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Vol.11 No. 48 April 6-12, 2019 80 Cents New York Edition Follow us on TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Indians want Modi to India is now

serve second term: Poll
New Delhi: Narendra Modi con‑
tinues to be the popular choice to
be the next Prime Minister across
military space
a wide section of society, but the
gap between him and Rahul
Gandhi is thinnest among house‑
An overwhelming 63.6 per cent 8By shooting down a satellite with a missile,
of unemployed respondents in
the latest CVOTER‑IANS poll
India has become the 4th country in world
tracker survey preferred with that capability, announced PM Modi.
Narendra Modi as the next Prime
Minister. In the same category,
8 NASA slams the test while New Delhi
only 26 per cent made Rahul
On PM preference, almost twice the number clarifies that debris will dissipate soon
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in a C Voter‐IANS survey plumped for New Delhi: India last Wednesday The mission was an important
SEE MORE ELECTION STORIES became "a space superpower" as step in securing India's safety, eco‑
ON PG 12‑14. Narendra Modi compared to Rahul Gandhi. its anti‑satellite missile successful‑ nomic growth and technological
ly targeted a live satellite in just advancement, he added.
three minutes, Prime Minister "I assure the international com‑
IAPC inducts 2019 team, honors Kanchana Narendra Modi announced.
"India achieved a historic feat. It
munity that our capability won't
be used against anyone but is

Poola with Lifetime Achievement Award has entered its name as a space
superpower. An Anti‑Satellite A‑
purely India's defense initiative for
its security. We are against an
SAT missile successfully targeted a arms race in space. This test won't
live satellite in space 300 km away
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in a low earth
orbit," he said in
a nationally tele‑
vised speech.
Till now, only
the US, Russia
and China had
this capability, he
T he Prime
Minister said
"Mission Shakti"
See detailed coverage on page 16-17. was "a hig hly
Described as ʻUnassuming Powerhouse of the Indian community, Kanchana Poola was presented complex" opera‑
Lifetime Achievement Award by Indo American Press Club (IAPC) on Sunday in the presence of tion, conducted
Japanese Deputy Ambassador to UN, H.E. Dr Toshiyo Hosino, as well as officers from the Indian at extremely high
mission to UN and Indian Consulate. The oversold event in Hicksville was graced by over 250 creme de speed w ith
la creme of Indian community and media to celebrate IAPCʼs six years of growth and expansion. remarkable pre‑
cision. "It shows
By SATimes Team "If we don't make a deal with the remarkable
Trump, McConnell Washington: President Donald
Congress, the border's going to be
closed," he told reporters in the
India's outstand‑

clash on closing Trump said Tuesday that he is

"100 percent" prepared to shut
Oval Office. He wants Democrats
in Congress to accede to his long‑
ing scientists and
the success of

the border down the US border with Mexico

to block an influx of migrants.
held goals of rewriting the visa
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our space pro‑

TOURISM 15 MEDIA 16 HEALTH 26 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS 30 excellence in journalism

TheSouthAsianTimes.info April 6-12, 2019

Kohl, kajal, and surma can

contain lead, which can
cause learning and behavior
problems in children,
miscarriage in pregnant
women, and infertility.
„ Wash your hands after
„ Keep away from children.
„ If you use kohl, kajal,
or surma, ask your doctor
for a blood lead test.


Call 311 or visit nyc.gov/leadfree

for more information.
Bill de Blasio
Oxiris Barbot, MD
TheSouthAsianTimes.info TRISTATE COMMUNITY April 6-12, 2019 3

Lawmakers reiterate US and India are natural allies

By Surekha Vijh the administration, in Congress,
The South Asian Times media or academia, they all want
strong India‑US relationship.
Washington: More than half a Amb Shringla added that India
dozen US lawmakers from both today was one of the fastest‑grow‑
sides of the aisle mingled with ing economies in the world,
prominent Indian Americans at the “accounting for 17 percent of GDP
Russell Building on Capitol Hill growth all over the world.” He
and promised strong congression‑ added that the US was Indiaʼs
al support for the bilateral ties largest trading partner. “India is
with India while commending mul‑ buying much more from the US”
tifarious contributions by the now than in previous years.”
Indian American community to the He called the support of the suc‑
country at large. cessful Indian American communi‑
The event was hosted by the US‑ Senator Tim Kaine with Swadesh Chatterjee; and Rep. Raja Ambassador Shringla praised US ty “vital to us in forging a much
India Friendship Council (USIFC) Krishnamoorthi at the USIFC congressional reception. Congress and Indian American stronger relationship with the US.”
chairman Swadesh Chatterjee, Dr. and in Virginia is so very strong.” weaponry and has been only one community for enhancing He congratulated USIFC chair‑
Bharat Barai, Raymond Vickery Rep. Brad Sherman of California, of the non‑NATO countries to buy bilateral ties. man Chatterjee for a productive
and Armeane Choksi, among oth‑ Chairman of the powerful House the most advanced weaponry from Rep Don Bacon from Nebraska event.
ers. They also welcomed Jason Foreign Affairs Committee, assert‑ the US.” said the US India were doing many Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi from
Isaacson of the American Jewish ed that for 22 years in Congress he While condoling the 40 Indian successful de fense‑exercises Illinois who sits on the House
Committee for promoting strong has “been a proponent of the US‑ paramilitary victims of terror in together and were partners in Intelligence and Oversight and
ties between India and Israel. India alliance.” Kashmir, Sherman said, “India and many other areas. Because “coun‑ Reform committees, stressed that
At the program on March 27, The new Democratic Co‑Chair of the US share so many things. tries that embrace freedom and “India is vital for our (US) security”
Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, who the House India Caucus said, Unfortunately, we share being the human rights have to work togeth‑ and that commercial and people‑
was Mrs Clintonʼs running mate in “Given the challenges that India victims of international terror.” er.” The event was supported by to‑people ties help to sustain the
2016, said that US‑India t ies faces both to the north (China) and He praised Indian Americans as the Indian Embassy. Ambassador two key democracies.
remain very strong, adding, “We to the west (Pakistan), it is not sur‑ an ethnic group with the highest Harsh Vardhan Shringla said that He wants more Indian Americans
are connected because the Indian prising that India has decided to income and the highest level of all the people he has met across to run for office, “If you dream it,
American community in the US acquire our most advanced educ ation. the board, whether they were in you can do it.”

Congestion pricing, ban India has huge potential, real question

on plastic bags in the is speed of growth: Indra Nooyi
state budget New York: India has a huge potential
and the real question is the speed of
New York: The first fully Democratic‑controlled State
growth and how many roadblocks it is
Legislature in years passed $175 billion budget
willing to remove, former PepsiCo chair‑
Sunday, making the 2% property tax cap permanent,
person Indra Nooyi has said.
banning single‑use plastic bags and establishing a
Nooyi was the guest speaker at the
congest ion pricing system for driving into
New India Lecture series organized by
the Consulate under the aegis of Consul
The plan calls for imposing tolls on drivers for
General Sandeep Chakravorty and in
entering Manhattan south of 61st Street as much as
partnership with the US‑India Strategic
$11 for cars. The idea is to reduce gridlock, encour‑
Partnership Forum (USISPF) last
age the use of mass transit and generate money to
repair the crumbling subway system, as well as to
“India has got to do what is right for
help LIRR and Metro North commuter rail.
India. I am not the person to opine on
Beginning in March 2020, the state will ban single‑
that,” she said. On the various geo‑politi‑
use plastic bags such as the ones used at grocery and Indra Nooyiʼs talk moderated by Prof. Saikat Chaudhuri on March 28 at the Indian
cal uncertainties around the world and
convenience stores. Consulate was part of New India Lecture Series (Season‑II).
their impact on the global economic and
Counties and cities also will have the option of
social sphere, she said there have been ernance aspect, everything else is local. they just focus on doing their business,
imposing a five‑cent fee on paper bags.
many times in the past where there has “As long as you go into a country and they will be successful.
Lawmakers renewed for five years the surcharge
been geopolitical uncertainty. “Itʼs been develop a local model and execute it On where does she see a balance
applied to individuals who earn more than $1 million
in different forms but itʼs always been locally, you live within the rules of that between online retail and brick and
annually and couples earning $2 million or more.
there. Big companies just learn to power country. Donʼt compromise your corpo‑ mortar business, she said, “If there is a
How School Tax Relief program (STAR) works for
through.” rate governance principles. shake‑out in retail, I wonʼt blame it on
homeowners with incomes between $250,000 and
Nooyi said she has always said that “You have got to be aware of politics, Amazon. Thatʼs just retail getting ef fi‑
$500,000 will change.
“when you go into any country, you be sensitive to all the minefields, but cient. Amazon is just improving the cus‑
Instead of seeing their STAR exemption applied up
have got to act as though you are the donʼt play in them, donʼt take a voice in tomer experience. Traditional retailer
front to reduce their school tax bill, they would have
citizen of that country. You canʼt go in them because that is a losing proposi‑ created a lot of friction in the system,
to pay the full bill first, then later receive a refund
there and say everything is going to be tion,” she said, adding that if companies and where there is friction, there is
for the equivalent savings.
done my way. Except the ethics and gov‑ have knowledge of whatʼs going on but Amazon to take out the friction.” PTI
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CELEBRATING 6 YEARS OF country of India. Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, India now military space power
GROWTH & EXPANSION Neeta Jain, Democratic District Chairman of Parikh Worldwide Continued from page 1
IAPC receives full‑throated sup‑ Leader of NYʼs 25th assembly district Media, in his message congratulated breach any international law or treaties."
port of Indian community (Part B) and Civic Community Leader, Sujeet Rajan, his Executive Editor, Cong ratulat ing scient ists at the De fence Research and
Continued from page 17 in her acceptance speech said that and Ashok Vyas, ITV Gold Program Development Organisation (DRDO) for achieving this "unparalleled
USA, Canada and Europe. It is com‑ the mediaʼs role is important because Director, for being honored by IAPC. feat", Modi said the entire effort was indigenous.
mitted to enhance the working condi‑ “your pen and words can make a big He complimented IAPC for going NASA on Monday slammed India's A‑SAT test, which may launch
tions of journalists, of fering educa‑ change in the world.” from strength to strength over 6 a race among countries to repeat the feat and that deliberately
tional and training opportunities to Devadasan Nair, Consul ‑ years. Air Indiaʼs Regional Manager – destroying a satellite and creating space debris was "wrong".
its members. Community Af fairs with the Indian Americas Bhuvana Rao giving a The Indian foreign ministry has clarified that the test was con‑
The incoming General Secretary Consulate in New York gave this byte to ITV Gold said that the Indian ducted in "the lower atmosphere to ensure that there is no space
Mathewkutty Easow in his welcome advice to IAPC: "Media shall always ethnic media here plays a construc‑ debris" and "whatever debris that is generated will decay and fall
speech said: "Like any other success‑ bring the truthful and right news to tive role as it contributes to bringing back onto the Earth within weeks".
ful organization, IAPC is forging the public. IAPC should attract and the community together as well as
ahead with 7 "P's" ‑ Purpose, include media persons hailing from India and US closer. Indians want Modi to serve second term: Poll
Pathway, Passion, Perseverance, all regions of India and it shall grow A cof fee table book titled ʻGlobal Continued from page 1
Positivity, Patience and Principles to to be an internationally renowned Religionsʼ compiling seven issues of Gandhi as their choice. But among housewives, 43.3 per cent said
become a source of pride to its mem‑ organization." the interfaith journal, One World they would like to see Modi as the PM against 37 per cent prefer‑
bers and envy to other organiza‑ From the dignitaries, Deepak Under God, was released at the event. ring Rahul.
tions.” Misra, Minister, Permanent Mission It is published by Global Interfaith On the other hand, government servants gave big thumbs up to
Kamlesh Mehta, IAPC Board of India to the UN, graciously attend‑ Foundation, which was started last Modi with 61 percent respondents in this section preferring him to
Member and Publisher of The South ed the entire proceeding and pre‑ year by Darshan Singh Bagga, a real be the PM and only 26 percent wanting Rahul to take up the top
Asian Times, called IAPC a strong sented plaques to the honorees who estate developer, and is edited by job.
platform for Indian ethnic journalists included BCB Bank (plaque accepted Parveen Chopra, Managing Editor of Apart from housewives, landless agriculture labor and general
who are not well paid and do not by Bank Manager Roopam Maini), The South Asian times. labor are the sections where Rahul Gandhi's popularity is high but
enjoy benefits like a pension plan. He and Mohan Nannapaneni, Co‑founder Vineetha Nair, Director IAPC Board, he is still no match to Modi here as well.
asserted that IAPC is working toward of nonprofit TEAM Aid. kicked of f the meeting and handed Among the voters from landless agricultural labor section, 35 per‑
providing some security to them Congressman Tom Suozzi and the mike to young emcees Jinu Ann cent preferred Rahul Gandhi and 48 percent saw Modi as their
with support from the community. Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Mathew and Andrew G Zacharia. The leader. Around 35 per cent of general labor saw Rahul as PM as
Dr. Toshiya Hoshino, Japanʼs Joseph Saladino, who could not vote of thanks was given by Biju against 49 percent going for Modi.
Deputy Permanent Representative to attend, sent messages of good wishes Chacko, National Secretary.
the UN, in his address highlighted to IAPC. Kevin Thomas, New York IAPC Chairman Babu Stephen Trump, McConnell clash on closing the border
the strong ties between Japan and State Senator, was held up with the Could not attend because of family Continued from page 1
the US and Japan being a partner state budget work. emergency. lottery system and preference for family members in immigration.
Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell while
agreeing with the President on a border crisis, said "closing down
the border would have potentially catastrophic economic impact
on our country, and I would hope we would not be doing that sort
of thing." Significantly, goods worth more than $1.5 billion cross
the border on a daily basis. But Trump said, "Security is more
important to me than trade."
Trump also addressed his recent decision to cut off aid to three
Central American countries ̶ Guatemala, El Salvador and
Honduras ̶ from which many of the migrants have traveled to
the U.S. border.
Critics say that decision will likely create more, not fewer,
refugees from those countries.
Trump framed it as a natural response to what he views as the
failure of the recipients of U.S. aid to give reciprocal value.
On Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen asked
To celebrate 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Indian Consulate in New York for an additional 750 border agents to assist with a policy
organized an evening of Gurbani on March 27 with young artists: Prachi Makkar (middle), designed to keep asylum‑seekers in Mexico while they await adju‑
Gurleen Kaur and Surya Makkar. dication of their cases.

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TheSouthAsianTimes.info TRISTATE April 6-12, 2019 5

NASA selects Indian American‑ Hotstar is the official Digital

led Yale team to build miniature Streaming Partner for IPL 2019
satellite for space launches New York: Hotstar, the preferred streaming
service for the best of South Asian entertain‑
New York: An undergradu‑ ongoing search for the ori‑ ment & cricket, is once again bringing the
ate team of scientists in gins and nature of these signature VIVO IPL experience to cricket
Yale led by an Indian‑ rays, which will provide fans in North America. As the official digital
American is designing a insight into the origins of streaming partner for the VIVO IPL 2019,
miniature satellite which the universe.” Hotstar is live‑streaming all the matches
has been chosen by NASA To date, the Cube Sat starting March 23. VIVO IPL is among
for launch on future space Launch Initiative has select‑ Indiaʼs most successful cultural exports and
missions. ed 176 CubeSat missions Hotstar has successfully enabled fans across
The Yale Undergraduate from 39 states and launched the world to immerse themselves in the
Aerospace Asso ciat ion 85 CubeSat missions as part worldʼs greatest cricket spectacle.
( YUAA), which is led by of the Educational Launch of With Hotstar, cricket lovers in North
Keshav Raghavan, is cur‑ Nanosate llites (ELaNa) America can stream the action‑packed VIVO and relive key moments during any game.
w Ambient cricket content that provides a
rently working at the throug h NASAʼs Launch IPL drama LIVE, in HD quality and on any
window into the behind‑the‑scenes action of
Wrig ht Lab to build a Services Program, NASA device. Hotstar is available on the web
the IPL and showcases riveting stories about
CubeSat research satellite Yale Undergraduate Aerospace said in its press release. (us.hotstar.com and ca.hotstar.com), Google the teams and big heroes of the game.
to detect cosmic rays. It is Association team is led by Raghavan and his team play store, app store, as well as on Roku TV, “VIVO IPL has captured the hearts and
among 16 undergraduate Keshav Raghavan. mates have already done Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android minds of millions of cricket fans all over the
teams across the country R&D on the miniature TV. world. We are proud to recreate the signa‑
whose CubeSats will be flown into space as satellite, and this summer they begin on For those who miss the LIVE stream, ture cricket experience in the homes of pas‑
auxiliary payloads on space missions prototyping and final construction work on Hotstarʼs video‑on‑demand feature allows sionate fans in North America, bringing
planned to launch in 2020, 2021 and the satellite. In January 2019, the team subscribers to replay the match at their con‑ them closer to the g ame,” said Ipsita
2022. began using one of Wright Labʼs clean venience or just catch‑up with customized Dasgupta, President – Strateg y and
“It will be the first ever Yale undergradu‑ rooms to conduct tests on launch‑ready highlights of the best moments. Incubation, and Hotstar International at Star
ate endeavor to launch a spacecraft, forg‑ components, such as the altitude control The VIVO IPL experience on Hotstar has India. “By leveraging our technology, deep
ing the path for even more ambitious systems. Wright Lab will be the teamʼs site truly revolutionized the annual sporting consumer insight, and expertise in cricket
space‑based projects by Yale undergradu‑ for final assembly of the satellite. spectacle with unique content offerings that coverage, Hotstar presents the VIVO IPL and
ates in the future,” the University According to the YUAA website, these recreate the frenzied energy of the game in all the stories surrounding the famed tourna‑
announced in a March 22 press release. miniature satellites were first developed by North America. The platform provides: ment and its heroes in an immersive and
According to a March 14 announcement the California Polytechnic State University w Regional and expert commentary in six
languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, engaging style.”
from NASA, the YUAA project, called and Stanford University in 1999.
Kannada and Bengali). In 2018, Hotstar set a new world record
Bouchet Low‑Earth Alpha/Beta Space “Intended as a standard, inexpensive
w Exclusive pre‑match and post‑match with more than 10 million concurrent view‑
Telescope (BLAST), “is a scientific investi‑ design that can easily fit alongside larger analysis from the best cricketing minds. ers logging on to the platform from across
gation mission to map the distribution of satellites aboard launch vehicles, the w An Exclusive Dugout commentary feed the globe to watch the final match of the
galactic cosmic radiation across the night CubeSat model has given student groups, that provides in‑depth analysis and clairvoy‑ VIVO IPL 2018 tournament. Hotstar expects
sky. The satellite will identify and count hobbyist organizations, and research teams ant in‑game predictions by cricketʼs biggest
to exceed that record this year, as the tour‑
alpha particles and beta particles in the operating with limited funding or experi‑ legends.
w Innovative Fan Graph that viewers can nament increases in popularity, grabbing
rays, and measure the radiation energy ence unprecedented access to space,” the
use to scroll to high points of the match, eye‑balls and capturing the imagination of
around Earth. BLAST will contribute to the YUAA site says.
track the number of simultaneous viewers millions.

