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Reciprocity and Redistribution

in Andean Civilizations

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Reciprocity and Redistribution
in Andean Civilizations

John V. Murra

Transcript of the Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures

at the University of Rochester

April 8th – 17th, 1969

With annotations by
Freda Yancy Wolf and Heather Lechtman

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Cover, modified from a University of Rochester 1969 poster to advertise the Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures.
Foreword, © 2017 Hau Books, Daniel R. Reichman, and Robert Foster.
Introduction, “The Andean ‘Avenue Towards Civilization’” © 2017 Hau Books and Heather Lechtman.
Original transcripts, © 1969 University of Rochester.

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Table of Contents

Daniel Reichman and Robert Foster vii

Heather Lechtman ix

lecture one
The Archipelago Model of Vertical Control in the Andes 1

lecture two
Reciprocity, the Anthropological Alternative to Exotic Explanations 19

lecture three
The Inca Attempt to Destroy the Markets 35

lecture four
Structural Changes in Tawantinsuyu prior to the European Invasion 55


Mapa Ecológico del Perú 79

John V. Murra Bibliography 81

Reference List 83