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All characters shown in this story are real and they really
exist. Any teasing or funny comments made on them are for
entertainment purpose only. I request the reader not to take
anything seriously in the story. Enjoy reading…


Long time ago I read an SMS joke… “Girl keeps a love letter in the
bag of a boy, years passes but no reaction from him. At final day during
farewell girl asks the boy about it, boy gets shocked as he never knew about it
because she kept it inside his textbook. Guys never open their books.”
The joke was funny but I never thought that one day it would really
happen with me too...


Yesterday was our farewell in my college or in more broader

sense, the last day of our batch in the campus. Though we had our
8th sem still remaining ahead, everybody knew that there will not be
any get together after 7th sem gets completed especially in our
campus. We were told to submit our last individual projects at the
end of 8th sem after which, we were free to leave the college forever.

Our juniors organized a grant farewell party for us. Everybody were
so cheerful with a little sadness inside. Girls of our batch were
literally crying. I often saw all these girls together laughing and
giggling but now it was really funny to watch them crying. I enjoyed it
very much. All our batch mates were hugging each other and were
promising to be in touch.

Saas Bahu scenes were going on among the girls and Tarak Mehta
show among the boys.

We all took selfies and several group photos with eachother. But
majority of the pics were of our juniours instead of ours.

The farewell lasted till 2:00 pm. After that everybody left. We all
were taking with us a collection of memories we had during our 4
years of college life.

Behind our mechanical block, I was sitting alone very silent without
any expression.

Gaurav saw me. He was a firangi of our college. I often wondered if

he ever would get any Indian women to marry or else, he would have
to go abroad for that.

He came to me and asked “what happened bro? you are looking very
upset. Everything alright?”

“I broke up with my girlfriend last night”.

“Are you kidding me? that himachali girl was so cute. Why you guys
broke up?”

“Yesterday we both went to a club. She looked so stunning in her

outfit. I was feeling very proud to take her with me. Everybody eyed
her constantly but as we entered the club, she started doing

Nati ( Himachali folk dance)”.

“Lol…that was weird. Oh I am really sorry for you bro.”

“Yeah yeah it’s ok. I can bear it. Our relationship was in its first gear


“Oh I mean, we just met a week ago…so it is ok for me” I said smiling.

I asked “What are you doing here?”

“I was coming from our lab. Actually I am working on my project. I

will display it at the time of our final sem.”

“Oh great. What is your project by the way?”

He replied with a creepy smile “Sorry bro, that’s my secret. I want to

give you all a huge surprise. You will know about it soon…”

He had been telling this to me for long time. I didn’t know what was
his project but he often used to tell me he was working on it since his
secondary school days. Maybe he was showing off, I never cared.
However, he was a nice guy anyway…


I came back to my room at the hostel. My usual room no 18

was soon going to be a sweet memory for me. Anyway I started
packing my bag. I took some photos of my room before packing up. It
took me half an hour to make my room empty and my luggage bag
full. Only the book shelf was remaining. First I thought of selling
them but then after I thought that these books can be a token of
remembrance for me of my college days.

As I was keeping my books in the suitcase, suddenly chemistry

textbook slipped from my hand and got dropped on the floor. I was
surprised… I saw a folded white paper note half slid out from the
book. I gently took it in my hand and unfolded it to read. It was a
love letter. The page was beautifully decorated at the border and it
was written using a pink gel pen. The handwriting and style of
decoration clearly indicated that it was written by a girl.

It contained :

The moment I saw you for the first time, I fell in love
with you. Whenever I saw you walking towards me, my
heart tumbled terribly. I felt something mumbling inside my
stomach flowing towards my chest and throat. Your dark
brown shining eyes and your charismatic smile makes me
go crazy for you. I hug you every night in my dreams. I
want to be your life. I want to be in your arms forever. I
offer my everything to you. I love you, I love you, I love

I was speechless, amazed, frozen or I don’t know what I was feeling

that time after reading it. My head filled with boiling blood flow. I
worried who this girl could be?

Though I had a part time affair with some Rajpura girls and Chitkara
girls, I sware I didn’t even tried to hook up any of the girls at my
campus. I hardly even talked to any girl at my college.
I thought of going through facebook. It would do some help. I turned
on my laptop, arranged a table and chair, sat calmly and scrolled my
facebook profile back to 2013. All those old pics of mine and my
friends really amazed me as how everybody is changed in looks and
attitude. I slided so many pics in my profile as well as the college
profile but still had no clue about who that girl could be.

