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2. TITLE OF JOB : Geologist

3. QUALIFICATION : BS Applied Geology

4. DATE OF BIRTH : September 08, 1988

5. EMAIL/TELEPHONE : 0344-5598508

6. Tel home 092-5811-454529

7. FAX NUMBER : 092-42-35316329

8. MEMBERSHIP OF : Geological Society of Pakistan and Punjab Geological


More than Seven years of experience in

 Reports writing, preparation of Technical and Financial Proposals, TORs, Contract

documents, agendas, minutes of meetings and presentations to different authorities etc

 Geological mapping (stratigraphical, Lithological and Structural) and foundation mapping

for hydro power projects, highways, bridges, Sliding zones, water channels and Mines &
Minerals projects (Coal, Limestone, Marble, Granite, Shales, Slates, copper and Iron)
 Geo technical investigation: Drilling [Rotary (straight and inclined up to 450 m depth),
percussion, and hand auger], Coring and Core analysis with all field tests, all types of
samplings, logging, laboratory results interpretations and report writings.
 Natural risk assessments, excavation, control blasting, rock analysis, rocks classification,
and material transportation and slopes stability assessments.
 Raw material study for construction of buildings, roads, bridges and cement, Iron and
Copper industry.
 Asphalt coring of motorways and highways, sample collection and laboratory tests
 Quality control management
 Materials Laboratory tests.
Including Cubes and cylinders casting and crushing, compressive strength test, Slump
test, mix designs for concrete, Atterberg limits, sieve analysis / material gradations,
Compaction test (Proctor), specific gravity evaluation, Base and Sub base design for roads,
field density test (FDT), Bulk density, Sheer strength, Point Load, Natural moisture
Content, Porosity etc.



Bachelors in Applied Geology – 2011.

 Member of Geological society of Pakistan.
 Member of Punjab Geological society (PGS).

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 Six month thesis specialization field for structural, stratigraphical and minerals mapping
and report writing of Narkote, Charhoi, Dhmal and Chiran areas of North kotli, Azad Jammu
and Kashmir with the consultation of Prof Doctor Mirza Shahid Baig (Full bright meritorious
Professor of University of AJ&K) and Professor Shahab Perwaiz. The field area comprised
64 square kilometres, of which structural and stratigraphical map was prepared in
accompanied with a detailed description of structures, stratigraphy, mineralogy,
sedimentation and fossils of the area.

 Geological field of Northern areas of Pakistan including Gilgit Baltistan with special
emphasis on rock formations, structures, stratigraphy, formation of kohistan island arc,
major faults in the area, Indian and Eurasian plate boundaries, and largest mountain
ranges formation. A detail report of the field was submitted to Institute of geology UAJ&K.

 Geological field work in Khewra Gorge and Khewra salt mine, Namal Gorge, Zuluch Gorge
of Eastern salt range and Peer Padral area during 2009 with special emphasis on
stratigraphy, structure, minerals and fossils identification. Its detailed geological report was
also submitted to the Institute of Geology UAJ&K.

 Geological field work in Muzaffarabad, Hazara division and Galliyat area of Murree with
special emphasis on rock/Formation identification and Stratigraphical sequence. A detailed
geological report of the area was of the field work was submitted to the Institute of geology

 Three weeks internship with 7100 MW Bunji Consultants Joint venture (BCJV) from August
2010 to September 2010. During the internship we were taught the basics about mapping,
drilling, field testings and audit exploration.
NOTE: This Internship was necessary for the allotment of thesis topic from the department.


 Auto CAD
 Eagle Point
 MS office (Complete)
 In page (Urdu)
 Window and software’s installations
 Power Director and Photoshop
 Window Movie Maker


 Natures of Projects / fields in which I Served:

 Proposals and Contract Preparation on the basis of TOR provided

 Laboratory testing and reports Writing
 Geological Mapping and Geotechnical investigation of
 Hydropower Projects
 Wind Power projects
 Solar power Projects
 Roads, Bridges and High ways
 Irrigation canals and Barrages

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 Buildings
 Raw material studies for
 Cement Factory, Iron, Copper, Granite, Marble and other rock industries
 Construction of roads, bridges and buildings
 Gravity Survey for hydropower projects and wind power projects
 Topographical Survey for roads, bridges, hydropower projects, canals, and buildings
 Cut slopes studies and Natural risk assessment

 Firms with which I Served / Serving:

 DESCON Engineering (Pvt) limited, Lahore

 GEO BAND Works Management, Lahore
 POWER AIM ENGINEERING SERVICES (Pvt) ltd, Lahore (Consultant group)
 Geo Engineering Associates, Islamabad
 Geo Engineers, Islamabad
 Bunji Consultants joint venture (BCJV), Gilgit Baltistan (Internship)

