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Health problem Family Nursing Goal of care Objective of care Nursing intervention Method Resources Evaluation


Poor environmetal Inability to provide After nursing Within 3 days of 1. Assess family’s H Time and effort of The family was able
sanitation as health home environment intervention, the nursing level of the student nurse and to
conducive to health family will be able interventions, the understanding about O the family
maintenance and to discuss and family will be able poor environmental 1. Recognized the
M the condition and
Cues: personal understand the to. sanitation.
E verbalizes the
“Daghan kaayog development importance of
2. Emphasize the Money for importance of
ilaga, ipis, og mga proper hygiene transportation
importance of a proper
lamok” 1. Cite at least 5 clean and healthy environmental.
importance of environment.. V
proper sanitation 2. The family
o Unwanted 3. Discuss with the identified the
2. Demonstrate family the disadvantages of
smell of the S
ways on effective importance of poor environmental
environment. cleaning having proper I sanitation.
drainage sytem.
T 3. The family
o Presence of 4. Provide teachings: performed
breeding sites
of mosquito due o Segregating garbage o Frequent
non- biodegradable cleaning the
to stagnant from bio-degradable
water in their surroundings
o Organizing and
laundry area arranging things o Started to
o Unsanitary o Cleaning the segregate
toilet drainage thrice a biodegradabl
e from
o Messy room week non-biodegra
o Organizing
o Cleaning the
thrice a wee
Health Problem Family Nursing Goal of Care Objective of Care Nursing Method Resources Evaluation
Problem Interventions

Ineffective Airway Inability to make After 3 days of After an hour of health 1. Instruct about H Time and effort of The family was
clearance decisions with health teaching the teaching the family will best position to the student nurse able to:
respect to taking family will be to be able to: facilitate good O and the family
appropriate health learn ways how to breathing. a. Performed left
a. Verbalize the M Money for side lying position
Cues: condition due to manage ineffective
best position for 2. Teach and transportation and used 2 pillows
inadequate airway clearance E
good breathing encourage deep in sleeping
Subjective: knowledge Such as .using 2
breathing and
pillows to b. Demonstrated
“Usahay maglisod ko ug coughing exercises
elevate the head V proper breathing
ginhawa basta mu’ubo b. Demonstrate at least 15 times a
ko.” As verbalized by the day technique
breathing and I
father coughing c. Started to use
exercises. 3. Encourage fluid S
intake at least 6-8 stem inhalation
c. Demonstrate on glasses per day. I
Objective: how to perform
steam inalation 4. Encourage to T
o Productive cough
walk at least 30-40
with mucus Identify about the mins a day early in
o RR- 25bpm preventive measures of the morning
o Difficulty of the condition.

5. Teach how to
prepare steam

a. Boiled 3 cups o

b. Put 2 tablespoon
of salt

c. Make a paper

d. Let the client

inhale the moist
coming from the
boiled water
through paper cone

e. Continue 15-30

f. Gargle after
using to prevent
Health Problem Family Nursing Goal of Care Objective of Care Nursing Method Resources Evaluation
Problem Interventions

Risk for infection related to Inability to provide After 3 days of After 1 hour of 1. Show to the H Time and effort of The family was
airborne and contact adequate nursing community nursing family members on the student nurse able to:
transmission, possible cross care to the sick, exposure the family intervention the how to sterilize O and the family
infection of pulmonary disabled, will learn the family will be able utensils by bowling a. Cite the mode of
M Money for transmission of
tuberculosis as a health dependent or causes of to water for at least 30
threat vulnerable risk Pulmonary minutes. E transportation PTB
member of the Tuberculosis 1. Enumerate the
Cues: mode of b. Heated utensils
family due to: after used
transmission of
o 5th child Sagittarius and PTB 2. Explain the V
Father Mr. Gemini has importance of c. Used mask or
I covered mouth
been diagnosed with a. Lack of 2. Demonstrate covering mouth to
positive PTB necessary facilities, alternative ways for prevent the spread while sneezing,
o Poor ventilation equipment preventive of TB coughing and
o 12.4 square meter of measures as microorganism. I singing in front of
living space and supplies for evidenced by the family
care T
o Father and Sagittarius d. Learned how to
not using mask or a. Heat the utensils
after used 3. Use a hand perform proper
covering mouth while towels to cover hand washing
coughing and sneezing b. Inadequate b. Using mask or your mouth
in front of the family knowledge and covering mouth anytime you laugh,
skill in carrying out when singing, sing, sneeze and
necessary sneezing and coughing
interventions/ coughing in front
procedure/care of the family
4. Instruct the client
to avoid exposure
to crowds.
c. Demonstrate the
proper hand
washing technique
5. Encourage the
family members to
visit Brgy. Health
Center to receive
prohphylactic agent