As I was looking at all those pics, I felt nostalgic, it refreshed my

memories of that time. Sitting there I lost myself and started day


In my college, each student had his or her own personal

reasons for taking admission in that college and my reason was the
common one…

I did my schooling from the top ranked school of Surat city in Gujarat
state. It is the oldest school in Surat which was built by the Britishers.
We often called our school as a museum. Chief Minister Narendra
Modi (now the Prime Minister of India) visited here three times
during my high school days for some inaugurations and election
campaigns. All these prestige and status belonged to my school but
never to me. I was a science student and loved Physics and
Mathematics. But it didn’t last for long. A series of complex love
stories took over me during my high school days. Still I was in touch

with studies, I cleared all the concepts but never prepared for the
exams. You can call me an idiot. Anyhow I passed my 12th board
exam with not so good marks, still I wanted to do Engineering. I
needed a break and a big change in myself. Chandigarh was my
dream city. So I decided to pursue my higher studies in Chandigarh
and ended up at Rajpura.

I chosen Mechanical Engineering even knowing that it would offer

me no female classmates and professors. During first year, I was right
about the classmates but completely wrong about teachers… They
were angels…I never missed a single class and yes fully focused on
my studies which got me good results too. But then after, reverse
happened. All professors were male and a girl from different
department shifted to our class.

Talking about girls of my campus, most of them were highly talented.

Some were excellent dancers, some good singers, some brilliant
speakers, few were very pretty but sadly, none had a killer look.

In the beginning, every student was crazy in different manner.

Siddhart was the first who said a foolish thing to me. He was one of
my classmates and was a very charming fellow of our class. When I
asked him what he wanted to become, he told that he wanted to be
a pilot. Now dream of becoming a pilot is cool but when I asked him
how would he achieve it, he said that first he will apply for auto
rickshaw driving license (three wheeler licence) because airplanes
have three wheels too…

Not just that, some students just killed English literally. When I say “I
hardly study in my room”, they catch it as “I study in my room very

Sometimes Hindi can also put us down badly. I went for Roadies
audition in Chandigarh once. There I was told to talk only in Hindi.
The first question Raghu asked me was about my studies.

I replied “ AVIVAAHIT JUGAAD ME”… Raghu got annoyed. It meant

“BACHELORS IN ENGINEERING”… In Punjab we call engineering as

My closest buddy was Tansen. Yes it was his name. He was from
Assam but looked more like a Chinese guy. He was a nice guy. It was
very funny to hear him speaking in Hindi, I could never control myself
laughing. I often took selfies with him and shown to my sisters in
kerala saying that he was a foreigner and they really believed it.

Vignesh Iyer, another good friend of mine was a notorious student of

our campus. He was a brilliant student but spoilt his potential. He
had liver problem due to excessive drinking. Doctors prescribed so
many medicines as tablets and he took them regularly in time. But
the only sad thing was that he took those medicines with whiskey
instead of water.

When you hear about having only one girl student in a class of 65
boys, your heart may dance personally. We too had an only girl in
our class, her name was Madhu. But hey, here no hearts were
dancing. Technically she was a girl but her attitude never felt like
that. We called her Madhav, Madhav Don. If Avengers really existed
in India then she would have been the black widow and would have
lead the team during fights. The only girly thing she did was crying.
Usually a tensed boy can make a girl cry but here Madhu’s cry tensed
all boys… Tears were her ultimate weapon. Even our professors
feared it.

Suddenly I heard loud laughs and funny abuses. My hostel buddies
came to my room to say good bye to me. I saw my laptop in front of
me with locked screen. I had been sitting and daydreaming here for
about 20 minutes…


I got up from my chair, joined with them and cheered up.

Among them, Amey was in a hurry to leave. He was very happy to go
back his home. Amey was a cool guy with an esteemed personality.
He loved animated movies so much. His appearance was too like a
cartoon character. Short in height with oval head.

We all went to railway station to see off him. After that we planned
our last outing all together. We watched movies, roamed in every
Malls, visited all tourist places in Chandigarh again, had long walks,
did some naughty things that our gang used to do at special
occassions and so on… But during all these hangouts, I was lost
thinking about that girl.

