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The Journal of the Australian Society of Endodontology Inc.

the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Endodo ntists

Aust Endod J 2009; 35: 1


The New Year has already begun and with it all the hopes This acknowledgement is the face of the hard work that
and expectations that a new year always brings. May I goes on behind the scenes prior to the publication of each
begin by wishing all members a wonderful and prosper- Issue. Here I refer to the often forgotten hours of work that
ous 2009. goes into the reviewing of manuscripts that are submitted
The Australian Endodontic Journal has begun the year on to the Journal. To give some idea of the workload, last year
an exceptional high. We have been notified that our over 120 manuscripts were submitted to the AEJ. Most are
Journal has been listed in the ISI Web of Knowledge refereed by at least two reviewers, mainly members of the
(Thomson Reuters). This means that we are now included Australian and New Zealand Academy of Endodontists.
in the most prestigious scientific journal data base in the I would like to publicly acknowledge this work performed
world. Until very recently, almost no southern hemisphere unselfishly by these colleagues and below is a list of those
journals were included on this data base and it is indeed a who have reviewed manuscripts throughout 2008. I thank
great honour for our Journal to be listed. Inclusion in ISI them for their professionalism and support.
will significantly improve AEJ’s visibility, especially to the
international endodontic community. A strong web pres- Assoc. Prof. Ralph Reid
ence is mandatory for serious scientific publishers and this Editor-in-Chief
inclusion strengthens our current excellent web exposure
courtesy of our publisher, Wiley-Blackwell.

Paul Abbott Martin Gale Ward Rutley

Matheus Bandeca Matthew Gentner Andrew Sainsbury
John Barbat Steve Harlamb Chankhrit Sathorn
David Barnard Robert Hazlewood Christine Sedgley
Tom Berekally Fiona Heard Kim Seung Tae
Stephen Blackler Paul Heijkoop Shahriar Shahi
Luke Borgula Hilary Heindl Tim Silbert
Grahame Brown Geoffrey Heithersay David Sonntag
David Cable Jeff Hislop Nigel Souter
Michelle Cabrera Rory Hume Peter Spili
Santo Cardaci Mike Jameson Adam Stabholz
Tim Castrisos Penelope Jones Hideaka Suda
Peter Cathro William Kahler Ali Talati
Nick Chandler Ali Keles Mark Taylor
Gary Cheung Selwyn Kessler Robyn Thomas
Steven Cohn Michael Lee Gregory Tilley
Lach Daenke Robert Love Ian Trantor
Stephen Dahlstrom Paul Marin Gary Verdickt
Chris Daly Bayardo Martell Laurie Walsh
Gustavo De Deus Anthony Martin Jeff Ward
Ian Denholm Elizabeth Martin Glen Weston
Peter Duckmanton John McNamara Richard Widmer
Gabriella Dyer Harold Messer David Witherspoon
Effy Ehrmann Alex Moule Peter Wong
Mark Evans Garry Nervo Mark Wotzke
Dan Farmer Alan Nerwich Marcus Yan
David Figdor Peter Parashos Zu-Pyn Yang
Matthew Filei Christopher Punch Thai Yeng
Paul Fitzwalter Ennio Rebellato Christine Yu
Alex Forrest Ralph Reid Phillippe Zimet

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Journal compilation © 2009 Australian Society of Endodontology