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Memorandum of Understanding

Logo & company Name 1

Logo & company Name 2

This MOU is entered into this 17thday of April, 2018,

between the company Name 1, and company Name 2.
Terms and Conditions:


This MOU shall be valid for 6 months from the effective date and thereafter it may be renewed on
mutually agreed terms.


This MOU is for collaboration between the parties for mutual benefit for the purpose of providing
Placement Services to the students of company Name 2. The intent of this partnership would be to
improve and consolidate company Name 2 ranking in terms of Best Placements provided in private
Training instutute of Maharashtra state.

Company Name will ensure companies for placements for the trained Students in software skills.

1. “Company Name ”, Pune, Standards of Performance

 Company Name shall provide the basic infrastructure like computers, labs, classrooms,
electricity, UPS, Internet, Office stationary and associated services as may be required for
the purpose of attainment of objective / purpose as stated above.
 Company Name is committed to introduce all relevant training courses and online tests as
deemed necessary for the attainment of objective/ purpose as stated above.
 Company Name shall act as company name’s Placement Partner in Pune and therefore
provide all support and coordination in the execution of objective/ purpose as stated
 The execution of the MOU will start in 17th Apr 2018. Company Name will share the
database of the students with Company Name for the adequate execution of its role.

2. Company Name Solution Standard of Performance :

 Company Name / Ms Mrunalini will be Single Point of Contact for Placement for Company
Name .
 Company Name will appoint one additional resources along with Ms Mrunalini
 One Placement Officers and One Business Development officer based at Pune will be
dedicatedly working for Company Name Placements.
 Company Name will represent Company Name in all important HR and Industry Meets and
Events and will help improve institute’s brand visibility among strategic platforms.
 Company Name will submit a monthly report on the basis of the same payment will be

3. Mutual Obligations:

 Both the parties shall appoint one person as one point of contact for smooth execution of
the MOU.
 This collaboration shall not be exclusive to both parties and shall not disallow each party
from having similar collaboration with others. Except as expressly stated in this MOU, there
shall be no obligation on any part to compensate the other in any manner or to make any
 Each part shall respect the others intellectual property and shall use trade name,
trademark, logo, symbol or designation belonging to the other in accordance with this
 Nothing contained in this MOU shall be construed as resulting in the creation of a
relationship of employer and employee or Principal and agent between Company Name &
Company Name , Pune. Company Name & Company Name is not authorized to make any
representation, contract, or commitment on behalf of Company Name & Company Name
without prior written consent of other party.
 Both parties shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the successful completion of the
collaboration and shall cooperate with each other in performance of their respective

4. Commercial :

5. Limitations and Warranties:

 Each party shall ensure that the other is not put to any liability for any act of the respective
party under this MOU.
 Each party represents that they have full power and authority to enter into this MOU in

6. Jurisdiction :

The Court as defined in Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 shall be Courts at Pune.

7. Indemnification :

Both the Parties shall indemnify and hold each other harmless from and against any claim, loss,
liability, or expense, including but not limited to damages, patent and trademark infringement,
costs and attorneys fees, arising out of or in connection with any acts or omission of their agents or
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, to show their assent, the duly authorized representative of the parties
hereto have signed the Agreement and set their seals as below:-

Signed for and on behalf of

For Company Name Solution

Signed for and on behalf of

For Company Name Solution