SAAWA holds 4th Science Fair Competition

By Shaker Nelanuthala

Merrick, NY: SAAWA (South Asian

American Womenʼs Alliance) com‑
pleted another successful year of
Science Fair Competitions at the
Merrick Golf Course Club House.
The venue was offered this year by
the Supervisor of the Town of
Hempstead, Hon. Laura Gillen, who
was the chief guest of the event on
March 31.
It all started as an idea in 2012, (above) SAAWA team Subash Midha, Bharathi Nelanuthala and
the brain child of audacious Dr. Anila Midha with Town of Hempstead Supervisor Laura Gillen
Anila Midha and Prof Subhash at the science competition.(right) Some of the 200 students
Midha who are President and who participated in the competition.
Chairperson of SAAWA respectively. are of fered include Physics, and were a diverse group of many STEM and Community Service Based in Long Island, Shaker
The non‑profit organization seeks Chemistry, Biology, Environmental ethnicities and demographics. All Award. Nelanuthala (sn1961@yahoo.com)
to mentor, encourage, promote Engineering and Behavioral sci‑ applicants are screened by experts The event sponsors included HAB is an IT & Property Management
leadership and innovation among ences. For the year 2020, SAAWA is before they are allowed to present Bank, BCB Bank, and Netrovert (PM) con‑
South Asian American women and it looking to add categories like their projects. Judges evaluating the Software. SAAWA board members sultant
also of fers science talent search Artificial Inte lligence, Marine talent included academics, physi‑ Bharathi Nelanuthala, VP of HR at and an
competition to high school students Biology, Genetics (including Cancer cians and executives. Results are Netrovert Software, Dr. Bhavani editorial
along the lines of Regeneron STS. research) etc. The competition is announced a week after the contest. Srinivasan, Mrs. Aruna Saxena and contribu‑
The science competition of fers open to all boys and girls from The awards ceremony this year will Dr. Sunita Saini contributed to the tor to the
students an opportunity to articu‑ Nassau and Suffolk high schools. take place on May 19 where around success of the event. SA Times.
late knowledge and present projects This time around 200 students 30 plus awards will be given out, The South Asian Times congratu‑
in all STEM fields. The current five participated in the Science competi‑ including a special Science Teacher lates SAAWA (SAAWA.org) on
major categories where the awards tion. They came from 23 schools of the Year award and a SAAWA another successful science fair.
6 April 6-12, 2019 TRISTATE TheSouthAsianTimes.info

U.S.-India host counter terrorism joint Teaching Hindi in the

working group and designations dialogue U.S. has expanded
Washington DC: Indian and U.S.
officials met in Washington, DC on
March 29 for the sixteenth meet‑
groups. There was discussion of
strengthening cooperation on
information sharing and other
under the federal
ing of the U.S.‑India
Counterterrorism Joint Working
steps to disrupt the ability of ter‑
rorists to travel, consistent with
STARTALK program
Group and the second session of the important provisions and obli‑ New York: STARTALK, a federal skills and innovativeness.
the U.S.‑India Designat ions gations outlined in United Nations program to promote teaching of Language education and cultural
Dialogue. State Department Security Council Resolution 2396. critical languages during the sum‑ understanding are at the heart of
Coordinator for Counterterrorism Participants also highlighted mer vacation, which enters the developing global awareness for
Ambassador Nathan A. Sales and their e f forts on some of the 12th year of operation has been a students, said Tatke who is also
Ministry of External Af fairs Joint world's most pressing counterter‑ major force behind expanding the coordinating a similar program in
Secretary Shri Mahaveer Singhvi rorism challenges, including coun‑ formal teaching of Hindi in the Lansdale, PA, where Yuva Hindi
led respective inter‑Agency/inter‑ tering the financing and opera‑ United States. Sansthan, YHS, a sister organiza‑
Departmental delegations to dis‑ tions of terrorist organizations, Conducted by the National tion, is conducting STARTALK sum‑
cuss counterterrorism cooperation Ministry of External Affairs Joint terrorist use of the internet, and Foreign Language Center at the mer program for the seventh year
between the two countries, resolv‑ Secretary Mahaveer Singhvi and prosecuting, rehabilitating, and University of Maryland, STARTALK‑ in a row.
ing to continue close coordination State Department Coordinator reintegrating returning Foreign supported Hindi programs have “North Penn School District, our
on this important element of the
for Counterterrorism
Terrorist Fighters. T he United become popular in a number of local collaborator and the heritage
Ambassador Nathan A. Sales.
bilateral relationship. States welcomed India's participa‑ states, such as, New York, New community members are very
T he Counterterrorism Joint sized U.S. support for the people tion in international ef forts to Jersey, Illinois and Texas. impressed by the outcome of our
Working Group exchanged views and government of India in the counter terrorism finance, and the The Sangam‑Franklin STARTALK program,” Tatke said in the press
on threats posed by international fight against terrorism. Both sides two sides also shared information Hindi Language and Cultural release. “This year we are recruit‑
terrorist organizations as well as underlined the urgent need for about their priorities and proce‑ Program is among the half a dozen ing forty students from
ongoing concerns over cross‑bor‑ Pakistan to take meaningful, irre‑ dures for pursuing sanctions des‑ programs that New Jersey will host Elementary, Middle and High
der terrorism in the South Asia versible, and verifiable action ignations against terrorist groups this summer. It will be held from Schools in the area. We will use
region. Ambassador Sales empha‑ against terrorists and terrorist and individuals. July 22 to August 8, at Franklin varieties of topics under the theme
High School in Somerset, New of ʻA Virtual Trip To Indiaʼ and
Jersey. engage students in interactive cul‑
Community celebrates success of Currently in its fourth year
Sangam‑Franklin STARTALK is con‑
tural, artistic, theatrical and tech‑
nological activities during the pro‑

Indian American exhibit and Holi

ducted by Hindi Sangam gram.”
Foundation, a non‑profit education‑ “STARTALK functions under two
al and cultural organization sup‑ tracks‑one for teaching students
Moorhead, Minn.: Beyond events over the past half year, in a textbook.
ported by the Franklin Township and other for training instructors”,
Bollywood: Indian Americans including lectures, performanc‑ “Every immigrant group ini‑
School District. John Ravally, super‑ said Vijay Gambhir, Ph.D., a retired
Shape the Nation is an exhibit es, and the most popular, a fash‑ tially struggles to be accepted.
intendent, Franklin Township Hindi lecturer of the University of
thatʼs been at the Hjemkomst ion show. Then they have to fight for it
Board of Education, agreed to col‑ Pennsylvania, where she taught
Center for the past six months. “Indian Americans are shap‑ and ultimately they become
laborate with the HSF in 2016 to Hindi for more than three decades
The exhibit was collaboration ing the nation in so many spe‑ part of the American fabric.
host this program. He invited sen‑ and now serves as a trainer for
between the Smithsonian cialties. In health, in computer That has repeated again and
ior educators of the district to help instructors of YHS STARTALK
Institute and Historical and science, in professor, in school,” again,” Anu said.
this program succeed. As a result Hindi Program. She said,
Cultural Society of Clay County. Vijay Gaba, a board member at While this chapter may be
Franklin High School in Somerset, “STARTALK trained teachers follow
The community is celebrating the Historical and Cultural over for organizers, the Indian
NJ was designated as the host insti‑ the same guidelines that prevail in
its success, as well as Holi, a fes‑ Society of Clay County, said. American story will continue to
tution and extended its resources, the teaching of world languages in
tival of colors. The community celebrated go to on.
such as classrooms, auditorium, public schools, colleges and univer‑
Organizers say 10,000 people with dancing and the Holi festi‑ “I feel this is a microcosm of
mirrored dance room, art room, sities in the US. T hey teach
have come to see it, even school val, where people throw color‑ immigration thatʼs been hap‑
cafeteria and state‑of‑the‑art tech‑ Primary, Middle and High School
groups from hours away. ful powder at each other to cel‑ pening. For us itʼs happening
nology facilities for the success of students in short‑term programs
“I think itʼs been educational ebrate the arrival of spring and now, it started 200 years ago,
the program. using authentic material produced
for the community and for us. I good over evil. but itʼs still happening and
“Rich resources of a school is in the native culture. These authen‑
would say I learned a lot about Organizers want people to there are other groups where
necessary for conducting cultural tic materials reflect the products,
Indian Americans in America learn that the Indian American itʼs all happened and for some
and technological activities at practices and perspectives of the
than I knew before,” Anu Gaba, story is one thatʼs groups itʼs going to start in the
STARTALK programs,” Sanjyot native culture. The goal of this for‑
an organizer, said. multi–faceted, and thereʼs a lot future. I feel part of a story,”
Tatke, senior instructor and profes‑ mal language teaching is to pre‑
There have been all sorts of more to it than you might read Anu said. (Source: kvrr.com)
sional development coordinator of pare learners as future ʻworld citi‑
the program, is quoted saying in a zensʼ who could communicate in a
press release. “Our instructors dili‑ language other than English. Hindi
gently select varieties of topics is a foreign language for USA, how‑
under the theme of ʻStorytellingʼ ever, it remains a native language
with rich cultural content appropri‑ for students of Indian origin. This
ate for our students who are study‑ program is a meaningful effort to
ing in Middle and High Schools of transform the USA into a multilin‑
neighboring district,” Tatke said, gual society.”
adding, “We aim at improving stu‑ According to the press release,
dents proficiency in speaking, read‑ the STARTALK program has
ing and writing aspects of Hindi reached its maturity as more teach‑
and follow the guidelines of the ers from heritage background
American Council on Teaching enter the field of education.
Foreign Languages.” Organizers believe that with its cat‑
She said that STARTALK guide‑ egorization as a critical language
lines ensures that language teach‑ for the United States from business,
ers prepare students to face the commerce and national security
challenges of 21st centuryʼs global points of view, millennial kids have
and local realities that require criti‑ better opportunities to become
Ambassador Harsh V Shringla hosted CEOs from select US corporates and addressed them on the
cal thinking, intercultural sensitivi‑ bilingual as they grow up to pursue
attractiveness of India as an investment destination and the growth potential the
Indian market offered to US industry. ties, multi model communication their careers of choice.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info NATIONAL COMMUNITY April 6-12, 2019 7

Rajat Gupta's tell‑all: The rise and Harris, 2020 US presidential

fall of Wall Streetʼs poster boy aspirants push for donations
Los Angeles: W hen Senator It measured her campaign's
New Delhi: Rajat Gupta was once fund managers', things like that
Kamala Harris spoke on Saturday strength, viability and interest,
the toast of Wall Street, a real when they did not contribute to
at the Human Rights Campaigns and Harris is likely to lead other
Indian‑American icon admired the financial crisis at all in anyway.
dinner here, she sandwiched it candidates in the money primary
around the world. He became the So part of that was 'let's find this
into a prolific schedule of when it comes to the amount she
first Indian‑born CEO of a multina‑ scapegoat'," Rajat Gupta said.
fundraising past weekend as has raised from showbiz sources.
tional corporation when he was In his book, Rajat Gupta has
Sunday night at midnight was Other candidates ‑‑ Pete
chosen Manag ing Director of alluded to his immigrant status as
the first deadline of the 2020 US Buttigieg, the mayor of South
McKinsey, the global consulting possibly playing a role in his con‑
presidential race. Bend, Indiana, who is enjoying a
firm, in 1994. He held that presti‑ viction.
A number of showbiz donors publicity surge as the 2020
gious position for nine years. Then But NDTV asked him why he
say that they want to meet the favorite longshot, was Friday
came a stunning fall from grace in thought so, given that Bharara was
candidates and see who emerges attending private meet ings
2012 when he was sentenced to also of Indian origin. "I don't know,
from the st ill‑g row ing fie ld, before appearing on HBO's "Real
two years in prison by a New York you have to ask him what his moti‑
including former Vice President Time with Bill Maher."
Court on charges of insider‑trad‑ vations were but I can see that he
Rajat Gupta Joseph Biden, who has yet to Earlier in March, he was at
ing. Out of jail since 2016, Gupta would say that I am tough against
announce whether he will run Hillcrest Country Club, as part of
now tells his side of the story in involved in leveraging themselves, anybody and I am tough against
but who would likely be a top a series of meet‑and‑greets with
his memoirs. making loans that they should even my own people of my own
draw among Hollywood's veteran a group of L.A. donors.
In an interview to NDTV, he has have never made, so on and so origin. It could be. I don't know if
political players. Senator Cory Booker also last
blamed prosecutor Preet Bharara forth and practices that were quite that's true or not. I would say also
Harris has been the most pro‑ week did a swing through Los
for going after him. not right. Not one of those people that he was very, he is known to be
lific in court ing hig h‑dollar Angeles and raised money at
"Prosecutors are all about win‑ has been held accountable. Not a very media‑savvy. I write in the
donors at traditional fundraising four different fundraisers.
ning. They are not necessarily single bank CEO, senior manage‑ book, I don't know exactly how
receptions. On Saturday, she was Senators Elizabeth Warren,
searching for the truth," Gupta told ment, has been convicted. They much but he certainly increased
scheduled to attend a reception Bernie Sanders have focused
NDTV, claiming he was a scape‑ have been fined heavily which the media presence and the media
at the Pacific Palisades home of almost solely on raising huge
goat. obviously, the shareholders of the staf f in his own organization,"
writer‑producer‑director Jenni sums online.
"We had this dramatic financial banks pay," he said. Gupta said
Konner and writer‑director But Harris has a head start in
crisis. It is very clear now if you He said the "the real perpetra‑ "He was reprimanded by the
Richard Shepard, with tickets the money primary. She's bypass‑
look at it as to who the primary tors" of that financial meltdown judges for trying the case in media
starting at $1,000‑per‑person. ing the introductory meet‑and‑
people who were responsible for were never brought to justice or before actually trying it in the
Co‑hosts included Ali Adler, greets that have been common in
that financial crisis. It was a mort‑ held accountable." court. T his is not about Preet
Jessica Alba, Mindy Kaling, Kelly the past few months in favor of
gage lending‑led crisis, financial "I think the prosecutors were Bharara versus me or anything like
Sawyer Patricof and Shauna events where attendees are sure
inst itut ions, banks, housing looking for a 'we have to find that," he said.
Weiss. to write checks. (IANS)
finance companies, were very something, let's go after hedge (Source: www.ndtv.com)

Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is Walt Disney TV names Ravi Ahuja CFO

now most expensive toll in US and President Business Operations
New York: T he Verrazzano– last minute to pony up $6 million
Los Angeles: The Walt advertising sales and con‑ tions and development. His group
Narrows Bridge is now the a year to keep the tolls low for
Disney Company has tent distribution, accord‑ contributed to investments and
nationʼs most expensive bridge to folks living on Staten Island.
announced that Ravi ing to Disney. acquisitions, including the National
cross after an MTA toll hike ratch‑ The crossingʼs toll also had law‑
Ahuja will join the sen‑ Ahuja currently serves Geographic Partners, YES Network
eting up the rate to $19 went into makers feeling a little cross, too.
ior leadership team of as chief financial of ficer and Sports Time Ohio RSN transac‑
effect Sunday. The one‑way non‑E‑ “Last time I checked, a bridge
Walt Disney Television for the Fox Networks tions and in the planning and for‑
ZPass toll now tops the $18 it has two sides. It is RIDICULOUS
upon the close of the Group. In this position, the mulation of Fox Networksʼ new
takes to cross Virginiaʼs that the discounts of fered to
21st Century Fox acqui‑ company said, he has channe l strategy, said Disney.
Chesapeake Bay Bridge‑Tunnel ̶ Staten Island residents have
sition as president of direct management of Ahujaʼs group was also active in
which is 23 miles long. The full NEVER been offered to Brooklyn
business operations and finance and accounting new technology initiatives, includ‑
Verrazzano runs 2¹/₂ miles. residents,” Councilman Justin
chief financial officer. while also overseeing ing Hulu and Roku.
It previously cost $17 to take Brannan, a Democrat from Bay Ravi Ahuja
In this role, Ahuja will business development for Before joining Fox, Ahuja spent
the Verrazzano from Brooklyn to Ridge, tweeted on Sunday.
oversee finance, strategic planning, all FNG business units: Fox eight years at Virgin Entertainment
Staten Island. But Assemblywoman Nicole
business development, af filiate Broadcasting Company; Fox Cable Group, Inc. in executive roles, ulti‑
Under the new toll, drivers with Malliotakis, a Republican repre‑
sales and distribution, technology, Networks, including FX Networks; mately becoming chief financial
E‑ZPasses will be charged $12.24 senting both sides of the bridge,
music af fairs, consumer insights Fox Sports Media Group and of ficer. Prior to joining Virgin, he
̶ up from $11.52. But Staten defended the Forgotten Boroughʼs
and labor relations for the division. National Geographic Partners; and was in the consulting practice at
Island residents were spared the special treatment.
In addition, he will work closely Fox Networks Group Europe and McKinsey and Company and began
hike and will still pay only $5.50 “That bridge is our only way to
with business units to optimize and Africa and Latin America. his career in investment banking.
under a rebate program. connect. Staten Island is absolute‑
grow revenues and operating Ahuja became a part of Fox in Ahuja holds both a bachelorʼs
That cost was slated to jump to ly deserving of the credit. Itʼs part
income and will liaise with Disneyʼs 2007. Prior to his appointment as degree and an MBA from the
nearly $6, but Gov. Cuomo and the of what government should be
Direct‑to‑Consumer and CFO at Fox, Ahuja was executive Wharton School at the University of
state Legislature decided at the doing,” she said.
International segment in regards to vice president of business opera‑ Pennsylvania.
8 April 6-12, 2019 NATIONAL TheSouthAsianTimes.info

AIRLINES APOLOGIZE Indian‑American to feature

FOR REMOVING in Morgan Freemanʼs
New York: Delta Air Lines and Korean Air an industry issue and no airline can guar‑
have apologized to the family of two unac‑ antee a food allergy‑free environment. But
companied Indian‑American minors who we are reviewing ways to deal with this
were kicked off a flight on their way to issue in a safe and feasible way. We totally
visit family in the Philippines. understand the risks faced by passengers
The 15 and 16 year old sons of Prajakta with nut and food allergies and will cer‑
and Rakesh Patel were removed from the tainly try to accommodate them better in
Korean Air flight after they told the airline the future.”
about a peanut allergy and asked that Delta spokesperson Susannah Thurston,
peanuts not be served around them on the told USA TODAY in a statement, “Weʼre
Seoul – Manila leg of the flight. Korean Air sorry for this familyʼs ordeal, and we are
is Deltaʼs partner for that segment. working with our partner Korean Air to
According to news reports in Good examine the processes surrounding this
Morning America and USA Today, both incident,” adding, “We will use our find‑
Delta and Korean Air apologized for ings to create a consistent experience for
deplaning the kids at Seoul. The unaccom‑ customers flying delta and our partner air‑
panied minors had to wait many hours to lines.”
catch a flight back to their parents in The parents of the kids appeared on
Atlanta, Georgia. Good Morning America March 27 where Prof Pankaj Jain with Morgan Freeman
Korean Air spokesperson InSun Lee is they spoke of their ordeal.
Houston: An Indian‑American professor India and has worked as a software engi‑
quoted saying in a statement sent to USA A report by the ABC affiliate WSB‑TV
will share his views on religion on Oscar‑ neer in India and New Jersey.
Today and Good Morning America, said that the Patels had informed Delta
winning actor Morgan Freemanʼs ʻThe The professor is an active member of
“Korean Air sincerely apologizes to Mr. about the peanut allergy of their eldest
Story of God.ʼ several academic and community organi‑
and Mrs. Patel and their sons. … Customer son and were assured by the airline that
The National Geographic documentary zations and has published poems in Hindi.
service is a mainstay of the Delta and no peanuts would be served on the first
series, now in its third season, explores Jain has been consulted widely by the
Korean Air partnership and we regret that leg from Atlanta to Seoul, Good Morning
how religions around the world have media around the world for his expertise
the Patelsʼ experience did not reflect our America reported.
shaped society. in ancient religions such as Jainism and
common values. The problem arose when the children
Pankaj Jain, an associate professor at Hinduism and their connections to con‑
We are examining this incident and will were told peanuts would be served and
the University of North Texas traveled to temporary issues.
work out to create a better customer expe‑ they had the choice of not boarding.
Nepal last year where he joined Freeman He also created University of North
rience.” Mother Prajakta Patel told Good
to participate in rituals at a Jain temple in Texasʼs first course on Jainism and has
According to news reports, the kids Morning America, “I was very shocked and
Kathmandu. helped organize Jain education events at
repeatedly tried to explain the dangers of almost in tears,” adding, “It was the most,
Originally from Rajasthan, Jain is a pro‑ the university.
the peanut allergy but Korean Air officials most stressed out Iʼve ever been.”
fessor with universityʼs department of phi‑ Jain recently published B Science and
did not accommodate them and told them Father Rakesh Patel told Good Morning
losophy and religion. So cio‑Re lig ious Revolut ion in India:
peanuts would be served and it was up to America, “When youʼre sitting halfway
Their trip and discussion about Jainism Moving the Mountains,B and is also the
them to board or get off. But InSun Lee around the world and your children are
will feature in the seriesʼ April 9 episode. author of B Dharma and Ecology of Hindu
told USA Today the airline was aware of stranded at an airport because they got
Jain holds a PhD from the University of Communit ies: Sustenance and
peanut allergies, saying, “Korean Air is kicked off a plane because of a food aller‑
Iowa and an MA from Columbia Sustainability,” which has won two
aware that peanut and food allergies are gy, itʼs a punch in the gut.”
University. He studied computer science in awards. (Agencies)

United for Peace rally to say ʻno to hateʼ

Naperville, Ill: United for Peace, a world will be as one.” Bridges is our first unit, with more
grassroots organization working Imtiaz Uddin read the statement to come over time,” she said.
on unity and peace across the from United for Peace on the hor‑ Porus Dadabhoy from India and
world, he ld a peace rally at rific killing of 50 people in 2 Farhan Ahmed from Pakistan
Riverwalk Grand Pavilion in mosques in New Zealand and led talked about the joint resolution
Naperville on Sunday, March 17. the group into a moment of silence for peace that had been signed by
Speakers included Naperville for the victims and their families. Americans from Indian and
Mayor Chirico and 2 council mem‑ Other speakers also expressed Pakistani communities and pre‑
bers, State Senator Ellman and their sorrow and angst that such sented to both consulates on
State Rep. Villa, Representatives incidents were becoming all too March 5 against the backdrop of
from the DuPage and Will county common. escalat ing military tension
boards, an aide from U.S. Rep. Bill Shalini Gupta, one of the found‑ between the two nuclear armed
Foster's office and the president of ing members of United for Peace countries.
Naperville's Congregation Beth introduced the mission of the Attendees were encouraged to
Shalom. organization, to promote respect post st icky notes on a poster
A couple hundred community and unity in communities and to board, answering the question
members from different religions ‑ A couple hundred community members from different religions be a collective voice for non‑vio‑ "What action are you personally
Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, took part in the rally lence and peace in the world. She going to take to promote unity and
Jews and those of other diverse also ment ioned the Building peace?” All agreed that this was
backgrounds showed up on a cold of famous quotes on peace and event singing the lyrics from John Bridges program, which would one of the most pressing causes
day for an outdoor event just so non‑violence by Gandhi, MLK, Lennonʼs song Imagine – “Imagine focus on finding common ground for all humans to take forward and
they could say “NO to hate” and Mother Teresa, Einstein, Victor all the people, living life in peace, and improving understanding attendees left feeling personally
join with each other in a collective Hugo, and Malala Yousofzai among you may say that I'm a dreamer, between two communities with a energized to join and continue the
chorus for “peace.” others. A young high schooler, but I'm not the only one, I hope history of conflict and polarization. march toward peace throug h
They spoke against a backdrop Preetish Chakravorty, opened the someday you'll join us, and the “The Indo‑Pak unit of Building brotherhood and compassion.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info DIASPORA April 6-12, 2019 9

5 Indian expats feature in Forbes'

billionaires' list from UAE
Dubai: The combined worth of the five expats,
including three from Kerala, is a whopping
$15.1 billion, the Khaleej Times reported.
Prominent retail business tycoon MA
Yusuff Ali, who ranks at 394 on the list, is the
richest Indian expat in UAE with assets esti‑
mated over $4.7 billion.
MA Yusuff Ali, a Padma Shri winner, is from
Nattika in Kerala's Thrissur district. He is the
Chairman and Managing Director of LuLu
Group International that owns the Lulu
Hypermarket chain worldwide and LuLu
International Shopping Mall.
Next in the list is Micky Jagtiani, owner of
the Dubai‑based Landmark retail stores
Retail business tycoon MA Yusuff Ali is the
group, who went from being a London cabbie richest Indian expat in UAE
to an Emirati billionaire businessman.
The retail magnate is worth nearly $ 4 bil‑ Sunny Varkey, education entrepreneur and
lion. His overall rank is 478. philanthropist from Kerala, is the fourth rich‑
Born in Kuwait, Micky Jagtiani did his est UAE expat with assets worth $ 2.4 billion.
schooling in Chennai, Mumbai, and Beirut, He ranks 962 on the list.
before moving to London. Sunny Varkey is the founder and chairman
BR Shetty, founder, and chairman of Abu of the global advisory and educational man‑
Dhabi‑based NMC Healthcare, is third in the agement firm GEMS Education, which has a
list with assets worth $2.8 billion. His overall network of over 130 schools in over a dozen
rank is 804. The billionaire, who is from countries. PNC Menon, an Omani property
Udupi in Karnataka, is famously known for developer from Thrissur in Kerala, also made
owning two floors in the world's tallest struc‑ it to the list with assets worth USD 1.1 billion.
ture, Dubai's Burj Khalifa. He ranks at 1,941 in the overall list.


