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2014, Vol. 2, No. 6, pp: 856-859
Available at www.jcrs010.com


Shahin Badpa
Student Research Committee, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, Bandar Abbas, Iran.

ABSTRACT: According to holly Quran and the narratives of the messenger of Allah Islam and science are
compatible with each other. Science and Islam can be discussed from two dimensions, social and religious. At
first we must see, whether people can be a devout Muslim and do the religion acts, and also be committed to
science? The aim of this study was to review some viewpoints of religion and science and to show whether
they have any conflict with each other or not.

INTRODUCTION science and remove the scientists from the

According to holly Quran and the narratives of the 2- The other groups of people who are educated,
messenger of Allah Islam and science are put ethical and religious commitments aside
compatible with each other. But there are groups and to be able to justify and to excuse any
who want to separate between religion and action, try to take a separation between
science to cover their fault or to excuse any of religion and science.
their actions (1). 3- There are a third group who are scientist and
Learning science has no time limits or borders. also religious who are trying to clear all the
Muslims have to learn the useful science in drawbacks that have been struck on the face
anywhere else, even in the farthest point of the of Islam.
world. Islam begins with monotheism and that is a Besides the Holy Quran, there are several
matter of reasoning (2). narratives that emphasize and recommend
Quran invites human to profound experiences in science, and the most famous of them are from the
all universe even swear to tangible and natural Prophet of Mercy Muhammad (PBUH) that says:
objects to emphasize the importance of science. “Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every
The main task of humanity was carried out by Muslims (man and woman)”. And in another
Muslims like Farabi Abu Kamel and Ibrahim ibn narrative he said: seek knowledge even in China.
Sina. Thus Muslims have to learn all the science Also, we have heard the famous hadith," Seek
that is Introduction to reach Islamic goals, a rich, knowledge from the cradle to the grave" indicates
independent, free, and strong society (3, 4). that learning science, has no limited time (10).
According to Islam, seeking knowledge is an
ISLAM AND SCIENCE obligation that does not have special location .
Now the question is what should be taught in
Science and Islam can be discussed from two science? Is the purpose of learning knowledge to
dimensions, social and religious. At first we must learn religion itself? But the problem is still
see, whether people can be a devout Muslim and remained, and not informed about the facts of the
do the religion acts, and also be committed to universe, and if it is so, means that Islam is
science? Or one of these two has to be selected? incompatible with science, and in this case what
Whether Islam is compatible with science and means the hadith of the Prophet that says "
whether Islam recommends learning the science Wisdom is the lost of Momin," Or "seek knowledge
or considers it as an enemy? even in China" Because in that time China was
Basically two groups of people trying to show that known as the farthest point of science and
science and religion are in conflict with each other technology center not religious center (seminary)
(5-9): (11, 12).
1- The religious groups that use the ignorance of In the words of the Prophet (SAW), the purpose of
people to conceal their fault and by the science is the useful science. Means, knowing it, is
weapon of religion want to conflict with beneficial to humans life, and not knowing, makes

damages to him, this knowledge is advised and companions forced to learn literacy, commanded
encouraged in Islam (13). to some of his followers to learn the Syriac
Based on Islam, useful knowledge will lead people language. These emphasis and encouragement on
to personal and social goals and disagrees to any science led Muslims began quickly and with great
science that is not beneficial. Holy Quran describes effort to search for knowledge in the whole world,
science as light and ignorance to darkness, and wherever they gained scholarly work and
many times recommend people to studying and translated them or they did researches
thinking that lead them to the science of themselves. In this way, In addition, they
astronomy, geology, oceanography, space science, communicate between ancient civilizations Greek,
zoology, etc (14). Roman, Egyptian , Persian and Hindi, etc. and
Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 164: In the modern European civilization, they also created
creation of the heavens and the earth, In the swirl one of the most glorious civilizations and cultures
of night and day, The motion of the ship on the in human history which is known by the name of
water that human uses it, The rainfall that causes Islamic civilization.
the life on Earth, Animals that move on earth, Allah says in the Quran: Say: are those who know
Winds, And the mode of clouds that are and those who do not know, equal"? Only wise
suspended between earth and sky, In all these, men are reminiscent.
there is the signs of God's power and wisdom, that Studies show that during fourteen century of the
all, have a rules and identifying this rules will lead rise of Islam and the Quran, science was in
human to unity (15). progress and evolution and in recent years the
In Surah Jasia verse 2 and verse 27 of Surah Fater progress has even been a leap. Over the centuries,
and many other verses, Quran invites human to Muslims made a lot of progress in science,
profound experience. Even swear to tangible and industry, philosophy, law, ethics, political and
natural objects, says about the sky and the stars social system that the western scientists admit
and the aurora, speaks about the creation of the their progress, that current civilization of Europe
unborn child, recalled creation of camel, Notices and the west has stemmed from them more than
living of ants and bees; refers to how birds fly, anything else.
speaks about burst of seeds , wheats , dates , figs When we study the history , we see, a huge wave
and olives, why? For the people think how the of civilization emerged by anonymous nation(
creations came into existence and do not simply Arab) in the world. More than half of the
neglect any phenomenon and any inventory (16). frequented lands of the time was under their
The first words that holy Quran begins with, when influence, and so that left trace that any
it was revealed, was” reading", "science" and researcher of philosophy of history can't ignore its
“aurora ". “Read in the name of Allah, that created greatness and influence in the rise of the next
man from a clot; Read, and your Lord is the most civilization.
generous, who taught by the pen” (17). Jawaharlal Nehru writes in his book : It is amazing
The holy Quran clearly knows teaching as one of that over the centuries the Arab race ,spent as
the purposes of the mission of the Prophet (PBUH) unconsciousness, apparently was isolated and
And said, " Allah is the one who sent a messenger unaware of what was happening in other areas ,
among the illiterate people that recites his signs to Suddenly woke up and with prodigious strength,
them and purifies and teaches them the threatens the world and changed it. Energy and
book(Quran) and wisdom”. the new idea that woke the Arabs up, and filled
Given that one of the goals of mission of the Holy them of confidence and strength, was Islam .This
Prophet is teaching and learning, he has new religion was brought by a prophet called
repeatedly emphasized the importance of science (Muhammad) born in Mecca in the year 570 AD.
and Learning and its role in the evolution of Bernard Shaw, English writer and scholar, says: I
humans life in his speech and his behavior. always have the utmost respect for the religion of
Has quoted that the Prophet (PBUH) saw two Muhammad, by virtue of amazing dynamics.
groups in the Mosque, one of them had been I think Islam is the only religion that has the ability
praying and the other engaged in negotiations and to adapt and dominate different situation. I have
discussions. The prophet preferred to join the studied about this wonderful man (the Prophet
second group instead of worshipers group, and he Muhammad (PBUH) and I have come to this
said about his behavior: "I am sent to teach”. conclusion that, he was not anti-Christ, but must
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encouraged his be called the Savior of Humanity.
followers to acquire knowledge. Children of the


