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INSIDE Local Cattle Gals Show at Winter Fair

this week

Rail Safety
Photo by Karen Mitchell

(L-R): Shayla Woychyshyn, Easton Paterson and Rylee Paterson

at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair in Brandon last week.


8 T
Dresses hree local youth participated in the 112th Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Livestock
Show, that wrapped up on Sunday, March 31st in Brandon.
Easton Paterson, Rylee Paterson and Shayla Woychyshyn all belong to the Erickson
4-H Beef Club and have enjoyed the experiences this event has offered them. The trio
spent all week attending classes and showing off their heifers in hopes to not only gain
more experience, but to soak in all the learning opportunities as well.
Preparation for events such as these start months in advance. One must work with

R.M. Denies
their calves daily, halter breaking, bathing and training the calves hair to go forward, by
brushing it a certain way. This trick makes the calves bodies appear longer than normal.
Dedication is definitely a trait all three of these ladies have.
Colony Rylee Paterson is 14-years-old and has belonged to the 4-H Beef Club for seven
years. During the fair, Rylee participated in the Showmanship class and the Shorthorn
Application class with her heifer, Sophia. This is Rylee’s second year participating at the Winter Fair.
“I really like being here and learning new things. It has been a lot of fun and I have met

some really nice people. Last year we were new and didn’t know anyone, but this year
we know more people which makes it nicer.” Rylee received fourth in the Shorthorn
Photo by Karen Mitchell
Heifer Class.

A young cowboy practices his roping skills! Continued on Page 8

87% of adults 18+ in markets with a population under 100,000 read community
newspapers. Reach more people with an ad in your local newspaper.
Source: Newspapers Canada
2 Friday, April 5, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Yellowhead Chiefs Female Bantams Come Out on Top

By KAREN MITCHELL Miniota, Minnedosa, Throughout the sea-
Neepawa, Rapid City, son, all of the team’s home

A fter a long, hard sev-

en months the Yel-
lowhead Chiefs Female
Rossburn, Shoal Lake,
Sioux Valley, St. Lazare,
Strathclair and Wayway-
league games were played
at the Minnedosa Are-
na which draw parents,
Bantam team ended their seecappo. friends, family and fans to
season winning first place Last fall, 13 and the community from the
overall in their AA league 14-year-old girls from all Yellowhead region.
and brought home the sil- over the region tried out The Yellowhead Chiefs
ver medal from the Provin- for a spot on the team, with Female Bantams played in
cial AAA tournament that 17 of the finest making it a ten-team league and all
was held on March 8th to through to become official teams finished the league
10th in Portage. players. Some of the local with 28 games played.
The Yellowhead Re- area athletes selected for The girls completed their
gion stretches across the team included #18 Cal- league play with 19 wins,
southwest Manitoba and lie Maguire from Minnedo- four losses, four ties and
includes the communi- sa, #11 Lexy Waddell from one overtime loss. In total
ties of; Birtle, Brookdale, Newdale, #33 Brooklyn they had 95 goals scored
Elkhorn/McAuley, Erick- Hedley from Rapid City and only 42 goals against.
son/Onanole, Foxwarren, and #17 Josie Nichols from
Photo submitted Hamiota, Kenton, Lenore, Onanole.

Minto-Odanah Council Denies Cool Spring Colony Application

By KAREN MITCHELL operations. owners) and the registered existing livestock produc- cant, the Council of the Ru- of the colony’s proposed
The resolution was owners 2-81 Holding Co. tion multi-purpose barn. ral Municipality of Minto- expansion, there were nu-

O n March 26th at the

Rural Municipality
of Minto-Odanah Council
moved by councillor Brion
Pollon and seconded by
councillor Barry Cook. The
Ltd. (collectively the “pro-
ponent”) for the property
legally described as be-
The application would
expand the livestock pro-
duction operation from
Odanah, in a meeting duly
assembled this 28th day of
March 2019.”
merous concerns and in-
formative presentations
from concerned neigh-
Meeting, a unanimous de- motion to deny Condition- ing the South half Sec. 24, its existing 1,044 animal The resolution to deny bouring landowners who
cision was made to deny al Use Order No. 06-MOC- Twp. 16, Rge. 17 WPM, and units to 1,218 animal units, the Conditional Use Or- were not in favour of the
the application of Cool 18 states, “Whereas John North ½ Sec. 13, Twp. 16, an increase of 174 animal der was carried by Deputy expansion going through.
Spring Colony to expand Waldner, on behalf of Cool Rge. 17 WPM, in the Ru- units, in accordance with Reeve, Monty Peckover. The proposal had in-
its poultry and livestock Spring Colony (beneficial ral Municipality of Minto- the provisions of the Ru- Council’s decision to cluded plans to construct
Odanah, applied to the ral Municipality of Minto deny the application came a 31,000 square foot broiler
Council in accordance Zoning By-law No. 2/04; following a lengthy pub- barn and 12,480 square
with Section 111(1) of the And after careful con- lic hearing at the Ukrai- foot multi-purpose barn to
19041HH0 Planning Act, for approval sideration of the applica- nian Hall in mid February. provide space for the ani-
of a conditional use in or- tion and any representa- While this hearing, attend- mal unit expansion plan.
der to authorize the expan- tions made for or against ed by approximately 40
sion of the existing poultry the proposed conditional people, did include some
production portion of an use sought by the appli- presentations in favour


Regarding the 2019 Financial Plan 2019 CROW CONTROL
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to PROGRAM
Subsection 162(2) of The Municipal Act that the
Council of the Town of Minnedosa intends to present
The 2019 crow control program will be
its Financial Plan for the year 2019 at a public hearing commencing shortly. Qualified volunteers
to be held in the Town Council Chambers located in have been authorized to discharge firearms
the Minnedosa Civic Centre, 103 Main Street South on within Town Limits during day time hours,
Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. 7 days a week.
Council will hear any person who wishes to make a The volunteers are authorized to discharge
representation, ask questions, or register an objection firearms on Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to dusk.
to the Financial Plan, as provided. The volunteers will be working throughout the
Copies of the Financial Plan are available for review community and they will carry letters of
and may be examined by any person during regular authorization with them.
office hours of the Town Office located as noted above
in the Minnedosa Civic Centre at 103 Main Street Please direct crow related complaints to the
South, Minnedosa. Town Office at 204-867-2727. The volunteers
Dated this 26th day of March, A.D., 2019 cannot respond to verbal complaints.
Cindy L. Marzoff
Chief Administrative Officer TOWN OF MINNEDOSA
The Town of Minnedosa (3-2) (3-2)
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, April 5, 2019 3

CP Rail Addresses Local Safety Concerns

By DARRYL HOLYK trains on that local hill. partments so they can get
Lovecchio spoke brief- instant information about

M ike Lovecchio, Dir-

ector, Government
Affairs for Canadian Pacif-
ly on what products CP
transports along its line,
which can, at times, be a
what products a train is
carrying in the event of an
emergency or derailment.
ic Railway appeared as a concern in the minds of the This is something every lo-
delegation before Minne- public. While some people cal fire department near a
dosa Town Council on the feel that CP should refuse CP line should be informed
evening of Tuesday, March to move products deemed of and have downloaded
26th. Following the recent dangerous or hazardous, ready to use in the event of
derailment tragedy near especially on lines that an emergency. Of course,
Fields, BC and the 2013 travel through commun- CP also has an emergency
Lac Megantic tragedy, the ities such as Minnedosa, phone line available 24
very real possibility of a this is not a decision the hours a day, seven days a
similar derailment right company can make. CP is week, 365 days a year simi-
here in downtown Minne- required by law, under the lar to 911. This emergency
dosa has been on the Canadian Transportation number is also posted at
minds of many. So much Act, to move all goods. each rail crossing.
so, that some residents Statistics from the CP With any mode of
were somewhat alarmed to website show that only 12 transportation, air, road
see footage of tanker cars percent of loaded ship- or rail, there is always a
barreling through town ments on CP are regulated possibility of an accident.
Tribune Archives photo
on the recently released dangerous goods. It also Lovecchio’s presenta-
Minnedosa Valley Life pro- lists the top ten dangerous A CP train derailment west of Minnedosa near Largs Siding in 2008. tion to Council hopefully
motional video. However, goods shipments within helped members of Town
trains rolling through our Manitoba for 2018, the top Council and the general
community is an everyday one being petroleum crude ing the lowest train acci- event of an emergency. are interested in attending. public better understand
occurrence and has been oil at 48.7 per cent of ship- dent frequency rate among The rail company, has The facility has nine derail- the many proactive safety
for over a century. ments. The remainder of Class One railroads in a number of safety train- ment sites where trainees features and plans CP has
During his presenta- the list includes FAK (con- North America. ing opportunities available can run through an actual in place. The rail company
tion to council, Lovecchio tains dangerous goods), A pro-active company, to local first-responders, mock derailment emer- has been an important
focussed on CP’s safety liquified petroleum gases, CP has an extensive emer- namely fire fighters. It of- gency. part of Minnedosa’s his-
procedures and preventa- gasoline, petroleum sour gency plan with highly fers specialized training Lovecchio also in- tory since the community’s
tive measures that are in crude oil, diesel fuel, ele- trained officers and emer- at a specialized facility formed members of coun- very early days and will
place in hopes to settling vated temperature liquid, gency personnel who work in Colorado three times cil of a mobile app that CP hopefully continue to be
some of the worry and sodium chlorate, ammo- first-hand with local emer- a year for local emer- has available to fire de- part of it for years to come.
concern local residents nia-anhydrous and meth- gency responders and gency responders. A few
may have with the railway anol. communities in the event of Minnedosa’s firefighters
and what it carries through CP is a safety leader of a railroad safety emer- have completed this train-
our community. and has been recognized as gency or disaster, such as a ing in the past and more
One of the recent con- the safest railroad in North derailment. CP has a num-
cerns, following the Feb- America. 2018 marked the ber of ready-to-use com-
ruary BC derailment, in 13th consecutive year that mand post trailers which If your label reads
can be moved on site in the ROOFING FOAM AND COATINGS
which three CP workers CP came in on top for hav- SPRAY FOAM
lost their lives, has been if POLYUREA FAST SET
the same type of incident
could happen to a train your subscription!
For more information call:
coming down the hill into
204-867-3816 204-867-7264 or 204-212-0232
Minnedosa from the west. Minnedosa Chiropractic Email: mcrealfoam@live.ca
That hills incline is con- (4-ALT-TFN)

sidered “mountain grade” Centre would like to welcome

and Lovecchio assured
members of council that
back Brittney Moore R.M.T.
the new enhanced hand
brake safety procedures
that were mandated by For appointments please call
Transport Canada are now 204-867-5290
in place by crews running

Minnedosa Golf &

Country Club

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019
at 7:00 p.m.
Minnedosa Golf & Curling Complex
All are welcome and encouraged to attend.
4 Friday, April 5, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Darryl a.Holyk - PublisHer anD eDitor

Around A Reason For Everything

By DARRYL HOLYK mal human behaviour – you can’t please everyone so
don’t even try!

