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April Kochman     
3072 Barnstable Ct, Aurora, IL 60504    
September 19, 2018 
Alice Jauch  
Facilitator, Tailored Tronics 
2590 Ogden Ave   
Aurora, IL 60504 
Dear Mrs. Jauch, 
I am a senior at Waubonsie Valley High School and I am highly interested in your posted position 
for Chief Executive Officer for the 6th period Virtual Enterprise International class. I learned about 
this position through friends and old classes.
I am interested in the position and feel I am uniquely qualified from a variety of work experiences 
I have encountered. I have both run my own company as well as worked for others. In addition, I 
have had a great deal of volunteer experiences that included leadership training and supervisory 
At the age of 9 years, I started my own jewelry business. I sold my creations at craft fairs and the 
Aurora Farmers Market. Since there were few if any other child vendors, my business inspired the 
Aurora Farmers Market to create the Young Entrepreneurs’ Program. In addition experiencing 
many aspects of setting up and sustaining a business, I also was a counselor in training at 
Phantom Lake YMCA camp. Through this I attended retreats where I received training in 
leadership and teamwork for intense situations. During camp sessions I was responsible for my 
campers’ safety and well-being while also using my creativity to develop eactivities. I was 
expected to make sure all campers were involved and interacting with each other.  
Though I have had some experience in other jobs, I feel the skills I have learned in just these two 
settings will provide a valuable foundation for me as CEO of VEI. I look forward to engaging the 
students in class and integrating the ideas of all group members. I find it is important to the 
success of an organization to have all members invested in the process. I enjoy the challenge of 
taking people with varying backgrounds and personalities and combining all of their positive 
attributes to assist in building a successful and satisfying company. I am more knowledgeable 
than most people my age at starting up, budgeting for and marketing a business. This combined 
with my experience with leading young people will enable me to support the mission of 
developing this virtual business.  
Thank you very much for considering me for the position of Chief Executive Officer. If you hire me 
I will put all my efforts into collaborating with my classmates while making tough decisions when 
necessary so we can all learn and achieve with our business enterprise. I will follow up with you 
in a week to see if there is any other information I can provide and to inquire as to the status of 
this position. 


April Kochman