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Dear Grade 11 students, few weeks from now, we will be leaving the portals of

our beloved Alberto Olarte Sr. National High School. Next school year, you will

be called “seniors or the Grade 12” which will mean to you a great opportunity,

a big responsibility, and a challenge.

Our batch had its ups and downs. We’ve had a lot of struggles as well as

blissful moments during our stay in AOSNHS . We don't know what to do, or

what will happen to us. All we know is that we are going to enter a new field,

face new battles, and meet new warriors. But no matter what happens - if we

fail to win those battles, if it so happens that those warriors become our

adversaries - one thing will always be clear and true: we will forever be a

product of AOSNHS.

We will depart our beloved school full of dreams, hopes and aspirations for the

future. There will never be a year like this. So now, we hereby declare this as

our Last Will and Testament.

With the guidance and pieces of advice of our dearly loved teachers; the

knowledge and wisdom gained which cannot be replaced, we now pass on to

the incoming Grade 12 the talents and interests of our class with the hope

that, before leaving, continue those we left unfinished.


As we finish this six- year writhe and mirth in this school, we hereby leave this

last will and testament to our heirs… The Grade 11.

 The ingenuity and artistry of artists Ian Jefferson Paparang, Roldan

Diola, Marlon Makaminang, Erwin Tamama, Banny Banggol, Jerome

Luarez, Elias Delas Alas and Jayson Marandang.

 The unquenchable athletic enthusiasm of Ronel Delfin, Edwin Bilwak,

Marco Anthony Abo, Henjie Macampao, Jefrie Lawa, Renato Gomez,

Adrian Diantan, Dindo Dianda, Jahid Bine Wilson Diama, Jayvee

Hinahon , Jovaynie Joe, Hedrat Colano, John Joe Magdowin, Ace

Jeffrey Magon and Cesar Alan Olarte.

 The exuberance of Aldrin Mahaling, James Paul Abcede, John Lloyd

Langomez, Jomary Siwak, Aldren Garduque, Aldrin Carloman, Ivan

Campilan, Lucio Campaan, Jessie Mar Diola, Julius Javier, Alnesar

Sabelo, Ardemark Bagus, Jay Ar Balo, Precious Dayen, Jeanry Carl

Nakila, Denver Ontong, Hatimil Simbao, Osman Ontong Ryan Paul Taa

Lemuel Pedro, Jober Mark Tatic, Jiam Tiawin , Roy Munda.

 The competence of being able to lead a group of Charmen Layang, Delia

Sumayang, Marvelyn Mongkil, Myca Ahol, Noraida Balang, Banji Balang,


Cadidia Palo, Jovelyn Pese, Maisona Pondag, and Mirasol Pondag and

Denver Ontong

 The beauty of Gedelie Cogo, Honey Babe Delas Alas, Rose Taa, Ellianie

Sabnal, Merylle Oyao, Erica Tabi, Michelle Porcadilla, VJ Karen Jandoc,

Jefferlyn Parayag , Catheleen Ramirez and Sabtora Eslana.

 The debate skill of none other than Nobvier Mangilay, Romella Gange,

Marvlyn Mongkil and Ardy Mark Bagus

 The accuracy and precision of scientifically minded and the enthusiasm

to solve problems and brain wrecking equations of Alnesar Sabelo and

Aldren Mahaling

 The astounding writing skills of Banny Banggol and Ian Jefferson


 The Qualitative Research Skills of Alliah Kusain, Elliani Sabnal, Sitti

Zaida Chiquito

 The Food and and Beverage Skills of all the TVL Grade 12 students

 The incomparable skills of Tile Setting Skills of some of the TVL students

 Wonderful voice of Edjel Languido and Dian Dominggo

 The Pogi looks of Addamin Saman


 The motherly care of Alliah Kusain

 The pure Filipina beauties of Hannah Marandang, Aiza Lawi, Shine

Kiyawan, Sunshine Kiyawan, Charidel Tabi and Novaira Tiawin

To the Grade 11, we leave these qualities to your batch. We leave you the

responsibility as well as the privilege, the hardships, the laughter and tears,

the disappointments and achievements, and all the things we lived by. Seize

the day. Don’t ever complain that each day is going by slowly because the next

thing you know, you’re graduating from high school. We often don’t realize how

fast time flies. Cherish each moment and be grateful for the people you share it

with. Be momentous. As what Anatole France once said, “To accomplish great

things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

To our school, we are forever thankful for allowing us to undergo high school

through the visions and ideals bolstered in this institution as well as imparting

the lessons from our experiences.

Lastly, we nominate and appoint our beloved advisers from Molave – GAS

Adviser Mr. Jessemar J. Wao, from the TVL G12 Mr. Edmundo Aguil, Our

School Head Mr. Deniemel Padillon, the faculty members, and all senior high

class advisers and teachers to be the executor of this last will and testament.

In witness, whereof, on this memorable Seniors’ Ball , I Sitti Zaida Chiquito ,

now affix my signature on this testament, this 15th day of February, 2019 at

Mabila Municipal Gym Mabila Sarangani Davao Occidental.