By Darryl Holyk
A fter last week’s edition of The Tribune hit the
streets, a comment reached me that it was too
bad that the local paper did not feel the announce-
So why did I choose to run the Minnedosa Com-
munity Development Corporation’s official press re-
lease about the new water park on page three rather
ment of the new inflatable water park, planned for than page one in our March 29th edition? There are a
Minnedosa Lake, was front page worthy. This is cer- number of reasons.
Chamber AGM… tainly not the first time a negative comment like this
has come back to me and I learned long ago to give
1. We had announced this “big news” story on the
front page earlier in the month.
The Minnedosa Chamber of Commerce held its An-
nual General Meeting last Thursday. The executive for up on striving to please everyone because it will never 2. The official press release came out the after-
2019 will remain the same with Beth Melendy as Chair, happen. noon of Tuesday, March 26th and was immediately
Steve Robson as Secretary and Callie Mendrikis as Treas- I am assuming the person who made this state- “big news” all over social media and appeared in
urer. The position of Vice Chair remains vacant. Meaghan ment is not a regular reader of our local community daily print publications, such as The Brandon Sun,
Cann has agreed to serve as Retail Chair and Amber John- newspaper. If they had been, they would have seen the following day (March 27th). We had no further in-
son as Membership Chair. It was also announced that Lisa the front-page story of the March 8th edition titled formation to add to the press release, so by the time
Bilcowski has been hired as the Chamber’s part-time paid “Water Park A Possibility for Minnedosa.” The Trib- our weekly hit the streets on March 29th, the “big
employee and that the regular meeting day for the Cham- une was the first media to break this story as we were news” was already known all across Canada and the
ber will move to Monday. the only media in attendance at the Minnedosa Town hype had died down a bit.
Council meeting in which our Economic Develop- 3. A small, volunteer-run curling club in Clanwill-
ment Officer presented the information for this new iam receiving a sizable financial donation, to the tune
Hockey Champs... possible business to members of council. The an- of $12,500, from Richardson Pioneer is something I
Congratulations to Rachel Charles and her team mates nouncement of the Splish Splash water park came out consider “big news” and a good news story that I feel
of the ACC Cougars Womens Hockey team on winning the in The Tribune almost 20 days before the official press was certainly front-page worthy. It’s not everyday we
American Collegiate Hockey Association Womens Division release was issued on March 26th. get to feature a hard-working group of volunteers and
Two Championship! Watch for a full story in an upcoming There was also a follow-up story titled “Town a community the size of Clanwilliam in our paper and
edition of The Tribune. Council Supports Water Park Proposal” which ap- we were proud to do so!
peared on Page Three of the March 22nd Minnedosa Trust me, every publisher gives great thought
Tribune. Again, a result of us being the only media to what-goes-where in their publication. You may
More money… present at a Town Council meeting. not always agree with my decision, but please know
Everything is going up and costing more and come For anyone to come to an uninformed conclu- I weighed the pros and cons, gave it a lot of thought
October 1st, those working for minimum wage will see an sion that The Tribune, or I, as the publisher, do not and did it for a reason!
increase in their pay. The current minimum wage of $11.35 care about this new attraction is a very unfair state-
per hour will see an increase of 30 cents to $11.65 per hour. ment. Personally, I think the idea of an inflatable
water park at Minnedosa beach is one of the greatest Letters to the Editor
tourist attractions our community has seen in recent
Not Over Yet… years. It is no secret that Minnedosa Lake is our great- The Minnedosa Tribune welcomes Letters to the
Just when we were getting used to warmer temper- est tourist attraction. Splish Spalsh Water Park set- Editor. All letters must include the writers full name,
atures and smaller amounts of snow, residents in the area ting up business in our community will hopefully be address, and telephone number. Only the writer’s
woke up to an unwelcome site Tuesday morning. Large a success and be supported by the public, near and name will be published; address and phone number
flakes of snow covered the ground and made for some far. It should draw visitors of all ages to our lake and are required for confirmation. Anonymous letters will
whiteout conditions, especially in rural areas beyond the beach. When more people visit Minnedosa, our local not be published. Letters that are deemed libelous,
boundaries of the Minnedosa valley. Mother Nature’s cruel businesses should see some added customer traffic in bad taste, or describe an incident involving other
April Fool’s joke came a day late and wasn’t very funny! and sales to increase their revenue and help them people, will not be published.
keep their businesses open and donating back to pro- The Minnedosa Tribune reserves the right to
edit letters based on taste, legality, clarity, and
Early deadline… jects and organizations in our community. So yes, an
attraction such as a water park for Minnedosa should length. Letters to the Editor can be submitted in
With the upcoming Easter long weekend, The Minne- be a win-win situation for many! Of course, there is person, sent by mail to Box 930, Minnedosa, MB
dosa Tribune will be closed on Good Friday, April 19th. As always going to be someone or some group against R0J 1E0, by fax (204) 867-5171, or by email to
a result, that week’s edition will come out one day early, the idea and complain about it, but again that’s nor- editor@minnedosatribune.com
on Thursday, April 18th which means an early deadline for
that week of Monday, August 15th at 12 noon.

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oldest weekly newspaper in the Canadian West and has guarantee the publication of all submitted articles and

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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, April 5, 2019 5

Ambulance Fees Reduced

SUBMITTED staffing positions; and issuing a request for proposals to
purchase 65 new ambulances that will represent a refresh
Ye O l d
K eeping its promise to provide families with more of approximately one-third of the province’s overall fleet

affordable emergency medical services (EMS), the when the sale is completed.
Manitoba government has reduced ambulance fees, ef- Those investments build on the government’s com-
fective immediately, to no more than $250 per ride, Pre- mitment to enact recommendations made in the 2013
mier Brian Pallister announced on Monday, April 1st. EMS System Review that, when complete, will ensure
“Three years ago, Manitobans were paying the high- response time targets are achieved and paramedics are
est ambulance fees in the country,” said Pallister.  “Since able to work to their full scope of practice.
taking office, our government lowered those fees by 50 “As Manitoba’s population ages and the incidence
per cent, ensuring more Manitobans going through a po- of chronic disease continues to rise, it is clear that de-
tentially life-threatening medical emergency won’t wor- mand for emergency medical services is only going to
ry about whether they can afford an ambulance before increase,” said Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister 1889 – High winds caused a prairie fire to run rapidly
calling for one.” Cameron Friesen.  “Our work to enhance the high level of south of town last week. For a short time, a dwelling was
The provincial government worked with regional care paramedics can deliver means health care for Mani- seriously threatened and would have been destroyed if
health authorities, Shared Health and other ambulance tobans truly begins when the paramedics arrive and ad- not for the actions of school children who were out at re-
providers to ensure the fee reduction is consistent and minister medical care.  Lowering the ambulance fees is cess at the time. By the time others reached the property,
will provide reliable and affordable care in all corners of the other piece of the puzzle, ensuring Manitobans are the children had the fire under control.
the province.  Fees were reduced in stages from an aver- not deterred by prohibitive costs from seeking EMS as-
age of $500 in 2016 to $425 in 2017, then again to $340 sistance.” 1899 – Quite a number of young people of this town
last year. This additional $90 reduction per trip, first an- Work is also underway to transition the planning, and district are getting married and setting up house-
nounced in Budget 2019 and in effect today, means Man- delivery and oversight of consistent, high-quality emer- keeping. It will make their hearts glad to know that a load
itoba now offers the lowest ambulance fees among all gency medical services and patient transport to a provin- of the latest and best styles of furniture will arrive in a few
Prairie provinces. cial model within Shared Health, the minister noted.  He days.
“High ambulance fees affect many Manitobans, par- added this will ensure service planning is connected to
ticularly older adults and seniors living on low or fixed the provincial and clinical and preventive services plan,
incomes,” said Connie Newman, executive director, currently being developed, to ensure consistent and in-
1909 – Mr. Jeffries, contractor for the court house, was
here last week and put men to work clearing away the
Manitoba Association of Senior Centres.  “Reducing fees tegrated service is provided seamlessly across regional
snow so that building operations may be resumed.
makes it more affordable for all Manitobans when they boundaries and by the various municipal-based and
need emergency medical care.” contracted service providers across the province.
Since 2016, the Manitoba government has worked Manitobans are reminded to call for a paramedic to 1919 – It is rumoured that the telephone authorities are
diligently to develop a 24-7 paramedic workforce of access high-quality, reliable health care in emergency about to make Clanwilliam a central station. The settlers
skilled professionals that are better equipped to handle situations rather than driving themselves to a local hos- in that district who are using the wire are not pleased as
the daily challenges they face.  That commitment includes pital or emergency department. it will cause them greater expense while lessening the
giving the paramedic profession the right to self-regulate “Our paramedics are trained to provide appropriate convenience.
under The Regulated Health Professions Act; working to care upon arrival and to transport patients to, and be-
enact recommendations made in the 2013 EMS System tween, health-care facilities when more acute services 1959 – Town Council has started the wheels turning to
Review that, when complete, will ensure response time are required,” said Scott Noble, regional director, emer- build a public trailer camp at the Minnedosa Beach site.
targets are achieved and paramedics are able to work to gency medical services, Southern Health-Santé Sud.  Mrs. Allan Orr had the only tender for the concession at
their full scope of practice; funding to hire 95 additional “Ongoing efforts to build capacity, equip staff and hire the beach at $80 for the summer.
full-time rural paramedics, including 35 announced last skilled professionals support our efforts to create a reli-
month in Budget 2019, to reduce the reliance on on-call able service for all Manitobans.” 
1969 – The first shipment of Manitoba produced rye
whiskey was loaded for export at Canada’s Manitoba Dis-
tillery plant in Minnedosa last week.