6. Teach to the
family members
the proper hand

Health Problem Family Nursing Goal of Care Objective of Care Nursing Method Resources Evaluation
Problem interventions
Malnutrition as health Inability to recognize After 3 days of After 1 hour of 1. Emphasize the H Time and effort of The family was able to:
the presence of importance of having
threat malnutrition in a
nursing nursing healthy weight and
the student nurse
O 1. Recognized the
dependent member intervention the intervention the nutrition and the family
Cues: due to lack of family will be able family will be able importance of having
knowledge M Money for proper nutrition and
Father BMI : 15.1 (Severely to recognize the to: 2.Discuss the
Inability to decide importance of E transportation health body weight
Underweight) consequences of
about taking
having proper 1. Enumerate at having bad nutrion
th appropriate action due least 5 2. Chose cheap but
5 Child: BMI: 10 to failure to nutrition healthy and nutritious
comprehend the compications of 3. Encourage the
(Very Severely nature, magnitude and family to choose V foods
scope of the problem cheap but health
Underweight) foods. I 3. Plan and prepare
2. Plan and prepare
balalnced meals balanced meals which are
Such as green leafy S
which are within the vegetables, within the family’s
family’s budget. legumes ,fruts I budget
3. List at least
nutritious foods for

Health Problem Family Nursing Goal of Care Objective of Care Nursing Method Resources Evaluation
Problem Interventions
Inability to make After 3 days of After 1 hour of 1. Explain to the H Time and effort of The husband was able to
decisions when nursing nursing client how important the student nurse modify his lifestyle as
Unhealthful Lifestyle as respect to taking
intervention the intervention the healthy life style is. O and the family evidenced by:
health threat appropriate health
action due to father will be able father will be abl 2. Inform the client for M
to understand the to: Money for a. Minimizing drinking
Cues: addiction of the possible threat of
prohibited drugs, essence of healthy having unhealthy E transportation coffee
Father cigarettes and alcohol. lifestyle a. Recite at least 3 lifestyle.
advantages of b. Achieved adequate
3. Assess willingness sleep and rest
o Drinking 3-5 sticks of having good of the family
nescafee per day V
lifestyle c. Drinks water at least
o Sleeping 3-5 hrs per day I 8-10 glasses per day
o Drinking alchohol b. Minimize
4. Conduct health
occasionally drinking coffee S
teaching in the family
c. Gradual a. Drinking water at I
achievin least 8-10 glasses
adequate sleep and per day T
b. Sleeping at least
8-10 hrs

c. Limit drinking

Health Problem Family Nursing Goal of Care Objective of Care Nursing Method Resources Evaluation
Problem Interventions

Risk for fire hazard as Inability to provide After 3 days of Afte one hour of H Time and effort of The family was able to:
health threat home environment nursing interventions, nursing the student nurse
1.. Demonstrate to the O - To recite at least 3 ways
conducive to health the family will have
interventions the family the ways on and the family
Cues: maintenance and an awareness to for preventive measues
prevent fire family will be able how to prevent fire M
personal Money for
to: accidents within
o Light construction development due to: transportation - Have self awareness
family’s available E
materials a. Cite at least 3 resources.
o Presence of small ways in
children 2 and 3 preventing fire
years old 2. Educate the family V
o Kitchen inside the b. Have self some preventive
house awareness

- Keeping their candle I

in the safest place
during no electricity T

- Instruct the children

to stay away and
avoid playing the
lamp, matchsticks etc.
Health Problem Family Nursing Goal of Care Objective of Care Nursing Method Resources Evaluation
Problem Interventions

Inability to After Nursing After 1 hour of 1. Provide H Time and effort of The family was able to:
provide nursing interventions information the student nurse
Risk for Fall hazard as intervention, O a. Identified the
a home :1.) The family will of safety need
and the family
health threat the family will importance of a safe
know the importance M
Environment or injury Money for environment that free
Cues: of a safe environment
think of necessary transportation from accidents or injury
free from hazards E
Conducive to action to reduce prevention and
o Unguarded stairs potential hazards
and accident.
motivation to b. Having self awareness
o 145 cm length, has 57 heath prevent. for safety
cm in width, 27 cm in to the home
maintenance V
spacing for every steps environment 2.) The family will be c. Encourage to put side
and personal aware and I rails on their stairs
knowledgeable of
development thehazards in their 2. Encourage the S
home including its family to put side
due to I
preventive measures rails on their stairs
:Lack of
knowledge on 3. Instruct the family
dangerous to be careful on
stepping the stairs
that can cause
Health Problem Family Nursing Goal of Care Objective of Care Nursing Method Resources Evaluation
Problem Interventions

Financial Problem as After 3 days of After one hour of Asses level of H Time and effort of After 2 days of nursing
Foreseeable Crisis community visit the community visit the awareness the student nurse intervention the couple enacted
Inability to decide family will be able to family will be able to : O appropriate action to address the
about taking and the family
decide about the problem.
appropriate actions appropriate actions to 1. Choose ways M
due to failure to saving foods Money for
Cues: solve the problem.
comprehend the E transportation
o Estimated income nature and scope of
₱6000-9,000 for a the problem health 2. Asses overall
month threats because of general condition
financial problem. V
o 8 members of the family
o Not able to meet
daily needs
3. Discuss some
alternative ways that
they can do to solve
their problem(i.e.
budgeting, saving)