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Individual Reflective Responses

Miguel Fortin

McGill University
Identify the technical skills required for your project?

Since we made a hockey podcast, the technical skills required to build up our project was

to have a good knowledge of the platform Audacity. In order to make the podcast sound

professional, we added an introduction music, an outro music and clean transitions between the

speakers (no silence gaps). Another technical skill all the students in my group needed to have is

basic knowledge of the current hockey season in the NHL (the standings, players’ statistics and

playoff format). Without good knowledge of hockey and without a script, there would have been

way too much hesitation and that would have sound more like an amateur podcast. Finally, the

last technical skill our team needed to have is time management. We had to make sure that we

could fit in all the information we wanted to without taking less or too much time.

Describe your creation project – How did you make, create and revise your project?

First of all, our group sat together in order to create a script for each person of the group.

Each person had a role: two hockey analysts, one caller and one podcast animator. Secondly, we

made sure to look on the internet for the right standings and statistics of the NHL to make sure

that we do not provide false information. Thirdly, when creating our podcast, we made sure to

use a good microphone and to talk on the right tone so that it sounds clear on Audacity. When

our project was done we listen to it and we work on little imperfections (ambient noises,

amplifying the sound when it was too low, etc.)

Describe the potential applications of your creative media project for education. How
would you adapt this media project as an educational lesson/activity?
This project could easily be used for a technology class. If I wanted my students to specifically

learn about the program Audacity, I would divide my students in groups, give them a pre-made

script that talks about any subject and I would ask my students to create a podcast with that
script. This will help the students a lot with the platform because they will not have to focus on

creating their own script and dividing the work between their teammates. All they would need to

focus on is the platform itself and how to eliminate unwanted noises, how to put an introduction

and outro music, how to amplify and how compress a certain part.

What were the main challenges you faced during the production of this product?

I think that the biggest challenge that we had during this project was to divide the parts to each

person. Working as a group is not always easy because sometimes, two people might want to talk

about the same thing and that can create a little bit of a conflict. We had to make sure that

everyone felt comfortable with their parts in order for the project to look good and that was not

the easiest thing to do.

What did you learn?

During this project, I learned that creating a podcast is fun because yes, there is a lot of

preparation, but you also need to have the flow as if you were really having an improvised

conversation we your teammates. If you try too hard following your script, it will break the

magic of the purpose of a podcast.