Kuwait City: The number of Indian workers of ficial spokesperson of the Public
in Kuwait has soared over 8,89,000, the Authority for Manpower (PAM), Aseel Al‑
highest amongst all other expat workers in Mazyad, said that "Kuwait is keen to pro‑
this Arab country, media reports said. The tect the labor rights of all, citizens and
figure was revealed on Sunday by the expatriates."
Central Administration of Statistics, the She pointed out that many expat workers
Arab Times reported citing the Al‑Qabas were af fected by their lack of familiarity
daily. with the provisions of the law and their
The Indians were followed by Egyptians rights, especially with respect to pregnant
at 4,84,000 and Bangladeshis at 2,71,000. women and the leave they can obtain,
The statistics confirmed that the total stressing that the PAM is committed to
household employment at the end of the applying the law immediately upon receiv‑
third quarter of last year was 6,89,000, an ing a complaint from the worker.
increase of about 9,000 compared to the Four nationalities ‑ Indian, Filipino,
end of 2017. Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan ‑ account for
Meanwhile, the Director of the Public 89 percent of total domestic or private sec‑
Relations and Information Department and tor employment in Kuwait.

Kuwait, India agree on

exemption of entry visas
Kuwait City: An agreement signed by the other party without obtaining a visa and res‑
governments of Kuwait and India on mutual idence for up to 60 days, the Arab Times
exemption of entry visa for diplomatic, offi‑ reports.
cial and "special" passports has been imple‑ It also authorizes the holders of such pass‑
mented from February 19, diplomatic ports to extend their stay after the expiry of
sources at the Ministry of Foreign Af fairs the period after the approval of the compe‑
said here. tent authorities in accordance with the legal
The Al‑Anba daily quoted the sources as provisions in force, provided that the pass‑
saying on Wednesday that the agreement ports are valid for a period not less than six
was signed between the governments on months from the date of entry into the terri‑
October 31, 2018. tory of either party.
Citizens of both countries who hold the According to of ficial figures, Indians at
passports will be allowed to enter, exit or nearly 700,000 make up for the largest
transit through the international ports with‑ expat community in Kuwait.
out a visa and enter the territory of the (IANS)
10 April 6-12, 2019 US AFFAIRS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Mueller probe report: A puzzle in

search of solution from US Congress
How can the principal subject (Donald Trump) of the probe be innocent when his
campaign associates have been punished for lying to the federal investigators
and committing crimes. Does one ever lie if not to mask the truth?
Op Ed by Chandra and committing crimes. Does one election of 2016 Republican majori‑
K. Mittal, Ph.D. ever lie if not to mask the truth? ty in both House and Senate and
Hence, Americans in overwhelming control of Presidency led the coun‑

hile President Donald numbers are asking for full disclo‑ try by alienating the Democrats.
Trump, in his hyperbolic sure of Mueller report in the inter‑ Now that Democrats have a majori‑
demeanor, might have est of complete transparency. ty in the House, they are trying to
declared Robert Mue ller It is only for reasons of trans‑ settle some old scores. However,
Investigation Report on his purport‑ parency as well as the oversight both behaviors are destructive and
ed involvement with Russian functions of the US Congress over unacceptable.
Interference in 2016 Presidential the Executive branch that Congress It is not since 1974, when
Election as a “total and complete” unanimously passed a bill for public President Nixon resigned in dis‑
exoneration, in really it is anything release of the Mueller Report even grace due to obstruction of justice,
but. When your close advisers and and had authority over Robert Report “while this report does not before the report came out. But now that America has witnessed such a
associates in an enterprise (i.e. Mueller actions. In essence this con‑ conclude that the President com‑ Muellerʼs decision not to exonerate chaotic and unruly political envi‑
2016 campaign) are indicted and flict of interest by the AG and inabil‑ mitted a crime, it also does not Trump has complicated the matter ronment which President Gerald
imprisoned for lying to a federal ity of Mue ller to interview the exonerate him” as conveyed by AG and has given further impetus and Ford later called “national night‑
agency like the FBI, you canʼt President might have impacted the Barr to the US Congress, is indeed a rationale to US Congress to resolve mare”. America canʼt afford another
declare yourself innocent and exon‑ whole complexion of the probe and lightning rod and intriguing as it the puzzle of “obstruction of justice” “nightmare” in current times when
erated. the conclusions derived from it. creates serious doubts and casts by the President. So, now Congress the world looks up to it for both
It is true that Mueller did not or Under these circumstance Trump aspersions on Muellerʼs independ‑ is demanding the US Attorney moral and political leadership.
could not indict the President of can hardly claim exoneration in ence in carrying out the investiga‑ General to provide supporting doc‑ It is, therefore, perhaps time for
collusion with the Russians, he did public opinion when many of his tion, which might have prevented uments and investigative data used both the Democrats and
not “exonerate” the President of his close campaign associates are him from issuing a definitive con‑ by him or Robert Mueller to reach Republicans to shed the politics of
involvement in the “obstruction of either indicted of crimes or are clusion on the criminality. the conclusions on the whole inves‑ revenge and retribution, and rise
justice”. T his charge has been headed to serve the jail time for It could also be that Robert tigation. above the partisanship in national
indeed dismissed by the Attorney their criminal conduct. Mueller was inductively influenced On his part President Trump, his interest.
General William Barr, a political The Mueller Report Summary as by the Attorney General or felt his supporters and the conservative Both parties need to come togeth‑
appointee, who was already conveyed by Attorney General hands tied due to Department of media continue to claim complete er to create an independent com‑
opposed to the Muellerʼs Russian William Barr to the US Congress is Justice rules that a sitting President and total exoneration on both the mission to look at all the oddities in
probe and who (predictably) did not as murky as it is evasive. It does not could not be indicted of a crime. In collusion and obstruction of justice the Mueller investigation and set‑
find enough legal grounds to charge answer with clarity (perhaps pur‑ either case, Muellerʼs Reports does charges, which is not compatible tle/resolve them in a bipartisan
President Trump of “obstruction of posely) whether President Trump not look objective. with the view of majority manner. Only such constructive and
justice”. indeed committed obstruction of All this has created a national cri‑ Democrats in the Congress. Such positive approach and bipartisan
Fact also remains that President justice. The report lacks final prose‑ sis of public confidence in the gov‑ divergent stands by the two sides is spirit can bring political peace in
Trump, the principal subject of the cutorial judgment by Special ernment and its custodians. likely to result in a long‑drawn bat‑ America.
Russian probe, could not be person‑ Counsel Mueller. He instead left it It is hard for many Americans to tle for the Mueller investigation
ally interviewed by prosecutor to the Attorney General or the believe how the principal subject documents that are all controlled by Dr. Chandra Mittal is Professor at
Robert Mueller due to noncoopera‑ Congress to make the final determi‑ (Donald Trump) of the probe could the Executive branch, and are not Houston Community College, Op‑Ed
tion and reluctance of the Attorney nation on the Presidentʼs culpabili‑ be innocent when his campaign likely to be shared without the Columnist, and Co‑Founder of Indo‑
General who is member of the ty. associates have been punished for Courtʼs intervention. American Association (IAA)‑
Executive branch of the government T he quotation from Muellerʼs lying to the federal investigators Fact also remains that since the Houston.

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times.

AG Barr to give Mueller report to Congress, public

Washington: The US Justice Department sions, which he made clear that it was not of New York issued a statement on Friday
w ill re lease Special Counse l Robert meant to be an "exhaustive recounting of responding to Barr's letter by insisting
Mueller's report on the Russia investiga‑ the Special Counsel's investigation or that Democrats want the full Mueller
tion to Congress and the public by "mid‑ report". In that summary, Barr said that report without redactions, CNN reported.
April, if not sooner", Attorney General Bill the Russia investigation "did not establish" "As I informed the Attorney General ear‑
Barr has said. that President Donald Trump's campaign lier this week, Congress requires the full
In a letter to the chairmen of the House conspired with the Russian government and complete Mueller report, without
and Senate judiciary committees on before the 2016 election, but Mueller did redactions, as well as access to the under‑
Friday, Barr said his department is "well not draw a conclusion about whether lying evidence, by April 2. That deadline
along" making redactions, with Mueller's Trump obstructed justice. still stands," Nadler said.
assistance and "there are no plans to sub‑ Barr further confirmed that the Justice But Georg ia Representat ive Doug
mit the report to the White House for a Department and Muller's team were work‑ Collins, the top Republican on the House
privilege review", CNN reported. ing to redact four types of information Judiciary Committee, accused Nadler of
The exact length of the report has been Attorney General Bill Barr from the report: grand jury material, sen‑ setting arbitrary deadlines for Barr to
shrouded in secrecy, but Barr said on sitive intelligence material, information release the report, and said Nadler's
Friday that it was "nearly 400 pages long", shortly after the report is released, sug‑ that involves ongoing investigations, and demand for Barr not to redact grand jury
not including appendices and tables, and gesting May 1 for the Senate committee "information that would unduly infringe and other information amounted to call‑
"sets forth the Special Counsel's findings, and May 2 for the House committee. on the personal privacy and reputational ing for "the attorney general to break the
his analysis, and the reasons for his con‑ On March 24, Barr released a four‑page interests of peripheral third parties". law by releasing the report without redac‑
clusions". Barr also of fered to testify summary of Mueller's principal conclu‑ House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler tions". ‑IANS
TheSouthAsianTimes.info US AFFAIRS April 6-12, 2019 11

Trump says census 'meaningless' White House reversed

without citizenship question security clearance denials:
Washington: President Trump blasted "radi‑
cal" Democrats who have pushed back
against his administration's bid to include a
tion in federal courts, where lower courts
have ruled the administration's haste to
include the question violated federal law
citizenship question on the 2020 census. and the Constitution. Washington: A White House whistleblower
“Can you believe that the Radical Left To Republicans, the additional census has told Congress that dozens of rejected
Democrats want to do our new and very question is perfectly logical. But Democrats security clearance applications were over‑
important Census Report without the all are up in arms, saying the inclusion of such turned by the Trump administration.
important Citizenship Question. Report a question amounts to an effort to intimi‑ Tricia Newbold claimed applications that
would be meaningless and a waste of the date immigrant communities and siphon were denied for "serious disqualifying
$Billions (ridiculous) that it costs to put money and electoral power away from issues" were later reversed with little expla‑
together!” the president tweeted Monday. them. nation, the BBC reported on Monday.
The Trump administration moved to add Census counts are taken by mail and by Newbold, who works as an adjudications
the question to the 2020 census. But it's workers going door to door. The Census manager in the White House Personnel
faced opposition from Democrats who Bureau said that the 2010 census drew a Security Office, testified to the Democratic‑
argue it would make immigrants less likely massive response, with about 74 percent of led House Oversig ht and Re form
to respond to the constitutionally mandated households mailing in forms, and the Committee.
tally and therefore render it less accurate. remaining households counted by workers "I would not be doing a service to myself,
The question has been caught up in litiga‑ in neighborhoods. my country, or my children if I sat back
knowing that the issues that we have could

2nd woman accuses Biden of impact national security," she said.

She added that rejections occurred due to
a variety of reasons, including "foreign Tricia Newbold works in the White House
inappropriate touching influence, conflicts of interest, concerning
personal conduct, financial problems, drug
Personnel Security Office

use, and criminal conduct". John Kelly to grant a clearance to his son‑
Washington: A second woman has come for‑
The committee added that it is investigat‑ in‑law Kushner, who until then had been
ward alleging that former US Vice President
ing the background checks of the presi‑ operating under an interim clearance.
Joe Biden touched her inappropriately, the
dent's daughter, Ivanka Trump, her hus‑ In her testimony, Newbold also criticized
media reported on Tuesday.
band Jared Kushner and National Security the White House for "getting out of control"
Biden now faces those two accusations as
Advisor John Bolton. with the number of interim clearance
he considers a bid for president in 2020. He
Last year, it was widely reported that issued, which allowed staf f and aides to
is expected to announce his decision as soon
President Trump forced then‑chief of staff access classified information.
as this month, reports CNN.
T he woman, Amy Lappos, told the
Connecticut newspaper Hartford Courant on
Monday that Biden pulled her in to rub
noses with her at a 2009 fundraiser in
Greenwich, CT. Biden was Vice President at
Former Vice President Joe Biden who is
the time.
mulling 2020 run for President.
"It wasn't sexual, but he did grab me by
(Photo courtesy Bloomberg)
the head," Lappos, who was then an aide to
Rep Himes, told The Courant. response to Flores' accusation.
Lappos' allegation comes after Lucy "Referring to this type of behavior as 'sim‑
Flores, a former Democratic politician in ply affection' or 'grandpa‑like' or 'friendly' is
Nevada, on March 29 said that she felt Biden ridiculously dismissive and part of the prob‑
touched her in an inappropriate manner. lem. Saying 'but Trump ...' is dangerous and
Flores said that Biden made her feel sets the bar for Democratic men far below
"uneasy, gross, and confused" in 2014 when, where it should be," Lappos said.
at a campaign rally, she said he kissed her "If Biden truly supports women and gen‑
on the back of the head. Lappos later said in der equality he would step aside and sup‑
a statement that she decided to speak out port one of the many talented and qualified
due to her disappointment over Biden's women running," Lappos said.

Trump cutting off aid to 3

Central American countries
Washington: After months of threats, that migrants are continuing to come to
President Donald Trump has of ficially the US without papers is evidence on its
taken steps to cut of f aid to Guatemala, face that aid isnʼt working and should be
Honduras, and El Salvador ̶ the three cut off. Other officials and experts, howev‑
countries in the “Northern Triangle” of er ̶ including fellow members of the
Central America that are the origin point Trump administration ̶ have emphasized
for the current unprecedented wave of that economic development and improving
family migration to the United States. security are the only ways to address the
Last Saturday, the State Department “root causes” of migration. Date: Friday, April 5  8:00 pm - 9:00 pm 
acknowledged in a statement that it had And in the meantime, stopping people Location: Science of Spirituality Meditation Center, 79 County Line Rd, AMITYVILLE, NY, 11701
notified Congress it was cutting of f aid from reaching US soil to claim asylum ̶ Contact info: 631-822-7979 ext. 3 | InfoTristate@sos.org |  nyfytp.eventbrite.com
from past years (fiscal years 2017 and President Trumpʼs main objective ̶ is For more info. please visit www.sos.org
Facilitator: John Bednarik, OHST
2018) to the three countries. An estimated going to rely on the continued cooperation
$700 million in aid will be affected by the of Central American countries and Mexico,
cutoff. the very governments Trump is now antag‑
Trump and Of fice of Management and onizing with the Northern Triangle aid cut‑
Budget director Mick Mulvaney believes off.
12 April 6-12, 2019 INDIA NEWS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Why Wayanad is safest seat for Rahul Gandhi
Will defeat Modi,
form coalition: Rahul
Bengaluru: Congress President Rahul Gandhi said his party would
form a coalition government in the Center with Janata Dal‑Secular
(JD‑S) and other allies by defeating Prime Minister Narendra Modi
in the 2019 general elections.
"Just as we formed a coalition government with the JD‑S in
Karnataka in May 2018 and kept the BJP out of power, we will do
OF DEMOCRACY the same in the Center with it (JD‑S) and other parties after defeat‑
ing the NDA government," he said at a massive public meeting
Wayanad (Kerala): T he pictur‑
with the ruling coalition partner.
esque district, sitting high on the
He did not name the other parties and if they would be from out‑
Western Ghats, is popularly known
side the United Progressive Alliance.
for its tourism potent ial on
Polling across the southern state is in two phases on April 18
account of it being located at alti‑
and April 23 for 28 parliamentary seats. Vote count is on May 23.
tudes ranging from 700 to 2100
Wayanad also became the battle‑ Abdureham Randathani told IANS. districts, and it's more evident dur‑
ground for political ascendancy, "This is because with this deci‑ ing the time of local bodies elec‑
Congress President Rahul Gandhi with JD(S) Supremo HD
becoming the second constituency sion, the ties between the IUML tion. The net beneficiary is the
Devegowda in Bengaluru. (Photo: IANS)
after Amethi from where Congress and the Congress are definitely Le ft. For the IUML, Gand hi is
President Rahul Gandhi will con‑ stituency was formed. Kalpetta), Malappuram (Wandoor, going to be much stronger," he someone special and with this
test the Lok Sabha elections. Though an outsider, Shanawaz Nilambur and Eranadu) and said. decision to contest in our place,
Clearly, the race is for bagging defeated his nearest CPI rival by Kozhikode (Thiruvampady). "This particular constituency has not a single vote is going to go
the minority Muslim and Christian over 1.5 lakh votes, the highest in In the 2016 assembly elections around 54 per cent Muslims and if anywhere," said Randathani.
votes. With the Indian Union Kerala in that year. But in the while the Congress‑led UDF won one includes the Christian commu‑ P.P. Suneer, the CPI candidate,
Muslim League being part of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, his victory from Sultan Battery, Wandoor and nity, then the total number of who will take on Rahul Gandhi,
Congress‑led UDF, the seat is con‑ margin dropped to 20,870. Eranadu, the CPI‑M‑led LDF won in minority community votes would told the media that he is not
sidered "safest" for the Congress. Last year he passed away and Manathavady, Kalpetta, Nilambur be more than 67 per cent," said alarmed by the stature of the
Senior Cong ress leader M.I. since then the seat was ly ing and Thiruvampady. Randathani, a two‑time legislator opposing candidate.
Shanawaz, who be longs to vacant. "The master stroke has come who lost in the 2016 assembly "The candidate does not matter,
Ernakulam, contested quite a few The Wayanad Lok Sabha con‑ now with Gandhi deciding to con‑ polls. as elections are fought on issues.
elections, both to the Lok Sabha stituency consists of seven assem‑ test from Wayanad and that's "Its common knowledge that in By now I have already completed
and Kerala Assembly. He finally bly constituencies, spread over going to give a massive boost to the past there has been friction three rounds of my campaign and I
tasted victory in 2009, the first three districts, Wayanad (Sultan the UDF in Kerala," senior Indian between the Congress and the am on a strong foot ing," said
time the Wayanad Lok Sabha con‑ Battery, Manathavady and Union Muslim League leader IUML, especially in the northern Suneer.

