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Level: Hybrid 3A 2018

Professor: Lcda. Leticia Badilla Coto.

Writing Task: Huckleberry Finn
Student’s name: Paulo E. Coto Murillo

Have you lived or heard experiences similar to the ones that Finn had?
Brainstorm and write them down in the box below.

 The truh story of “Bill the KId”

 The life of Marco Ramírez: poor’s life, bad education, old society of Costa Rica, truble
family’s, main carácter is a kid, childs grew up alone.

 Is Marco Ramírez the Tom Sawyer of Costa Rica.

1. Comment on the first two chapters. Use an additional piece of paper

2. To plan your writing, use this mind map with information regarding the book.

Main idea:
Huckleberry Finn is similar
of Marco Ramírez.

Supporting Supporting
detail Huckleberry
About the chapters: About the chilhood and
aventurs in the social problems

Supporting detail

My opinion about the novel

Conclusión: Finn and
3. At home, use this information to write a summary of your impressions (first
draft) about such book, describe places and situations. Type it and do it
double-spaced (It’s easy to read.). Write four to five paragraphs.

4. Include the following language.


Present Perfect Simple I have…
I understood…
Just-yet-already-never-ever In my opinion…
In other words…

5. (November 12th): Bring your first draft to class to do the peer editing activity
with one of your classmates.
6. At home, write your final draft and bring it the following class (November

Remember to bring these documents (stapled or with a paper clip):

- mind map (first page)

- first draft
- peer editing form
- final draft