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If given to the sheriff for _______ and the sheriff execution the owner fails to exercise the right of

executes a decision concerning the copy of the writ redemption the buyer of the auction should file a
to the party (?) if the decision is for the def to pay motion of consolidation of ownership with the
plaintiff a sum of money – sheriff will demand the proper rtc court – court issues an order from
payment within 3 days upon service of the writ – if surveilling the origin of the prop ______ the buyer
one reason or another the def did not pay the becomes the owner now-entitled possession. Those
sheriff will look for prop of the def & if he finds one are the ______ _____________
he should levy on execution such prop
Supposed_________ the clerk is the official ______
What do you mean by levy on execution? When the letter executed by the sheriff the proceedings
prop is levy on execution it becomes a prop under undertaken and failure to look for prop of the
custodia legis & ________ that prop can no longer judgment debtor and so the decision will remain
be the subj of any kind of transaction and can only unsatisfied. Can the def be _____ indebted____
be disposed of by the order of the court.
On the other hand if the sheriff comes upon a prop
If the prop is a titled prop – the levy on exec ______ in which it owns by the def and the prop is in a
by registering the writ and cert of levy with the possession of a 3rd person and he tries to levy on
register of deeds and _____ under the levy on exec the prop but the 3rd person would not allow and
the sheriff should cause to give notice a public files a claim on the prop that is known as terceria –
auction for that levied prop specifying the date and it is a claim by a 3rd person of ownership of a prop
place of such public auction – that PA should be sought executed upon by a sheriff that is in
published in the newspaper of gen circulation in the judgment or ________ if the judgment ____ may
place where the prop is situated & that notice of PA file to the def to deliver the prop those actions
is also posted in 3 conspicuous places in the _________ the def is the owner and the judgment
municipality or city where the prop is situated declares the plaintiff in the ownership of the land &
requires def to surrender the land to the plaintiff
On the ______ of the PA the sheriff will accept
______ from anyone including the judgment Sheriff will go to the def & serves upon him a writ of
creditor & the sheriff will award the same to the execution and the sheriff will specify the date and
highest bidder time for the delivery of the prop thru the writ- on
the day set the sheriff for the delivery the sheriff
The sheriff executes a sheriff cert of sale of the will _______ together with the prop and declares
subject prop & the cert of sale will be given to the the delivery of the prop to the plaintiff and ordering
buyer the def to respect the ownership of the plaintiff
Ownership of ________ is the transfer to the final over the prop
auction by virtue of cert of sale bc it order the prop What happens if the def after that ceremony enters
in case it srved to the def has the right to redeem upon the prop without the consent of the plaintiff?
the prop with a period of a year from the time of
Purpose Is re-occupy – indirect contempt of court
the execution , the sheriff will now deliver the
money to the plaintiff or his lawyers and the lawyer If the judgment requires the plaintiff to something if
who receives it should imeddiately turn over the he fails to perform that duty within the period
money to his client if within the period of 1 yr from specified the sheriff will report the matter to the
court – court will grant the authority to the sheriff
to execute the deed of sale which shall be good for
all purposes