My family ended princely Priyanka insulted Hindus in

Ayodhya: Adityanath
privileges: Priyanka Gautam Buddha Nagar: Uttar
Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi
Ayodhya: Congress General
Adityanath accused Congress
Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has
General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi
slammed the BJP for equating the
of insulting Hindus by not going to
Gandhi family with royalty and
the makeshift Ram Temple during
pointed out that it was her grand‑
her visit to Ayodhya.
mother Indira Gandhi who abol‑
Addressing a rally at the Bisadah
ished the privileges of princely fam‑
village in Dadri area, he said:
ilies. Interacting with the students
"Priyanka Gandhi Vadra insulted
of Sunbeam Public School here,
Hindus by saying that she did not
Gandhi also said that her "emotion‑
visit Ram Janmabhoomi as the mat‑ UP Chief Minister Yogi
al dream" was to see an India where
ter was in court. Adityanath addressing a rally in
no one was questioned over his reli‑
"Three members of her family are Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida).
gion. Congress General Secretary (Uttar Pradesh East) Priyanka Gandhi
on bail. I want to ask Srimati Vadra (Photo: IANS)
Referring to then Prime Minister during the election campaign in Ayodhya. (Photo: IANS)
does she meet them or not?" sive road show in the city before
Indira Gandhi's decision in 1972 to Christianity, Islam or any other, is temple. The Congress leader react‑
Adityanath was referring to her offering prayers at Hanumangarhi
do away with the privileges given to not questioned." ed sharply to a question on Romeo
mother and UPA Chairperson Sonia temple there.
Maharajas after India's independ‑ The Congress leader said she also squads in Uttar Pradesh which crit‑
Gandhi, and her brother and Adityanath also slammed
ence, Gandhi sought to underline wants to see an India where ics say have become a tool to harass
Congress President Rahul Gandhi Congress President Rahul Gandhi
that this would not have happened "women are equal to men and are young couples.
being out on bail in the National for calling the Jaish‑e‑Mohammed
if the Gandhi family viewed itself as not treated the way they are treated She also attacked BJP for its criti‑
Herald case and her husband terror outfit chief "Masood Azharji",
royalty. today". cal views on NYAY (Nyuntam Aay
Robert Vadra out on bail in a money saying: "Rahul gives respect to ter‑
A Congress leader who attended On a three‑day trip, Priyanka Yojana) promised by Rahul Gandhi.
laundering case. rorists by calling them Masood
the interactive session in a large Gandhi visited his brother and BJP leaders have said that Rahul
T he senior Bharatiya Janata Azharji, while on the other hand
hall told IANS on Saturday that a Congress President Rahul Gandhi's Gandhi's promise cannot be imple‑
Party's remarks came two days Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifts
girl student questioned Gandhi's constituency Amethi and her moth‑ mented due to fund crunch.
after Priyanka Gandhi, during her terrorists with bullets and bombs."
dreams about a future India. er and UPA Chairperson Sonia Priyanka Gandhi said in response:
visit to the temple town of Ayodhya, He said when India conducted
"Priyanka Gandhi said she has an Gandhi's constituency of Rae Bareli "The BJP should answer where the
said she won't be visiting the Ram strikes on Pakistan, each and every
emotional dream for India. She before reaching Ayodhya. government got the money to
Janmabhoomi site as the matter citizen bowed down to the brave
wants to see an India where no At Ayodhya, she visited a mazaar waive of f debts of the business
was subjudice. The Congress leader soldiers but the Opposition
one's re ligion, be it Hinduism, and prayed at the Hanumangarhi community."
had taken out a 15‑km‑long mas‑ demanded proof.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info INDIA NEWS April 6-12, 2019 13

Jobs, farmer distress top Congress election manifesto

New Delhi: T he Cong ress on remunerative prices, lower input and Kashmir, including reviewing
Tuesday released a 53‑page mani‑ costs and assured access to institu‑ the Armed Forces (Special Powers)
festo for the Lok Sabha elections tional credit, we will set our (farm‑ Act and the Disturbed Areas Act in
promising good governance, free‑ ers) on the path to 'Karz Mukti' or J&K.
dom from indebtedness to farmers, freedom from indebtedness." The manifesto promised safety
protecting existing jobs while cre‑ T he Congress will provide a and a right to study or do business
ating new ones and implementing Minimum Income Support anywhere in the country to the
anti‑corruption laws without bias. Programme (MISP) or Nyuntam students, traders and others from
Divided into 'Kaam' ‑ employ‑ Aay Yojana (NYAY) under which Rs Jammu and Kashmir, saying the
ment and growth, 'Daam' ‑ econo‑ 72,000 a year will be transferred party is "deeply concerned about
my that works for all, 'Shaan' ‑ to the poorest 20 per cent families the cases of discrimination and
pride in India's hard and soft in India. harassment" faced by these people.
power, 'Sushashan' ‑ good gover‑ The party promised anti‑corrup‑ "We will adopt a two‑pronged
nance, 'Swabhimaan' ‑ self‑esteem tion laws "without discrimination". approach: firstly, uncompromising
for the deprived and 'Samman' ‑ It said a Congress government firmness on the border and ending
Senior Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi,
life of dignity for all, the manifesto w ill invest ig ate several deals infiltration; and secondly, absolute
Manmohan Singh and AK Antony releasing the party's
was re leased by Cong ress entered into by the Modi govern‑ fairness in dealing w ith the
manifesto in New Delhi. (Photo: IANS)
President Rahul Gand hi, UPA ment, in particular the Rafale deal. demands of the people and win‑
Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and for‑ vate farmers' distress. Wasteland Regeneration Mission," It w ill also probe the circum‑ ning their hearts and minds," the
mer Prime Minister Manmohan "To this end, we will increase the the manifesto said. stances under which scamsters manifesto read.
Singh in the presence of senior guaranteed days of employment It pledged to give the highest pri‑ were allowed to leave the country. For North East states, the party
party leaders. up to 150 days in cases where 100 ority to protecting existing jobs T he party promised a new promised to restore the special cat‑
T he Cong ress promised to days have been achieved in a and creating new ones. Ministry of Industry, Services and egory status and industrial policy.
launch MGNREGA 3.0 to address block/district; and use MGNREGA The party promised a loan waiv‑ Employment. The Lok Sabha elections will be
issues of water security, soil quali‑ labour in the Waterbo dies er across the country for farmers. It said that it w ill work to held in seven phases between April
ty and similar issues that aggra‑ Restorat ion Mission and the "T hroug h a combinat ion of improve the situation in Jammu 11 and May 19.

BJP can best deal Kamal Sachetee takes over as

with joblessness: President of global Jain Social Group
Jaipur: Jain Social Group

Survey ( JSG) Internat ional

Federation, the largest
umbre lla org anizat ion
New Delhi:
with over 65,000 mem‑
bers spread over 20 coun‑
is the biggest
tries in 470 chapters, had
issue for the
the installation of the new
voters across
executive board for 2019‑
the board but
21 on March 31 at glitter‑
the Bharat iya
ing function here.
Janata Party
Kamal Sachetee of
(BJP) is seen as
Jaipur is the new presi‑
the best bet to
dent for 2 years. The oath
deal w ith the
taking ceremony was
attended by over 3,000
T he latest
guests with many digni‑
CVOTER‑IANS Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (From left): Rajasthan Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma, Guest of Honor
taries, Rajasthan ministers,
poll tracker sur‑ businessman Yogendra Raj Singhvi, new JSG President Kamal Sachetee and
Only 0.4 per cent of the unem‑ JSG members from across
vey showed that Prime Minister his wife Mrs. Saroj Sachetee at the installation event with the new board
India and who is who of
Narendra Modi is most preferred ployed said that national security members standing in the back.
was the main problem. In fact, Jaipur.
among the unemployed.
esides working for the unity among various sects of arranged 86 bodies for medical schoolsʼ anatomy
Most significantly, the job crisis national security gets less than
Jain religious groups, JSG is actively involved in studies, over 3,200 Corina collection, 20,000 units of
has come back as the biggest one per cent traction across vari‑
social service. Among other activities, they have blood d several skin donations.
issue as most voters had identi‑ ous segments of society.
fied national security as their But terror attacks continue to
major concern in the surveys just be a concern for 10.4 per cent
after the air strike on Balakot in among unemployed, 13.6 per
Pakistan. cent land owning farmers saw it
Nirav Modi's bail plea rejected
London/New Delhi: T he authorities, argued against Nirav
T he survey was carried out as major issue and 14.3 per cent
Westminster Magistrates' Court has Modi's bail. "There is a real risk that
across a wide cross section of government servants saw it as
rejected the bail plea of fugitive dia‑ he could flee, interfere with wit‑
society from the unemployed to the main problem.
mantaire Nirav Modi suspecting he nesses, interfere with evidence," the
housewives, land owning farm‑ Apart from unemployment,
could "flee" Britain and "interfere prosecution said.
ers, landless agricultural labour, family income and poverty are
with witnesses", said sources. Nirav Modi was arrested on
government servants, private major issues for the jobless,
Judge Emma Arbuthnot has behalf of the Indian authorities
employees and self employed. housewives and landless labour‑
granted the Metropolitan Police from Holborn in London on March
For obvious reasons, 34.8 per ers.
custody of the 48‑year‑old busi‑ 19 in connection with the Rs
cent of jobless respondents iden‑ The survey found that a majori‑
nessman till the next hearing on 13,500‑crore Punjab National Bank
tified unemployment as the most ty of the unemployed youth who
April 26. Arbuthnot is the same (PNB) fraud case.
important problem. But 27.4 per mention employment as their
judge who ordered the extradition Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul
cent of private employees, 25.5 biggest concern identify the BJP
of former Kingfisher Airlines boss Choksi are being investigated by
per cent of self employed and as the party that can best man‑
Vijay Mallya last December. the Enforcement Directorate and
20.5 per cent of housewives also age the issue. 42.1 per cent of the Fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi.
The court order came after the the Central Bureau of Investigation
said that unemployment was the unemployed said they prefer the
Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), after the PNB alleged that they the involvement of a few bank
main problem. BJP.
appearing on behalf of the Indian cheated it of Rs 13,500 crore with employees.
14 April 6-12, 2019 OP-ED TheSouthAsianTimes.info

The Congress’s NYAY plan

is just a palliative
By Ila Patnaik transfer to the poorest 20%, those incomes are lower than they actu‑
with income levels up to Rs 1.25 ally are. In any case, lines between

ahul Gandhiʼs promise of a lakh will be poorer than those Rs 6,000 per month and Rs 8,000
minimum basic income, receiving income transfers. These per month, especially when
the biggest income trans‑ households will be better of f by incomes are uncertain and season‑
fer program to be announced, is not earning the Rs 1.25 lakh per al and constantly fluctuating, are
fraught with challenges. year that they are currently earn‑ too thin and too difficult to identi‑
There is a fundamental problem ing and dropping below the pover‑ fy. The interim budget 2019 bare‑
in the proposition that only the ty line to avail of the income trans‑ ly managed to meet fiscal targets:
bottom 20% poorest households fer. That way they will be able to fiscal deficit numbers were kept in
can be targeted. T he average get incomes of Rs 1.44 lakh per control by showing disinvestment
income of the bottom 40% of the year. In fact, households do not targets met by sale of one public
population is below Rs 1.44 lakh need to even earn less. They sim‑ sector unit (PSU) to another, bonds
per year. A scheme in which half of ply do not have to report how sold by PSUs and by postponing
them will be given income trans‑ much they are earning. After all, expenditures. Meeting deficit tar‑
fers, assumes that people do not how will income be measured? gets will be an equally tough chal‑
change behavior in response to Given informal, ag ricultural lenge next year.
government policies. income and daily wage employ‑ In an economy in which the
The Lucas critique, a popular ment among the poor, it is not as if biggest problem is employment,
argument in economics in the con‑ The Nyuntam Aay Yojana or Nyay announced by Rahul Gandhi their income is credited to their poverty reduct ion by income
text of macroeconomics, argues promises that every family among the poorest 20 per cent will get bank accounts. Income earned transfers is a palliative, but not a
that it is naïve to assume that peo‑ an income support of Rs 6,000 a month. from growing crops and livestock solution. Transfer payments need
ple do not respond to policy is particularly difficult to measure. to be accompanied by a reform
changes in a rational way. If we tribution based on the latest avail‑ that their income becomes around If income is based on surveys, program for increasing invest‑
predict behavior based on histori‑ able CMIE survey Consumer Rs 1,44,000 to g ive them Rs such as National Sample Survey, ment, growth and jobs. While cash
cal data, the predictions can often Pyramids) shows the following: 12,000 per month, the minimum which have been used to measure transfers are the least distor‑
go wrong. The NYAY (Nyuntam (i) The average income of the income guarantee. (ii) The average household incomes and consump‑ tionary way of poverty alleviation,
Aay Yojana) scheme is likely to suf‑ bottom 20% of the households is income of the next 30% of house‑ tion, the rational response to a they are not a long‑term sustain‑
fer from a similar critique. We approximately Rs 77,000. This is holds, those above the 20% poor cash transfer scheme for families able solution for income growth.
illustrate this below. the targeted group for the cash households being targeted and up below Rs 72,000 will be for all (Ila Patnaik is an economist. The
Household income distribution transfer. Households are to be to half the households in India, is families near that level or some‑ write‑up appared in The Hindustan
in 2017 (population weighted dis‑ given an additional Rs 72,000 so Rs 1.25 lakh. After the income what above it to report that their Times)


By Harinder Baweja year – and believed the Narendra those who are willing to sweat.
Modi governmentʼs end was near. How is the Congress – which was

an slogans and clever one‑ The attack on a Central Reserve reduced to 44 MPs in 2014 – going
liners help win you an elec‑ Police Force convoy on February to take on the formidable Modi‑
tion? If that were the case, 14 and the governmentʼs air strikes Amit Shah duo? We do not know.
Congress president Rahul Gandhi is in Balakot – that hit Jaish‑e‑ What is their vision for the prob‑
definitely ahead of the curve with Mohammed assets deep within lems facing the country? We have
ʻsuit boot ki sarkarʼ and ʻchowkidar Pakistan – sent the Congress on the not been told.
chor hai. Elections, however, are back foot. It took weeks for it to The arithmetic of alliances is the
serious business that need vision, come out of the deep freeze. only way to counter Modiʼs chem‑
political stamina, a process of give The silence exposed the chinks in istry we were told, but even in that
and take that culminates in the Congressʼs armor. It simply department, the Congress has not
alliances stitched up on time. The lacked a ʻChanakyaʼ that could been able to tick the right boxes.
first phase of the grand battle for keep the focus on the Modi govern‑ An alliance with the Aam Aadmi
the next Lok Sabha is less than a mentʼs chinks. A government that Party in Delhi still awaits Gandhiʼs
fortnight away and the Congress was left red‑faced after most of the decision. Itʼs not happening in West
looks like a party in disarray. demonetized money came back to Bengal and the wrangling in Bihar
Gandhi announced what he called the banks and a government that has made more headlines than the
the ʻfinal assault on povertyʼ, while had questions over why it sat on deal itself.
outlining a pledge to roll out a jobs data, seized the Balakot narra‑ Is the criticism of the Congress
monthly income guarantee scheme tive and went for the jugular. It unfair? Is the party banking on a Congress hopes that real issues of joblessness & rural distress triumph
for Indiaʼs poor, but are sops and went beyond, by blaming constituency‑wise strategy that over the nationalism narrative that the BJP has so arduously built.
populist schemes the Congressʼs (Jawaharlal) Nehru for everything includes fielding upper castes in
answer to the Bharatiya Janata that went wrong, and hammering Uttar Pradesh, so it doesnʼt play that is indeed the partyʼs strategy, the real issues of joblessness and
Partyʼs (BJP) election juggernaut? the outrageous and untrue point spoiler in a state where the it must be hoping that 2019 does‑ rural distress triumph over the
The party stayed focused on the that most of what India has Bahujan Samaj Party and the nʼt play out as a Presidential‑style nationalism narrative that the BJP
Rafale defense deal alone – after its achieved has been achieved in the Samajwadi Party hope to keep their contest where Modiʼs personality has so arduously built.
wins in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh last five years. vote banks intact? The list of candi‑ towers over the rest. (The write‑up appeared in The
and Chhattisgarh in December last Politics is hard work, made for dates is still to be announced and if It must be hoping for more: that Hindustan Times)

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info TRAVEL April 6-12, 2019 15

New sights to see in NYC

"Vessel," a 150‐foot‐tall structure of climbable interlocking staircases with 2500
steps , is the center point of the $25B Hudson Yards Redevelopment in New York.

might just
Washington, D.C.
when it comes to
cherry blossoms.
The Brooklyn
Botanic Garden
has 52 acres of
flowers and trees,
including a Cherry
A walkway bor‑
dered by cherry
blossom trees and
the Japanese Hill‑
and‑Pond Garden,
the Cherry
2,500 STEPS TO CLIMB Esplanade is a wonderland of pink in the spring. There are free tours around the gar‑

colossal sculpture that will give people more than 150 interconnected stair‑ dens daily.
ways to climb has opened to the public as part of Cityʼs Hudson Yards develop‑ These magnificent trees are part of the setting for the Sakura Matsuri Festival held
ment. Vessel is a metal structure shaped like the bowl of a wine glass and is on the last weekend of April. A celebration of Japanese culture, the ticketed annual fes‑
part of the first phase of the project on Manhattan's west side. tival will be held on the weekend of April 27.
Vessel was created by British designer Thomas Heatherwick. The latticed network of
The $25 billion Hudson Yards development is in progress and includes a hotel, a
school, a retail mall, restaurants, public plazas and a skyscraper taller than the Empire
State Building.


New York‑based
design studio is set
to unveil an inter‑
active art 'theme park' in
the city that will host
three playful installations
a year. The exhibition
titled "Snark Park", will be
displayed at a space in the
city's Hudson Yard area,
CNN reported.
Previous interactive
installations by the design
studio, Snarkitecture,
which was established in
2008 by Daniel Arsham and Snark Park in Hudson Yards area will host three playful
installations a year.
Alex Mustonen, took over
galleries, shopping malls and public spaces around the world.
One of Snarkitecture's most popular travelling works, "The Beach", transforms indoor
locations (from a museum in Paris to a mall in Bangkok) into holiday resorts complete
with "water" made from over a million recyclable, antimicrobial plastic balls.
"(Snark Park) was an opportunity (for us to) literally control and curate everything,
the full experience," Arsham said during a preview tour of the space. "It's a whole new
level of design."
The naturally lit space of over 6,000 square feet is completely monochromatic.
For the space's first installation, "Lost and Found", Snarkitecture created a grid‑like
forest of columns that emerge from the ground at varying levels like stalagmites. The
floor, which is made with thick foam, is just one of the design features used to encour‑
age visitors to thoughtfully interact with the space.
Running your hands along the rough white totems (some with cutouts for visitors to
climb into) one will discover surprising materials, including white ping pong balls and
faux fur lining the interiors.Subtler details, like the scent that fills the room and an
ambient soundtrack by Polish electro‑acoustic composer Michal Jacaszek, further
enhance the sensory experience.
16 April 6-12, 2019 MEDIA TheSouthAsianTimes.info


IAPC receives full‑throated support of Indian community
In its mission to offer a platform for media professionals of Indian origin and improve their working conditions,
Indo‐American Press Club received encouragement from over 250 community leaders and
dignitaries at the induction ceremony for its 2019 team on March 31.

Sunil J. Koozhampala took over as IAPC

Dignitaries including Japanese Ambassador Dr. Toshiya Hoshino, Deepak Misra from the PMI, and Devadasan Nair from the
President and praised Ginsmon Zacharia,
Indian Consulate and IAPC officials at the lamp lighting ceremony.
Founding Chairman, as a visionary.

Lifetime Achievement Award for Mrs Kanchana Poola

Pleased with the IAPC award for Mrs Kanchana Poola, New York Tamil Sangam members felicitated her The Poola couple with their son Anand and daughter
and Jagadeesan Poola by presenting scarves and garlanding them. Amudha posing at the IAPC event.
Kanchana Poola was President of New York Tamil Sangam and is currently one of its advisors. She is also associated with FeTNA and American Tamil Entrepreneurs
Association. Kanchana and Jagadeesan Poola have contributed to the Harvard Tamil Chair fund. They are Co-Chairs of The Asian Era and Aksharam magazines. In her
acceptance speech, Kanchana Poola said her father instilled in her the value of giving, for education, for the poor and the needy.

was provided by
a group display‑
ing Chenda
Melam drum art
of Kerala, and
bhangra group.
Dance perform‑
ance was given
by Sowparnika
Dance Academy
headed by Ms.
Malini Nair.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info MEDIA April 6-12, 2019 17

With new inductees, the

IAPC Board of Directors
now includes Babu
Stephen (Chairman),
Onkar Sharma (Vice
Chairman), Ginsmon
Zacharia (Founder
Chairman), and directors
Kamlesh Mehta, Mathew
Joys, Ajay Ghosh, Vineetha
Nair, Korason Varghese,
Parveen Chopra, Anil
Mathew, Cyriac Scaria, PV
Baiju and Renee Mehrra.

