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Prof. Dr. Vimolsiddhi
Director for Architecture
Thammasat University
Pham Minh Tuan
Electricity of Vietnam
Best Practices Competition
For Energy Efficient Buildings 2001
Majid Haji Sapar Prof. Ir. Dr. K.S.
Building Services Engineer Kannan
Ministry of Development Head, Centre for
Brunei Darussalam Energy Studies Institute
UTM, Malaysia asean

Muhd. Amir Sharifuddin Nyun Maung San

bin Haji Ali Superintendent Engineer
Project Engineer Ministry of Construction 4 JULY 2001, EMPIRE HOTEL, BRUNEI DARUSSALAM
Ministry of Development Myanmar IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE

Chan Socheat Jose Ignacio

Ministry of Industry, Mines Associate Professor
and Energy College of Architecture Securities Commission, Malaysia Urban Redevelopment Authority,
Cambodia Univ. of the Philipinnes Singapore

Heang Bora Dr. Lee Siew Eang

Ministry of Industry, Mines Associate Professor
and Energy Faculty of Architecture
Cambodia National University of
Singapore Sultanah Zanariah Library,
Mike Shopping Mall, Thailand
Retno Gumilang Dewi Dr. Withaya
Head, Technology & Yongchareon
Environment Division Associate Professor
ITB, Indonesia Chulalongkorn University

Anousak Phongsavath
Ministry of Industry and

Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation,


Commission WINNER
Building Information
Name of Building
Name of Owner
Project Manager
Total Number of Storeys
Securities Commission
Securities Commision
WTW Consultant Sdn Bhd
11 Floors
T he Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) through the ASEAN Centre for
Energy (ACE) and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Sub-sector Network (EEC-
SSN) has conceived the ASEAN Energy Awards (AEA) as a mechanism to promote
excellence in the field of energy.

Total Gross Floor Area 94,288 m2 For the second straight year, the focus of the ASEAN Energy Awards is energy efficient
buildings. Buildings are among the biggest consumers of energy. Energy efficiency and
Efficiency Chart conservation are, therefore, necessary. This year’s Awardees were chosen through the ASEAN
Energy Efficiency Index 120 kWh/m2/yr Energy Efficient Building Best Practices Competition. The competition covered three
21.5o to 24.5 C
Temperature categories, namely:
Relative Humidity 55% to 65%
Lighting Load 13.7 W/m2 1) New and Existing Buildings;
OTTV 35.0 W/m2 2) Retrofitted Buildings; and
3) Special Category

he Securities Commission of Malaysia is an
8-storey office building. It has been and air exhaust vent are also features which lower The Board of Judges held the final judging on 14-15 May 2001 in Hanoi, Vietnam.
designed as a premier "intelligent" building thermal transfer values.
that exceeds the accepted norms of building code
Air conditioners. The "under floor discharge" air
and standards of Malaysia. Built in 1998, it is
conditioner concept is applied. The air handling
Malaysia's first truly flexible office work
units are double skin and variable speed drive New and Existing Building Category
environment which allows easy configuration of
controlled. Variable air volume and terminals
systems. Plaza Bank International Indonesia Tower II
ensure optimum control of air-conditioning. The
Landscaping. Landscape features include underfloor discharge flows in the same direction as Securities Commission (Malaysia)
water and lush greenery. A 12-meter moat runs the thermal lift and thus consumes less energy to Sutera Harbour Resort (Malaysia)
around the building to allow daylight to penetrate cool the building. Urban Redevelopment Authority (Singapore)
to spaces below. Other features are irrigation Singapore Immigration and Registration
Lighting systems. The installed lighting load is
system, planting medium, decorative lighting, soil
13.7 W/m². Solar blinds are operated by photo Hanoi Daewoo Hotel (Vietnam)
moisture meters, and localised shading
sensors and are connected to the Building
structures. Retrofitted Building Category
Automation System (BAS)
Roofing system. Overhanging roof struct ures Hotel Le Royal (Cambodia)
Management and Maintenance Scheme.
provide shading from direct sunlight. Deep roof Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
The Building Control and Management System
insulates the building from heat gain and Sultanah Zanariah Library of UTM (Malaysia)
(BCMS) integrates Building Automation System
accommodates the building services plant room.
(BAS) and OA system with high level interface to Temasek Tower (Singapore)
Atrium and main corridors. Acting as an chillers, lifts, and other building equipment. The Mike Shopping Mall (Thailand)
internal courtyard, the atrium allows natural BAS optimises energy consumption. With the
daylight to filter the glass roof. Daylight is maintenance programme are 4 full-time staff for 2 Special Category
maximised and energy consumption is greatly shifts during weekdays and one shift on working Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation
reduced. Saturdays (2nd & 4th Saturdays).
Office Building E (Philippines)
Façade and Shading Design. The double Environmental impact consideration. No
skin façade, with horizontal and vertical shading CFC or ozone depletion refrigerants are used. The All nominiees were conferred the Plaque of Recognition for Energy Efficient Buildings. To be
devices within two glass layers, achieves a high "Low-E" glass at the façade avoids high reflectivity. eligible for nomination, a building must first be certified energy efficient by the nominating
level of transparency for daylight and minimises And, the double skin façade and roof plant room country’s Focal Point for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Sub-Sector Network after
the impact of solar heat and glare. Ventilated air act as a climatic buffer and reduce noise pollution thorough energy audits. The nomination is endorsed by the Focal Point. Most nominees are
gap walkway, automatic blind control, louvres, from the surrounding highways. themselves winners of national EE&C building practices competition.
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Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation Urban Redevelopment Authority

