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(You are advised to carefully read the instructions given and follow them in the preparation
of the Project Report. Non-compliance with any of these instructions may lead to rejection of Project
Report submitted.)


The III Semester students of BBA Programme are required to carry out a project
work on the ORGANISATION STUDY of a chosen company under the supervision
of an eligible guide and submit THREE hard bound copies of the Project on or
before March 31, 2015, which will be evaluated along with Viva-voce examination.

The aim of the project is to give the students an opportunity to learn

independently and to identify, define and analyze an organisation related to all the
Departments of Management and integrate knowledge in a business context.

It must be noted that the Project Report must not be treated as just another
assignment. The Project Report provides the opportunity to judge the students
time and self-management skills and his/her ability to successfully undertake
long and in-depth study or the organisation. Hence it is not only the product that
is important, but also the process itself. Students must therefore ensure that they
maintain regular contact with their guide and also that they provide the guide with
drafts of their work at regular intervals.


Selection of the company is probably the crucial aspect of the Organisation Study.
The choice of the company is up to the students with prior approval of guide.
However while selecting a company it is essential that the topics are related to
management and of current relevance. These then need to be developed into
something manageable and practical by consideration of available literature/texts
and discussion with your Project Guide. What meets requirement is that the study
must involve carrying out original research in order to meet the organization’s
continual need for new information for forward decision-making.

A macro study on a topic also can be carried out, but care must be taken to
ensure that it is a contribution to the existing literature without any duplication.


It is necessary that students follow these guidelines. The final report should be
presented in the following sequence.

 Title Page
 Student’s Declaration
 Certificate signed by Guide and Principal / Director
 Certificate from the Company / organization
 Acknowledgements
 Executive Summary
 Table of Contents (with page Numbers):
 List of contents
 List of Tables
 List of graphs /Charts / Diagrams
 Introduction
 Industry Profile
 Company Profile
 Product Profile
 Organisation Structure
 Functional Departments
 SWOT Analysis
 Findings, Suggestion and Recommendation
 Bibliography


 The Project Report should be typed on A4 white paper, and be 1.5 line
spaced of, Times Roman with a font size of 12.
 The left margin should not be less than 40 mm and the right margin not less
than 20mm.
 All pages should be numbered, and numbers should be placed at the centre
of the bottom of the page, not less than 10mm above the edge.
 All tables, figures and annexure should be consecutively numbered of
lettered, and suitably labeled.
 THREE bound copies should be handed over to the Institute at the time of
 You are expected to undertake project work individually and submit an
individual project report.
 A certification from the organization where you undertake the project work
should be obtained and copies of the same should be duly enclosed in the
project report.


The Guides are required to meet the students as and when required and provide
guidance in the selection of topic, devising appropriate methodology and
supervising the Project Report writing. They are required to maintain an
attendance register detailing the meetings with dates, time and issue discussed.


You must keep hard copies of each version of your work, and save copies of the
current version on a main and a backup disk (Preferably kept apart from each

 Get organized: give yourself time to think about your Project Report. Look at
the information available.

 Visit the Library and spend some time looking at previous Dissertations.

 The final printing the binding of your Project Report can be most frustrating
time. Allow five working days.

 Do not underestimate the enormity of the task ahead of you.

 Finally, remember to print and bind a copy of the Project Report for your
own use, as no copy of the report submitted will be returned to you.


Students are required to appear for Viva-voce examination on Project Report and
background subjects.

Date: January 10,2015

(Dr. Tripuraneni Jaggaiah)


SPECIMEN-Cover Page/First Page

Title of the Project Report:

Submitted in Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Degree
of Bachelor of Business Administration.

Name of the Candidate :

Reg. No. :

Name of the Specialization :

Partner Institution :

Under the guidance of

Name of the Guide (in Block letters)


Centre for Participatory and Online Programmes

Bangalore University


(Month & Year)




This is to certify that the project work entitled _______________________________

submitted to Bangalore University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the
award of the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in
________________________ is a record of the original work done
by_________________________________________ under my Supervision and
guidance and that this project work has not formed the basis for the award
of any Degree/Diploma/Associate ship/Fellowship or Similar title to any candidate of any

(Seal) Signature of the Guide

Name and Designation

Forwarded by


Submitted for University Examination held on______________________________

Internal Examiner External Examiner


I hereby declare that this project work titled ___________________ is a record

of Original work done by me under the guidance of ___________________
and that this project work has not formed the basis for the award of any
Degree/Diploma/Associate ship/Fellowship or similar title to any candidate of
any University.

Signature of the candidate

Name :

Result :

Course with Specialization

Date :

Countersigned by

Signature of the Guide

(with seal)