By Parveen Chopra to the eveningʼs honorees (the

Hicksville, NY: Indo‑American most excitement was caused by
Press Club (IAPC) celebrated on Lifetime Achievement Award
Sunday six years of growth & presentation to Mrs Kanchana
expansion and proudly inaugu‑ Poola), speeches by the Guests of
rated their 2019 teams. But the Honor and entertainment.
g rand, overbooked event at Sunil J. Koozhampala took the
Antunʼs by Minar here also oath of office as IAPC President
turned out to be a strong show along w ith his Execut ive
of support from the Indian com‑ Committee for 2019. New Board
munity. members were also inducted
Leaders, past and present, of and executive committees for
various community organiza‑ New York Chapter &
tions as well as many accom‑ Philadelphia Chapter installed.
plished people in their fields, not Sunil is publisher and MD of Ven Parameswaran, prominent writer Business entrepreneur Varkey Abraham
to speak of the media profes‑ Rashtra Deepika Ltd and and critic, is honored. is presented a plaque.
sionals, were in attendance. Deepika, a reputed Malayalam
IAPC, which was founded by a newspaper from Kerala. He also
group of Kerala origin group of has hospitality interests in the
media persons, felt overwhelmed US and Costa Rica. He called
by the presence of crème de la IAPC founder chairman Ginsmon
creme from other communities Zacharia a visionary leader.
as we ll–Tamil, Gujarat i, Indeed, IAPC already has 12
Rajasthani, Telugu, Punjabi…. chapters and has become the
you name it. fast growing syndicate of print IAPC honored Neeta Jain,
The official business of induc‑ and electronic media profession‑ Democratic party and civic com‑
t ion ceremonies was inter‑ als of Indian origin working in munity leader, with a plaque.
spersed with presenting plaques Continued on page 4

Devadasan Nair, Consul ‑ Community Affairs, Indian Consulate,

New York, was felicitated as Guest of Honor.

'Global Religions', a book published by Darshan Singh Bagga, was released.

Just some of the prominent attendees

Bobby Kumar, Bhuvana Rao, Dr. Raj Bhayani, Jagdish Sewhani, Nagendra Gupta, Shaker
Nelanuthala, Sunil Hali, Sharanjit Singh, Dr Raj Uppal, Lalit Aery, Arvind Vora, Rajesh Shah, Sunil
Modi, Rizwan Qureshi, Gunjan Rastogi, Beena Kothari, Bina Sabapathi, Nilima Madan, Pinki
Jaggi, Dilip Chauhan, Ravi Bhooplapur, Andy Bhatia, Shiv Dass, Arjen Bathija, Dave Sharma, Indu
Gajwani, Rashmi Sinha, Roopam Maini, Davendra Vora, Anand Ahuja, Dr M.N. Krishnan &
Sashikala, Vijayakumar, Ranga Purushothaman, Ram Mohan, Dr Bala Swaminathan, Dr & Mrs
Ashok Vyas, ITV Gold Host/Program Director, Kasinathan, Gobind Munjal, Dr Syed Yousuf.
being honored amid some mirth.
18 April 6-12, 2019 BOLLYWOOD TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Indian cinema is incredible: Star kids will discuss

Oscar‑winning directors sex lives but not their
C country: Kangana
ulture of cinema in India
is incredible, and the

way it has become part
n a no‑holds‑barred bacche hai ki dumb hai ki
of the global language of cinema
interview, actor kya hai.”
is also very cool," Chai told IANS
Kangana Ranaut has She went on to say, “If
over phone. "Jimmy and I are
again taken on filmmak‑ we are asking about your
both interested in safely repre‑
er Karan Johar and sex life, that you are okay
senting the voices of other
actors Alia Bhatt and to discuss, put the pic‑
places in the world, both of us
Ranbir Kapoor, saying tures on Instagram, who I
grew up as children of immi‑
they are the people who am f***ing, who I am
grants, and that global experi‑
feel absolutely not f***ing, that
ence is something that's very
exclusive and is fine but
important to us," added Chai, the
believe they have about the
documentary filmmaker with
nothing to do country, itʼs
Hungarian roots.
with the rest of my personal
The star couple's documentary
the country. choice.”
'Free Solo' won an Oscar for Best
Questioning She also
Documentary Feature at the
the tag of spoke about
2019 Academy Awards.
ʻyoung starsʼ singling out
The movie is all set to release
accorded to Ranbir in an
in India, and the couple is look‑
(L‑R) Filmmakers Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin and Alia and earlier
ing forward to it.
producers Evan Hayes, Shannon Dill with their 2019 Oscar award. Ranbir, the interview
"We are big admirers of Indian
actor told for not com‑
cinema. We are very excited On the Oscar win, Chai said: What's next?
Mid‑Day, menting on
about the release. We can't wait "We are very honored. It was "We have been concurrently
“And issues of
to hear how Indian audiences very much a surprise for us. I developing a film about Kristine Actor Kangana Ranaut slammed
what is this national impor‑
receive the film," Chai said. mean, we are humbled that Tompkins (conservationist) and love birds and actors Ranbir
thing of calling tance. “These
"Free Solo" is a documentary Alex's story has seemed to cap‑ the late Doug Tompkins, Yvon Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.
them young, are people who
which captures the life of rock ture the hearts and minds of Chouinard and Tompkins
Ranbir Kapoor is what 37 years feel absolutely exclusive, saying
climber Alex Honnold, who audiences and that they find Conservation. It is basically the
old, young kid of the generation one has nothing to do with the
climbed Yosemite's 3,000‑foot‑ courage in his courage and are story of some of the greatest
and Alia Bhatt just turned 27. rest of India. This is the kind of
tall El Capitan mountain peak inspired by his dream to, kind of, conservationists of our time,"
My mother had three children at attitude that Karan Johar and
without any safety gears. make the impossible possible." Chai said.
27. This is absolutely unfair… gang thrive on…”

'Junglee': Poor tale Sense of nationalism

lavishly mounted
The film starring
making patriotic movies hit
Vidyut Jammwal By Radhika Bhirani
will appeal

animal lovers. he current national mood
‑‑ the sense of nationalism
‑‑ stirred by events in
Kashmir in the recent past, has
driven the success of films with
patriotic themes.
Industry experts say this
heightened appreciation towards
films such as "Uri: The Surgical
Strike", "Manikarnika: The Queen
of Jhansi" and the most recent

ction‑thrillers like "Junglee" elephants is dumbed down to the case in point, "Kesari", can be
are God‑sent to skilled audience. partly credited to the country's
actors looking for a chance The story is simple and straight‑ current political scenario.
A still from the movie ʻKesariʼ
to cut loose and have fun. From the forward. There are nuggets of beau‑ "Presently, the political sce‑
looks of it, Vidyut Jammwal as Raj tifully‑created moments which are nario is such that these films ring "Uri: The Surgical Strike" and Abraham‑starrer "Romeo Akbar
has a grand time playing the pro‑ layered on a lazily crafted plot and a bell with the audience. It's also "Manikarnika: The Queen of Walter", in which the actor plays
tagonist in the film. careless direction. Also, the director right before election time and Jhansi" already gave the year a a RAW agent.
He is a veterinary doctor practis‑ seems to focus more on exhibiting everyone is involved and pulled good start, and had the audience The streak of patriotic films
ing in Mumbai, who returns to his Vidyut's skills in Kalaripayattu than into anything to do with national cheering on for real life‑inspired will continue with "Bhuj: The
roots after ten long years. Once the story itself. interest," film and trade expert stories of national heroes. Pride of India", a story which
home, he realizes that everything is Visually, the film appears to be Girish Johar told IANS. According to industry expert aims to celebrate the courage of
not hunky‑dory as it appears to be. mounted on a lavish scale. Mark The Akshay Kumar‑starrer Vinod Mirani, the wave of nation‑ women in the face of war;
Elephants are poached for their Irwin's cinematography keeps you "Kesari", on the historic battle of alism has been on a high ever "Major", on late NSG commando
tusks and that he must stay back hooked to the screen. The lush Saragarhi, has made it to the Rs since Narendra Modi became the Sandeep Unnikrishnan; "Batla
home to be their savior. green jungles and the serene tamed 100 crore club. It minted Rs Prime Minister. And the rise of House" on the infamous
Helmed by Hollywood filmmaker elephants are a balm to the eye. 86.32 crore in five days since its movies on patriotic themes is shootout; a biopic on Captain
Chuck Russell, obviously the expec‑ Some shots are picture perfect and release on March 21, and the also owing to the fact that we Vikram Batra who died in the
tations are high. But unfortunately, seem straight out of "The Jungle audience has lapped it up for have more real life heroes and 1999 Kargil War; and a film on
this tale of a man and his elephants Book". Akshay's awe‑inspiring, action‑ success stories to tell. an Indian diplomat's efforts to
which shares a message about fami‑ This film a below mediocre fare packed performance as Havildar Both Mirani and Johar have repatriate an Indian woman,
ly, friendship and conservation of that will appeal to animal lovers. Ishar Singh. their hopes pinned high on John Uzma Ahmed, from Pakistan.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info BOLLYWOOD April 6-12, 2019 19

Biopic trend a result of mob

behavior: Vikram Bhatt
“The Least Of These”
'Staines' on the human heart
Vikram Bhatt
By Subhash K Jha
was speaking at
a book launch.
rom the outset of this pro‑
foundly moving though
flawed recreation of the
ghastly Graham Staines murder, the
director and his writer Andrew
Matthews, make it very clear to us
whose side they are on.
And that's perfectly fine. A work
of art is most welcome to take sides
if it knows the truth. And truth in

ilmmaker Vikram Bhatt that I was assistant director for this case was this: Odisha‑based
feels the trend of biopics in 10 years. So in my journey, I have Australian missionary Graham
the Hindi film industry is a witnessed many mob behavior Staines did not indulge in conver‑
sion of the locals. He was cleared of A still from the movie ʻThe Least of Theseʼ.
result of mob behavior and that if like this and (the) trend of biopic
some biopics fail at the box office, is a result of mob behavior." all malafide intentions by an inves‑ conversion by whittling down the is just about the best way the direc‑
then this phase will end too. Vikram added: "If a biopic tigative committee after Staines and religious issue to a far deeper spiri‑ tor could have chosen to not allow
Vikram interacted with the works, people start making his two little sons were burnt to tual crisis. At the end of the film the the wild improbabilities of the plot
media at the launch of author biopics. If comedy films work, death by goons with suspicious journalist speaks to us and draws a (a newspaper editor hell‑bent on
Archana Dhurandhar's book titled then people start making comedy political affiliation. Nobody is sug‑ contrast between religious conver‑ proving Staines' conversion scheme
"The Soul Charger" in Mumbai. films and then if action films start gesting saffron in the blood. This sion and conversion from "nothing‑ turns out to be a leper's son). The
Asked about his views on the working, they make action films. has gone far beyond mere sugges‑ ness to significance". There is a characters and their environment
trend of making biopics, Vikram So it's a phase and we have to see tion. It is interesting how the direc‑ moment that can easily be seen as exude the stifling air of a social con‑
said: "See... while making a biopic, till how long this phase lasts. If 3, tor has chosen Sharman Joshi's an attempt to glorify Christian dition that breeds inequality and
you get a readymade story. It 4 films will fail, then this phase character of the out‑of‑luck desper‑ evangelism and manipulate our disharmony. Taking way from the
could have been written by some‑ will come to an end." ate journalist with a pregnant wife emotions into submission, when authenticity are the rural character
one or discussed in public Will he ever make a biopic him‑ to support, to create an arc from Staines' wife is informed of the conversing in English with the jour‑
domain. self? cynicism about Staines' work of ghastly tragedy. nalist‑hero. Since elsewhere the film
"There are some stories which "I can't answer it in yes or no faith to a resounding ratification of "I forgive those who have done does use the Oriya dialect why not
people even don't know about but because it depends on whom it is his intentions. Sharman is as usual, this," Gladys Staines says when let the grassroot speak in their
still they watch it. I have been being made, how it is being made a portrait of earnest brilliance. informed she has just lost her hus‑ actual tongue all the way? That
directing films in Bollywood since and how close that story is to my “The Least Of These” takes a very band and two children. apart “The Least of These” has
the last 26, 27 years and before heart," he said. dangerous stand on the issue of Shooting the film in rural Odisha many virtues to vitiate the vice.

Lucky to be famous T‑SERIES BAGS NO 1

fter a close battle

says Radcliffe with Swedish


arry Potter" fame PewDiePie's channel,
actor Daniel Radcliffe Indian film production
says he feels honored house and music label T‑
to see himself a part of peo‑ Series has finally man‑
ple's childhood. In an inter‑ aged to become the
view to Efe News, Radcliffe, worlds No.1 YouTube
who started his acting jour‑ channel.
ney with magnum opus T‑Series is leading by
"Harry Potter", spoke about more than 60,000 sub‑
the popular franchise and scribers now as currently
why he considered it as gift to it has garnered over
him. 91,774,917 subscribers
He said: "I think people while PewDiePie has sub‑
expect me to find it oppres‑ scribers with a count of
sive that people are still talk‑ 91,705,546.
ing about it, but there is a The battle between the
generation of people who two channels was going
grew up with us and that's a on for long. Even T‑Series
real honor. head honcho Bhushan
"When someone comes up Kumar started the
Actor Daniel Radcliffe currently stars in American
to me and says like 'you were #BharatWins campaign
comedy series ʻMiracle Workersʼ.
a huge part of my child‑ on social media, urging
hood'...The idea that I could occupy that ity...I'm very lucky to be famous for some‑ people to help in making
space for someone is, just, you thing that a lot of people love," he added. T‑Series the world's most
T‑Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar.
know...amazing." The 29‑year‑old finds Radcliffe is currently starring in subscribed YouTube
himself fortunate to be a part of J. K. American comedy series "Miracle channel. Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, Arjun
Rowling's project. "My friends, they were Workers". Though he does not like doing The T‑Series YouTube channel began Kapoor and John Abraham joined the
showing the first Potter film to their same role for several years, he does not on March 13, 2006. It has 29 sub‑chan‑ online battle between PewDiePie and
young child the other day. And it's an mind having second season of "Miracle nels and features songs and film trailers. YouTube, to plead with netizens to sub‑
amazing thing to see that sort of continu‑ Workers". Many Bollywood celebrities such as scribe to T‑Series' channel on YouTube.
20 April 6-12, 2019 SUBCONTINENT TheSouthAsianTimes.info

US initiates new move at UN EU endorses Afghan

to impose sanctions on Azhar role in peace talks
United Nations: After several
attempts to impose sanctions on Wrong to say with Taliban
Jaish‑e‑Mohammad (JeM) chief
Masood Azhar were blocked by
we shelter Kabul: The
European Union's
China, the US has initiated a new terrorists: China top diplomat said
ef fort for UN action against the the bloc was
Beijing: China said it was wrong to
terrorist leader that would force ready to stand a
accuse it of sheltering terrorists
Beijing to take a public stand in guarantor of
because it put a technical hold on
the Security Council. peace efforts to
the resolution to blacklist Pakistan‑
The US is circulating a draft end the 18‑year
based Jaish‑e‑Mohammad (JeM)
resolution with the backing of war in
Pakistan‑based terror group chief Masood Azhar
Britain and France for the Jaish‑e‑Mohammadʼs Afghanistan, and
as its decision was in line with the
Security Council to condemn the chief Masood Azhar. added the
rules of an anti‑terrorism panel at
February terrorist suicide‑bomb‑ process should be
the UN. "If certain country accuses
ing in Pulwama and designate Council. France is the President
China of sheltering (terrorists) by led by the Afghan
Azhar as an international terror‑ of the Council this month and
putting such technical hold, does government.
ist who would be under the UN Germany will take over next
that mean that all countries that Federica
sanctions against Al Qaeda and month.
put hold are sheltering terrorists? Mogherini, EU's EUʼs High Representative for Foreign Affairs
related people. The latest attempt to impose
If this makes sense, shall we say foreign affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini.
While the resolution faces a sanctions on Azhar that would
that the country that puts the most and security poli‑
Chinese veto, it would bring have banned his international be made part of the process to
holds is the biggest protectors of cy chief, said at a joint press
transparency to the sanctions travel and frozen his assets were ensure the success. "Afghans
terrorists?" asked Chinese Foreign conference with Afghan
process and force Beijing to pub‑ vetoed this month by China in have to stay owners of the
Ministry spokesperson Geng President Ashraf Ghani she
licly vote against it and, possibly, the sanctions committee ‑ the (peace) process," she said after
Shuang. "At the UN Security appreciated the efforts of the
explain its stand. So far, the fourth such action. meeting Ghani during her first
Council sanctions committee, the international community,
moves to impose sanct ions With global revulsion against visit to Afghanistan since tak‑
practice of putting technical holds including the US, to resolve the
against Azhar were initiated in terrorism rising after the ing over as the EU's high repre‑
is in line with the stipulations of protracted conflict.
the UN Security Council Al Qaeda Pulwama attack in February, the sentative. Mogherini said the
the committee. It is not China that Mogherini, whose trip to
sanctions committee, where the Security Council adopted a press EU was ready to serve, if
has put the most hold at the com‑ Kabul was unannounced,
proceedings are held in secret. statement condemning it in
mittee," Geng said. "China put a expressed Europe's full support required, as a guarantor of the
China has announced its oppo‑ "strongest" terms. peace process for a possible
technical hold with a purpose to for an Afghan‑owned and
sition to the US ef fort, which it It was a statement arrived at by deal with the Taliban that con‑
conduct a comprehensive and in‑ Afghan‑led peace process,
said bypasses the Sanct ions consensus in the 15‑member trols large swathes of the coun‑
depth assessment so as to give emphasizing the Afghans must
Committee and goes directly to Council and did not have the try. The Taliban have refused to
enough time and space to dialog have the right to decide their
the Council. force of resolution, and Beijing hold direct talks with the
and consultation between the par‑ future. She also insisted that
A date has not been set for tak‑ went along avoiding having to Afghan government.
ties,” the spokesperson said. women representatives should
ing up the resolution by the vote for it or veto it.

Maldivian High Court orders Musharraf summoned in high

release of ex-President treason case on May 2
Male: The Maldivian Islamabad: A special court summoned
High Court has former Pakistan President Pervez
ordered the release Musharraf on May 2 in a case pertaining
of former President to charges of high treason against him.
Abdulla Yameen Musharraf's lawyer, Salman Safdar, said
from detention cit‑ that the former President wishes to
ing lack of evidence appear before the court on May 13.
to hold him on alle‑ However, the three‑member bench head‑
gations of witness ed by Justice Tahira Safdar directed
tampering, the Musharraf to appear in court before
media reported. Ramzan, the Dawn reported.
Yameen was "If he can come to court on May 13,
detained in Musharraf can also appear before the
February after a court on May 2. If he doesn't, the court
criminal court will pass an appropriate order regarding
ordered authorities recording his statement," Justice Safdar
to take him into cus‑ said. T he special court had indicted
Former President Abdulla Yameen faces
tody until a money‑ Musharraf for high treason in March
allegations of money laundering
laundering case 2014.
against him was concluded in remand in custody.
Musharraf left for Dubai in 2016 to
court, Xinhua news agency report‑ Yameen was being held under
"seek medical treatment" and has not
ed. The prosecution asked the house arrest and not in jail due to
returned since. Earlier in March, he was
court to take Yameen into custody ill health, the report said. The for‑
admitted to a hospital in Dubai after suf‑
to prevent him from influencing mer President is facing allegations
fering a reaction from a rare disease for
the evidence against him. of money laundering and the crim‑
which he is already under treatment.
However, the Maldivian High inal court has already frozen his
Earlier in the hearing, Salman Safdar
Court said Yameen could not be local bank account holding nearly
had submitted an application in court
held in detention for over a month $6.5 million. He has denied any
asking for the case to be quashed on the
and the prosecution had not pro‑ wrongdoing and appealed against
basis of CrPC's Section 265 (language of
vided any reason to extend his the allegations.
record and judgment). Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info INTERNATIONAL April 6-12, 2019 21

May considers fourth bid Khashoggi killers received

to pass withdrawal deal training in US: Report
London: British Prime Minister Washington: Members
Theresa May and her cabinet are of the Saudi team that
looking for ways to bring her killed journalist Jamal
European Union (EU) withdrawal Khashoggi received
agreement back to the House of training in the United
Commons for a fourth attempt at States, the Washington
winning MPs' backing. Post has reported,
After MPs rejected May's agree‑ revealing other new
ment for the third time by 344 elements in the death
votes to 286, the Prime Minister of the newspaperʼs for‑
said that the UK would need "an mer contributor.
alternative way forward" to carry Khashoggi was killed
on with the Brexit process, the BBC and dismembered
reported. October 2 in the Saudi
The agreement is the part of consulate in Istanbul by
Brexit deal May struck w ith British PM Theresa May speaks during a debate a team of 15 agents Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was
Brussels that sets out how much in the House of Commons. sent from Riyadh. His killed on October 2 in the Saudi
money the UK must pay to the EU body has not been
consulate, Istanbul.
as a settlement, details of the tran‑
sition period and arrangements for
the Irish backstop ‑‑ the insurance
'Fully prepared' for recovered.
After having denied the mur‑
der, Saudi Arabia said the oper‑
and interrogation.
According to Ignatius, who
said he interviewed more than a
policy designed to avoid a hard
border between the Irish Republic no-deal Brexit: EU ation was carried out by agents
who were out of control. A trial
dozen American and Saudi
sources who spoke on condi‑
and the UK province of Northern Brussels: In wake of defeat of the "It will be for the UK to indicate of 11 suspects opened earlier tion of anonymity, some mem‑
Ireland. Brexit deal in the British House of the way forward before that date, this year in Saudi Arabia. bers of the Saudi Rapid
MPs from all parties will now Commons, the European for consideration by the European But much of the case remains Intervention Group received
test support for other options dur‑ Commission has said the EU is Council," it said in a statement, shrouded, beginning with the training in the United States.
ing a second round of "indicative now "fully prepared" for a no‑deal adding, "a no‑deal scenario on role of Saudi Arabiaʼs powerful “The CIA has cautioned other
votes" on April. Brexit. April 12 is now a likely scenario". crown prince and de facto ruler, government agencies that some
The government has so far failed The European Union "regrets "EU has been preparing for this Mohammed bin Salman. of this special‑operations train‑
to w in over 34 Conservat ive the negative vote in the House of since December 2017 and is now According to Washington ing might have been conducted
rebels, including both Remainers Commons", the European fully prepared for a "no‑deal" sce‑ Post columnist David Ignatius, a by Tier 1 Group, an Arkansas‑
and Brexiteers who say the deal Commission was quoted as saying nario at midnight on April 12," it Saudi who closely read the based company, under a State
still leaves the UK too closely by Xinhua news agency. said. transcript of a recording from a Department license,” he said.
aligned to Europe. bug placed in the consulate by “The training occurred before
However, a Downing Street that ef forts were "going in the process to avoid the UK leaving Turkish intelligence said it indi‑ the Khashoggi incident, as part
source indicated that the Prime right direction". without a deal, which most MPs cates the plan was to kidnap of ongoing liaison with the
Minister would continue to seek May has until April 12 to seek a believe could harm business and Khashoggi and bring him back Saudis, and it hasnʼt been
support in the Commons, adding longer extension to the negotiation create disruption at ports. to Saudi Arabia for detention resumed.”

