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Library Services


All of our e-books require an NHS OpenAthens username and password to access the full text
(register for OpenAthens here https://openathens.nice.org.uk/) and are available through the
library catalogue (http://nhft.ent.sirsidynix.net.uk/client/en_GB/default/).
When you search for a topic in the library catalogue the e-books will have a link to access
them. You can also limit your search to e-books by using the ‘Limit Search Results’ menu on
the left hand side of the page (see screen shot below). Please note you will find different
limit options for each search.

Click on this
link to
access the
Click in the book
square next to
‘online’ and
click ‘Include’
to see
e-books only

These links will take you through to an OpenAthens screen asking you to log in; apart from the
Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures (RMM) where you will need to click on
Login then OpenAthens. Once you have logged in you will be taken to one of the following
platforms: 123Library, eBookCentral, Ebsco, ClinicalKey or direct to RMM, depending on who
we have purchased the book from. NB: all screenshots are from a PC, pages are re-sized for
mobile devices so may look slightly different.

Enter your NHS

username and
password here
1. 123Library

To view all available books on

123Library click My123Library
then click My eBooks

Scroll down for

list of book
Click on ‘Read now’ to go contents
straight to the book or
scroll down the page to
search or view the
clickable contents list
To view all your
bookmarks and
notes from
previous use click
‘My Account’ then

Once you have opened the book you can navigate through it by using either the table of
contents link on the right hand side or the scroll buttons at the bottom of the page. The
Overview option shows a layout of all the pages.
Show/hide a
contents list
To view book as plain text instead
of book format shown below

Zoom Download for 30

days to Adobe
Digital Editions.
Available free

Use these to
Click here to print the
scroll Go to a current page or a
through the specific page selected page range.
It also shows the
number of pages you
can print

Other features of 123Library include; highlighting sections of text, bookmarking pages and
making notes. The ‘ref’ button will create a reference for you to download in a variety of formats
but does not include Harvard format.

Any notes/bookmarks/highlights/references are saved and can all be viewed the next time you
log in. After you have logged in to 123Library just click on ‘My Research’ from the menu on the
left had side then select ‘Review’

Search for a
topic within
the book
Use this to highlight sections (document view only)

Use this to bookmark pages. To view bookmarks in

your current session click on Bookmarks from the
menu along the top.

Use this to makes notes on a page. To view notes in

your current session click on ‘Notes’ from the menu
along the top.

Note: Make sure you click ‘Exit’ when you have finished reading then ‘log out’ of 123Library at
the top right of the page.

2. EBook Central
Check here for information on how you
To download the book for the stated can download the book – the length of
number of days you will need: time you can access the book once you
have downloaded it; or just view it online.
Laptop or PC – Adobe Digital editions The number of pages you are able to
Android/iOS – Bluefire reader print/copy are also stated
These can be downloaded from the links

Book contents Find details and

Options here are for
(scroll down the information about
reading online,
page), click on a the book here
downloading, sharing and
heading to go to
citing*. ‘Add to Bookshelf’
that chapter and
adds it to your login so
view online
any notes you save can
be viewed again by
clicking on ‘Bookshelf’ at * If using the citation link, check it
the top of the page meets your University/course
referencing guidelines 4
Online reading:
Options for downloading, Useful Help pages
printing, highlighting, making
notes, making text bigger/smaller
etc.* are along the top

View any

Click on the ‘Available for full download’ link. You first need to select the device you are using
then follow the instructions. For Bluefire Reader (iOS or Android) or to transfer the book to
another device you will need an Adobe ID (available from the link).

To download a
chapter you will
need to check out
the book. You can
choose how many
days you want to
use it for from the
dropdown menu.

Requesting book loans/purchase:

If you are not already logged in to EBook Central then you can access it and request books
using this address: http://nhftnhs.ebookcentral.proquest.com , ‘Sign in’ with your NHS
OpenAthens log in.