Notice of Environment Act Proposal 1979 – Archie Londry had another successful year at
the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. He showed three Sim-
Manitoba Sustainable Development has received a proposal pursuant to mental bulls and all were first prize winners and brought
The Environment Act regarding the following operation and invites public
participation in the review process: the highest prices of any breed in the sale.

TOWN OF MINNEDOSA – AERATED WASTEWATER TREATMENT 1989 – A group known as Teenagers Against Drinking
LAGOON – FILE: 23.50
and Driving or TADD, may be implemented by MCI stu-
A proposal was filed on behalf of the Town of Minnedosa for upgrades dents as early as next week.
to its existing aerated wastewater treatment lagoon located on the east
half of 3-15-18 WPM in the Town of Minnedosa. The proposed upgrades
will include construction of two settling ponds, an ultraviolet disinfection 1999 – As a way to provide home convenience to its
unit, and a moving bed biofilm reactor. Treated wastewater from the members, Minnedosa Credit Union recently introduced
wastewater treatment lagoon will be continuously discharged into Little cu@home, an Internet banking service.
Saskatchewan River via an existing discharge pipe and a drainage channel.

Anyone likely to be affected by the above operation and who 2009 – Bruce McNabb was honoured with the Dedica-
wishes to comment on the proposal should contact Asit Dey, tion to Sport and Recreation Award at Saturday’s Sports
Environmental Engineer, in writing or email at asit.dey@gov. Dinner in recognition of his many years of volunteerism
mb.ca or 204-945-2614, not later than MAY 6, 2019. Further
information is available from the Online Public Registry: and dedication to athletics in the community.

Information submitted in response to this proposal is considered

public information and will be made available to the proponent and 19041GG0
placed on the public registry established in accordance with Section 17 of
The Environment Act. Karly Boyd, secretary of the Minnedosa Regional Archives Board
and Carol Ranson, local archivist for the Minnedosa Regional
Environmental Approvals Branch
Manitoba Sustainable Development Archives received the grant of $1,627.00 from the
1007 Century Street Minnedosa & District Foundation to digitize archived copies
Winnipeg MB R3H 0W4 of The Minnedosa Tribune.
Toll Free: 1-800-282-8069
Fax: 204-945-5229 For more info or to make a donation to the Foundation go to
Website: www.gov.mb.ca/sd/eal/registries www.minnedosafoundation.com.
6 Friday, April 5, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Remembering the Sawyer Massey 25-45 Gas Tractor

SUBMITTED in the breaking operations.  used a tank type radiator in tinued to build steam
Mr. McCrindle retired in which engine exhaust was engines, threshing ma-

T he Manitoba Agricul-
tural Museum’s col-
lection contains a Sawyer
1943 but even in retire-
ment, he remained active
as he served as councillor
ducted into a stack on the
top of the square cooling
water tank. As the exhaust
chines, clover hullers, saw
mills and road machinery
along with gas tractors.
Massey 25-45 gas tractor and then as Mayor of Fox- escaped upwards, cooler By the mid 1920s, Sawyer
which donated in 1960 by warren for some years. Mr. air was pulled into the Massey along with other
J.M. McCrindle of Foxwar- McCrindle passed in 1966. tank and drawn upwards small manufacturers of
ren, MB.  The Sawyer Massey 25- through the exhaust stack. farm equipment began
James Marshall Mc- 45 tractors were somewhat Along the way the air was to find it increasingly dif-
Crindle was born in Nova common on the Prairies. directed through baffles ficult to compete with
Scotia in 1879 and later The 25-45 is in the category in the tank over which hot larger concerns such as
came to Winnipeg with of “prairie” style tractor, coolant from the engine International Harvester
his family. In 1897, he re- that is the first round of was being trickled. While Corporation (IHC) which
located to Foxwarren to tractor designs which bor- this arrangement cooled were better financed, had
Submitted photo
work as a clerk in Laycock’s rowed heavily from steam the water, the loss of cool- integrated manufacturing
General Store, which he engine designs as tractor ing water was substan- facilities, offered complete
took over operations of in designers had no other ex- Massey Harris Company interest in Sawyer Mas- tial.    The Sawyer Massey machinery lines, larger
1900. He also served as a perience to draw on. The there was no other con- sey.  After the departure of 25-45s with the tank type sales organizations and
telegraph operator for the 25-45 borrowed many de- nection between the two the Massey family, Sawyer radiators also featured a could afford the increas-
Canadian Pacific Railway sign elements from Saw- companies. Massey changed its mind trombone type arrange- ingly expensive research
until 1905. J.M. continued yer Massey steam engines From 1892 to 1910, and moved into produc- ment in the piping which and development costs
to operate his general store such as wheels, drive gears Sawyer Massey achieved tion of gas tractors. took heated cooling water associated with new farm
and was very active in his and steering gear. sales success but the emer- Sawyer Massey de- from the engine to the tank machinery. Sawyer Massey
community. In 1907, he Sawyer Massey was gence of gas tractors by signed and built the engine for cooling. This arrange- exited the farm machinery
married Agnes Leckie and a major Canadian manu- 1910 posed problems for used in the 20-40 and 25-45 ment appears to have business in the mid-1920s
went farming in 1912 with facturer of steam engines, Sawyer Massey. The Mas- tractors. This was a major been installed to increase and concentrated on road
the purchase of a quarter threshing machines and sey family felt gas tractors expense for Sawyer Mas- the cooling capacity. 25- machinery. After World
section of virgin sod near. other implements. Saw- were the future, however, sey. Records indicate the 45 tractors built after 1912 War Two, the Sawyer Mas-
He broke this land with yer Massey was formed the other partners in Saw- first Sawyer Massey tractor featured an automotive sey Company was wound
horses. Later, more land in 1892 when the Massey yer Massey thought steam model built was rated as a type, non-pressurized down, liquidated and en-
was purchased, again vir- family bought into the L.D. engines still had a place. 20-40 but it was discovered radiator cooled by an en- tered history.
gin sod and the Sawyer Sawyer Company. While The Massey family felt the engine actually turned gine driven fan.    The Mc-
Massey 25-45 was pur- the Massey family was also strongly enough about the out 51.85 horsepower on Crindle 25-45 features an
chased to replace horses a major shareholder in the issue and they sold their the pony brake which was
a belt driven dynamom-
automotive type radiator.
Two smaller tractors were
eter.    The design was then
re-rated as a 25-45.
also produced by Sawyer
Massey, an 11-22 and a 17- Bowling
The 25-45 design did
MUNICIPALITY OF HARRISON PARK 34, using engines from out-
PUBLIC NOTICE evolve over time. The 20-40 side suppliers.
and the early 25-45 tractors Sawyer Massey con-
Public Notice is hereby given that the Municipality of Harrison Park intends to
conduct the following Pesticide Control Programs during 2019: You are invited to attend
the Municipality of Harrison Park
B owlers of the week of
April 2nd were Vivian
Penner +94 and Dan Mo-
1. To control noxious weeds and/or brush on municipal road allowances within
the Municipality. The projected dates of application will be from June 1, 2019 2019 BUDGET HEARING tuz +32
Other good games
to October 31, 2019. The herbicides to be used include: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019
were Gladys Murray 181,
Glyphosate Clopyralid MCPA 8:00 P.M.
Ava Harris 160, Garry Mac-
2,4-D Picloram Triclpoyr Harrison Park Municipal Office Dowall 161, 167, Rosemary
43 Gateway Street, Onanole, MB Hamilton 200, Donna Mac-
2. To control weeds and brush on municipal owned property to which the
At this time the Council will present the proposed Donald 100, Vivian Cullen
public normally has access to, including exhibition grounds, waste 195, Dan Motuz 182, Deb-
2019 financial plan for the municipality. The
disposal sites, parking lots. The projected dates of application will be from bie Tarn 192, Hazel Stone-
presentation will provide an overview of the
June 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019. The herbicides to be used include: proposed financial plan followed by a forum for house 180, Bev Chapski
Glyphosate Clopyralid MCPA questions and comments from the public. The purpose 186, Betty Ann Bertrand
2,4-D Picloram Triclpoyr of the hearing is to allow any interested person to make a 181, Vicky Bugg 152, Rob-
representation, ask questions or register an objection. ert Hendry 234, Vivian
3. To control the following insect pests including: grasshoppers, mosquitos, Penner 184, 152, Reinhard
forest tent caterpillars, cankerworms, etc. The proposed dates of Copies of the proposed financial plan and the Penner 143.
procedures to be followed at the hearing are available
application will be from June 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019. The
upon request, at either municipal office (43 Gateway
insecticides to be used include:
Street, Onanole, MB or 108 Main Street, Newdale, MB)
Dimethoate Malathion Bacillus thuringiensis during regular business hours. Questions and remarks
may also be directed by letter to our Chief
Bridge Club
4. To control mice and rats at the municipal waste disposal sites at various
times throughout the year using the following rodenticides:
Administrative Officer or through our email address at
Bromadilone Brodifacoum Consultation with our community is an important March 2th
component of the Municipality’s budget process.
The public may send in written submissions or objections within 15 days of the Council encourages you to attend. 1st - Mel Harvey /
publication of this notice to the department below. Chad Davies, CMMA Wilf Taylor
Chief Administrative Officer 2nd - Doug Thiessen /
Manitoba Sustainable Development Municipality of Harrison Park Boyd Grant
Environmental Approvals Branch Ph: 204-848-7614 3rd - Lois Campbell /
Box 80, Suite 160, 123 Main Street Wilma Jones 
Dated this 3rd day of April, 2019.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1A5 4th - Albert Parsons /
(In accordance with subsection 162(2) of The Municipal Act)
John Cullen
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, April 5, 2019 7

