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Integrated Language Arts 10 OUTLINING

Class Number: 25 TOPIC: Family Breakdown leads to moral degradation

Name: Raven Valerie F. Marasigan Grade & Section: 10-St.Cecilia
Highlight key phrase/sentences that you borrowed or Make sure to align ideas you borrowed from the original source. Follow the
copied from the original source. Follow the in-text worksheet)
citation in the worksheet) Indention: 5 spaces from left margin
I. The influence of families on their children
greatly affect their values and lifestyles. Bibliography
a. In the formation of children's morals, no Online: A Blog Post
outside influence is greater than that of Anonymous (n.d.). The Family Influence on Children's Morals
the family. Through punishment, Retrieved October 07, 2018, from
reinforcement and both direct and indirect https://education.gov.gy/web/index.php/parenting-tips/item/1702-the-
teaching, families instill morals in
children, and help them to develop beliefs
that reflect the values of their culture.
(Anonymous, n.d.) Online: A Blog Post
b. The environment that children grow up in Hartline, K. D. (2017, August 14). The Family's Influence on a Child's
certainly has some impact on what type of Personality. Retrieved October 09, 2018, from
personality characteristics they develop. https://www.livestrong.com/article/492708-the-familys-influence-on-a-
If families are high conflict, and the childs-personality/
children are drawn into many arguments
and disagreements, they are much more
likely to become withdrawn or have a
personality that is conflict-driven as they
grow older. In addition, if a family does
not have any sort of structure within the
household, children will be much more
impulsive and may get into trouble more
often than children who come from Online: A Blog Post
structured households. (Hartline, 2017) Anonymous (1998, October 15). We Are What We See: The Family
c. Within the family, there are three key Conditions for Modeling Values for Children. Retrieved October 07, 2018,
processes by which children learn from http://parenthood.library.wisc.edu/Popenoe/Popenoe-Modeling.html
character and morality: forming emotional
attachments, being taught prosocial
behavior, and learning respect for
authority and compliance with rules. All
teaching of right and wrong begins with
attachment--the warm, emotional tie that
children have with their parents. Children
learn from and are influenced most by
those persons who are most meaningful
to them, and the most meaningful adults
are those to whom the child is emotionally
attached. If a child does not have a strong
emotional attachment to a parent, the
effectiveness of the parent as a teacher Online: A Blog Post
and moral guide is greatly diminished.
Anonymous (2018, February 25) Moral breakdown. Retrieved October
(Anonymous, 1998)
II. Moral degradation is becoming a more 07, 2018, from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_breakdown
pressing issue in today’s society.
a. Moral breakdown, or moral degradation, is
a phenomenon in which a major
degradation or complete loss of values
takes place within a particular society.
(Anonymous, 2018)
b. These moral breakdowns occur more
regularly in today’s generation. Examples of
these are lack of simple manners when
passing in a crowded public zone, basic
decency to strangers, and even perspective
into the world. When before, you could walk
the streets in the Philippines with a sense of
security, and even start commuting at a
young age, these days, those situations are Online: An Article in an Online Magazine not Published in Print
non-existent. Simple concern for passing Saquib, Amna. (2017, July 14). Degradation of Moral Values. Pakistan
pedestrians on the street, the following of Observer. Retrieved October 07, 2018, from
basic road signs, and respect for women are https://pakobserver.net/degradation-moral-values/
rare traits found in the present.
c. Moral values and graciousness, in the
past, were more common in most
teenagers. Majority of the youth then
learnt respect, courtesy, consideration,
decency, propriety, honesty and
righteousness from a young age, and had
enough self-discipline to hold to these
values. Unlike in the past, where moral
values and self-discipline were the norm,
they are insufficient in today’s younger
generation. However, these moral values
and self-discipline are gradually losing
ground over the years, as most of the
younger generations are steadily
disregarding these ethics. (Saquib, 2017)
d. Moral degradation has become more
rampant in today’s generation due to
misguided upbringing. Parents have become
more and more busy, lessening the time
spent with family. Less time leads to less An Article in an Online Magazine not Published in Print
communication and more misunderstandings, Weissbourd, R. (2002, July 02). Moral Parent, Moral Child. The
thus introducing family breakdowns. American Prospect. Retrieved October 09, 2018, from
III. Family breakdowns are a large factor in http://prospect.org/article/moral-parent-moral-child
moral degradation.
a. Children in single-parent families, to be
sure, face obstacles to developing
important moral qualities. Ethical
development is rooted in emotional
development, and children in single-
parent families may suffer more
persistently from those feelings -- shame,
distrust, cynicism -- that commonly eat
away at children's capacities for caring,
responsibility, idealism, and other
important moral qualities. In the wake of a
divorce, for example, adolescents
frequently suffer sharp disillusionment --
a loss of idealized images of their parents
and of the ideals these parents represent.
After a divorce, large numbers of children
both suffer the shame of poverty and are
abandoned by their fathers (10 years after
a divorce, two-thirds of children haven't Online: A Blog Post
seen their father in a year and have Green, A. (2017, June 13). What Are the Causes of Teenagers' Lack of
effectively lost contact with their fathers). Moral Values & Self-Discipline? Retrieved October 09, 2018, from
This is not the soil out of which idealism https://www.livestrong.com/article/1007053-causes-teenagers-lack-moral-
and a sense of responsibility for others values-selfdiscipline/
can easily grow. (Weissbourd, 2002)
b. Although teenagers may not have the
same decision-making capacity as adults,
parental influences can affect the way that
a teen behaves and makes choices. In
particular, parental behavior plays an
important role in how teenagers make
decisions. For example, if a teenager sees
his parents acting impulsively or making
poor choices such as neglecting
household responsibilities or skipping
work, the teen might believe that he is Online: A Blog Post
entitled to make similar choices. Similarly, R. (1970, January 01). Moral Values among youth. Retrieved October
parents or caregivers abuse or neglect 09, 2018, from http://rajeshshuklajnv.blogspot.com/2011/09/degeneration-
children, they may develop immoral or of-moral-values-in-youth.html
impulsive behaviors, explains the Child
Welfare Information Gateway. (Green,
c. In a nuclear family especially where father
and mother both are working, have no
time to share with their child. The feelings
and emotions of child remained un
entertained, so the child finds some other
places like TV, peer group, bad literature
etc. to share feelings and emotions and
start behaving immorally as revolt. (R,
d. Even though we have established the fact
that family environment and influence has a
large impact on a person’s moral
development, this does not mean that all
people with broken families will have morals
that are no longer intact. People have
different reactions, therefore the values
developed in each person still all differ,
broken family or not.