You can search for books using the search box and once you have a list of results you can
refine your search using the options on the left hand side.

Click on the title of the book you want, you will see more details about the book and be able to
view it for up to 5 minutes to make sure it is what you are looking for.

To request the book, click on ‘Request’ and you will be taken to an online form asking for your
name, email address and a short message (if required). It also gives the option of choosing to
loan or purchase the book. Your request will be considered by one of the librarians and you will
be notified by email when/if it is purchased.

3. Ebsco

This opens
the book at
the front
cover. It is
not a
of the book

These links to
Click here to are for this current
view list of page only not the
contents or book content.
scroll down the
page. Contents
are clickable

If you view a chapter/section of the book you can read online or save/print/email relevant

Incorporated citation to
Dictionary reference
software e.g.
Options along the
top to Save pages,
Email or Print.
There is a limit on
the number of
pages you can
save/print. Choose
current page or a * If using the Cite link, check it
section. NB. Free meets your University/course
Adobe Reader referencing guidelines
required for PDF

4. Clinical Key

After logging in you will see the clickable contents page of the book. You can search within the
book or click on a chapter to view contents. NOTE: To download PDF copies of chapters or
save links you will need to activate personalisation on your account (once only) – click on
‘Logged in via…’ at the top right of the page, click ‘Activate’ and complete the boxes with your
name and email address, accept terms and conditions and click register. Your name will now
appear at the top right of the screen.

Email a chapter link, export NB. Free Adobe

Click here for ‘Reading citation to reference Reader required
mode’ – displays chapter management software, for PDF
contents in full screen download PDF, save (www.adobe.com)

here to
You can download a chapter as a
PDF. Restrictions apply on the
amount you can download or
print, see policy notice when you
download, e.g. you cannot
Clickable download whole books or large
links to quantities of a single book.
chapter Downloads are for personal use
sections only.

5. The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures

Access via the link on the Libraries page on The Staff Room (NHFT intranet) does not require a
login. Links from the library catalogue or direct at www.rmmonline.co.uk require an NHS
OpenAthens account to login. Click on Login at the top right, select ‘Log in with OpenAthens’
and enter you username and password.

You can search all

the content or use Use the search box to enter
the triangles to your topic. You will see a
choose procedure list of suggested terms as
or chapter only you type which you can
click on or continue typing.
Click ‘Search’. Your results
To return to this can be filtered using the
page click here options on the left of the
page i.e. by chapter

Click here for tips

for more complex
Clicking here View the Illustrations searches e.g.
gives you an content of are shown combining terms
A-Z of all each chapter by chapter

Browse through chapters using

these blue clickable chapter

Viewing by chapter:

Click on ‘Chapter’ at the top underneath the search box or use the blue links at the bottom of
the page (see previous screen shot). Use the menu on the left to view chapter sections (purple)
or go straight to ‘Procedure Guidelines’ (blue).

Print the section This brings the

you are viewing text in the
(single copy for centre up to full
personal use only) screen


Individual images/illustrations
can be downloaded (single copy
for personal use only)

Viewing by procedure:

Click on ‘Procedure’ (underneath the search box or from the links in the contents pages)

Click through the tabs for Clicking print here Click here for
further information such as will print out the context of
drugs, equipment needed and whole procedure procedure
illustrations (procedures don’t including links to within the
all have the same sections) references chapter text

Blue clickable The blue clickable

View other You can ‘Show’ or
number links letters take you to a
related ‘Hide’ each step in
take you to the key explaining the type
procedures the procedure or
references page of reference it is i.e.
click on the ‘Show
if you want to clinical experience,
rationale for all
see the full randomised controlled
steps’ at the top
reference. trial etc.

Produced by:

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Library Services

Richmond Library
William Kerr Building
Northampton General Hospital
Telephone: 01604 545929
Email: richmondlibrary@nhft.nhs.uk
Internet: www.library.northants.nhs.uk

Last updated November 2017