Pavilion Upgrade and New Highland Boys Workshop

Campground Washroom in Works
By KAREN MITCHELL deck, removal of two exist- for this will close on April
ing stairs, modify and in- 12th at which time a con-

T he Town of Minnedo-
sa is currently in the
midst of completing work
stall salvage railing to new
deck, construct and install
metal railing to fill open-
tractor will be awarded.
Work that is required to be
completed includes, but
to the Beach Pavilion deck- ings left by stair removal, not limited to; excavation
ing and a new campground removal of bleachers at- and required fill for foun-
washroom. tached to wood structure dation, supply and install
The Beach Pavilion and supply, stain and in- a 14ft 11in x 14ft 9in thick-
decking tender was grant- stall wood railings onto the ened edge slab founda-
ed to Cooperwood Enter- opening left by bleacher tion, supply materials and
prise Ltd. for $18,010. Work removal. Work is set to construct a 14ft 11in x 8ft
that will be completed for start soon and be complet- 9in double unisex wash-
the total bid includes, but ed on or before May 17th. room building, supply and
not limited to; removal of In addition, there is install required plumbing
the existing 4ft x 50ft x 6in currently a request for with water and sewer tie
thick concrete deck, locat- quotation out to con- ins extending 6ft beyond
ed on the west side of the struct a new washroom the foundation and to sup-
building, removal and sal- which will be located on ply and install required
vage of existing metal rail- the north end of the pa- electrical equipment. Photo submitted
ing, construction of wood vilion parking lot. Tenders
Back Row (L-R): Conner, Conner, Macleod, Munro and Tony Cargill.

Basswood News
Front Row (L-R): Rhogan, Cearan, Murdoch, Cullen and Lachlan.

By ZElDa FIrBy panied by mom, Marie.

Cheryl was home to visit
Burke Dillabough.
On Saturday, March
T he Boys Mentorship Program hosted a fantastic workshop for Manitoba Highland
Dance Association members on Sunday, March 24th. The event was held at the
Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg at Portage Place Mall. Dancers had the opportu-

M onday, April 1st

teachers and stu-
dents were back to school
her parents and siblings
and to attend the funeral of
her dad, Syd Cardy.
22nd, Zelda Firby accom-
panied by Susan Proven
attended the art show
nity to sign up for different workshop options; vision boards, ball rolling body massage
techniques, mental health and a costume exchange opportunity. The feature presenter
was Tony Cargill, a four time World Highland dance champion held dance workshops
after the spring break. Mark, Sylvia and Jor- presented by eight, Grade for pre-Premier, Premier dancers and the Boys Mentorship club.
Hope everyone had a good dyn Firby, Irene Sahael, twelve students from
holiday. Joanne and Brooklyn Neelin High School at
Welcome home to the Clarke returned home Sat- the Brandon Art Gallery.

folks who have spent the urday from Canal Flats, BC Granddaughter Abi Simms
past few months in various and Calgary where they was one of the students
parts of the US and Mexico. spent the spring break with participating and also did
Cheryl Hood has re- Mike and Marla Pearce a demonstration of the
turned to her home in and family. They also visit- type of art she was display- The Clanwilliam Curling Club would like to thank the
Okeechobee, FL accom- ed with Shayne, Sarah and ing.
following for their support for the bonspiel.
A & B Dalrymple Greenhouse Kirk’s Service

Cadurcis News BDO Accounting

Bayer Crop Science
MNP Accounting
Bethany Motors Minnagro
By DorEEn TroTT and Shirley Rose. ited with Dave and Janice C. Burton Enterprises Ltd. Minnedosa Credit Union
Jim and Nancy Greer Maslen and daughter Ava. Cardy Crop Solutions Minnedosa Home Hardware
R ecent visitors with Jim
and Nancy Greer were
Sarah Martin of Guelph,
visited last Saturday with
Norman and Cathy Todd
of Brandon.
It was hot in Australia with
most days registering tem-
peratures above +30.
Clanman Jerseys
Clanwilliam General Store
Minnedosa Insurance
Minnedosa Pharmacy
ON, Robert, Natasha and Doug and Karen Cody Northam of Cut Compass Credit Union Minnedosa Vet Clinic
Maygen Greer of Nesbitt Northam returned from Knife, SK visited last week enJoy Salon and Spa Minty’s Moving
and Shawn, Christine and Australia on March 2nd. with Doug and Karen Farmhouse 50 Parrish & Heinbecker
Hunter of Kenmay. While in Australia they vis- Northam.
Keely Rose of Bass-
Four Seasons Repair Parkway Insurance
wood visited last week with Guscott Backhoe and Trucking Piston Ring
her grandparents Malcolm H & R Block Prairie Redi Mix
Heartland Livestock RD’s on Main
Running on Rural Municipality of Oakview Heritage Co-op R.M. of Minto-Odanah
Hillside Plumbing Richardson Pioneer
Empty? Rapid City Landfill
Print jobs can take up to Hopkins Welding & Mechanical Royal Bank
2-3 weeks to complete. Hours of Operation KD Dowsett Farms Sharon’s Town and Country Insurance
Fill up before you run out!
Summer Hours KRL Farms Sim’s Law Office
Minnedosa Tribune Effective April 15, 2019 to October 14, 2019
204-867-3816 Kim’s Quality Foods Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant
Monday - 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. A very special thank you goes out to all of the individuals who
Wednesday - 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. made donations of cash, prizes, food, time and effort
Saturday - 10:00 a.m. - Noon which helped make our event successful.
1:00 – 5:00 p.m. Thank you to everyone that came out to participate.
ClOSed on Statutory Holidays Your support is always very much appreciated.
8 Friday, April 5, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Wedding Gowns Transformed Into Angel Dresses

By KAREN MITCHELL and the group officially be- Supplies and monetary
came a Not-for-Profit Or- donations are always wel-

I n June 2014 Manitoba

Angel Dresses was cre-
ated by a small group of
The organization cre-
ates a variety of sizes of
come to assist the orga-
nization to ensure they
can continue with such a
Westman ladies and quick- gowns which include; worthwhile cause. Funeral
ly spread throughout the wraps for micro-preemie Homes and Hospitals in
province.  babies, small for babies the area are provided with
“Angel Dresses” are who arrive before 20 Angel Dresses upon re-
tiny, handcrafted dresses weeks, medium for babies quest.
made from used wedding 20 to 30 weeks, and large To see how you can
gowns. These gowns are for full-term babies. Gar- help this great cause or to
made and gifted to griev- ments for male, female, find out more information
ing families who have wel- neutral or multiple births you can visit their website
comed a baby which was are provided. at www.manitobaangel-
born sleeping, did not sur- The vision and mis- dresses.com their face-
vive an illness or was born sion of the organization book page under “Mani-
premature and did not is to ease the stress on a toba Angel Dresses or call
come home from the hos- grieving family by provid- Jennifer Neiman of Dau-
pital. ing the family a beautiful phin 204-638-7672.
Hundreds of wedding item lovingly created in
gowns have been donated which to clothe their pre-
to this group coming from
as far north as Thompson
cious Angel. All Angel
items from Manitoba An-
GUESS Facebook photo

and The Pas. Seamstress-

es, however were harder
gel Dresses are gifted to
grieving families and any
WHAT? Some samples of the tiny gowns made by volunteers of Manitoba
Angel Dresses using used wedding dresses.
to find at the time. After charges incurred are cov- Ads are read

Locals at Royal Winter Fair

a few businesses bumps, ered solely by Manitoba by our
the group stalled out in Angel Dresses and its vol- readers!
2016.  In January 2018, the unteers. 
group was re-introduced The organization has DISAGREE?
and things started rolling done fundraisers in the Continued from Page 1 the second year as I know “It’s fun but it’s also hard
again.  At this time, a mis- past to help with costs of Well, you just
read this ad! a little more what to expect work,” she said. Easton
sion statement was written supplies and other needs. Shayla Woychyshyn is and have met some great won her split in Junior


The Minnedosa 15-years-old and has also people.” Shayla ended her Showmanship and fifth in
Since 1883
been a member of the 4-H week with fifth place in the the Shorthorn Heifer Class.
Beef Club for seven years. Commercial Heifer Class. All three young ladies
The Minnedosa Tribune presents… Shayla participated in the Easton Paterson is are planning to continue to
Minnedosa’s Official Tourist Guide… Showmanship Class and nine-years-old and has be- attend the Royal Manitoba

Commercial Heifer Class longed to the Erickson 4-H Winter Fair and perhaps
with her heifer, Edith. This Beef Club for four years. other similar events when
is Shayla’s second year Easton participated in the the opportunities arise.
participating at the Win- Junior Showmanship Class This year’s edition of
ter Fair. “It’s exciting to be and the Shorthorn Heifer the Royal Manitoba Win-
here but it is also nerve class with heifer, Tara. This ter Fair, saw attendance
racking to be competing. was Easton’s first year at- of approximately 100,000
It’s easier to be here for tending the Winter Fair. people.

Since 1996, The Minnedosa Tribune has been proud to compile, design, publish and
distribute our community’s tourist guide.
Just in time for May long weekend, 5,000 printed copies of
The Beachcomber will be distributed locally,
through Riverbank Discovery Centre and Travel Manitoba.

You can be a part of it!

If you have taken photos that showcase Minnedosa in a
positive light to visitors we would be happy to include
them in our official tourist guide. You will be named as Parish Backhoe
the photographer for any images we Services
select for publication. 204-867-0383 60 Main Street South
Showcase your business or event by purchasing 204-874-2134 204-867-6350

ad space in this year’s Beachcomber.