Building Information
Building Information Gas-Fired Absorption Name of Building The URA Centre
Name of Building Fort Bonifacio Development Name of Owner Urban Redevelopment
System for Building Air- Authority
Corporation Office Building E
Name of Owner Bonifacio Gas Corporation Conditioning Requirement Total Number of Storeys A 5-storey podium block &
Total Number of Storey 1 Floor a 16-storey office block
Total Gross Floor Area 1,325 m2 Total Gross Floor Area 38,187 m2

Efficiency Chart
Energy Efficiency Index 191.27 kWh/m2/yr

he Fort Bonifacio Development Temperature 23oC

Corporation (FBDC) Office Building E he URA Centre is the headquarters of Relative Humidity 60%
is located in Bonifacio Global City, the the Urban Redevelopment Authority Lighting Load 10 W/m2
newest business district in the heart of Metro of Singapore. It is a two and a half- OTTV 29.3 W/m2
Manila. The building uses gas -fired year old building with good urban design.
absorption technology for its air-conditioning It has a 5-storey podium and a 16-storey electronic ballasts. PLC compact energy saving lamps
needs. The use of this technology supports office tower. The podium and tower is are also used in certain areas. Motion detectors are
FBDC's vision of creating the first environ- connected by a 5-storey high glass atrium, installed in some areas to cut down energy wastage.
mental-friendly global city in the country. which functions as an amenity core. The air-conditioning system is flexible and responsive
Integrated Building Design. The total
to load fluctuation and thus maintain user comfort.
Some benefits of the gas absorption system
building performance approach is used to Variable air volume system ensures optimum control
! Double Effect Absorption Cycle. Gas-fired create an office environment that meets the for air-conditioning. Variable speed drives are installed
! Environmental-Friendly. The system absorption chillers utilise double effect physical and psychological needs of staff. to modulate the supply of air flow of the AHU in
does not use HCFC's and CFC's, the absorption cycles resulting to a very high The approach results in high standards of accordance with the load changes to save energy.
primary contributor to ozone depletion. coefficient of performance (COP) of 1.2. acoustics, visual and thermal comfort, air State-of-the-art lift system with revolution
! Energy Savings. This system currently uses ! Lower Maintenance Cost. The system does and spatial quality, and building integrity. control system-Miconic 10. The lift system provides
LPG and convertible to natural gas, which is not require large motor drives or compressors fewer number of stoppages, shorter average waiting
Excellent Building Envelope Design.
definitely more inexpensive. The building making the operation trouble free and quiet time and faster turn-around, thus lower the energy
Low-e, double glazed, light green glass
saves 50% in energy. with ultra low vibration performance. This consumption. The Miconic 10 lift control system
windows reduce solar radiation and
reduces maintenance to regular inspection and allows the passenger to select the desired floor at the lift
! Electrical Power Peak Saving. During transmission without compromising
cleaning. lobby before entering the lift car.
high electrical power demand, absorption visibility.
chillers are used to reduce electric base ! Ready for Natural Gas. The system is ready Management and Maintenance Scheme. All
Granite cladding and special sun
rates enabling the electrical power plant or for Natural Gas. Shifting from LPG to natural shading devices. The light grey external
M&E systems operate at their optimal settings with the
sub-station to be downsized by about 65% - gas will require minor revisions on the burner. granite cladding has high thermal use of Integrated Building Automation System (BAS).
70%. insulation properties that reduces heat gain Energy usage is monitored by the BAS and is trend
! Simultaneous Cooling and Heating. Direct logged. A Work Improvement Team conceptualises
! Continuous Operation During Power fire absorption chillers can produce and outdoor temperature. Horizontal
louvres and vertical fins at the windows and implements energy saving projects. A
Outages (Brownouts) . Absorption simultaneous cooling and heating operation.
provide shading. Aluminium sunshades comprehensive Computer Aided Facility Management
chillers need only up to 75 kVA for their The machine can operate efficiently at 90%
reduce glare and heat. (CAFM) system is used to pre-determine and track all
largest units. Buildings can still operate the cooling and 10% heating, 80/20, 50/50, the required maintenance work. The staff was provided
whole air-conditioning system using fairly 40/60, etc. Highly efficient M&E Equipment. 100 hours of extensive training to ensure that they keep
small electrical power generators during Lighting system uses double parabolic, pace with the latest facility management knowledge
power outages. recessed fluorescent fittings with dimmable and skills.

