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The Jones Journal

April 5, 2019
4. Be on time! We will leave as soon as the
buses are ready (as close to 8:00 as possible.)
5. On the permission form, you marked that
your child will be a ____________ lunch.
Please don’t forget! I will put labels on the
children Monday afternoon as one last
reminder before going.

This week’s reading is titled Wanted: Advocates
for Play in the Primary Grades. This item is an
excellent read about what play is, better
understanding it, and all its wonderful benefits.
Andrew works on a sight word book this morning. It’s written for teachers but I think it will also be
FYI helpful for you (parents) to be advocates for your
In honor of the last 26 days of kindergarten, we are child and their playtime. It is lengthy but well-
going to celebrate each day with an ABC activity! worth the time! The article is attached to the same
Be sure to take a look at the list in today’s Friday email as this newsletter. It can also be found on our
Folder and post it on your refrigerator so that you classroom’s blog (mrssjonesclass.blogspot.com) on
can keep track! the right side under Suggested Parent Readings.


I always have something for those children that April 5 – March journals go home
forget snack or prefer ‘school’ snack. I usually buy 9 – Zoo Field Trip
the cheap bag cereal or animal crackers and they 15 – ABC Days of Kindergarten begins
seem to like it just as well as the more expensive 16 – PTO Meeting and Art Show (5:30-7:00)
stuff. If you are at the grocery store sometime, we 17 – Cheeburger Cheeburger Night
would appreciate anything ‘scoop- able’. Thank 19 – No School (Weather Make Up Day)
you so much!
We are in need of some ‘all purpose surface’ spray Friends of the Auburn Public Library Used Book
cleaner (for example, Lysol) to clean our tables Sale is happening April 6-8 at the Auburn Public
after lunch. The spray seems to get the tables Library. All children
cleaner than the disinfecting wipes we have. who attend will
receive a ticket for a
The children are super excited about going to the free children’s book
zoo on Tuesday! Please be sure to take note of the at the sale. The prices
following to help our trip run smoothly... for the books will
1. You do not need to send a snack or water decrease each of the
bottle on Tuesday. I will be providing all the
three days of the sale with Saturday prices starting
children with the same snack and a water
at $2 for a hardback book and $1 for a paperback
2. If your child has a school t-shirt, please have
them wear it. If not, any red shirt is fine. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!
3. Please have your child wear tennis shoes. -S. Jones

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