Please send your photos or ad inquiries to Heather at


adsales@minnedosatribune.com before Friday, April 26th. The Minnedosa

For more information, call The Tribune at 204-867-3816. Since 1883

The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, April 5, 2019 9

Four Generations Fire Department Kept Busy

Photo by Karen Mitchell

Photo submitted
An RCMP vehicle and ambulance sit before the Minnedosa Credit Union
(L-R): Grandpa (Gido) Alan Dmytriw, Father Michael Dmytriw,
following a minor incident on the morning of Friday, March 29th.
Ayla Dmytriw, Great-Grandma (Baba) Margaret Dmytriw.

A fter a bit of a slow per-

iod for calls, the action
has picked up for mem-
way #16. While there was
significant damage to both
vehicles, the two drivers
a minor one in which a
lone occupant of a vehicle
backed into the hydro pole
bers of the Minnedosa Fire involved were fortunate to behind MCU. This person
Department. On Monday, walk away from the wreck was treated on scene by
March 25th, they were unharmed. EMS.
called to a shed fire south Later, that same mor- As April arrived, an
of Clanwilliam, Fire Chief ning, the Fire Department April Fool’s Day call came
Dean Jordan reports this joined RCMP and EMS in and it was no joke! The
call ended up becoming a at a scene call behind the firefighters attended the
controlled burn. Minnedosa Credit Union. first grass/bush fire of the
On the morning of Fri- With all this action behind season on the hills toward
day, March 29th, the fire a bank, the rumor mill was the nothwest corner of
trucks were headed east pondering the possibilities town. Our local fire crew
of Minnedosa to a two- of an armed robbery! In was able to extinguish the
vehicle collision on High- reality, the incident was fire with out incident.

Photo submitted

(L-R): Grandma Angie Dmytriw, Father

Michael Dmytriw, Ayla Dmytriw, Great
Grandpa Jim Fossum. BUSINESS IS


Minnedosa Golf Club
Expansion Committee
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for the Month of March 2019 COMMUNICATION SERVICES
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will continue at the current regular price. Early cancellation charges may apply. Taxes not included. Other conditions may apply. Offer subject to change without notice.
10 Friday, April 5, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune


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Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. THING. Automotive, farm, sale. Fertility tested. Vaccin- NOELLE HRYSAK
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The Minnedosa Tribune, P.O. Box 930,
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Material Sourcing
Highway Guardrails FOR RENT
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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, April 5, 2019 11


Congratulations to
Join us for the Com-
munity Good Friday Ser-
at Rosie’s Country
vice, April 19 at 11am,
Café and Bakery Heritage Co-op is presently inviting applications for a
at the Minnedosa Com-
on a successful three years.
For our Bakery Department located in Minnedosa, MB
tre. Offering to be shared
Love Tom and the Boys. Baker duties to include, but not limited to, customer service, baking, product preparation, packaging, stocking,
between the Minnedosa merchandising, pricing, and general housekeeping and sanitation duties.
and Erickson Food Banks. Cake Decorator duties to include, but not limited to, decorating cakes, customer service, product preparation,
EVERYONE WELCOME! packaging, stocking, merchandising and general housekeeping and sanitation duties.
Rural Municipality of Minto-Odanah
Minnedosa Area Churches Qualifications: Seasonal Grounds Maintenance
Worshipping Together (3-  Excellent customer service skills
 Strong communication and interpersonal skills 2019/2020
3) x  Highly motivated
 High sanitation and image standards
 Must be available to work a variety of shifts including early mornings, days, evenings and weekends The R.M. of Minto-Odanah is looking for a person
The Minnedosa and Area FULL TIME DELI CLERK with their own equipment to trim and mow on a
Food Bank would like to invite For our Deli Department located in Minnedosa, MB regular basis, the grounds of certain sites located
the public to attend their AGM Duties to include, but not limited to; customer service, processing customer transactions, food
preparation, stocking, slicing deli meats and cheeses, merchandising, and general housekeeping and within the R.M. of Minto-Odanah for a two year
on April 10th, 2019 at 7:00 sanitation duties.
p.m. in the board room of the Qualifications:
Minnedosa United Church.  Excellent customer service skills For more information and site locations please
 Strong communication and interpersonal skills
If you would like more infor-  Highly motivated contact the R.M. of Minto-Odanah office.
 High sanitation and image standards
mation please contact Linda
Congratulations to  Must be available to work a variety of shifts including days, evenings and weekends Apply in writing with COST PER SITE for the 2019
at 867-2202 or Carol at 210-
RACHEL KOROSCIL We offer great advancement opportunities within our organization and the Co-operative and 2020 seasons. Deadline for submission is April
0209. (3-2) x Retailing System, competitive compensation and benefits, company matched pension plan
on winning and a diverse and supportive working environment. 9th, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. Lowest or any submission
Biathlon Canada’s
Fundraiser for the Our core values are Integrity, Excellence and Responsibility not necessarily accepted. Submit sealed quotes to:
Award for Female
Minnedosa Personal Care If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your cover letter and resume to:
Coach of the Year 2018/2019!  e-mail: hradmin@heritagecoop.ca
R.M. of Minto-Odanah
Home.  Tickets $5.00 each. 
“We are so proud of you!”  Or mail to Box 1050 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
Seasonal Grounds Maintenance
Prize Deep Freeze and Attn: Jordan Jacobsen, Human Resources Advisor
Phone: 204-867-2295
$400.00 Co-op Gift Cards.  Box 1197, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
Ed and Liz Koroscil www.heritagecoop.ca
Phone: (204) 867-3282

COMING EVENTS Care Home, Minnedosa Cred-

it Union, 50+ Centre, Pharma-
cy.  Tickets will also be on sale
Minnedosa United at the Minnedosa Co-op April
Church Pancake Supper. Fri- 12th and April 25th from 3:30
day, April 5th, 2019 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Further de-
– 7:00 p.m. Adults $7.00, 12 tails call Lori at 204-867-2569. Heritage Co-op is presently inviting applications for a
and under $3.50. All are Wel-
come. (2-3) x Erickson Lions and Curl- MinnedosaÊandÊDistrictÊRecreationÊCommissionÊisÊcurrentlyÊlookingÊforÊÊ
ing Club invite you to their Based in Minnedosa, Manitoba
The Minnedosa and District Recreation Commission is seeking a
Wing Night and Meat Draw
Annual Easter Ham toÊserveÊtheÊTownÊofÊMinnedosa,ÊRMÊofÊMinto,ÊandÊRMÊofÊOdanahÊ
This position will report directly to our Maintenance Manager. Travel is required to all of our locations in
Fundraiser to be held at the Ê
and Chicken Bingo being Brandon, Wawanesa, Minnedosa, Erickson, Sandy Lake, Strathclair and Rivers as required.
Erickson Rec Centre on Fri- to serve the Town of Minnedosa and RM of Minto-Odanah.
DutiesÊandÊResponsibilitiesÊofÊtheÊRecreationÊDirectorÊinclude:Ê Transportation will be provided.
held on Saturday, April 13th  CoordinatingÊrecreationalÊprogramsÊÊ(managingÊregistra-
from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the day, April 12th starting at 6:30
tion,ÊbookingÊfacilitiesÊetc.)Ê Duties to include, but not limited to; building and equipment repair including preventative maintenance, minor
Minnedosa Legion Club p.m.  Everyone Welcome! X  The Recreation Director will encourage and enhance recreation opportunities
WorkÊwithÊvolunteers,ÊcommunityÊgroups,ÊandÊrecreationÊ renovations at our locations as needed, car wash repair and maintenance, other duties as assigned.

Room. All games are 1 line or by co-ordinating

leadersÊ programs and events; working with volunteers, staff,
Newdale Craft Club An-  community groups and recreation leaders.
DirectÊandÊsuperviseÊaÊsummerÊstaffÊ Qualifications:
4 corners at a cost of 25 cents  Must be mechanically inclined
nual Show and Tell. Saturday,  PlanÊeventsÊ
per card in play per game
 QualifiReportÊtoÊandÊgetÊdirectionÊfromÊaÊBoardÊofÊDirectorsÊ
cations include:  A Valid Class 5 Driver’s License is required
April 13th, 2019 from 2:00  Excellent organizational skills and highly motivated
played.  All area residents
– 4:00 p.m. at the Newdale Ê• A degree in Recreation (or related field) is preferred but not necessary.
welcome so come on down • An equivalent education and/or experience may be considered.
QualificationsÊandÊExperienceÊrecommendedÊare:Ê We offer great advancement opportunities within our organization and the Co-operative
Community Hall. Please join
• Self Motivated and strong organizational skills.
CompletionÊofÊGradeÊ12Ê Retailing System, competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package, a
and join us for an afternoon
us for refreshments and priz- • Strong oral and written communication skills.
company matched pension plan and excellent training opportunities
of bingo and fellowship.  (Li-
es. Silver Collection. (4-2) x • Program Planning.
cense #1269-B1-27631) (3-3) x Our core values are Integrity, Excellence and Responsibility
• Knowledge of funding opportunities and proposal writing experience.
Self-motivatingÊandÊstrongÊorganizationalÊskillsÊ If you are interested in joining our team, please send your cover letter and resume to:
Minnedosa Farmers • Experience working with staff, volunteers and the public.
Market will hold their annual • Knowledge of accounting and QuickBooks is an asset.
KnowledgeÊofÊaccountingÊandÊuseÊofÊQuickBooksÊ e-mail: hradmin@heritagecoop.ca
ION SHOW – Wednesday, • Report to and get direction from a board of directors.
Or mail to: Box 1050, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
AGM on Sunday, April 7th at Attn: Jordan Jacobsen, Human Resources Advisor
April 24th, 2019 at UCT Pa- *CompleteÊjobÊdescriptionÊavailableÊuponÊrequest*Ê Phone: (204) 867-2295
7pm in the basement of the
vilion Keystone Centre. AD- ÊInterestedÊapplicantsÊshouldÊforwardÊaÊdetailedÊresumeÊoutliningÊ
Interested applicants should forward a detailed resume outlining skills and
Covenant Church. All are wel- skillsÊandÊexperienceÊbyÊFriday,ÊJanuaryÊ4th,Ê2013Ê@Ê4:00Êp.m.Ê
Please reference Maintenance Technician in your cover letter and/or e-mail
VANCE TICKETS are $20.00. experience with 2 references by Monday, April 15th, 2019 to:
comed to attend. X to:Ê
Shows at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 Selection Committee Process Close Date: April 22nd, 2019
p.m.  Tickets available from Riding Mountain Bio- Minnedosa and District Recreation Commission
MinnedosaÊ&ÊDistrictÊRecreationÊCommissionÊ www.heritagecoop.ca
any Waves of Hope member sphere Reserve, the Munici- Box 1259
or Diane 204-727-2378 or Minnedosa, MB

