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Standards for the testing

of doors, windows and

building hardware
Standards for the testing
of doors, windows and
building hardware -
Bodycote Warringtonfire

The capabilities of Bodycote warringtonfire’s

testing and certification of doors, windows Standard Safety/Security Tests

and building hardware is outlined in this guide. EN 13049 Soft & Heavy Body Impact
With UK facilities in the West Midlands EN 949 Soft & Heavy Body
and Yorkshire, clients can access a completely
EN 950 Hard Body
seamless service, enabling testing and
pr EN 1627 Burglar Resistance (Rqmts & Class’n)
certification of architectural products for
CERTIFIRE approval, Security testing pr EN 1628 Burglar Resistance (Static Loading)

& approvals and CE marking. pr EN 1629 Burglar Resistance (Dynamic Loading)

pr EN 1630 Burglar Resistance (Manual Burglary)
With a dedicated team of experts,
ENV 1187 Fire Door to Roof
Bodycote warringtonfire can guide you
through every facet of testing and certification, EN 1363 General Principles for Fire Resistance

whether your requirements are for the UK, EN 1634 - 1 Fire Door Resistance

or even if you intend to market into Europe EN 1634 - 3 Smoke Resistance

and beyond. With a strong presence across
EN 14600 Fire Doorsets (Rqmts & Class’n)
Europe, The Middle East, The Far East and in
PAS24 Doorsets General & enhanced performance
the US, this provides you with the ability to
gain testing and certification to meet globally BS7950 Windows Enhanced Security Standard

emerging standards, from within the UK. EN 1192 Strength Requirements

EN 14351-1 External Pedestrian Doors

DD171 Pivoted Doors Performance requirements

EN 13241-1 Industrial Doors Product Standard

EN 12453 Power operated doors safety in use requirements

EN 12604 Mechanical Requirements

EN 12605 Mechanical Requirements

EN 12445 Power operated doors safety in use

EN 12424 Resistance to wind load classification

EN 12444 Resistance to wind load

EN 1634 - 3 & EN 1634 - 1

Standard Environmental Tests

EN 1026 Air Permeability

EN 1027 Water Tightness

EN 12211 Resistance to Wind Load

EN 13141-1 Ventilation

EN ISO 717 - 1 Acoustic

EN 1121 Different Climate

EN 10077 - 2 Thermal Transmittance

Door Leaves: Determination of Behaviour

EN 1294
Under Successive Uniform Climates

EN 140 - 3 Acoustic

EN 1634 - 3 Smoke Resistance

BS 6375-1 Classification for weathertightness

EN 12207 Air permeability classification

EN 12208 Watertightness classification

EN 12210 Wind Load classification

BS 5368-1 Air permeability

BS 5368-2 Watertightness

BS 5368-3 Wind Resistance

PAS 23 General performance requirements

Standard Hardware Tests

Soft & Heavy Body Impact - EN 13049
EN1303 Building Hardware - Cylinders for locks

EN5872 Locks and Latches for doors and buildings

Standard Other Tests
Mechanically operated locks,
latches and locking plates EN 14609 Resistance to Static Torsion

BS 3621 Theft resistant lock assemblies - key egress EN 14608 Resistance to Racking

BS 8621 Theft resistant lock assemblies - keyless egress EN 947 Vertical Load

EN1935 Single axis hinges EN 948 Static Torsion

EN1906 Lever handles and knob furniture EN 951 Dimensional Requirements

Emergency exit devices operated EN 952 Flatness

EN 179
by a lever handle or a push pad
EN 12046-1 Operating forces
EN1125 Panic exit devices operated by a horizontal bar
EN 12046-2 Operating forces
BS EN1154 Controled door closing devices
EN 12217 Operating forces requirements
Electronically powered hold-open
BS EN1158
devices for swing doors

EN1158:1997 Door co-ordinator devices Standard Endurance

EN 1670 Corrosion resistance E 1191 Repeated Opening & Closing

BS 8424 Pull handles E 12400 Durability requirements and classification

Warringtonfire Certification
Technical Schedules
TS 10 Timber Fire Doors

TS 12 Steel Fire Doors

TS 30 Vertical Rolling Shutter Doors

Fire Resisting Doorsets and Openable Windows

TS 42 with Fire Resisting and/or Smoke Control
Characteristics (For EN requirements)

TS 56 Fire Resisting Lift Landing Doors

Performance and Requirements for burglary

WCL 001 Resistance of doorsets and door assemblies
to PAS 23/24

Performance and Requirements for burglary

Resistance of hinged, pivoted, folding or sliding
WCL 002
doorsets, windows, curtain walling, security
grilles, garage doors and shutters.

Performance and requirements for burglary

WCL 003 resistance of doorsets and door assemblies to
European requirements

TS 23 Locks and Latches

TS 12 Hinges

TS 30 Panic Exit Devices E 1191 - Repeated Opening & Closing

TS 31 Emergency Exit Devices

TS 32 Letterplates For further details regarding any of the services offered

TS 33 Door Coordinator Devices by Bodycote warringtonfire, including Technical Information
Sheets please use any of the following contacts:
TS 34 Door Closing Devices and Accessories

TS 41 Signal-activated uncontrolled door closers Chris Miles Paul Duggan

t: +44 (0) 1925-655116 t: +44 (0) 1902 -722122
e: chris.miles@bodycote.com e: paul.duggan@bodycote.com
TS 21 Smoke Door Seals

TS 35 Intumescent Seals