Brunei to punish adultery VENEZUELA BARS GUAIDO

with death by stoning FROM OFFICE FOR 15 YEARS
London: Brunei will punish homo‑ Caracas: Venezuelan opposition
sexual sex and adultery with death leader Juan Guaido will be barred
by stoning under a new law, which from holding public office for 15
comes into effect from April 3. Any years, the maximum allowed by
individual found guilty of the law, follow ing a probe that
offences will be stoned to death in showed irregularities in his finan‑
the small southeast Asian nation, cial records, the state Financial
according to a new penal code. The Controller has announced.
punishment will be "witnessed by a "Disqualify from holding any
group of Muslims," the BBC report‑ public of fice the citizen Juan
ed. The new penal code has been Gerardo Antonio Guaido
announced by Hassanal
The country's strict new laws Marquez," Comptroller Elvis
Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei.
were announced in 2014, and have Amoroso said, follow ing the
been rolled out gradually. The bru‑ demn Brunei's move to put these investigation into his declaration
tal new provisions were quietly cruel penalties into practice," of assets.
announced on the Brunei attorney Rachel Chhoa‑Howard, Brunei Guaido, head of the opposition‑
general's website on December 29, Researcher at Amnesty controlled National Assembly,
2018. International, said in a statement. declared himse lf interim
Juan Guaido is head of the opposition‑controlled National Assembly.
Human rights groups were quick There was an international out‑ President in January and has the
to express horror at the penal code, cry when Brunei became the first support of more than 50 coun‑ holding of fice will come into accused of planning "acts of sabo‑
which also provides for amputation country in the region to adopt tries, including the US. force if he decides to put himself tage" against officials after being
as a punishment for theft. sharia law in 2014, an Islamic legal The decision will be "for the up for re‑election at the end of his arrested.
"Brunei must immediately halt its system that outlines strict corporal maximum period established in current term in the Nat ional Guaido said the security forces
plans to implement these vicious punishments. the decree w ith the scope, Assembly. Guaido re jected had committed an "illegal and
punishments and revise its penal The new penal code was courage and strength of the law Amoroso's announcement, saying unconstitutional" act, adding that
code in compliance with its human announced by the Sultan of Brunei, against corruption", Amoroso that he was "not auditor general". he believed the items allegedly
rights obligations. The internation‑ Hassanal Bolkiah, who also acts as said. According to the BBC, the Last week, Guaido's Chief of Staff found at Marrero's home had
al community must urgently con‑ the country's Prime Minister. decision to stop Guaido from Roberto Marrero, 49, was been planted there.
22 April 6-12, 2019 BUSINESS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Maruti Suzuki re‑appoints Kenichi Musk explains Tesla

Ayukawa as MD, CEO for 3 years store closures
New Delhi: Maruti Suzuki India,
the country's largest carmaker, on
to employees
Wednesday re‑appointed Kenichi
San Francisco: Electric Vehicle Moreover, Tesla will continue
Ayukawa as Managing Director
(EV) maker Tesla's CEO Elon to open stores throughout the
and CEO of the company for a
Musk emailed staf fers to world that meet the above cri‑
period of three years.
explain the situation at the teria," Musk wrote in an email
"T he company's board re‑
company in the wake of his to his employees.
appointed Kenichi Ayukawa as
announcement of closing sev‑ Meanwhile, stores that are in
Managing Director and CEO of the
eral of its retail stores and go a location with low visitation
company for a period of 3 years
all‑in with online car sales. rates (i.e. empty most of their
with effect from April 1, 2019, on
"In a new email to employ‑ opening hours) and lead to low
the existing terms and conditions
ees, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sales would be gradually shut
including remuneration," Maruti
acknowledged some 'uncer‑ down.
Suzuki India said in a filing to the
tainty' among the company's When the EV maker
Bombay Stock Exchange.
salespeople regarding the launched its long‑promised
T his would be Kenichi
sales strategy transition as he $35,000 version of the Model
Ayukawa's third three‑year terms This would be Kenichi Ayukawa's third tries to reassure them with 3 earlier in March, Musk said
as MD and CEO of Marut i. three‑year term as MD and CEO of Maruti more details about his plans they plan to make that price
Ayukawa, who earlier served in
mium hatchback Baleno and SUV supply of hybrid and other vehi‑ and expectations," the Electrek viable by moving all sales
the US, Japan and Pakistan, was
Vitara Brezza. The company is cles to each other, which would reported on Thursday. online only, thus, closing
appointed as MD and CEO of
also gearing up to launch its first see Toyota sell Suzuki's India sub‑ "Stores with a high visitation stores and reducing retail
Maruti on March 15, 2013. He
electric car in India by 2020, sidiary Maruti's premium hatch‑ rate and that lead to signifi‑ headcount.
played a major role in expanding
besides working on hybrid and back Baleno and compact SUV cant sales will absolutely not The announcement was fol‑
the company's market share
premium category vehicles. Vitara Brezza through its own be closed down. It would not lowed by a slashing of retail
beyond 50 percent.
Japanese auto majors Suzuki subsidiary in India, while Maruti make any sense to do so, employees compensation and
During his regime, the auto
Motor Corp and Toyota Motor would get Toyota's global best‑ except in rare cases where the closure of the first set of
major introduced many new mod‑
Corp had signed agreement for selling model Corolla. rent is absurdly high. stores.
els, including the sedan Ciaz, pre‑

Microsoft donates 500 Trump signs permit for oil

patents to start‑ups pipeline from Canada
Washington: US President Donald agency. Trump's new permit super‑ crude oil a day to refineries along
Trump has signed a permit for the sedes a March 2017 order, which the US Gulf Coast.
construction of TransCanada Corp.'s was invalidated by the Montana The project was rejected by for‑
Keystone XL oil pipeline, allowing judge a few months ago. mer President Barack Obama's
the long‑delayed project to move The President's new order on administration in November 2015,
The donation is part forward despite environmental con‑ Friday is seen as a way to circum‑ because Democrats and environ‑
of expansion of cerns. In November 2018, US vent the Montana judge's ruling. mental groups said it could worsen
Microsoft's 'Azure IP District Court Judge Brian Morris in The Keystone XL project, first climate change.
Advantage' program Montana ruled to halt the construc‑ proposed in 2008, was to run from T he Trump administration
tion of the disputed oil pipeline, Canada's Alberta oil sands through reversed the decision and granted a
demanding the energy company the states of Montana and South presidential permit to TransCanada
complete a supplemental environ‑ Dakota to Nebraska, where it would for building the pipeline in March
San Francisco: Expanding its saying on Thursday. mental review before advancing the connect with existing pipelines to 2017, claiming it would create a lot
"Azure IP Advantage" program, However, for any start‑up to project, reports Xinhua news carry more than 800,000 barrels of of jobs.
Microsoft is donating 500 patents qualify for getting a patent grant‑
to start‑ups that are part of a non‑ ed to LOT Network, the company is
profit organization called License
On Transfer (LOT) Network.
Launched in 2018, the "Azure IP
required to meet a $1,000 per
month Azure spend and Microsoft
would check the start‑up's last
Advantage" prog ram protects
users of Microsoft's cloud comput‑
ing service ‑‑ Azure ‑‑ against
three monthly Azure bills.
"Qualified start‑ups who join the
LOT Network can acquire
patent trolls. Microsoft patents as part of their Tokyo: Once an iconic brand, East Asia. "T he company's
Keeping in line with the inten‑ free membership and as Andersen Sony is now going to slash its smartphone sales for fiscal
tion of the program, LOT Network stressed, the start‑ups will own mobile division workforce by 2018 are projected to come in
protects companies against patent them outright," the report said. half by 2020 in the wake of at a dismal 6.5 million units,
trolls by giving them access to a The LOT network will be able to stif f competition and poor half the previous year's figure
wide library of patents from its provide its start‑up members with sales. The move could result in and just one‑sixth that of five
nearly 400 member companies up to three patents from this col‑ roughly 2,000 staf fers either years ago. "In fiscal 2014,
including Amazon, Face book, lection. losing their jobs or getting Sony pulled 1,000 employees
Google, Microsoft, Netflix and Uber "The idea is that these start‑ups shifted to a new department at from its smartphone opera‑
among others. come from a diverse set of indus‑ Sony. tions but sales have plunged
"We want to he lp the LOT try sectors. The hope we have is "Sony's share of the smart‑ Huawei, all of which are racing to faster than expected, necessi‑
Network grow its network of start‑ that when they approach LOT, phone market has fallen sharply in develop new 5G devices," the Nikkei tating a further round of cuts," the
ups and to provide an incentive we they'll find patents among those recent years ‑ from more than three Asian Review reported late on report added. Some of the Japanese
are going to provide these patents 500 that are going to be interest‑ percent in 2010, according to the Friday. employees hit by the decision
to them," TechCrunch quoted Erich ing to basically almost any compa‑ research portal Statistica, to less The Tokyo‑headquartered compa‑ would be transferred to other divi‑
Andersen, Corporate Vice ny that might want a foundational than one percent currently. ny would cut smartphone sales in sions in the company, but the firm
President (CVP) and Deputy set of patents for their business," "It has strugg led to compete Southeast Asia and other areas to would offer voluntary retirement in
General Counsel at Microsoft, as Andersen added. against leaders Apple, Samsung, and focus on markets like Europe and its Europe and China operations.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info SPORTS April 6-12, 2019 23

One of our worst defeats in IPL: Kohli

Hyderabad: Royal Challengers
Bangalore captain Virat Kohli
termed their 118‑run defeat to
Sunrisers Hyderabad as one of
Chennai clinches thriller
their worst losses ever in the
Indian Premier League. vs Rajasthan
"One of our worst losses ever. Chennai: Chennai Super Kings Deepak Chahar, Shardul
Literally nothing I can explain. rode a valiant innings by skip‑ T hakur, Imran Tahir and
Nothing went right for us from ball per Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Dwayne Bravo claimed two
one until our last wicket fell in the dominated with both bat and wickets each.
second innings," Kohli said after ball to defeat Rajasthan Royals Earlier, despite some early
the match. by eight runs in their Indian blows, Dhoni's fighting knock
Kohli's decision to field first Premier League (IPL) match (75) of f 46 balls he lped
backfired as Jonny Bairstow and here. Batting first, Chennai Chennai reach a respectable
David Warner struck whirlwind posted a challenging 175/5, total while Suresh Raina and
centuries to take Sunrisers to 231. powered by Dhoni's undefeated Dwayne Bravo also chipped in
In reply, RCB gave a poor account 75 which rescued the hosts with 36 and 27 runs respec‑
of themselves, being bowled out from a difficult situation. tive ly. For Rajasthan, Jofra
for 113 in 19.5 overs, with the The Chennai bowlers then Archer was the pick of the
likes of Kohli (3) and AB De Villiers put in a disciplined ef fort to bowlers with two wickets while
(1) failing to make a mark. restrict Rajasthan Royals to Jaydev Unadkat and Ben Stokes
RCB are still to win a game after 167/8. picked up a wicket each.
three matches and lie bottom of
the table. the side, given that I can bat with the Royals.
"We were outplayed in all Royal Challengers Bangalore's skipper Virat Kohli walks back to the AB and put the opposition under "We need to bring our A‑game,
pavilion during the match with Sunrisers Hyderabad in Hyderabad.
departments by a quality side. pressure." RCB next take on like we did against Mumbai and
(Photo: IANS)
They showed that they are a cham‑ Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur, and play with that kind of intensity. If
pion side ‑ they were finalists last "But once those guys got in, they ning side." Kohli hoped their fortunes would we go through the motions, we
time and beat us in the final (in just kept going ‑ you need a few Asked why he did not open the change from that match onwards. need to do the regular basic stuff,
2016). Credit to them (Warner and things to go your way, and a few batting, Kohli said: "We thought "We just need our players to put and get results our way and start
Bairstow) ‑ we could have tried a catches fell in between fielders. about that initially as well ‑ I have up a better challenge up front. winning games in the tournament ‑
few different things, like pace off "They were world‑class today done well opening the batting but There are still 11 games to go. The the next game should be that game
the ball," Kohli rued. and they deserve to be on the win‑ myself at 3 brings that balance in pitch will be nice in Jaipur against for us."

Praful set to be first Pandya, Rahul to depose

Indian in FIFA Council before ombudsman Jain New Delhi: With the Board of Control for
New Delhi: The All India Football Cricket in India (BCCI) ombudsman D.K. Jain
Federation (AIFF) might be fight‑ sending out notices to India all‑rounder
ing a legal battle in the Supreme Hardik Pandya and opening batsman KL
Court over the validity of its con‑ Rahul to depose before him as an enquiry is
stitution vis‑a‑vis the National pending after they appeared in a TV chat
Sports Code (NSC) but President show, the duo will meet Jain around the
Praful Patel is set to don the big‑ Mumbai Indians (MI) and Kings XI Punjab
ger role on the world stage this (KXIP) Indian Premier League (IPL) match at
week. the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on April
According to AIFF sources, 10.
Pate l, in all like lihoo d, w ill Speaking to IANS, a senior BCCI executive
become the first Indian to be said that the ombudsman would meet the two
e lected a member of FIFA cricketers separately and then take things
Opening batsman KL Rahul.
Executive Council for a four‑year Praful Patel. forward from there.
period when elections are held in "Jain will come down to Mumbai during the asking them to appear for deposition. As per
Monday. As per new FIFA statutes adopt‑
the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) MI‑KXIP game and he will also meet the two the principles of natural justice, I need to
ed in 2016, the executive council is a 37‑
headquarters in Kuala Lumpur on cricketers separately and take into account hear their side. It's up to them now to decide
member body with AFC having the rights
Saturday. what they have to say. After that, he will sub‑ when they want to appear."
to send one Vice President and six mem‑
The executive council is FIFA's highest mit his report after taking all sides into con‑ Revoking the suspension, the CoA had
bers, which include one female member.
decision making body and it has never sideration," the executive said. issued a statement which read: "T he
Led by the FIFA President, the council has
had an Indian member in the past. Former Pandya and Rahul came under fire for cer‑ Committee of Administrators had, by emails
now a wide range of powers and the
AIFF president Priyaranjan Dasmunsi was tain comments they made during the televi‑ dated 11.01.2019, and in exercise of Rule
Secretary General will have to report to it
once elected to the technical committee of sion chat show "Kof fee with Karan" in 41(6) of the Constitution of BCCI, suspended
FIFA. January. They were suspended for an indefi‑ Mr. Hardik Pandya and Mr. K.L. Rahul in view
Apart from Patel, the seven other candi‑
Pate l, who is currently the Vice nite period for their comments, but the of the allegations of misconduct against
dates are from China, Iran, Japan, South
President of AFC, has decided not to run Supreme Court‑appointed Committee of them, pending adjudication of the allegations
Korea, the Philippines, Qatar and Saudi
for a re‑election and instead opted to fight Administrators (CoA) later removed the ban under Rule 46 of the approved BCCI
for the FIFA body. His place in AFC could after discussing the matter with Amicus Constitution.
Sources in the AIFF revealed that even
be taken by the Pakistan representative. Curiae, P.S. Narasimha. "Since the adjudication of all allegations of
as I‑League clubs were openly declaring a
"It is an eight‑corner contest for five Asked if things needed to be finished at the misconduct against any cricketer registered
kind of war on AIFF for its alleged partiali‑
spots from Asia in FIFA, but we are confi‑ earliest, given that the World Cup is round with, inter alia, the BCCI is required to be
ty towards the Indian Super League fran‑
dent of Patel's victory. He is being sup‑ the corner, the official said: "Absolutely, we undertaken by the BCCI Ombudsman, whose
chises, Patel travelled to Kyrgyzstan to
ported by AFC President Shaikh Salman need to end this at the earliest. We wouldn't appointment is pending directions of the
campaign for his election with the Central
and all other member countries will sure‑ wish for this to be a distraction of any sort Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, the CoA is
Asian Football Association nation. Before
ly back him in the elections," AIFF senior with the World Cup coming up." the of the view that the interim suspension
leaving for Kyrgyzstan, he assured the I‑
Vice President Subroto Dutta said on Jain on his part said: "I have issued notices orders dated 11.01.2019 should be presently
League club of meeting them in mid‑April.
last week to Hardik Pandya and K.L. Rahul lifted with immediate effect.
24 April 6-12, 2019 LIFESTYLE TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Sherpa widows in Nepal break Simple yet stylish travel

down taboos and eye Everest tips for frequent flyers
ake your life

or generations climbing has easier while
been firmly the realm of travelling by
men among the legendary rolling your clothes
Sherpas of Nepal, tradition dictat‑ while packing and car‑
ing women care for the home rying a tote handbag
while their husbands conquer the for utility, suggest
Himalayan peaks. But that conven‑ experts.
tion is being challenged by two Shivani Malik
Sherpa women attempting to sum‑ Director, Da Milano and
mit Everest and force a rethink Tushar Ved, President
about the role of widows in their Major Brands India Pvt
conservative community, after Ltd, for Charles & Keith
their husbands died on the world's have shared simple tips
highest mountain. for travelling.
Furdiki Sherpa and Nima Doma Sherpa. (Photo courtesy AFP)
Furdiki Sherpa and Nima Doma 8 Packing style: It is
Sherpa hail from the Himalayan swept to his death with 15 other Himalayan Adventure company is always advisable to roll snake or croc texture.
people revered for their skill at Nepali guides in a deadly Everest org anising their 'Two Widow your clothes. When it comes to 8 Tote bag: For women, tote
high altitudes as climbing guides. avalanche. "After our husbands Expedition' to Everest. As climbers packing toiletries, always carry bag is a great pick for travelling.
Neither woman ever dreamed of passed away, we spent months just they are very strong and deter‑ smaller bottles. If you can The bag has a single spacious
making an expedition to the roof crying at home over their memo‑ mined." T heir Everest dream arrange for sachets, nothing like with double handle that makes it
of the world themselves. But that ries. But we had to take care of our comes as attitudes toward women that. easy for any travel occasion. This
is exactly what they are preparing family and ourselves. It was not and climbing are slowly changing 8 Choose a proper handbag: summer opt for sleek styles pas‑
to do when the short spring climb‑ easy to do this as a widow," said in the overwhelmingly male‑domi‑ You will come across multiple tel colors for tote bags.
ing season gets underway in April. Nima Doma. In need of work, the nated industry. Last season 18 shapes and sizes of luggage. 8 Sling bags: Sling bags are
"The men climb. We had other pair sought jobs as trekking guides women reached the top of Everest ‑ Always remember to keep one perfect for a party or a dinner
things to do. I was running a tea in the capital Kathmandu, and ‑ towering over the world at 8,848‑ small bag handy for your emer‑ with a fashionable dress or a
house and taking care of my fami‑ often crossed paths as they lit metre ‑‑ a record number, accord‑ gency essentials. To keep it light, gown. You can complete your
ly. I didn't think about climbing the lamps at a local Buddhist stupa for ing to Nepal's department of it is always advisable to carry a evening look by styling your
mountains," Furdiki told AFP. their deceased husbands. "We tourism. Women trekking guides duffle bag or small cabin trolley favorite sling bag with pumps
That changed in 2013 when she started sharing our stories, our are more popular than ever but with maximum compartments to styled in vibrant prints,
lost her husband to the mountain grief, and what we should do in they are still vastly outnumbered divvy up all your emergency embossed textures and embel‑
as he fixed ropes along the route life," Furdiki said. After helping on Everest ‑‑ and Sherpa women essentials. lished mesh details.
that aid climbers to the summit. guide some amateur treks the even more so. Close to 4,000 8 Keep it stylish: Bright color 8 Crossbody bag: This cross‑
Like many Sherpa women before women embarked on serious Sherpa men have ascended the luggage bags give a youthful and body sling backpack is made of
her, Furdiki was suddenly alone mountaineering training and soon peak, according to the reputable free‑spirited look. When every‑ ultra‑durable canvas with rein‑
without a breadwinner to help plans to summit Everest took Himalayan Database, compared to thing else is on point, your lug‑ forced stitching to hold up to all
raise their three children, bearing shape. In November, they success‑ just 34 women from the legendary gage bag too needs to be on the wear and tear that comes
the stigma of misfortune that can fully climbed Island Peak and ethnic group. Professional climber point for a perfect airport look. from travelling. While it is made
stalk widows in Nepal. Chulu Far East Peak, both difficult Lhakpa Sherpa, 44, is the best Go for colors like red, green, blue to be worn across your body, it
A year later, another tragedy ascents over 6,000 metres. "They known having topped Everest nine for your next vacation. You can also features a smaller handle
brought her into contact with grew up in the mountains," said times, but she remains very much also experiment with textures in and can be carried at your side if
Nima Doma, whose husband was Ang Tshering Lama, whose Angs an anomaly. leather bags in bright colors like needed.

