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A livelihood is a means of making a living. It encompasses people’s

capabilities, assets, income and activities required to secure the necessities of life.
The objective of livelihood program is to reduce poverty and inequality.by
generating employment by among poor households into sustainable livelihoods
and towards economic stability.

II. Rationale

One of the problems our barangay is facing is the scattering waste. You’ll
see garbages wherever you turn your sight; others were sunk in the ground and
sometimes ate by residents’ pets. Another problem of our barangay is poverty.
Most resident men are construction workers, while some men and women work at
offices or factories. Honourable jobs but we know that income is not enough.

The program we want to implement is important because it will solve the

problem of the barangay with improper waste management, scarcity and lack of
adequate family support. Through this project, residents will be able to show
creativity. It will give them the satisfaction of enjoyment while earning even
without a big investment. This also a simple way to take care of the nature.

III. Title of the program

The program will be entitled “FROM THE TRASH, THERE’S A


IV. General Objectives

 To make use of trashes instead of burning them
 To maintain the cleanliness of the barangay
 To provide other means of livelihood for the residents.
 To teach the residents the ways to protect the nature

V. Project Description

“FROM THE TRASH, THERE'S A CASH” is a livelihood program where

residents of Barangay San Felipe will be taught how to earn from garbage. The
program describes our solution to the improper waste managementand scarcity of
the barangays. From waste, using creative imagination, patience and perseverance
we can earn money. It will help to keep the barangay clean because the main piece
of the product will come from waste. Residents will have new things to do that
will surely help in boosting the country's economy. For this program we would
like to invite the Clean and Green Chairman Committee and Labor Committee to
be the speaker on the seminar that will be held.
VI. Methodology

The first step in this project is the dissemination of information on the

barangay about the seminar to be held-where, when, who is invited and what to
buildThe seminar will be held in each sitio of the village on different days of so far
as all the constituents will be assisted. Second is the seminar itself where the
resident will be taught how to appreciate nature. Residents will be taught how to
make new products with garbage by weaving, printing, tailoring and other means.
The focus of this program is not only the recyclable materials because even rotting
waste are profitable. The seminar itself will also discuss how the product will be
marketed and various ways to grow the money. Third is the distribution of
modules that contain the discussions for the purpose to guide citizens in homes.

VII. Budget for approximately 80 attendees per sitio.

Items Unit/Quantity Price Total

Videoke 1 500/day 500.00
Chairs 80 10/piece 800.00
Table 10 50/piece 500.00
Thread 16 10/piece 160.00
Needle 8 10/piece 80.00
Rugby 8 50/240 ml 400.00
Module 80 2/piece 160.00
Totals 2600.00

Take note that the total expenses indicated above is for each sitio only. Our
village is divided into 5 sitio. An estimation of Php 13,000.00 will be used for the
whole project.
Project Proposal
Livelihood Program
Barangay San Felipe, Padre
Garcia, Batangas

Proposed by:

Alcantara, Elizabeth Q.
Villena, Ron Kenneth L.
Quial, Israel Q.
Mata, Benedict H.

Holy Famiy Academy