Darlene 204-728-6309. www. R0J 1E0

and the City of Dauphin pres- Or email to minrec@mts.net
wavesofhope.com (3-3) x WeÊthankÊallÊwhoÊapply,ÊbutÊonlyÊthoseÊselectedÊforÊanÊinterviewÊwillÊbeÊnotified.Ê
ent “Biosphere Water Stew- Ê 4-2
ardship Day - The AIS Threat Ê
St. Jude’s Spring Bake The Minnedosa District
and Water Quality” 10:00 a.m.
Sale and Perogy Lunch. Sat- Museum and Heritage Vil-
– 3:00 p.m. April 17th, 2019 -
urday, April 13th from 11:00 lage Corp is accepting appli-
Russell George P. Buleziuk
a.m. – 1:30 p.m. at St. Jude’s cations for a summer student
Centre April 18, 2019 - Dau-
Church Main Street, Erickson. to work at the Heritage Vil-
phin Council Chambers, City
Perogies, sausage, coleslaw lage from late June through
Hall To register please email -
and desserts for lunch. Adults the Labour Day long week-
$10.00, 12 and under $5.00. end. Please forward resume
5 and under FREE. Perogies, and contact information to
cabbage rolls and baking for minnedosamuseum@gmail.
sale. Raffles. Everyone Wel- Minnedosa Minor Are- com. x
come. (3-3) x na Association AGM will be
held at Minnedosa Arena at
Clanwilliam Trivia Night. 7:00 p.m. on April 22nd, 2019.
Friday, April 26th. Doors open Please see proposed changes
at 7:00 p.m. Tickets $12.00. to the MMAA Constitution to
Available from Liz Davies at be voted on at the AGM; post-
204-865-2429 or Colleen Cook ed at minnedosaminorhock-
204-867-7209. Come out for a ey.com (4-2) x
night of fun! (4-3) x
12 Friday, April 5, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune


Advertisements and
statements contained herein
are the sole responsibility of
the persons or entities that
Wealth Management Specialist post the advertisement, and
Minnedosa Credit Union and Beautiful Plains Credit Union are looking for the Manitoba Community
an energetic professional for the permanent full-time position of Wealth Newspaper Association and
Looking for Management Specialist membership do not make

Work Location: Work location is divided between Minnedosa and Neepawa. any warranty as to the ac-
curacy, completeness, truth-
fulness or reliability of such
to join busy grain and fertilizer Reporting to the Manager of Lending & Wealth Management, the Wealth advertisements. For greater
Trucking Company Management Specialist position is responsible for delivering a wide array of information on advertising
investment options to new and existing Credit Union members. This position conditions, please consult the
Qualifications: entails assessing member needs, determining the appropriate type of Association’s Blanket Adver-
• Applicant must have a Class 1S license. investments and delivering these services. The candidate will be assigned an tising Conditions on our web-
• Driver must be a healthy and energetic person with a established mutual fund portfolio. The successful candidate will demonstrate site at www.mcna.com.
a passion for business development and will actively communicate with Credit beloved wife of Calvin and
strong work ethic who is prepared and committed to mother of Dylan, passed
Union members to provide expert advice and quality service. Do you have a PRESS
“on time” delivery and customer satisfaction. away on March 28th, 2019 at
• Must have minimum of 2 years driving experience. the Minnedosa Health Centre
• The successful candidate should have two years post-secondary education RY that needs to go out? Let
• Good people skills. us help you with that! Though
at the age of 55 years.
plus one to three years job related experience or an equivalent combination A service for Gerri will take
or education and experience. we cannot guarantee publica-
place at a later date.
Only selected applicants will be contacted. • Candidate will require a current mutual funds certification in good tion, MCNA will get the infor-
Donations may be made
standing; mation into the right hands
Please send resume to: for ONLY $35.00 + GST/HST.
to CancerCare MB.
• Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Personal Financial Planner (PFP)
RTM Transport Ltd. designation (completed or in the process of completing) is a definite asset; We also do Media Monitor-
White’s Funeral Home,
Box 245 Strathclair, MB R0J 2C0 Minnedosa, Manitoba in care
• Demonstrated ability in analyzing an investor’s needs and effectively ing, if you would like to follow
of arrangements
Fax: 204-365-4753 applying solutions and appropriate financial products is essential; up and see who picked up the
(204) 867-3868
Email: rtmkenwozney86@gmail.com • Superior interpersonal abilities and a commitment to service. material. Call MCNA (204)
Messages of condolence may
Attn: Ken Wozney For additional information visit
947-1691 for more informa-
be placed online at
tion, or email classified@
www.minnedosacu.mb.ca or www.bpcu.mb.ca www.whitesfh.ca
(3-2) mcna.com for details. www.
Please forward your cover letter and resume by April 15th, 2019 to: mcna.com
Terry McLenehan, Manager of Lending & Wealth Management LOANS
Minnedosa Credit Union
Box 459 Minnedosa MB R0J 1E0 ANNOUNCEMENT
Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

RT’s Heavy Truck & Trailer Need

is currently seeking Cash?
• Easy application


Heritage Co-op is presently inviting applications for a • Approval with
(16 month term position)
Jobs Duties/Qualification include: For our Administration Department located in Minnedosa, MB • No Credit Check
• Skills & training necessary to perform repairs and • We service ALL of
Reporting to the Human Resources Manager, the Payroll and Benefits Administrator will be
maintenance procedures on most types of vehicles responsible for the overall management of the payroll and benefits program at Heritage Co-op. Duties
to include, but not limited to; auditing timecards and assisting the management team with adjustments
specializing in heavy trucks and trailers. to ensure accuracy, balancing payroll and reconciling accounts, processing all hiring and termination
related documentation, providing high end customer service to employees regarding their pay and
Call Dan Devloo
• Maintenance and repairs may include: engine, benefit inquiries, participate in other activities and projects as required. (204) 526-7093
transmissions, cooling systems, air systems, fuel and Qualifications:
CAI Financial
Unit K - 2151 Portage Ave.
 Excellent interpersonal skills
exhaust systems, brakes and tires, hydraulic and  Excellent customer service and organizational abilities Winnipeg MB
electrical systems and lubricating systems  Advanced computer skills with a knowledge of Miscrosoft Excel www.caifinancial.ca
 Ability to prioritize multiple tasks in a fast paced environment
• Understand and adhere to company policies,  Strong communication skills including written, oral and listening
environmental and legal guidelines for work place safety,  Ability to meet strict deadlines MISCELLANEOUS
 Able to handle challenging situatons in a confidential and timely manner
hazardous waste disposal and other regulatory issues.  Must be bondable SERVICES
• Perform welding operations on equipment We offer great advancement opportunities within our organization and the Co-operative
• Conduct MPI safety checks on vehicles and equipment Terry’s Home Enrich-
Retailing System, competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package, a
ment Maintenance. T.H.E.M.
• Supervision of Apprentice position
company matched pension plan and excellent training opportunities

cell 868 8088 (them@live.ca)

• MUST provide own tools Our core values are Integrity, Excellence and Responsibility
• Valid Class 5 driver license If you are interested in joining our team, please send your cover letter and resume to:
1648 SQFT TENANCE in your home!
This position is available at RT’S Heavy Truck & Trailer located hradmin@heritagecoop.ca
SHOWHOME Fix-it jobs. Snow clearing for
in Newdale, MB. Applicant must have own tools and be Or mail to: Box 1050, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
Attn: Jordan Jacobsen, Human Resources Advisor
Ready-to-Move driveways and sidewalks. High
prepared to work some Saturdays. Phone: (204) 867-2295 quality painting  (Interior and
$139,000 Exterior) 
Process Close Date: April 10th, 2019
We offer competitive wages, benefits package as is

Please send resume to: James Hardie siding.

RTM Transport Ltd.
(3-2) Huron Tri-pane
Minnedosa United Church is looking for an outgoing, cre- windows, fir plywood. Rare coin collection
Box 245 Strathclair, MB R0J 2C0
ative person who enjoys working with young children, to fill the Interior drywalled pre 1900 and later. Over
Fax: 204-365-4753 and ready to paint.
position of Vacation Bible School (VBS) Coordinator. Your job 200 plus coins of nations
Email: rtmkenwozney86@gmail.com will be to plan, organize, promote and coordinate our 2018 VBS globally. Excellent con-
Attn: Ken Wozney
Call 204-346-4231
program. We estimate you will be required to spend 40 hours of to view or online at dition. Accepting offers.
(3-2) prep time and 40 hrs to run the program 9:00 til noon each day wgiesbrechthomes.ca ??? 867-5205 leave mes-
for 5 days in mid-July. VBS is a faith based educational program sage. (3-2) x
Tenders for Minnedosa Arena Manager/Ice Maker and for kids aged 3-12. Church volunteers will be available to assist
Minnedosa Arena Canteen Manager are posted at minnedosa- with various activities throughout the week. Music, crafts and
minorhockey.com Detailed job descriptions are also posted. programming will be theme based. You will be required to have
Tenders close on April 18th, 2019. The lowest or any tender not a current Police Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check
necessarily accepted. (4-2) x in order to run this program. If you are interested in more de-
tails and to discuss remuneration for this position please con-
tact Julie Hutton at 204-868-6265 before April 17th, w019. (4-2) x
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, April 5, 2019 13