Shoemaker reinvents Under Imran,

Peshawari chappals As Pakistanis happier
'Imran Sandals' Pakistan jumped 7 positions on the World
Happiness report 2019 in one year while India's
uxury French shoemaker,
Christian Louboutin, has rein‑ rankings declined seven positions.

vented the famous Peshawari
t looks like Imran Khan is ensuring countries, was re leased by the
chappals and has named his latest cre‑
more happiness for his citizens in Sustainable Deve lopment Solutions
ation the "Imran sandals"..
Pakistan than Indian Prime Minister Network for the United Nations.
The Dawn report said on Sunday that
Narendra Modi has been able to, accord‑ T he World Happiness report is an
it was not immediately clear if the latest
ing to the findings of a UN World annual study of year‑to‑year changes in
creation was named after Pakistan
Happiness report 2019. happiness, which considers six key fac‑
Prime Minister Imran Khan because of
Within a year of Imran Khan's tenure tors of life ‑‑ income, healthy life
his fondness for Peshawari chappals or
as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the expectancy, social support, freedom,
whether they were a homage to
country jumped seven positions on the trust and generosity‑‑ along with other
Louboutin's Pakistani friend, artist
World Happiness report 2019‑‑ from important elements like GDP per capita
Imran Qureshi.
75th in 2018 to 67th in 2019. and absence of corruption in an econo‑
Besides the trademark red soles, the
On the contrary, India's rankings my. T he report 2019 does not only
sandals have studs and the Louboutin
declined seven positions, from 133rd to determine rankings of countries by hap‑
logo. In 2014, British menswear design‑
140th, which is also its lowest since piness but also shows “how happiness
er Paul Smith found himself in hot
2012. According to previous World has been affected by changes in the qual‑
waters when he replicated the
As a result, the brand changed the Happiness reports, India has gradually ity of government”, it says.
Peshwari chappals as his own and sold
shoe's description on its website to lost its position in the past five years and For the second consecut ive year,
them in the market for a whopping 300
"inspired by Peshawari Chappal". plunged 23 positions. Finland topped the rankings, followed by
The report, based on data from 156 Denmark and Norway.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info BOOKS April 6-12, 2019 25

Raghu Karnad wins Chetan Bhagat announces new

$1,65,000 Windham-
non‑fiction "India Positive"
Campbell Prize
est‑selling author Chetan

Bhag at last Wednesday
ndian journalist and author announced the launch of his
Rag hu Karnad has been new non‑fict ion book "India
announced as one of the win‑ Positive", which comprises essays
ners of the prestigious Windham‑ examining a gamut of subjects
Campbe ll Prize of the Yale such as education, employment,
University. T he award, estab‑ Goods and Services Tax (GST), cor‑
lished in 2013, is one of the rich‑ ruption and casteism.
est and most lucrative literary Published by Westland
prizes for English language writ‑ Publicat ions, Bhag at's latest
ers and each winner receives English title will be released in
$1,65,000. May. The new book also consists of
He won from the non‑fiction tweets that highlight and touch
category for his debut 2015 book upon the current issues that need
'Farthest Field: An Indian Story Of focus today.
The Second World War'. In 2016, Journalist‑author Raghu Karnad In the book's blurb, the "2 States"
the book won the Sahitya has won the prestigious prize of author has asked questions such as
Akademi Yuva Puraskar for a Yale University for his book
"does it make any difference to the
writer in English and was also 'Farthest Field: An Indian Story of
ordinary citizen which party is in
shortlisted for the Hessell‑Tiltman the Second World War'
power? Whether it's a majority or a must‑read for anyone invested in simple take on the political issues
Prize. drawn into WW2 seemed like it coalition?" the present and future of India," and arguments in the country.
Son of noted Indian actor‑direc‑ might be too remote for readers Bhagat further said: "What can read the blurb. "T his book covers each and
tor Girish Karnad, who is also a in Delhi, let alone in the United we do to better job prospects for The Mumbai‑based author's last everything that has happened in
Kannada writer, Karnad studied at States," Karnad told Outlook. India's youth? How can we create a book, "The Girl in Room 105", was the past year, be it employment,
Oxford and has written for sever‑ "I guess that was wrong. more equal society? What can we re leased in 2018. It was also corruption or the systems of the
al national and international pub‑ Actually, the subject of Farthest do about social media warriors and announced in a Facebook LIVE on economy. The aim is, by reading
lications. Field isn't just the war, and it isn't trolls?" Bhagat's official page. this book, one will never be ill‑
Karnad, a former Outlook just the polit ics of that half‑ Bhagat also argued that if the Sharing his viewpoints on "India informed about India's issues."
employee, currently works as the decade – which both seemed country was to shine, we needed to Positive", Bhagat said: "I believe my He also shared the book's cover
chief of bureau of Delhi‑based unbelievably dramatic and excit‑ stand up and be "India Positive country has more good things than on social media, which shows a
news website TheWire. ing to me – it's the puzzle of mem‑ Citizens." bad. I have to focus on what is group of smiling children with the
"When I was writing this book, ory and forgetting, how it hap‑ "In a world ridden with negativi‑ more important, i.e., capturing the tricolor.
the idea of a South Indian family – pens at the personal and the ty, these simply written, perceptive diminishing interest of the youth in "India Posit ive" can be pre‑
from Calicut, Kodagu, Madras – national scale," he added. and solution‑driven essays are a politics by attempting to provide a ordered online from Amazon.

Now, Hindi innings for French bestseller Asterix comics

By Sidhi Jain a word‑to‑word translation". four of the 33 albums.
"There are so many cultural The French equivalent of the

aunched in 1959, the references. You have to find India's iconic 'Chacha Chaudhary'
French comic classic equivalent Hindi words, terminol‑ comics or 'Amar Chitra Katha',
'Asterix' boasts having sold ogy, proverbs, jokes, songs. 'Asterix' is a journey into French
an unmatched 370 million copies There is Latin used as well," mindsets and is widely translated
in more than 100 languages. Gupta, who also translated 'The and adapted into animated films,
After capturing the global comics Adventures of Tintin', said. video games, live action films,
market, the series is now avail‑ Explained his French‑speaking and even theme parks.
able for Hindi readers ‑ after five co‑translator Chaudhuri: "There The translation rights were
years of painstaking translation. was a huge translator's block acquired by publisher Ajay Mago
The Hindi translation of the first when we started. It wasn't just from the French Hachette Livre
four albums of the 'Asterix' series any translation. These were after over 5 years of negotia‑
was released here last Thursday graphic novels and the graphic tions.
by French Ambassador form imposes a lot of restrictions The first four albums are
Alexandre Ziegler, who called the as to how you can translate. priced at Rs 295 and are avail‑ French Ambassador Alexandre Ziegler (second from left at the Hindi comics
comics' total of 33 albums "a "Besides finding the right word, able online at Amazon and release) called Asterix "a monument of French pop culture" and "opportuni‑
monument of French pop cul‑ we had to find the right length, Flipkart, as also offline. ty to learn not French, but about the French (people)." (Photo IANS)
ture" and "opportunity to learn because there were speech bub‑
not French, but about the French bles. The Hindi script practically
(people)." is much longer than the French.
The series follows the adven‑ There are matras on the top, side
tures of a group of Gallic vil‑ and bottom, whereas in French
lagers as they resist Roman occu‑ they are only on top. We couldn't
pation in 50 BCE. It was original‑ be waffling with the translation,"
ly written by Rene Goscinny and Chaudhuri added.
illustrated by Albert Uderzo. What the translators also has
Published by Om Books to be mindful of is that each lan‑
International, the "albums", as guage has its own aural space
they are called, were co‑translat‑ and one size does not fit all.
ed by Dipa Chaudhuri and "While you'd hit a person with
Puneet Gupta beginning from a 'Paff' in French, it'll be 'Bang' in
2014. Sharing that translating English and 'Thak' in Hindi,"
each album took at least 6‑8 Gupta explained, adding that
months, the task was "not merely they identified a 100 sounds in
26 April 6-12, 2019 HEALTH TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Measles emergency declared Many urinal trips

in Rockland county in NY in night hints at
White Plains, N.Y. Rockland
County Execut ive Ed Day high BP: Study
declared a state of emergency
f you need to visit urinal
March 27 in Ro ckland's six‑
frequently in the night, get
month‑long measles outbreak,
your blood pressure
barring unvaccinated youngsters
checked as researchers say it
under 18 from public places for
may be a sign of hypertension.
30 days. Public places include
"Our study indicates if you
schools, places of worship, shop‑
need to urinate in the night ‑‑
ping centers and restaurants.
called nocturia ‑‑ you may
Parks and outdoor areas are not
have elevated blood pressure
and/or excess fluid in your
T he declarat ion quickly
body. If you continue to have
became an international story,
nocturia, ask your doctor to night) was significantly associ‑
sparking a debate that blends A viral infection that's serious for small children
check your blood pressure and ated with hypertension,
religion, public health and gov‑ but is easily preventable by a vaccine.
salt intake," said study author showed the findings presented
ernment action.
ing" comments from critics in the touched. The virus is so conta‑ Satoshi Konno of Tohoku Rosai at the 83rd Annual Scientific
Day said he saw the declaration
anti‑vaccine movement. gious, the CDC says, that "if one Hospital in Sendai, Japan. Meeting of the Japanese
as the only tool he had to reverse
According to Centers for person has it, up to 90 percent of The study examined the link Circulation Society (JCS 2019).
the measles outbreakʼs troubling
Disease and Prevention, "measles the people close to that person between nocturia and hyper‑ The risk of hypertension
trajectory, one that could ratchet
is a highly contagious virus that who are not immune will also tension in the general rose significantly as the num‑
up considerably with the upcom‑
lives in the nose and throat become infected." Japanese population. ber of nocturia events per
ing Passover and Easter holidays.
mucus of an infected person." Critics have called the emer‑ The researchers enrolled night increased.
In pushing parents to have
The virus can spread through gency declaration draconian. Day 3,749 people who had an "We found that getting up in
their children get the MMR vac‑
the air or through contact with continued to call it "moderate." annual health check in 2017. the night to urinate was linked
cine to combat measles, mumps
surfaces touched by those who "Draconian would have been Blood pressure was measured to a 40 per cent greater
and rubella – and holding them
are infected. It can live for up to banning everybody," he said. and information on nocturia chance of having hypertension.
accountable if they donʼt – Day
two hours in an airspace where "Draconian would have been was obtained through ques‑ And the more visits to the toi‑
succeeded in achieving a dif fer‑
the infected person coughed or quarantining people. We're not tionnaire. Nocturia (one or let, the greater the risk of
ent sort of MMR: massive media
sneezed and on surfaces they doing that." more nocturia events per hypertension,"
response as well as “vile, disgust‑

Apple watch with ECG App More Americans think e‑cigarettes

now in Europe, Hong Kong are harmful, study says
pple Watch Series 4
with industry‑first fea‑ ore American adults communicate the risks of e‑ciga‑ rates similar to those of tradi‑
tures like ECG reading perceive electronic cig‑ rettes to the public," the authors tional cigarettes in some cases,
app and irregular rhythm noti‑ arettes to be as harmful note, expressing concern that as explained Stanton A. Glantz, a
fication will now be available as or more harmful than regular greater numbers of people view professor at the University of
in Europe and Hong Kong. cigarettes, according to a new e‑cigarettes as more harmful California, San Francisco Center
With watchOS 5.2, customers analysis. than cigarettes, they will be less for Tobacco Control Research
in 19 European countries The researchers examined data willing to make the transition and Education, in an editorial
including Germany can take an from the Tobacco Products and from one to the other. published alongside the study in
ECG reading with Apple Watch Risk Perceptions Survey, admin‑ Electronic cigarettes work by JAMA. The vision of those whom
Series 4 at any time. "All can alert users to signs of AFib. istered by the Georgia State heating a pure liquid called e‑ Glantz describes as "e‑cigarette
recordings, their associated "We've seen the ECG app and University Tobacco Center of juice ‑‑ composed of flavorings, optimists" is for smokers to
classifications and any noted irregular rhythm notifications Regulatory Science, and the propylene glycol, glycerin and switch completely from ciga‑
symptoms are stored securely on Apple Watch have meaning‑ Health Information National often nicotine ‑‑ until it vapor‑ rettes to e‑cigarettes, he said. But
in the Health app on iPhone," ful impact on our customers Trends Survey, administered contrary to their hopes,
Apple said in a statement late across the US," said Jeff by the National Cancer about two‑thirds of adult e‑
Wednesday. Williams, Apple's Chief Institute; both are nationally cigarette users continue to
The ECG app enables cus‑ Operating Officer. representative surveys use both. "The risks of e‑
tomers to take an electrocar‑ A recent clinical trial of administered to US adults cigarette use are in addi‑
diogram right from their wrist. around 600 participants found every year. tion to any risks from com‑
It can capture heart rhythm on that the ECG app on Apple When the results of both bustible cigarettes," he
demand in a moment when Watch demonstrated 98.3 per surveys were combined, the added, meaning that people
users experience symptoms cent sensitivity in classifying percentage of people who who use both have higher
such as a rapid or skipped AFib and 99.6 per cent speci‑ believed that e‑cigarettes were izes. The resulting vapor is much risks of heart disease and lung
heart beat and help provide ficity in classifying sinus less harmful than regular ciga‑ less offensive to both smokers disease than those who smoke
clinically important data to rhythm in classifiable record‑ rettes decreased from 45% in and non‑smokers. only regular cigarettes. As the
physicians. The irregular ings, when compared to an 2012 to 35% in 2017. The num‑ In 2017, the National Academy long‑term effects of e‑cigarette
rhythm notification feature on ECG administered by a cardiol‑ ber of people who thought e‑cig‑ of Science, Engineering, and use continue to be understood,
Apple Watch occasionally ogist. The irregular rhythm arettes were as harmful as ciga‑ Medicine concluded that "e‑ciga‑ the changing public perception
checks heart rhythm in the notification feature was recent‑ rettes increased to 45% in that rettes pose less risk to an indi‑ of risk may benefit one group of
background and sends a notifi‑ ly studied in the Apple Heart time, and the percentage who vidual than combustible tobacco people the most: teens and
cation if an irregular heart Study which found "only 0.5 believed that e‑cigarettes were products." Since then, however, young adults.
rhythm that appears to be atri‑ per cent of participants more harmful remained low, at studies have linked the use of e‑ Youth who have negative views
al fibrillation (AFib) is identi‑ received irregular pulse notifi‑ less than 10%, according to the cigarettes with an increased risk of e‑cigarettes are less likely to
fied. cations, an important finding results, published last Friday in of heart attack, stroke, chronic use them, which is important for
The ECG app and irregular given concerns about potential JAMA. The findings "underscore obstructive pulmonary disease curbing use in this group, Glantz
rhythm notification feature over‑notification." the urgent need to accurately and other respiratory diseases at said.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info IMMIGRATION April 6-12, 2019 27

The B-1 Visa -

for the Business Traveler
By Dev Banad Viswanath, Esq. months of authorized entry. The From the year 2014 there has may be connected to the stricter
& Michael Phulwani, Esq. rationale is that there is really no been decrease in the number of B‑1 compliance with immigration rules
need for a person to be in the US visas that were granted. According and regulations under the Trump

f a foreign individual would like for more than months on a non‑ to the Department of State (DOS) in Administration.
to come to the U.S. for some sort working business trip. After the 2014 there were 44,880 B‑1 visas Any dependents of B‑1 nonimmi‑
of short business activity they initial period of stay ends, an granted and in 2018 there were grants, spouse and children under
will most likely have to apply for a extension of stay may be granted only 38,705 B‑1 visas granted; the age of 21, are not allowed to
B‑1 visa. A B‑1 visa is a temporary or start a new business. When for up to an additional six months. those numbers include boarder obtain a dependent visa. Each
non‑immigrant business visa. This planning to travel to the U.S. with a The maximum total amount of time crossing cards. From the year dependent who will join the B‑1
visa is for foreign individuals who B‑1 visa, the foreign individual permitted in B‑1 status on a single 2014 to 2018 there has been a visa holder to the U.S. must apply
are coming to the U.S for business must make sure they have a valid trip is one year. An individual is not steady decrease in the number of separately for a B‑2 visitor visa and
purposes. BUT NOT TO WORK. passport as well. If their passport is required to have a return ticket B‑1 visas that are granted. This must follow the rules of that visa.
Some qualifying business purposes expired and it contains a valid visa when they come to the U.S. but
include: in it a U.S. Embassy will not trans‑ they should have evidence with
Dev Banad Viswanath is the Principal Attorney of
* Settling an estate, fer a valid visa in an expired pass‑ them to show that they have a rea‑ The Banad Law Offices PC in the United States,
* Negotiating a contract, port to a new passport. The foreign son to leave go back home at the and Banad Immigration in India for which
* Taking part in short‑term individual will need to carry both end of their stay. One of the Attorney Michael Phulwani is also affiliated as Of
training, or their old passport with the valid requirements needed for an indi‑ Counsel. With Offices in Manhattan, Queens,
* Consulting with business visa and their new passport or vidual to be granted a B‑1 visa is to Bangalore, and Mumbai, the firm is able to assist
associates apply for a new visa to be included show that they will be here for a clients with all facets of the immigration process,
Foreign individuals entering the in the new passport. specific amount of time and they including Employment Visas, Consular Visa
U.S. under a B‑1 visa may not do Under a B‑1 visa a foreign indi‑ plan on returning to their foreign Assistance, Student Visas, Removal &
any productive work or accept vidual may stay in the U.S. between home. A B‑1 visa is a temporary Deportation, US Citizenship and Green Card
paid or unpaid work. The B‑1 visa one and six months, six months visa and therefore an individual Applications based on Family or Employment.
status does not give an individual being the maximum. However, cannot stay in the U.S. for an infi‑ Dev B. Viswanath can be reached at
permission to manage a business Dev@Banadlaw.com and 718‑361‑5999.
most B1 visa applicants will get 3 nite amount of time.


