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Clearing Up Part & Partial / Part & Parcel

Mis-Information that CAUSES Confusion

We, being Moors are in fact Parcel to the land, as it is our

ancestral estate, by lineal descent, by heritage, just
as we are parcel to Nature, Nature's Law and Divine Law.

Parcel: A part or portion of land. A part of an estate.

Black's Law Dictionary 4th edition, pg.1268

We, being Moors are in fact Partial to the American National Constitution,
law of the Land. It was established at our authority, for the purpose of
bringing Peace, Law, and Order to the land for EVERYBODY!, for all ranks of
citizenship; Nationals, Naturalized, Subjects, and Alien / Foreign citizens.
We, being Moors are the Nationals, which is the highest rank as citizenship
goes, and if not for the National, there would be no need for citizenship
rankings in the first place. Nationals have political power (although many are
not utilizing it), wherein other citizens do not have political power, they are
using yours in the name of the American. This gives an idea as to how far off
we are today. If we don’t enforce the National constitution, we will be
molested by those other citizens, as is happening now. The unshakable
ancient divine principles of government are imbued in the American National
constitution. It is the longest standing constitution on the planet earth to
this present day, and is why Prophet Noble Drew Ali said to answer up to and
enforce it, as it is the National Constitution for Nationals mmm..... The
principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice are embedded at
its foundation, and in its preamble and are the principles for ALL Nations of
the earth. Put yourself on a solid rock of foundation by studying. Read
Chapter 46 and "Message To America" for those gifts of inner-standing.
Study for yourself to show yourself approved, so you will know, as man does
not know by being told.

Interesting is that those who claim to be Part and Partial don't even study
the American National Constitution, of which they are partial to, yet they say
they are Nationals. Nor do they enforce it, as they were instructed. Clearly,
they are confused about what they are parcel to and what they are partial to,
or they just do not know the difference. Instead they direct themselves by
the Union States Constitution, which showers color-of-law over anyone who
is a member / citizen of it, as they are quasi-national domiciles and venues
- not National domiciles for Nationals. As well, those who are so-called
vanguards of the Moorish Nation, absolutely ignore the geographic
boundaries of the Nation, Al Moroc / Northwest Amexem / Northwest Africa/
North America, the ancestral estate of which they are parcel to by heritage.
These geographical boundaries are made CLEAR in Chapter 47 for their
reference and as their divine instructions. Go figure.

As Society Begins with Family, so does
the Authority to Govern Family and Society.

Your family appellation is NOT derived from the United States, the United
States of America, the U.S.A., or any of the union states and ‘names’
corporate tags for corporations, sub-corporations, charters, sub-charters,
etc. The United States, as utilized in the preamble of the American National
Constitution is a collective metaphor for 'We the People’ of the United Estate;
North South, Central and the adjoining Islands - the Moroccan Empire. NOT
to be confused with the Moroccan Kingdom, established in 1956. A Kingdom
is subordinate to an Empire. For all who signed up as citizens of the
Moroccan kingdom, you gave up your ancestral estate. Hillary Clinton,
Secretary of Department of State (over all Secretaries of the individual union
states), and over foreign AND domestic affairs, before she stepped off, made
an address and stated that the Moroccan Nation, (not kingdom, not union
state, not county, not municipality (Romans), was the first to recognize the
United States of America in 1787, not in 1956. That is the "Treaty of
Peace and Friendship' of 1787, which was / is the pre-mandate to the
forming and establishing of the American National Constitution FOR the
United States of America, as the “Law of the Land”. The Treaty is between
the ‘Moors’ and the 'Christians'. Don't get your panties in a bunch, you who
say you are Christian. Christians as it refers to in that document, are the
descendants of the Christian Crusaders, who are murderers and plunderers,
of which such acts are NOT christ-like (crystal clear, pure or cleansing) at
all. You must read the "Inter Caetara Divina wherein in their own words,
with no uncertain terms, they make it clear to plunder this ‘new world’ they
ventured upon and say they found, and to kill the natives of same if they did
not convert to Christianity, is their divine mission from god. Do you still
want to be that Christian? We refer you again to Chapter 46 so you can
know the origins of Christianity for yourself. It is intelligent and wise to know
before making claims.