Hi Reena,
Reena’s Tips and Helpful Hints
teeth whiteners and hair started to get seeds in its Fantastic Tip of the Week:  three layers (broken un- lasagna won’t be such
Last year I purchased products. Benzoyl Perox- “belly” it is too big and Cut down on home- cooked noodles, cheese a time-consuming pro-
new white towels for my re- ide for example is found in old to use. (I always have made lasagna preparation and meat sauce) together ject. Why not give it a try? 
modeled bathroom. They several products i.e. acne a patch of dill – it seeds it- with this easy technique! in a bowl and gently toss. Did you know? The
are lovely, but a few wash- treatments may be the cul- self and is good for salads The common way to lay- Grease your casserole word lasagna originally re-
es in they started sprouting prit. Consider investigat- when young – so I have er lasagna: Meat sauce, dish and pour ingredients ferred to the pot in which
grey blob shaped spots, ing all of the products that never used oil of dill.) After cooked noodles, cheese, inside. Top with cheese the dish was cooked rather
especially on the hand she uses to help you deter- washing the dill, I usually repeat, meat sauce, and bake as normal. The than the food itself as it
towels. At first, I thought it mine the cause of discolor- swish it in hot to boiling cooked noodles cheese, sauce bakes the noodles does today.
was my daughter’s tooth- ation. Have you experi- temperature water (just in repeat… A faster way to and no layering required!
paste staining the towels mented by trading towels case there is any wildlife make lasagna: Prepare You will have much more
when she wiped her face with her and observing on it). I then place some meat and cheese mixtures time for doing all the
but switching toothpastes whether discoloration is dill into a jar and slice the as normal. Combine all other things you love, and
didn’t help. The spots have still an issue? To brighten cucumbers into each jar
also appeared on the bath- towels, add a product such tapping the jar to pack.
mat; so, I know it can’t as washing soda to each In a large pot mix: 4 cups PROPERTIES FOR SALE
just be the toothpaste. load. Pour one quarter cup vinegar, 2 cups water, 2
With copious amounts of to each load to brighten cups white sugar, and 1/2
bleach, the spots can be colors and whiten whites. cup PICKLING salt. Bring Prairie Mountain Ph: 204-867-4657
faded or erased, but this Using washing soda with to a full rolling boil and Independently Owned Gwen Usick Fax: 204-867-2150
needs to be done con- hot water will also clean quickly fill jars. Seal jars. and Operated Broker Realtor
stantly or they re-appear. I out the hoses in your wash- Ready in six weeks. I have G
have changed laundry de- ing machine. never had a jar spoil since LIS
tergents as well to no avail. I started using this recipe.
Any ideas? Angie Dear Reena, I used well water when we
When choosing pickles for lived on an acreage and
Dear Angie, pickling, pick fresh gar- now that I am in town I just
Since the spots are den cucumbers early in use tap water. Family and MINNEDOSA MINNEDOSA MINNEDOSA MINNEDOSA
2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath home on Well maintained 2 bedroom 1 bath - 2 + 1 bedroom, 1 bath - Immaculate 3 bdm,
mainly apparent on hand the morning. Immediately others seem to love my 7 1/2 town lots on the edge of town mobile home on 2 lots. - Cental air 2 bath home
- Solid oak kitchen cabinets - Skylight in kitchen, open concept, - Extensively renovated
towels; it makes sense that submerge cucumbers in dills! One of my kids took - Sunroom off master central air, plenty of storage. - Updated windows on main
head to toe
they may be the result of a ice cold water until ready peanut butter-dill pickle 214 sqft deck leading to the - Large mudroom addition leads - 2 decks & storage shed
to the oversized single attached in yard - Open concept
back yard
product that your daugh- to use. Trim both ends of sandwiches to school al- - Finished basement
garage. - Enjoy the view of the lake
- Shed, vegetable garden, paved from your deck
ter uses. Bleach is found pickles. Use pickling vin- most every day for a num- - Single garage + 329 sqft
attached carport
driveway - Attached single car garage
in cosmetic products other egar not plain white vin- ber of years!  Jean MLS #1830776 $154,900
MLS#1905370 $218,900 MLS#1906414 $129,900 MLS #1830171 $215,900
than toothpaste such as egar. If the cucumber has
Take a tour on Realtor.ca or our website www.remax-prairie mountain-npwa.mb.com


7KH 0LQQHGRVD Envelopes Invoice Adult

Specialty Book Colouring
50 duplicates
6LQFH 50 pack or triplicates Book
Check out our
selection of $7.99 $7.99 $5.99
Home and
Office supplies:
Brite Magnetic Mini
*Pens Liners Dry Erase Clothes
*Pencils Board
*Highlighters 12 pack 17” x 23” Pins
assorted colours
*Markers 25pack

*Pencil Crayons
$6.99 $18.99 $2.59
*Notebooks Minions Logitech
*File Folders
*Report Covers
$3.89 Foam M510
*Scotch Tape Sheets Wireless
*Envelopes Scrapbooking 50 pack Mouse
*File Storage
*Photo Paper
$4.99 $5.99 $34.99
*Scrapbook Paper
*Desk Accessories
*Thank You Notes BIC Team Lens
*Post-It Notes Wite- Canada
*Till Rolls
Out Tape Zipper binder
*Pocket Folders 4 pack
200 pages paper
12 pack Bic Pens 10’x10’
*Glue Bottle/Stick
*Kids Activity Sets
$7.29 $21.99 $5.99
14 Friday, April 5, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune


“Living in your
Proud Supporter

www.ricktaylor.remax.ca Rick Taylor 867-7551 CONSTRUCTION


BIRCH Parish Backhoe
GENERAL ●Septic Systems ●Weeping tiles
CONTRACTORS ●Water Systems ●Basements
• Specializing in water & sewer
Commercial ●All types of excavation●
PRICE REDUCED NEW LISTING NEW LISTING installation & repair Residential Certified in waste
322 HARRISON ST. 118 - 6TH AVE. N.E. • All types of excavation
303 - 1ST AVE. S.W.
MINNEDOSA • Basements, Demolition
• Snow removal
867-0400 water management
- 1,100 sq. ft. bungalow with - 1,428 sq.ft., 1 3/4 storey - 920 sq. ft. bungalow
• Gravel, Topsoil 0r Call: Ian
• Sales of septic tanks
fully finished basement
-3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
- 3 bedroom with updates - 3 bedrooms, 2 baths Kirk 867-0180 867-7506 874-2134 or 867-0383
-Double attached garage and - Double garage and - Single garage and

close to lake
Bryon Gaiser
1.65 acres backs onto river
$189,900 MLS#1906633 $169,900 MLS #1906837
$204,900 MLS # 1903922
Truck & Skid
Steer Service
Competitive Rates
SEMI WITH LOW BED &hopkinswelding@hotmail.com
204 - 6TH AVE. N.W.
307 - 2ND ST. S.E.
- 1/4 section south of Erickson - 1,450 sq. ft. 1 3/4 storey - 680 sq. ft. 2 bd bungalow
- 1,500 sq. ft. home built in - 3 bedrooms, 2 baths - Some newer windows and C. BURTON ELECTRICAL EAVESTROUGH
Enterprises Ltd.
1999 - Extensive renovations and shingles
- Numerous, quality buildings huge yard. - Just needs a litlle TLC
$669,900 MLS #1901111 $184,900 MLS #1825666 $79,900 MLS #1830100 Air Conditioning,
Heating & Electrical BILL HOPKINS
Considering listing your Property? 30 Years 204-867-0260 5” AND 6” continuous
Call me today for great service at great rates! hopkinswelding@hotmail.com
Ex perience!!
Siding Roofing
Bus : 867-3950 Soffit Fascia


Glen Burgess
Closed cell Polyurethane Spray foam
Blow in Attic & Wall Fibre Insulation
Fire Retardent Coating

PRAIRIE REDI-MIX Electrician 204-867-3738

Minnedosa - 867-3853
R eady Mix Conc rete 204-868-5211 Email: mcreal@live.ca
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh,
George Allard, FCGA*
Open Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
Gateway Street All at Competitive
Onanole, MB
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 5:00
Saturday - 9:00 a.m. -
prices Jon Kowal
Howard Wirch, C.G.A*
9-515 4th Ave.
2:00 p.m. 867-0145 Custom
Shoal Lake, MB
Suite A
110 Main Street South Fertilizer Minnedosa
Minnedosa Floating Credit Union
Dauphin Office - Call today to book your
● Roofing ● Decks Main Line
15 1st Ave. S.W. 204 867-5550 ● Fencing ● Exterior ● Finishing spring floating needs! 204-867-6350
Phone: 204-638-3005 ● Renovations ● Repairs Brad Ross
Fax: 204-638-5817
Darvin - 204-868-5869 204-867-6366
*Denotes Professional Corporation AUTO littlevalleyconstruction@live.ca
Robert - 204-867-7113 Terry McLenehan
204-868-5980 or 204-867-5544 Fairmount Solar and Electrics 204-867-6363
Susan Glasgow
For All Your Electrical Needs
Debbie Strelczik
MÊ GijsbersÊ 204-867-6360
Dan Quesnel
Chartered Professional BACKHOE & TRUCKING
Accountant Inc. 204-867-6359
● AC
MinnedosaÊ Donna Dowsett
Ê 213ÊÊ 2ndÊ StÊ NEÊ Ê -Ê Ê BoxÊ 385Ê Ê 204-867-6361
T:Ê 867-3884Ê Ê Ê C:Ê 867-0190Ê Electrical Inc. (48-4)
Kim Butler
Email:Ê Ê Catharine@mts.netÊ
M&M ●Electrical
GRAIN 204-867-6352
Alayna McTavish

AUTO BODY Contracting HAULING 204-867-6354

BDO Canada LLP All Auto Body Repairs Ph: 867-3238
Trisha Paterson
Chartered Joanne Clarke
Professional Accountants Ph: 867-2083 Cell: 868-5741
Brian Horner 204-867-6364
Farm, Business & Individual 5 Main St. North Gaylene Johnson
Grain & Fertilizer 204-867-6357
Professinal Services: Hauling Amber Johnson
- Tax
- Accounting Book this spot Book this spot 204-867-6374
- Farm Programs $5.52/week $5.52/week E-mail
Don Simpson, CPA, CA Call 204-867 3816
Call 204-867 3816 Website
39 Main Street South, Minnedosa
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, April 5, 2019 15