Internet rules must be Mysterious mummy

to be opened live on
updated: Zuckerberg Discovery TV April 8
acebook CEO Mark "We believe legislation should istory enthusiasts can trove of antiquities ‑ all lying
Zuckerberg has said be updated to reflect the reality watch the inner chambers undisturbed for thousands of
that governments and of the threats and set standards of an ancient Egyptian years. Several chambers, however,
regulators need to play a more for the whole industry," he said. sarcophagus (a box‑like stone cof‑ are yet to be explored ‑ and many
active role in updating rules Endorsing the European fin) of a mysterious mummy being more discoveries to be revealed,
for the Internet to preserve Union's General Data Protection opened LIVE on television in a including a mysterious limestone
the freedom of expression, for Regulation (GDPR) for effective two‑hour special Discovery sarcophagus found buried deep
entrepreneurs to build new privacy and data protection, Channel program on April 8. The within the complex. "The identity
things, and to protect society Zuckerberg said it would be ancient artefacts of Egypt can be of the mummy inside has been a
from broader harm. good for the Internet if more viewed from close quarters in the mystery for 3,000 years..possibly
In an editorial in The countries adopted GDPR and upcoming program, "Expedition until now."
Washington Post on Saturday, build new privacy regulation on Unknown: Egypt LIVE". "This is Discovery at its best, as
Zuckerberg said though the given framework. As per Discovery, the multiplat‑ we seek to uncover history that
Facebook continually reviews He also emphasised on the form event will be hosted by has been buried in the sands of
policies with experts on ter‑ need for clear rules on when adventurer and avid explorer Josh Egypt for millennia," Discovery &
rorist propaganda and hate information can be used to serve Gates, who will be joined by Factual, Chief Brand Officer,
speech, it "always make mis‑ Facebook founding CEO Mark Zuckerberg the public interest and how it world‑renowned Egyptologist Zahi Nancy Daniels said in a statement.
takes and decisions that people should apply to new technologies Hawass, and Mostafa Waziri, the The live broadcast can be
disagree with". third‑party bodies to set standards such as Artificial Intelligence. secretary‑general of the Supreme viewed at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.
But, it is time for "new regulation governing the distribution of harm‑ Moreover, new regulation should Council of Antiquities of Egypt. (India time) on April 8 on
in four areas: harmful content, elec‑ ful content and to measure compa‑ guarantee the principle of data Viewers will have the rare Discovery Channel and Discovery
tion integrity, privacy and data nies against those standards. portability opportunity to see the inner HD World.
portability", the Facebook Founder He asserted the need for holding Clear rules are required, however, chambers of an excavation site, It is produced by Discovery
said, noting that it will help "define Internet companies accountable for about who is responsible for pro‑ where archaeologists recently Studios and Ping Pong
clear responsibilities for people, enforcing standards on harmful tecting information when it moves uncovered a network of vertical Productions in association with
companies and governments going content. between services, Zuckerberg shafts leading to an underground Big Dreams Entertainment.
forward". On political ads, Zuckerberg said noted. network of tunnels and tombs The channels will also premiere
Stating that the company is work‑ deciding whether an ad is political "I believe Facebook has a respon‑ with 40 mummies believed to be special Egypt‑based series on
ing with governments, including is not always straightforward, thus sibility to help address these issues, part of the noble elite, the widely‑ great women of ancient Egypt and
French officials, on ensuring the it "could be more effective if regu‑ and I'm looking forward to dis‑ viewed platform added. Egypt's lost queens surviving the
effectiveness of content review sys‑ lation created common standards cussing them with lawmakers The massive underground com‑ exodus on April 7 from 12 p.m. to
tems, Zuckerberg suggested for for verifying political actors". around the world," he added. plex of chambers is a treasure 3 p.m.
28 April 6-12, 2019 HUMOR TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Humor with Melvin Durai

Money‑ Saving tips that

really work!
veryoneʼs offering money‑saving tips
these days, trying to help people sur‑
vive the economic downturn. It doesnʼt
take much to save a few bucks here and there,
even if youʼre already scrimping, even if you
order the “short” cappuccino at Starbucks and
have reduced your cable TV package to only
380 channels.
Anyone whoʼs really serious about saving
money needs to follow Melvinʼs canʼt‑miss
tips: 1. Be more religious. Yes, going to the

BEST temple, gurudwara, mosque or church can

save you money. How? Well, many of these

RATE religious institutions offer you something you

canʼt usually find anywhere else: FREE FOOD!

FOR Entire meals are served at many temples,

gurudwaras and mosques, while snacks are security? Thankfully, thereʼs an easy solution.

INDIA commonplace at churches.

Iʼm not suggesting, of course, that you go
Just travel anywhere in the world – Tahiti,
Jamaica, Hawaii – by gazing at your Facebook

AND there just to eat. You can also get something

to drink. But if the minister asks if you want
friendsʼ vacation pics. Put your face right
against the computer screen and youʼll almost
feel yourself there.
PAKISTAN to be “filled with the spirit,” itʼs probably not a
good idea to say, “No, thanks. Iʼm driving.” 4. Cancel your gym membership. Does it
2. Donʼt pay interest on your credit card. If really make sense for you to spend two hours
youʼre buried in credit card debt, it might be lifting weights, sweating profusely and not
New York Head Quarter time to look in the mirror and accept that getting paid for it? Instead, head to the air‑
thereʼs only one person to blame for the mess port or train station and get yourself a job as
422‑S Broadway a porter. Many companies, including UPS,
youʼre in: your spouse. (Or significant other.)
HICKSVILLE He or she buys all sorts of luxury items with Wal‑Mart and Sears, offer “lifting opportuni‑
the credit card, whereas you use it only for ties,” though it might be a good idea to stay
NY 11801
essential items, such as wool pajamas for the away from shoplifting.
516‑827‑1010 dog. It might be time to get a divorce – from 5. Take the bus or train to work and do
your credit card. some reading. The first step is to buy a
3. Find vacations on the Internet. Letʼs face monthly bus/train pass. The second step is to
it: itʼs expensive to travel abroad and, even if cancel your newspaper subscription. Why
you can afford it, do you really want to spend subscribe to the newspaper when you can
half your vacation going through airport read it for free over someoneʼs shoulder?
6. Take advantage of telemarketers. If you
get lots of calls from telemarketers, you need

Laughter is the Best Medicine to do what I do: sell them stuff. Itʼs amazing
how much you can sell if youʼre a little force‑
ful. Just ask Satwinder, the guy in New Delhi
who just bought 100 copies of my novel “Bala
Takes the Plunge.”
By 7. Do your own recycling. Donʼt throw out
Mahendra that fashion magazine – pull out the glossy
Shah pages and use them to wrap small gifts. Donʼt
throw out that worn boot – fill it with soil and
Mahendra Shah grow a plant in it. Donʼt throw out that old
is an architect pair of underwear – cut it into a fancy shape
by education, and use it as a doily.
entrepreneur by 8. Donʼt play the lottery. Itʼs okay to buy a
profession, ticket now and then, but if youʼre plunking
artist and down 10 bucks a week, youʼre throwing your
humorist, hard‑earned money away. Yes, people do win
cartoonist and the lottery, but you have a better chance of
writer by hobby. getting Justin Bieber to share nail polishing
He has been tips with you.
recording the 9. Think big. Donʼt buy a small bag of rice
plight of the when a big bag is more economical in the
immigrant long run. The best part is, once the bag is
Indians for the empty, you can recycle it. Just write “Gucci”
past many year on the side of it and use it for shopping.
in his cartoons. 10. Get to know your neighbors. Neighbors
Hailing from can save you a lot of money. In fact, if youʼre
Gujarat, he trying to buy a house, make sure you find one
lives in with a plumber living on one side, an electri‑
cian on the other and a carpenter across the
street. Donʼt forget to show them your appre‑
ciation with a special gift, such as a nicely
wrapped doily.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info ASTROLOGY April 6-12, 2019 29

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899
psharma@premastrologer.com; w.premastrologer.com

APRIL 6‑12, 2019

Aries: Judicious spending will find Cancer: Shooting your mouth off at Libra: Some of you can suf fer the Capricorn: A windfall can be expect‑
your bank balance in a healthy state. an inappropriate time can harm after ef fects of love gone sour. A ed for those disposing of property,
If there are any dif ferences with your image, so keep a low profile at real estate transaction is likely to but they will have to be careful
spouse over some issue, this is the time to work. You can count on the total support of prove profitable. Your leadership qualities while investing this money. It may seem dif‑
resolve them. You will manage to impress family members in domestic matters. will be much appreciated in a particular sit‑ ficult to get rid of an ailment permanently.
one and all by your gift of the gab on the Regular routine will keep you in the prime uation that you may find yourself in this Conserve money by keeping a check on
work front. Good eating habits will keep of health. Your initiative on the romantic period. A social event promises to up your spending. You will succeed in raising the
you fit and healthy. A vacation will give you front can get you a lukewarm response. popularity and put you on the centre stage. spirits of a depressed family member. Your
ample opportunity to enjoy the new locale Adopt a wait and watch policy regarding T hose in a long‑term relationship can skills and expertise will help you in estab‑
and let your hair down. buying or selling of property. expect happy week ahead. lishing yourself at the workplace.
Taurus: Your expertise is likely to get Leo: You manage to ward off a finan‑ Scorpio: Some delay is foreseen in Aquarius: Your fondest wishes are
you some good breaks on the profes‑ cial crunch by thinking ahead. A fam‑ completion of a project or task. You likely to come true this week as you
sional front. Financial betterment is ily member can hold an imaginary are likely to consolidate your gains steal the show in a family function.
just round the corner for some. A family grudge against you. You are likely to be on the professional front. Those in the hos‑ A change of portfolio is in the offing for
function is on the anvil and will give you an happily involved in your profession and pitality and service sector will find things some at work. You will find your relation‑
opportunity to showcase your talents. Your take the best decisions. It may be difficult to looking favourable. ship going from strength to strength.
efforts on the romantic front will be richly find extra energy for lending a helping Your romantic endeavours are likely to Starting an exercise regime is on the cards
rewarded. hand on the domestic front. Those opting meet a dead end, but donʼt lose hope. Those for some. Homemakers will find this phase
Those wanting to reduce weight can taste for higher studies will be able to gather planning to buy property would do well to fruitful, when they manage to make the
success the coming week. their focus and energy. wait a little more. changes on the home front.
Gemini: A deliberate attempt at sav‑ Virgo: All your attempts at a fresh Sagittarius: Feeling positive about a Pisces: Hard work and sleepless
ing is the only way you can repay beginning or turning over a new leaf situation will set things right for nights are in store for some organis‑
your loans. Higher studies can beck‑ are likely to face unanticipated hur‑ you, even if they are going wrong. ing a family function, but it will be
on some. Domestic harmony is assured for dles. Profits are likely to dip for retailers as Financial worries can make some restless, worth the effort. It is best to consult knowl‑
those wanting to spend time by themselves footfalls refuse to increase despite best but the situat ion w ill not be beyond edgeable people before going in for invest‑
at home. Newlyweds are likely to enjoy an efforts. Romance at this juncture may not redemption. Finger in every pie will keep ments. A compatible match is likely for the
extended togetherness on a short vacation. rock. Those ill are likely to make good you abreast at work and make you fully eligible. Treating partner to a movie or din‑
There will be nothing to complain on the prog ress. Changes at workplace are prepared for any eventuality. Academic per‑ ner will go a long way in enriching relation‑
health front. New drivers need to be careful inevitable, but will not af fect you in any formance is likely to place you amongst the ship. Donʼt overstrain yourself by becoming
on the road. way. leaders. too figure conscious.

April 6, 2019 Frequent travel will be undertak‑

Influenced by number 6 and ANNUAL PREDICTIONS: FOR THOSE BORN IN THIS WEEK en which w ill prove hig hly
the planet Venus. You are smart, rewarding. Donʼt rely on people
active, independent, ambitious, Recognition and rewards for Matrimonial alliances for some, your strong asset is your speech, who make false promises. New
charming and love peace and your efforts will be plenty. There while others will find romance to which put to proper use brings job opportunities and promo‑
harmony. You possess a remark‑ will be a rise in your confidence keep them going. Children will you immense g ains. You are tions for some. The latter half of
able personality and you can eas‑ and determination enabling you bring happy news later in the hardworking, talented, but you the year brings gains for those
ily make friends with your help‑ to handle difficult tasks with year. T he month of October, need to check your tendencies to who dabble in speculation. You
ful nature, but you need to check ease. Stronger relationship will December, February and May behave extravagant and jealous could also click a real estate deal
your tendency to behave moody, develop with people you associ‑ will be eventful months. at times. at a throwaway price. T he
spendthrift and careless at times. ate at parties and clubs. During months of February, May, July
this perio d there w ill be an April 9, 2019 This year you will slowly but and September will be highly
This year gains and rewards increase in expenses on enter‑ Ruled by number 9 and the gradually climb the ladder of eventful.
are certain but will require you tainment, and you will also make planet Mars, you are act ive, success. Businessmen will invest
to be completely focused on your valuable purchases for the house. courageous, dashing, enthusias‑ in more profitable ventures. April 12, 2019
goals. Your inability to gather Health will be fine in spite of hec‑ tic and highly diplomatic person. Promising contacts will build Ruled by number 3, and the
proper and accurate information tic work schedule that you might You achieve a lot w ith your through social get‑togethers and planet Jupiter, you are practical,
will put you in to the losses or lot need to follow for initial few impressive personality and com‑ traveling. Your spouse will be dignified, philosophical, methodi‑
of embarrassment. Period in the months. The months of January, mand over your work, but you quite cooperative and shower cal and systematic person. You
second half of the year will be April, May and August will be need to check your tendency to her full love and affection upon are a very social person who
much better for financial dealing, highly significant and productive. behave erratic and impatient at you despite your erratic behavior likes to make new friends and
though partnership and joint times. at times. An infatuation within visit new and interesting places.
ventures should be completely April 8, 2019 the group will keep you in high You are a born leader and you
avoided. Romance will flourish Influenced by number 8 and This coming year will require spirits for some time but it will love to stay ahead of others, but
and some lovebirds will even go the planet Saturn, you are ener‑ you to improve upon your not be long lasting. The months you loose out on many good
in for a matrimonial alliance. getic, disciplined, systematic, knowledge and skills. You will of October, December, March and opportunities due to your ten‑
Friends and close relatives will original and an authoritative have to deal with government August will prove to be highly dency to behave stubborn and
appreciate your sensitive and individual. You are a conserva‑ agencies and people at higher significant. moody at times.
helpful nature. Despite tensions tive person who believes very places, who will be slow in pro‑
and stress your health will be strongly in old values and cus‑ viding results, which will prove April 11, 2019 This year gains seem likely for
fine. The month of December, toms. You are helpful and trust‑ frustrating at times. But impor‑ Ruled by number 2 and the you through investment as well
February and July will be event‑ worthy but you need to control tant contacts that you establish Moon, you are highly imagina‑ as speculation. Although your
ful. your tendency to behave pes‑ during this phase will be helpful tive, warm‑hearted, friendly and opinions w ill be faced w ith
simist, stubborn and nervous at in the long run. Foreign educa‑ hard working person. You like to strong resistance and criticism,
April 7, 2019 times. tion or travel for some seems fantasize and you generally but your ability to convince peo‑
Governed by number 7 and the later in the year. New romance assign difficult targets for your‑ ple will make you push through
planet Neptune. You are active, This year the stars will shine will shine for some, but unfortu‑ self, but you find it difficult to your plans. Your confidence and
energetic, brilliant, confident, brightly bringing success and nately it will be short lived. The achieve them because of your morale will be high as you gain
vigilant and a shrewd individual. prosperity on every venture you months of January, April, August casual and lazy behavior at favours from various people,
You are blessed with remarkable undertake. Wonderful period to and September will be very sig‑ times. both in govt. and private offices.
imagination and can easily win seek favours and establish new nificant. New construction or major reno‑
over your rivals, but you need to contacts. Your imaginative pow‑ Remarkable gains are in store vat ion like ly towards the
check your tendency to behave ers will stretch beyond what they April 10, 2019 for you in the first half of the yearend. Health problems related
vindictive, reckless and stubborn generally do and bring you addi‑ Ruled by number one and the year, provided you take advan‑ to eyes, mouth cannot be ruled
at times. tion gains and rewards. Taking Sun. You are independent, intelli‑ tage of the given opportunities. out. Take necessary medication
part in debates and interesting gent, sensitive, honest, imagina‑ Improvement in your work envi‑ w ithout fail. T he months of
T he coming year promises conversations will help improve tive and highly simple person. ronment and monetary position November, January, April and
physical and financial gains. your inte llectual mind. You are highly diplomatic and also seem high on your cards. August will be highly significant.
30 April 6-12, 2019 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Empower your true self

places of worship. Some go separateness as individuals is
beyond their own religion to find connectedness and oneness to all
answers offered in other faith. life. Awaiting us inside is bliss
Whichever method one adopts, and joy so fulfilling that we need
the direction one follows to find no other intoxicants to make us
answers to lifeʼs questions is happy. All these gifts lie within us
known as the spiritual path. It is in the empowered soul.
the spiritual path that leads to the The soul is a source of tremen‑
realization of the inner self, to the dous wisdom, love, and power,
By Sant Rajinder Singh soul. yet we remain ignorant of its
There are two ways to view our‑ treasures when we allow it to be
Ji Maharaj
selves with regards to the soul. overpowered by the mind, the

The first is to view ourselves pri‑ senses, and the physical body.
any people live and die
marily as a body and mind that When the mind and body assert
without ever realizing
“have a soul.ʼ The second is to see power over the soul, the soul for‑
the full power and
ourselves primarily as a soul who gets itself. But the empowered
potential of their soul. At some
“ has or wears a mind and body.” soul is our true nature, and it is
time in their life, they may won‑
If we think that we are a mind time we reclaim the soul so that
der about the soul, about God,
and body, then ours is a journey
The soul is a source of tremendous its gifts can enrich our life. There
and about the purpose of their
existence. Many people pass
to find the soul. If we realize that wisdom, love, and power, yet we are simple techniques for access‑
we are the soul, which has been ing the riches of our soul. We
through life never realizing who
given the mind and body to
remain ignorant of its treasures need not search the four corners
they are and never certain about
the purpose of their existence. In
maneuver through the physical when we allow it to be overpowered of the earth. We need not travel
world, then our goal is to further into outer space. These tech‑
times of trouble or in the face of
empower the soul. By empower‑ by the mind, the senses, and the niques can be practiced in the
death, they may raise these ques‑
tions, but may not follow them
ing the soul we recover its natu‑ physical body. When the mind and comfort of our home. Through
ral control over the mind and meditation, a whole new world
through to a fulfilling conclusion
senses. body assert power over the soul, the opens for us. By learning medita‑
or else may abandon the process
when the bad times pass. But
The mind, the senses, the body, soul forgets itself. But the empow- tion, we can gain entry to worlds
and the pulls of the physical of bliss, light, and love within.
those who have a burning desire
world have placed the soul in a ered soul is our true nature, and it is Tapping into the soul and its
to find the answers to the myster‑
ies of life can find them.
state of forgetfulness from which
we must awaken. Within us are
time we reclaim the soul so that its powers can enrich and transform
our life. When we empower our
This search for meaning and
purpose‑ the spiritual quest‑ is
the riches greater than any we gifts can enrich our life. soul, its wisdom, immortality,
can ever accumulate on earth. We love, fearlessness, connectedness,
one that people pursue in differ‑ fulfilling than any we can know in in. At our core is a strength and
have inside us a source of knowl‑ and bliss add a new dimension to
ent ways. Some seek answers in the outer world is waiting to power that can enable us to over‑
edge from which all other knowl‑ our life.
scripture while others search in embrace us with open arms with‑ come any fear. Underlying our
edge flows. A love far greater and (For more visit www.sos.org)

Meditation ‑ find, the calmer YOU

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji know to put aside other distractions when
Maharaj we are in other places in our home. When
we sit in that place, we naturally will gravi‑
editation is a simple process where tate toward meditating.

M we sit still and concentrate within

to experience inner treasures. Two
meditation techniques we use in Sawan
3) Be committed to achieving our goals
through meditation.
Kirpal Ruhani Mission/ Science of When we have a goal we really want to
Spirituality are simple to do and can be attain, nothing can stop us from achieving
practiced by anyone of any age in their it. Whether we want to win at sports, reach
homes or wherever they like. It does not our financial goals, lose weight, or improve
require dif ficult postures or asanas, and our relationships, we spend time working
can be performed anywhere at any time. to achieve success. We put in time and
One is the Shabd Meditation, or Meditation ef fort. It is the same with meditation.
on the Light and Sound. This provides us an People meditate for dif ferent reasons,
inner connection to a source of happiness, whether for physical, mental, or emotional
peace, and bliss within us. It is like having health and wellness, spiritual growth, or
an internal retreat that we can visit any‑ other reasons. When we commit to that
time we want to recharge and refresh. The goal, then we are more dedicated to spend‑
second is an introductory technique called ing the time to achieve it. This determina‑
Jyoti Meditation, which involves sitting qui‑ active and restless and do not like to be still set time and focus only on that. Similarly, tion will help us concentrate and focus bet‑
etly, focusing our attention within, and to focus on the wonders within. We have when we set a time for meditation, we ter when we meditate without being side‑
experiencing the peace and calm within us. within us a gateway to peace, joy, and hap‑ focus only on that for that period. We then tracked by distractions in our mind.
The common question I am often asked piness. However, to access these treasures allot time throughout the rest of the day for Those who practice meditation on the
is, “How can I keep my attention in medita‑ we need to mediate, by sitting in silence other activities. This helps us preserve our inner Light and Sound as taught in Science
tion without being distracted by thoughts?” and staying focused within to enjoy them. meditation time only for that purpose. of Spirituality learn techniques to keep
T his is a typical problem that people Here are three tips to help us meditate: their mind from distracting them from
throughout the world have while trying to 2) Have a special place for meditation. thoughts. In this way, their meditation time
meditate. 1) Set priorities. By getting into the habit of concentrating is fruitful, and they avoid distractions that
Why does this happen? Our minds are When we want to study for an exam we on meditating when in that spot, we can keep them from attaining success.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info April 6-12, 2019
TheSouthAsianTimes.info April 6-12, 2019