It is also good to point out for those who may be confused in regards to why
the natural people of the land are Asiatics. Many have learned that across
the sea is Asia Minor, if they still teach that in schools today, as teaching the
children is why all Temples were to have their own schools to prevent this
present day mis-education and dumbing down of the children. We were to
get this into the children at all cost. Meaning it ain’t just about you, and your
leader position or the mantle you wear, it is about posterity, family, the
children, of which has been all but seemingly forgotten and are being gunned
down in the street like cattle and buffalo. The question to ask yourself, as a
geography question, where would Asia Major be? The answer is you are
standing on it. You are the Asiatics of the land, as the entire planet is Asa -
the lower realm, as it relates to the universal knowledge and geography /
astronomy of the heavenly bodies. For all Moors, usually in infiltrated
Temples, who think, or have been taught that cosmology has no reference to

the works of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, we suggest you re-read Chapter 1 and
"let the Solar Stations be your guide, as they will lead to victory, just as
is stated in that chapter. For all who my be confused about religion, read
"Religious Controversy"….“and though the sun sits at high noon, they
comprehend it not".

Dominion of the Land

The Union States formed yesterday, or that shall be formed tomorrow, has
no dominion over the land. Therefore, they have no Territorial Jurisdiction
over the land or the people of the land. The 'names' in which they refer to as
cities, townships, boroughs, states, counties, or otherwise, are corporate
tags, and of recent are from their PRIVATE General Assemblies. Those names
represented ONLY sales territories they were allowed to sell in, in regards to
plantation work and fur trapping in the first instance. They are the original
slave plantation workers. (Read Articles of Confederation 1643 and 1777,
found on the Moors Heritage and History School page, which includes
a comprehension test). However, you will still be lost if you don't know who
you are, and who your family, the Brutish - British (England) Moors are. The
Sun never sets on the Empire, as it is on both sides.

When the foreign European colonist / pilgrims / original slave plantation

workers got here they encountered you - the natives. You assisted them
when they were abandoned by the British Moors. That is when they started
complaining and eventually the “Declaration of Independence” for them, was
established. You were not and are not the Indians, as they liked to call you
and this is not India. Read the 1895 - 8th Grade Public School final test out
of Salinas Kansas, a public school test wherein to get the question right on
the test, the students had to know that Columbus called the people Indians
because he thought he was in India. Yet, the Hindus (Indians) he thought
you were, looked just like you, as you are the Mothers and Fathers of
civilization on the planet and they are also Moors. Another document to
read, found on the site is the Analysis Letter of John Adams 1780,
wherein the colonist were asking for a Treaty to do commerce and in the first
paragraph of that document, it says: “for you to ask for a Treaty of
Commerce, before a Treaty of Peace is established, is like furnishing a house
before the foundation is laid. It also says, before we can do anything with
you, we must first see the documentation that the British have given you,
your independence, as requested. This is a very unveiling letter.

You, we, being Moors, are to enforce and follow the law of the land - your
land, your ancestral estate. You are not to enforce the rules of law
established in or by any corporate states constitution, or foreign Europeans
private general assembly, of which, in their state constitutions, it is made
clear that they are forbidden to violate or abrogate the rules of law
established in the Law of the Land - the American National Constitution.
(Read Article VI). They cannot perpetrate a fraud upon the natural people

and pretend to be Judges and then hold the people accountable to void
judgments and defective writs. That is exactly what they are doing with
feigned infractions and violations that are not infractions or violations at all.
They make them up, create Bills of Attainders, municipal warrants (romans),
which are Bills of Attainders by definition. The constitution spells out in
Article 1 Section 9 for Congress and section 10 for states that they are
forbidden to create Bills of Attainders, Ex Post Facto Laws (that is when they
hinder you and charge you with something after the fact). They, being
private employee security guards hired by Mayors of cities, go to the schools
and other public organizations, i.e. NAACP meetings and teach the students
and members how to allow them to violate their civil liberties. The students
and members accept it, even though that officer may be violating their
human and civil liberties. Now that is the enslavement of yesterday
happening today, as their intent to enslave you and murder you is
documented as their intent, even if the current day trained employee may
not know it. If you knew your liberties, you would quickly recognize it.