WAHOSKI G ORD K E L LY Lakeside St. Alphonsus
Septic Service
Drivers Licenses, Autopac MECHANICAL LTD. Plumbing & Heating Catholic Church
General Insurance Gas Fitting 142
142 4th
4th St, NW.
St, NW. • Lawn Mowing & Trimming
PLUMBING Potable water Minnedosa,MB
MB 867-3831
Cheri McTavish – Broker ph: 867-2084 Minnedosa, 867-3831 • Dandelion Spraying -
867-3946 HEATING cell: 867-0346 delivery. Licensed Pesticide Applicator
Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m.
Book your portable • Fertilizer Application
GAS FITTING toilets. • Licensed Arborist Service
LEGAL AIR CONDITIONING SELF-HELP Erle Jury & Family • Hedge Trimming
• Yard Clean Up
204-867-3121 867-2416
Alexander or A.D.A.M. Cory Johnston ▪ Minnedosa
204-476-5185 Cell: 867-7558
Jackson Anxiety Disorders People Helping People (204)Ê 476-4705Ê
Law Office - Committed to Caring -
B-116 MainSt.St
of Manitoba RAINKE'S
RAINKIES Phone (204) 857-6100
Minnedosa, MB Support Group Sewage Service Fax (204) 857-8389 Prairie Mountain HVAC/R
867-3981 Plumbing & Heating JIM BEAUMONT
Meetings are held at Ventilation/Air quality
http://www.ajaxlaw.ca Neepawa Library 3rd Tuesday of 476-2483 services.com
Ty Burton the month 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Owner/Operator
Air Conditioning
Burgess Law 204-868-5358 For more info call:
Debbie Fisch
Cell: 476-6591 REAL ESTATE Kitchen Equipment
Office Commercial Gas Fitter
(204) 725-8550 Dennis: 476-2766 Commercial & Residential
51 Main Street S service specialist
Minnedosa ALCOHOLICS 23 Hour Service CALL ME... FOR ALL YOUR
Plumbing & Heating
ANONYMOUS 1-204-867-7346
minnedosa@ If you like to drink and can
Summit Septic
• Construction •
That's your business
If you want to stop and can't ServiceS LEONA’S
204-867-5458 That's our business. Minnedosa and surrounding areas Studio Of Image
SIMS & COMPA N Y copperwoodenterprise@gmail.com
P.O. Box 36 Frank r. Ford and Family Hair Care
L a w O ffi c e PLUMBING & HEATING
Russ Huyghe
or 867-3966 penny Ford PETER HARRISON
•Eminence Facials
Alanon - 210-0433 & Product
Norman H. Sims, Q.C. 204-868-6376
Alateen - 867-5121 Owner/Operator Phone/Text 867-5444 • Pedicures & LCN Nails
7 6 Ma i n S t r e e t S o u t h 867-3401 Minnedosa 204-210-0158 • Spray Tanning
MINNEDOSA • 867-2717 Cody Huyghe Mtg. Times: 8:00 pm Tuesdays www.suttonharrison.com
204-210-0502 Cells • Piercing
OFFICE MANAGER Drug Problem? 204-868-0851 or 204-868-0863
• Eyelash Extensions
204-868-6886 Narcotics
email: pennyjoford@gmail.com 204-867-2287
67 Main St.
Anonymous can help
BURTON PAINTING TRADING Meetings every Waterpals Rob’s TAC
Tuesday & Potable Water Delivery Small EnginE REpaiR & Ventures Inc.
Myrna Alexander
Myrna Charles Minnedosa and area YaRd maintEnancE SERvicES
Saturday at 7 p.m. Waste
Cell: 868-5503
Cell: 868-5503 Health Inspected • Mowing & Trimming
at Calvary Temple, • Snow Blowing Management &
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16 Friday, April 5, 2019 The Minnedosa Tribune

Sandy Lake News

By Diane Bachewich and Joan of Oakburn, Di- Muriel Solonyczny. Edna Mae Malmquest Doug and Linda Hayhurst last week. Shirley is Do-
ane and son Blair Bach- Dennis Lewandoski (Kryzyiank) of Winnipeg who have become grand- reen’s son’s mother in-law.

O ut for the weekend to

help Helen Derhak
celebrate her 95th birth-
ewich of Sandy Lake, Kyle
Derhak and Jean Reilly of
Onanole, John and Joan
has returned home af-
ter spending the past five
months in Bangkok, Thai-
visited with Diane Bach-
ewich and Helen Derhak
during the week.
parents for the third time.
A baby boy was born to
daughter Katrina and hus-
Shirley was founder and
long-time member of the
Zoloto Ukrainian Dance
day were all her children, Derhak hosted the event at land. A large crowd enjoyed band of Germany. Doug group in the city.
Garry Derhak of Calgary, their residence and all had Thoughts and good the pre-wedding social for left for Germany on Friday Dennis and Jan Hodg-
Dennis and Darlene Der- a fun filled time. wishes are extended to Tyler Kowaluk and Bailey to join Linda and the rest of son have returned home
hak, Janice Duchominski, The lucky winner of Darlene Kotch who has Salyn at the Elphinstone the family. from spending the winter
Ken and Angela Brookman the Legion Men’s monthly been transferred to the Memorial Hall on Saturday Doreen Stapleton at- in Western Texas.
of Winnipeg, Allan Derhak 50/50 draw for the month Minnedosa Hospital from night. tended the funeral for Shir-
of Riding Mountain, John of March was Peter and Brandon Hospital. Congratulations to ley Matskiw in Winnipeg

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FM pie pecan/cherry/lemon ....................................................1kg ............. $8.99
FM pie pumpkin/apple crimble .............................................960g ............. $7.99
Nestle pure life ................................ 24x500ml ...... $3.99 Pogo original ...........................................................................750g ............. $5.99
Post cereal assorted ......................................................... 340-550g ...............$2.79 Bagel Bites 3 cheese supreme .................................................198g ............. $2.29
Kraft peanut butter ....................................................................1kg ...............$4.99 NN™ frozen vegetables assorted ...........................................750g ............. $1.99
Ragu original/ground beef original ............ 640ml ...... $0.99

Lays chips ................................................................................255g ...............$2.79
NN™ soda crackers salted/unsalted ....................................454g ...............$1.99
NN™ peanuts blanched salted/BBQ ................500g ...... $2.79
Stove top stuffing assorted ......................................................120g ...............$1.49
Bear Paws assorted,Mr. Maple cookies ..................................240g ...............$2.49
Quaker Oats quick .....................................................................1kg ...............$2.49 Fresh chicken legs .................................................................................... $1.99/lb
NN™ jam/marmalade assorted ................................................ 1lt ...............$3.99 Eye of the round roast .............................................................................. $4.99/lb
NN™ medium roast coffee/decaf ..........................................925g ...............$7.99 Pork tenderloin ......................................................................................... $3.99/lb
NN™ evaporated milk asssorted ........................................ 354ml ...............$1.29 Pork back rib ............................................................................................. $4.69/lb
NN™ cheese parmesan ..........................................................250g ...............$4.99 Sirloin beef steak ............................................... $5.99/lb
NN™ mac and cheese dinner ...............................................200g ...............$0.49 NN™ Canton egg rolls meat cp ...........................................1.25kg ............. $8.99
NN™ cookies caramel coconut/striped shortbread .... 198-368g ...............$2.29 NN™ chicken wings assorted ................................................908g ........... $10.99
NN™ chips assorted.....................................200g ...... $1.25

NN™ party mix .......................................................................320g ...............$2.79
Rogers icing sugar......................................................................1kg ...............$2.59
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Quaker muffin mix assorted ...................................................900g ...............$3.49
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Crisco shortening assorted .....................................................454g ...............$2.49 Broccoli .......................................................................................................... $2.59
NN™ coconut sweet shredded ..............................................400g ...............$2.99 Raspberries .................................................................................................... $3.49
Chipits cho assorted ....................................................... 200-300g ...............$2.99 Green peppers ............................................................................................... $2.49
Green Giant canned vegetables assorted ....................341-398ml ...............$1.25 GH red tomatoes....................................................................................... $1.49/lb
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Dole pineapple canned assorted ........................................ 398ml ...............$1.49
Ocean spray cranberry sauce assorted ............................... 348ml ...............$2.29
Franco gravy assorted .......................................................... 284ml ...............$1.29
Campbell’s RW soup assorted ............................................. 284ml ...............$1.49
Campbell’s broth assorted ................................................... 900ml ...............$1.99
Bicks pickles baby dills/sweet mixed/yum yum ...................... 1lt ...............$3.99
Bicks pepper rings hot,sauerkraut wine ....................... 750ml-1lt ...............$3.99
Bertolli olive oil x virgin ............................ 1lt ...... $9.99
Knorr pasta/rice mix assorted ........................................ 133-165g ...............$1.39
Club House gravy mix assorted .......................................... 21-42g ...............$0.99
Tim Hortons original/dark roast coffee .................................300g ...............$6.99
Tropicana no pulp juice 100% .............................................. 2.63lt ...............$6.49
Uncle Bens Bistro express assorted ................................ 240-250g ...............$2.99
Motts clamato assorted ......................................................... 1.89lt ...............$3.79
FM 14% sour cream .............................................................. 500ml ...............$2.29


Robin Hood flour all purpose/whole wheat.........................2.5kg ...............$4.49

ED Smith pie filling assorted ............................................... 540ml ...............$3.99
Crisco vegetable oil ............................................................... 1.42lt ...............$4.99
MM/Five Alive juice assorted .............................................. 1.75lt ...............$2.79
Imeperial magarine soft tubs .................454g ...... $1.49
I Cant Believe its not Butter ....................................................454g ...............$1.25
NN™ natural slices marble cheddar .....................................230g ...............$4.25
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NN™ cream cheese brick .......................................................250g ...............$2.99 *PRICES AVAILABLE AT THE LUCKY DOLLAR IN MINNEDOSA ONLY