defined as action words.

___________ 2. 11 is the square root of 121.

___________ 3. “Pandiwa” is the counterpart of adjectives in Filipino.

___________ 4. Jose Rizal was born on December 30, 1840.

___________ 5. Mars is the fifth planet in the solar system.

C. Discussion:

a. Before the lesson begins, the objectives of the lesson will be flashed on the screen for
the learners to know what the expected learning outcomes are.

b. Prompting questions will be asked to activate the learners’ prior knowledge about
facts and opinions.

c. An audio-visual presentation related to the lesson will be viewed by the learners to help
them better understand the two types of statements.

d. Referring to the video watched, learners will be queried about what they have learned
from it and let them share their insights inside the class.

e. Brief discussion of the topic will be done.

f. The learners will be asked to give their own examples of facts and opinions.

g. Provision of more examples will be given by watching the “Fact vs. Opinion Song.”

D. Application:

Direction: Write F is the statement is a fact and O if the statement is an opinion.

___________ 1. There are 12 months in a year.

___________ 2. Being a basketball player is easy.

___________ 3. The sun rises and sets every single day.

___________ 4. Money is the most important thing in the world.

___________ 5. The Titanic was a ship that sunk.

E. Generalization:

How are facts and opinions different from each other?

IV. Evaluation:

Perform the following activities:

Group 1: The Detectives

Directions: Solve the cases given. Read the paragraphs and identify each as “fact”
or “opinion”. Justify your answer.

Group 2: The Suppliers

Directions: Choose answers from the given statements and supply each stair with
the information needed. Follow the pattern to go up the ladder.

Group 3: The Creators

Direction: Formulate 3 facts and 3 opinions out of the given image.

V. Assignment:

Search for more examples of facts and opinions. Write them on your lecture notes.

Prepared by:

Rosemarie I. Cortez