Form of Government For the People of and In the Land

The Law of the land guarantees a Republican form of government and NOT a
democracy. Democracy (demi, meaning lesser then), is the code word for
the slow infiltration, of which they have successfully gotten unconscious
Moors to subscribe to, as if it has true bearings. Asking if you are a
Republican or a Democrat ABSOLUTELY has no bearing on the Form of
government, as the law of this land is based in a Republic Form of
government, not a choice you may want to have, and you need to know the
difference. You would not be talking about being a Democrat ignorantly,
meaning, for one; you don’t know and for two; you are willing to abandon
your ancestral estate and its Form of governing. A Republican FORM of
government is for the people, by the people and of the people, which is
Peace, and it is what is already established, it is not changeable or debatable.
You, we, accept these traps due to lack of knowledge and for that we
suffer. Refer to Article IV and to Article VI of the American National
Constitution wherein, if anyone violates the Law of the land with ordinances,
codes, statutes, etc., those same ordinances, codes and statutes would HAVE
NO STANDING IN LAW!!! non-existent.

“An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes

no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal
contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been
passed.” Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425.

“Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can

be no rule making or legislation, which would abrogate them.”
Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436.

We have figured it out already, many of the so-called leaders of those who
are Moorish American / Moor American - same thing; as American and Moor
are the same thing; either do not study, OR are infiltrating agents by
conscious design, or by someone else’s conscious design who came before
them and taught them to be infiltrators. Many of them say you cannot be a
Moor UNLESS you come through a Temple as a member. That is a MOST
ABSURD statement which proves a desire to own and / or control others, and
proves the existence of mental slavery if another believes it and acts upon it
as truth. You are born a Moor, as a matter of blood line, lineage and
heritage, thus birthrights - not Temple rights. Simple: Prophet Noble Drew
Ali himself was a Moor prior to establishing any Temple. So such statements
show and prove themselves, if you would just get to thinking and studying,
which really are the same thing in many ways. If these people are talking
about an agreement made AFTER he left the scene, then what would that be,
as his instructions were clear for us to all live in peace and not be molested.
Until they enforce the American National Constitution for Nationals, as
instructed, then they have not done what was directed of them by Prophet
Noble Drew Ali. Therefore, there is no need to make up anything new in an
effort to bring unity and peace, the agreement and instructions have already
been made clear. Most of us know most Moors, unfortunately and sadly do
not enforce the American National Constitution for Nationals (they don't
know the difference between a state's constitution, their Membership By-
Laws and Constitution and THE National Constitution). Until they get to
knowing and acting upon that, anything else would be treason on their part,
even as a Moor. We recognize fraud and so ought you.

Even more sinister and unveiling is that those who say these things are
probably working with the foreigners through their corporate county You
ought not be registering, you ought to be Declaring and Proclaiming, as
instructed. Why else would they say something like that? OR, they just
have no ability to be fearless, independent and upright Moors, of which they
would have to be lacking those qualities to even make a statement like that
or an agreement like that with foreigners to keep the aboriginal and
indigenous natives (Moors) under their jurisdiction. So be careful Moors,
some of your own will put you back into slavery. The last reason for these
statements and actions of so-called leaders is that they prove lack of study,
as they were instructed and obligated to do, many of them think you are a
U.S.A. citizen and that is absolute proof of one or all of the above reasons.
Be sure to read the Magistrate and Subject relationship - Chapter 29, the
Sheiks are chosen by you, the member and considered a favorite amongst
his equals, which is you, the member. This is an election process from the
very first line of that chapter. Also be sure to have read Chapter 28, before
you decide and act upon a Master / Servant relationship with anyone.