I was constantly drilling inside my brain to figure out that girl. “Was
she serious? Was she beautiful? Was she from my native place?” all
these questions were beating within me inside myself.

I needed some air alone. “you guys enjoy… I have to go.” I said them.

“Don’t be like silly girls dude. This is our last moments all together.
You will really regret if you leave us now” said Parishrat, our

himachali friend with Hollywood looks though having a Pakisthani

I anyhow made myself free from them though it was not easy and
went to Sukhna Lake to have some time alone. It is a man made lake
in Chandigarh. It is very crowded in the evening with couples, kids
and old persons but still is the best place to spend some time alone…

I sat on the down steps and enjoyed the scenic beauty of the vast
beautiful lake.

I thought if I had read that letter on time at its arrival, I would have
been sitting with her right now here planning to get married.

I wondered we would have made a perfect couple in our campus, we

would have eaten together at our lunch breaks, we would have
walked together holding hand in hand going home after college, I
would have taken her out for dinner and long walks with her at
romantic places, we would have often told I LOVE YOU to each other,
and some times, we would have kissed each other passionately…

I just missed everything only because of not opening a crap

chemistry book… I hated chemistry from my childhood and now
again this subject made me loose some of my most wonderful
moments that could have happened with me…

I even wrote a poem during my 7th class to express my hatred

towards this subject…

It was something like this:

The worst subject on the earth is chemistry,

For me it is not less than like a mystery,

Studying it tends me to hang on a tree,

So that my frustrated soul gets free…

-Sharat kumar .V

I was wondering where she might be right now? What she might be
doing now? Does she still thinks about me? does she still loves me? I
took out that note from my wallet and read it again and again.

Every time I read it, the words filled me with some new feelings. It
was like mixing of joy and sorrows together or what should I say,
getting a job promotion with cancer…

I had to find her anyway, how I was going to do that?

Should I go and meet every girl I knew? And then what was I
supposed to ask them? Like hello dear, have you ever given me a
love letter before?

Seriously that would really offer me plenty of abuses in sweet voices

and some hard slaps too. I was not at all going to do that anyway.

Time was getting late and the place was getting dark. I picked a cab
and went to hostel. In the cab while thinking very deep, I decided not
to go home and stay here for at least a month to find her.

The next day, Shubham came to meet me. He was leaving tomorrow.
He is one of my best buddies. He knows me very well. If you tell him
a situation, he could say what would I do in that situation.

I told him everything, the book, letter, deciding not to go home,


“Any guess who that girl could be?” I asked curiously.

“Let me think for a second” he said making a serious face.

Hearing the word “think” from his mouth was really funny. Anyway I
controlled my smile to my best and hoped for a logical reply.

And I got what I expected. He listed some of the girls of our college
and explained me the possibilities of being them to be her. He knew
me very well and we were best friends too but the ideas he
suggested me to find that girl were so creepy that I had to kick him
out of my room.

He went back laughing out loud and said again a loud goodbye to
me. I smiled and waved back my hand to greet him good bye.

Now I had to figure it out by myself. That girl cannot be of our

college or at least not of our engineering department anyway. I had
strong reasons to believe for each and every girl I knew in my
campus for them not to be her.


One week passed and I came to know that I was not alone who
decided to stay here. Some of my classmates stayed here and were
coming to college to make their final projects at mechanical

I always really enjoyed working at manufacturing lab. I went there

the next day and saw few of my classmates busy making their
individual projects.

At very first, I went towards Madhu (Madhav Don). She was making a
doll like something. When I asked her about it, she explained that it
was a robot which would bring news papers from the gate of the
house to the room every morning. I was impressed by her

Next to her table was Soundarya. He was making something for

Indian Army. He was adjusting Rifels in a semi circle and was
connecting wires to the guns.

When I asked him about it, he said “I am creating a new concept of

firing guns”

He continued “as you can see there are 7 guns fixed in a semi
circular frame pointing in all directions from left to right. It’s trigger
will be operated digitally by both hands for firing. Using this gun, a
single Jawaan can shoot five enemies together standing in front of

“Cool man. Your project will be the best among all” I said happily.

I asked “how did this idea came into your head?”