6 3

WINNER Mike Shopping Mall Sultanah Zanariah Library - UTM


Building Information Building Information

Name of Building Mike Shopping Mall Name of Building Perpustakaan Sultanah
Ownernership Both owner and tenants Zanariah
Total Number of Storeys 9 Floors Name of Owner Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Total Gross Floor Area 42,100 m2 Total Number of Storeys 4 Floors
Total Gross Floor Area 22,490 m2

Efficiency Chart Efficiency Chart

Energy Efficiency Index 169 kWh/m2/yr Lighting Load 7.5 W/m2
Temperature 25oC OTTV 41 W/m2
Relative Humidity 50-55% RTTV 18 W/m2
Lighting Load 12 W/m2

ike Shopping Mall is the largest OTTV 38.03 W/m2
shopping mall in Pattaya City, Thailand. Electronic ballast reduces flicker, heat generation

It has 9 floors and one basement, with he Sultanah Zanariah Library of the and noise in the lighting system. Light level of the
the building façade oriented towards a beautiful Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) was library was reduced where it was found to be to
sea beach. It is a multi-function complex 3. More than 20 energy-retrofitting measures the recipient of a 10-year energy retrofit high and maintained at the same level in some
consisting of a department store, a shopping have been implemented for both passive and project provided by the Institute Sultan Iskandar areas. It was improved in some places like
plaza, and an office. The mall is a favorite active concepts. They range from no cost, low- (ISI) and ENCEFF/E-EYE. During the period staircase or book shaft where the improvement
shopping destination of both Thai and non-Thai cost to easy-to-do measures. 1993-1997, lighting and air handling units were was more than 80%.
tourists. retrofitted, which resulted to two major findings as
4. It is an excellent showcase of a Government- follows: AHU
In 1996, Mike Shopping Mall was designated for initiated project. The Thai Government
The energy used by the fan motor is proportional
energy retrofit under the Energy Conservation provided technical guidance and financial a) Total savings amounted to 318 kW. This
to the air flow rates cube therefore reduction in
and Promotion Act B.E.2535 of Thailand. An assistance to realise the energy retrofit included the lighting retrofit, AHU retrofit and
the airflow by 33% resulted in a 30% kW
energy service company (ESCO) conducted an programme of Mike Shopping Mall. the reduced chiller load. The savings achieved
reduction from the pre-retrofit measured value.
energy audit. To eliminate the risks on investment, represent a reduction of 36.5% of the original
Additional savings were obtained from the
the services of an ESCO was engaged to deliver a 5. The building adopted low cost, efficient, and load before retrofit.
reduction in fan kW which indirectly reduced the
level of guaranteed savings without compro- locally developed energy technologies.
b) Improvement in comfort condition of the chiller load due to lower heat generation (which is
mising the building design and comfort. If the
library. The airflow rates were reduced which then cooled by the HVAC system). The works
projected savings fall short of a guaranteed 6. It pioneered in the promotion of a
brought the library comfort zone closer to top undertaken to reduce the flowrates and increase
amount, the ESCO pays the difference. performance guarantee business concept
the ASHRAE comfort zone limits. the efficiency of the system were:
between building owners and an ESCO. The
Highlights of the Energy Retrofitting concept is critical for a project that requires ! Replacement of old oversized motor with new
significant amount of investments to convince Super-E type
1. The energy performance indicators are better building owners to undertake energy retrofit. White light lamps with electronic ballasts are
! Replacement of old fan and motor pulleys with
than existing standards. Energy savings were used. This increases the lumen per watt of the
optimally designed size
about 31%. Investments were paid back in 1.3 7. The project is a living testimony of the effective fittings. The high efficiency reflectors (0.8) such as
years. and serious policy of the Thai Government the silver coated (sputtering technology) reflectors ! Alignment of pulleys to reduce transmission
towards energy efficiency and environmental increase the occurrence of light reflection losses
2. Energy savings is 7 percent in 1997 and 1998; improvement. vertically to the floor and laterally across the top
! Electrical connection to motor and necessary
13 percent in 1999; and 10 percent in 2000. of the room. Thi s reduces the kW consumption of
adjustment of over load relay setting
Energy audit is conducted every 6 months to the Library.
further highlight efficiency improvement. ! Control and monitoring

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