Leaders In and Out of Temples

These failed acts of leadership are equivalent to the so-called civil rights
leaders, leading people down the road of the Civil Rights Act, of which was
struck down as unconstitutional. Yet people still march about it in ignorance.
The children are state property children being killed like animals in the street
because they were not guided to know anything about, or have any honor of
their mothers and fathers, who are the mothers and fathers of civilization
and civilization principles. They have not been made aware that they
themselves are all law divinely manifested in the flesh. They, then, are
prime for the modern foreign European squatters and their documented
intent to live out their religious purpose, which is to murder them and
commit birthright theft under threat, duress and coercion methods today.
They re-member they were in slavery, at the hands of the Brutish (British)
Moors, and were not treated well and they do not want to go back to that
position, nor would they, if they would be law abiding, instead of violating
the law and ignoring the American National Constitution, which is the
compact designed to preserve, protect, and secure everyone’s rights and
bring the Peace we all say we seek. It is important for Moors to re-member
who they are. This is NOT the ancestral estate of foreign Europeans who
admittedly came over on slave boats, on the Mayflower, at the instructions of
Queen Isabella, or via Ellis Island and any other way they could escape their
tyranny, as they look for a place to squat. It is all written and documented
truth, however their public education has not been applied to tell that truth
to our children. What they are learning is the “12 Years A Slave

These foreign Europeans who are violating the natural people are the ones
who came to someone else’s land on boats, and they refuse to follow the law
of the land, which is what freed them. They want to enslave the people who
agreed and assisted in their freeing. Read the letter from Benjamin
Bannekar to Ben Franklin, 1791 he mentions same to them in that letter.
We need NOT allow them to tell us what they want us to know about
Benjamin Bannekar, which is what they are posed now to do since we believe
whatever they say and we do not study for ourselves, and do not teach our
own. Also read the letter from George Washington to the Sultan of
Morocco, 1789, wherein you will see we assisted them, and established the
constitution for them, as the law to follow and enforce on the land. Both
letters are found on the ‘Forgotten Scrolls’ page of the site. These are
some of the truths that were not taught in the corporate state public schools
that we send our children to and believe it is the law to do so. Since they
know we don’t know any better, they have created fake laws wherein they
will fine you and put you in jail if you don’t send YOUR children to their ’12
Years A Slave Program”. Now we can begin to recognize the importance of
our obligation to our children, and at the very least, tell them the truth of
their heritage and their true place in history. Prophet Noble Drew Ali pointed
you in the direction of your illustrious history as Moors (before a MSTA
Temple was established), when he wrote “Message To America”, and

talked about the wonderful buildings, such as the Al Humbra and the Taj
Mahal, that Moors built. We can now understand why they are all over what
you teach YOUR child and why they insist on providing a curriculum to YOUR
child, one which is a dumbed down and lacking truth of their heritage and
their place in history, giving them no sense of pride. Upon study, we found
that heritage and history and it was never really hidden.

Clearly these modern Europeans are feigning to be what and who they are
not, as it pertains to having any jurisdiction over your ancestral estate or
over you. Your Birthrights cannot be bought, cannot be sold and cannot be
transferred, therefore are fixed in nature and there is nothing anyone can do
to change that, not even paperwork can change that truth, and thank
goodness that no one can change another’s descent nature.

To Conclude: Things would be quite different if Moors would declare their

status and claim their estate via birthright, and stop acting out as if this land
is the ancestral estate and inheritance of foreigners, colonist, pilgrims who
came on boats as slaves, beggars, friars and thieves. We trust all will rise to
a civilized position in truth, as the truth does not change, nor pass away. If
you do nothing else, declare your nationality and take your place amongst
the affairs of man, your status determines your relationship to the
community, but it is not a mere relationship, it is a legal one. Common law
is International law, it is not corporate state law, or policy, not county or
municipal (roman) law. You are not a member / citizen of any corporate
state. Enforce the Law of YOUR land, if you don’t, you cannot expect anyone
else to respect it. You would think any so-called leader would know that.
Do not confuse your inherent civil Liberties with any civil rights act. There is
no excuse for so-called leaders, in or out of the Temple to lead you to do so,
and there ought be no more time for them because time is unity, and if they
are not willing to be unified, the universe will afford them no longer.

Disclaimer: This information carries no debate and is very clear.

Get to thinking and free yourself, be yourself and become

better members of society by re-membering.

Courtesy of R.V. Bey Publications.com in Association with Moors Heritage and History School
and the Moorish Nation Public Records.com