“Well I got inspired by a scene in Rajnikant’s movie ROBOT where he
holds so many guns in his hands together and does multiple firing.”

I smiled and asked “why didn’t you get inspired long before when the
movie THE MASK had the same scene?”

He replied with a neutral face “I don’t watch Hollywood movies.”

I looked around and there at the corner table I saw Gaurav. His table
contained a car battery, some electronic chips and motherboard, a
joystick and some LED lights. I wondered if he was making something
for EE or ECE students.

I went to him, he looked at me surprisingly.

He said “Hey man… Wassup? I thought you might have gone home.”

“No no…what are you making? It doesn’t look like a mechanical

project at all.”

He replied “My project is almost done. I am making some switches

and dials for it.”

“Oh great. What is it by the way?”

“Sorry bro, as I said it is my secret project. Wait till the day of


Now this badass dumbo was really irritating me. I mean how can a
person be so disgusting like this?

He asked “are you alright? what are you thinking?”

“No nothing. I was just guessing what can be your project. Ok bye…
good luck for whatever you are making.” He sincerely smiled and
thanked me.


That night, I was playing Counter Strike (Video Game) for some
mental relief.

My phone rang, it was Gaurav.

He said “come to my home buddy, the chicken is ready”.

At first I didn’t get it. Then he made me remember that we had a bet
last week in which I won. The loser had to give a treat of tandoor

The bet was about proving the Colgate law wrong, seen in the movie
3 IDIOTS. In that movie, a guy spills the toothpaste and claims that it
could not be filled back inside. Gaurav strongly believed in it. I filled it
back and showed him.

After we had our delicious dinner, we went to the basement of his

house and there I saw his final year project lying there, about which
he used to talk and irritate me. It was an oval shaped blue coloured
Van like thing.

“Wow man what is this? A moving dome or future car something?”

“No… it itee zzz aaa TIME MACHINE”

“Ok you over smart geek, tell me if you are willing to say or leave it. I
know it is your secret bullshit.”

“No dude. I am serious. It is a time machine and it really works. I have
been working on it for years and finally I have made it. Yes… the first
ever time travelling vehicle in the human history.”

He was so dramatic while saying this. It was unbelievable.

“Have you tested it?”

“Yes. It works very fine.”

“My machine went back till 1998 so far during testing with placing a

“What? You mean it travelled into the past?”

“Ya right, it did.”

“But as much as I know, Einstein proved a theory that it is impossible

to travel into the past, one can go into the future and that too is
possible only if you attain the speed of light. Your machine is
stationary here.”

“You got a point there, I have no intention to prove any theory

wrong. I did my own thought experiments in my style and succeeded
in it. My machine works, that is the truth.”

“Ok boss. You are the man…How does this machine works?”

“See for your understanding, I can say that it is just like recording an
event with camera and displaying it live in TV at some other country.
As the light energy is converted into electrical energy and transmitted
in the form of digital signals, same way here a high intensity
magneto-gravitational field resonates and breaks the matter inside
the shell into quantum size particles with similar properties of anti-
matter and information of each of it’s position is recorded and stored
in my computer. Then these quantum particles are accelerated by a
constant high intense electric field till each particle reaches the speed
of light. After that it triggers them into the dimension which we have
assigned in the dial.”

“My gosh… I didn’t get anything but it was interesting to listen that.”

“Ok try this, we know that when we keep a candle in front of a plane
mirror, a virtual image is formed behind it right? But actually that
image does not exist. We can only see that image when looked
through the mirror. Same way, here this shell is acting like mirror and
we are the real candle. When the machine starts, physically we are
still existing in our present but at quantum level, we are thrown into
a different dimension. The only difference here is that we can adjust
the distance of the virtual image behind the mirror within the limits
of intensity of available electric field.”

“Ok fine fine… I have interest in science but these things are out of
my brain capacity.”

I asked “How did you feel while time travelling?”

“I didn’t do it yet… I tested on someone else. I had to observe the dial

readings and process. The whole process depends upon accuracy and
perfect balance in deflections produced during varying resonance.”

“Oh who was that first person?”

“Well you can guess that. The bravest person in mechanical.”

“Oh my God!! Madhu?”

“Yes right. She was very much excited and she encouraged me to test
it on her .”

“She landed to California in a dark room.”

