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In our project we are developed a website which help do get direct touch with raw industries and it will help us to make world digitalize. We
developed our website with the help of visual studio which is the great platform for developing any king of web pages and web sites. This
tool also provide the platform to work on Asp.net and C# language, with the help of this tool we are developing our website for raw
industries to get a platform in this digital world. The main advantage of this tool id that it will provide a local host database where we can
store our data and try our web pages that it will properly connected with database or not, which help us to evaluate our websites for further
better use and make it user friendly and useful for industries.

Flow Chat of our website

Here we show that how our website will work and how people can use it properly. And what are the elements in webpage

Home About Contact Enquiry Products

LOG IN Registration Forgot


Home page consist of login, registration, forgot page hyper link which help to users for activating and recovering of account.

About page consist the information regarding website.

Conact page consisting the contact information of the owner of website (like address and contact number.

Enquiry page consist the enquiry form which help the users to enquire their quarries.

Product page consist the product which is available for the users in website.

First user log in with their user id then he/she can select the product which they want to get , selected items are add into cart ,when user
satisfy with selection they can purchase the items by using payment gateway , and order will add to the database of the industries , as soon
as industries get their payment they will dispatch the order and send to the user .

This is the main methodology of our website which user can use user friendly, also this website include a large amount of data after host on
web so the database also provide the show data property which help to generate the particular profile data on the screen with request and
verified with otp process. So this website also care about the security of the person who are using the website and also user friendly to
every user.

This website also instruct you the step by step method to register , purchasing and payment gateway which are written on home page of this
website , so users can also easily make friendly with this website and purchase their orders. This website is a step for raw industries to get
first step in digital market and make our nation Digitalize.