 Projects in which I worked with mentioned Firms:

 Working as senior Geologist with Power Aim Engineering Services and GEO BAND JV on
Slope failure project at Chatorkhand area of District Ghizer, GB with GBPWD. 2018-19

 Working as senior Geologist as well as projects coordinator with GEO BAND and Power
Aim Engineering Services on detailed feasibility study of Iron, Copper, Granite and Marble
ore deposits in whole Gilgit-Baltistan with Mines and Minerals department Gilgit. 2018-19

 Worked as team lead on the behalf of Geo BAND WM (The executer) for the ecological
and bio diversity study in whole district Kohistan of KPK and in whole Gilgit-Baltistan for the
Diamer Bhasha, Dassu and Tarbella Hydro Power Projects with WAPDA. 2018

 Worked as site incharge for the topographical survey, Geotechnical Investigation,

construction material study, ground water studies, installation of piezometers and test wells
for “110 km Jalalpur irrigation Project” from Rasul Barrage District Jehlum to District
Khushab, Punjab. The terrain of the project included hilly areas, Nullahs and flat plains.

 Worked as Site in-charge for the topographical Survey, and geotechnical Investigation for
ASF Camp, New International Airport Islamabad. 2016

 Worked as Site In-charge for the Geological and structural mapping, Geotechnical
investigation, resistivity survey and construction material study for 100 MW NORINCO
Thatta Wind project, Jhampir, District Thatta, Sind Pakistan. 2016

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 Worked as Geologist / Projects coordinator in geological mapping, geo technical
investigation, designing of cut slopes and proposed tunnel and construction material study
project of 45 km Gilgit-Naltar road, District Gilgit, Pakistan. 2015

 Worked as site geologist in detailed geological mapping and geotechnical investigation,

logging and report writing of Smaller and greater Cholistan Water resources development
project, Punjab, Pakistan. 2015-16

 Worked as project coordinator and site geologist in Cement raw material evaluation for the
Government of Gilgit Baltistan in entire Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Job responsibilities
comprised preparation of tender documents, contract documents, and mobilization of
experts to sites, establishment of regional office in Gilgit, sampling from entire Gilgit
Baltistan; transport them to Geo sciences Laboratory Islamabad and results interpretation.

 Worked as Project Coordinator as well as geologist in Chamalang coal field reserves

estimation project, District Dukki, Baluchistan, Pakistan. Job responsibilities comprised
Geological mapping of 132 km2 area for the reserves estimation of coal resources of the
area, mines surveys and supervision of 1500 meters angle and straight drilling along with
geophysical studies. 2014-15

 Worked as site in charge geologist for the feasibility study of 95 km irrigation Canal, district
Bhimber, AJK, Pakistan. Job responsibilities comprised geological mapping of proposed
sites, supervision of geotechnical investigations, logging, interpretation of laboratory results
and report writing. 2014

 Worked as site in charge geologist for Asphalt coring and its laboratory tests for
Rehabilitation and up gradation of 353 km Islamabad-Lahore motorway, Punjab, Pakistan.
Job responsibilities comprised mobilization and demobilization of equipments and teams,
consultation with client (FWO), safety managements, sampling, logging and preparation of
laboratory testing schedule. 2014

 Worked as technical in charge at 500 MW Koragh-Paraith hydropower projects, District

Chitral, KPK, Pakistan. Job responsibilities comprised mobilization and demobilization of
equipment and teams, supervision of geotechnical investigation, sampling, logging,
consultation with clients and submission of reports and invoices. 2012

 Worked as junior site geologist in 18.00 MW Ranolia hydropower project, District Kohistan,
KPK, Pakistan. I was team member in all geotechnical investigations, geological mapping
of all sites of the project including access road and slope stability work. 2012



i- Worked as secretary information and general secretary of literary society, UAJ&K
Muzaffarabad, during 2010

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ii- Worked as Editor for the university newspaper “Sadayae Jamia” in University of Azad
Jammu and Kashmir”.
iii- Worked as seminars and charity program organizer at various occasions in University and
iv- Prizes in debates, quizzes and Qir-rat competitions in college and university.
v- Among the pioneers of an INGO named as “YAHD”, to help the needy and intelligent
students of university.
vi- Working as Chief editor of students online newspaper “Sadayae Talba Pakistan” since
five years



 Geological and geophysical mapping

 Exploration
 Scan lining
 Geo technical investigation
 Foundation Engineering
 Report Writing, Proposals and Contract Preparation
 Quality control
 Project management and project designing



 Proficiency in English, Urdu and Sheena

 Communicate ordinary in Arabic, Punjabi and Pashto.


Updated: Dec 2018 Tehseen Ullah Qureshi

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