“Why California? Can we go abroad too?”

“No yar. We remain at the same place, we reach some other country
due to earth’s rotation. We have to assign the time according to our
Indian Standard Time. She didn’t assign the time properly so got
dropped in California. But the interesting thing was that there were
ghost hunters in that room. Her presence was sensed by their
instruments. They were of Discovery channel. Now I actually
understood how they got the evidence of existence of ghosts when I
saw those shows during my childhood.”

“Wow…interesting. Did it cause any harm to her? I mean any health

related problems?”

“No nothing. I did a full body check up of her after the experiment.
MRI scan report and blood test reports were completely normal. The
only error I noticed was a little weight gain of 2 kg.”

“Hehe…that she might have eaten something from the past before
coming back.”

“Very funny. But it is not possible by the way. You cannot touch or
feel anything there because it is a different dimension in space. You
can only see things and you will be like an invisible person.”

“Great…bro you are a genius.”

“Thanks…but to be honest, all credits do not belongs to me. Some

friends helped me too… Abhijit of ECE reprogrammed the mainframe
of my computer and designed and assembled some circuits in it. I
don’t know why he told me to keep his name secret...”

“Yeah I know him too. He is technically very sound but always refuses
to expose himself in public.”

He continued and said “Amey of EE also helped me for designing the
shell. At first my machine was made of a metallic cupboard. Only the
chair and dial was inside it and all those transformers, accelerator,
batteries, resonator, and other main components were fixed on the
outer part of the cupboard. It was his idea to give it a shape of a shell
because a constant electric potential could be achieved inside a
closed shell. But the only thing I disliked was that he was planning to
paint it as a football with a picture of small puppy on it. I gave it a
shining sky blue colour. It looks beautiful right?”

I didn’t care about its colour, I thought for a moment if I should try
this machine to find my girl.

I then decided to tell him everything. He listened to me with keen

interest and was enjoying it as if I was narrating him a romantic
Bollywood story.


He happily told me to use his machine. He assigned random

dates near to our college opening days. I travelled back in 2013, 2014
and 2015 back to back at different time and locations. But had no
clue about her.

Then on August 28 2014 i.e during my 3rd sem, I saw myself standing
in front of A-Block at my campus.

Our chairman was holding a mic describing his personal
achievements and growth of the college. All students were standing
in a line and there I saw somebody opening my bag from behind.

It was a fair hand looking very smooth. Those lovely hand was
holding a white folded paper which went inside my bag.

I drew my eyes upwards through that arm, reaching its wrist, elbow,
shoulder, neck, chin, those glossy reddish lips, long nose, dark black
eyes, thick eyebrows and overall a fairy beautiful face.

Oh my God, that was Prabin Kumar. One of my classmates. Then

suddenly I remembered that it was his resume he kept in my bag, not
that letter. His face had a girly look. I often told him that if he
dressed up like a girl, nobody could ever figure him out to be a boy.

Well I was disappointed as still I could not find my girl. I did three
more trips without any results.

I was hopeless. I wondered if I would ever meet her? I could go to my

future to see that.

I asked “Can you send me to my future?”

He said “I wish I could help that. We don’t have enough power

available for that. Jumping to the future is an algorithm of
exponentially increasing electric field wave vector for a unit quantity
of input power supplied. It would require an entire nuclear power
plant to run our machine for 15 minutes.”

I was frustrated, it felt good travelling back to time though.

I thanked Gaurav for everything and left.


It was evening when I came back to my room all tired. I sat

on my chair looking up at the rotating fan.

I thought that she was never meant for me. I should better stop
worrying about an unknown girl and focus on building up my career.
I should start thinking about my final project instead of wasting my
energy on a mysterious love letter.

I saw that cursed chemistry book lying on my table. I wanted to

throw it away. I got up, went near the table and grabbed the book in
my hand.

I turned the thick cover of the book and suddenly, I was shocked. It
felt like hammering hard on my head. That book was not mine!!... At
the top corner of its front page, the name was written in a very dirty
handwriting as Suguri Akshay Kumar…

My book might have got exchanged during the first year…


Thank You so much for reading till here... Now be careful while giving
me feedback about this story because if you lie, I will know about it
by using Gaurav’s machine. I may be sitting next to you right now
watching you!!


-Sharat kumar. V