I believe that if a man like him be ruler of the (PBUH) reiterated to specific knowledge. The
world , will succeed in solving the problems of the intent is any useful knowledge.
world and will provide peace and prosperity that Now we shall see what kind religion is Islam?
all human beings desire to have it (18). What is the purpose of Islam, and what kind of
Will Durant writes: The rise and decline of Islamic community wants? What extent is the Islamic
civilization is a great event. during five centuries purpose? Is Islam only the matter of moral and
since (81 to 597 AD) Islam was the leader of the worship? Or domain and command of this religion
world in terms of power, order, extend of has expanded in all aspects of social, economic and
territory, good ethics, evolution of life, human fair political life of human? Or these all are goals that
rules, religious toleration, literature, scientific must be met? Whether Islam wants the Muslim
research, medicine and philosophy (19). community to be independent? Or does not care to
Pierre Rousseau says: Three centuries after the be the slave and condemned?
Prophet's death, Cordoba(‫ )قرطبه‬city with a million Obviously, The Islam wants an independent, free,
people had eight public schools, and a library proud and self-sufficient community.
containing six hundred thousand volumes of Another thing we need to know is, the world today
books in Arabic and in the language of the is based on the science, and a rich, independent,
universe (20). free, and strong society cannot be created without
Sigrid Hunke writes about libraries that Muslims science. Thus, we conclude that at any time,
created (21): especially at this time, it is obligatory upon
1. Library of Cordoba, 600,000 volumes Muslims to learn all the science that is
2. Library of Maragheh observatory by Khajeh Introduction to Islamic goals, thus , we can know
Nasir Tusi, 40,000 volumes all the useful science as religious sciences.
3. Library of Najaf in the tenth century AD, 40,000
4. A Library with 100000 volumes of books, on the
time of one of the Caliphs of Baghdad Hoodbhoy P. Islam and science: Religious
5. Aziz Library, the Caliph of Cairo, with 1600000 orthodoxy and the battle for rationality: Zed
volumes of books that had been 6500 volumes on books London; 1991.
the philosophy and 18000 of mathematics Islam A. The contribution of Muslims to science
George Sarton says: The main task of humanity during the Middle Abbasid Period (750-
was carried out by Muslims. The greatest 945). Revelation and science. 2011:1(01).
philosopher, Farabi, was a Muslim. The greatest MUHAMMAD MI. THE FORGOTTEN HISTORY:
mathematicians, Abu Kamel and Ibrahim ibn CONTRIBUTIONS OF MUSLIMS TO
Sinan, were Muslims. MODERN SCIENCE. 2012.
The largest geographer, Massoudi, was also a Khan HR. Contributions of Muslims to Medicine
Muslim. The greatest historian,Tabari, was a and Science: Up to the Middle of the
Muslim too (22). Thirteenth Century. Journal of the Islamic
Islam is a religion of Intellection that begins with Medical Association of North America.
monotheism, and the monotheism is a matter of 1982:14(4).
reasoning. The study encompasses the whole Einstein A, editor. Science and religion1940:
universe and these references show that the Conference on Science, Philosophy and
purpose of Islam is not merely a theological Religion Their Relation to The Democratic
seminary. In between, each groups wanted to Way of Life.
adapt the words of the prophet as a string of their Numbers RL. Science and religion. Osiris. 1985:59-
own information. 80.
Theologians have argued that the purpose of the Schilling HK. Science and Religion: Routledge.
word of prophet is the theology. Commentators 2013.
have said that the purpose is interpretation. Poole M, Philip Barnes L. Science and religion.
Jurists have said that the purpose is the Debates in Religious Education. 2012.
Jurisprudence. Sufis have said that the purpose of Plantinga A. Where the conflict really lies: Science,
the word of prophet is spiritual journey and religion, and naturalism: Oxford University
practical monotheism. Ethics scholars have said Press. 2011.
the purpose is the ethics. But as the researchers Islamawarenessnet Science and Math [Internet]
said, none of these is the purpose of the science. If 2014 [cited 20 November 2014] Available
the object was a particular science, Prophet from:


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