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Wet & Dry Riser Supply, Installation

& Maintenance covering the whole
of Mainland Britain

We are the largest independent Wet & Dry Risers installer in the UK. We
work all projects both large and small from a small care home in Dundee to a
50 story apartment block in Central London. Call us for a free no obligation
quotation or just advice from one of our technical advisors.

0800 917 3065

Registered Office: Unit 1, Bridge Trading Estate, Bolton Road, Bury, BL8 2AQ Registered in England 06834899


All Dry Riser Pipe-work used on this project is 100mm Galvanised Steel BSEN1387 / EN10255
All Fittings are Victaulic Gruvlok

An inlet breeching at ground level provides the connection to the water supply. The system is
normally dry and is charged by the fire brigade in an emergency. Breeching inlets used have 2
inlet connections complete with 2.5” male instantaneous inlets to BS336 fitted with non-return
valves, 1” drain valve and caps and chains. A 100mm (4”) rising main uses a 2-way inlet
breeching in a vertical or horizontal position.

2-Way Inlet Breeching Valve

Outlet Flanged

BS4504 PN16

Standard Vertical Inlet Cabinets

Details Material Specifications
Item Material
Inlet breeching valves are normally housed in
inlet cabinets recessed into the external wall of a Cabinet & Door 16 swg Zintec Steel
building. The 2-way inlet breeching valves are Colour Red RAL 3002 or Stainless Steel Finish. Other RAL colours available on request
housed in either vertical or horizontal positions, Architrave 30 mm wide all round
4-way inlet breeching valves are housed in
square inlet breeching cabinets. All cabinets are Glass 6 mm Georgian wired
manufactured in to comply with BS 5041: Part 5. Lock Yale type slam lock (keyed alike)
Recommended mounting dimension – between Hinge Stainless steel piano hinge
400mm & 600mm from FFL.
Conforms to BS 5041 : Part 5

Cabinet Dimensions
Type Wide High Depth Diameter Hole (for Valve Entry)
mm mm mm mm
2 - Way Vertical Inlet 395 595 295 230

Dry riser gate/landing valves act as outlets from the riser main. These valves are situated on each
floor of the high rise building and are normally housed in outlet cabinets or outlet architrave and
door which are manufactured to BS5041 part 4. Dry riser gate valves are either flanged PN16,
female or male screwed, outlets to BS336, complete with blank cap and chain, complying with
BS5041 part 2. To the top of riser should be fitted with an air release valve which releases all air
from the riser, as water is pumped in, but closes automatically under pressure of water. A 1” drain
valve can be used at the bottom of the riser if the pipe work goes below the inlet breeching valve,
so the system can be completely drained.

Dry Riser Gate/Landing Valves

Flanged Valve 65mm PN16

Screwed Valve 2.5” BSPT male or Female

Air Release Valve

Automatic Air Release Valve

Manufactured from solid brass
Maximum test pressure 20 Bar
Maximum working pressure 12 Bar

Dry Riser Outlet Cabinet or Architrave & Door

Details Material Specifications
Landing valves are normally housed in Item Material
outlet cabinets or architrave and doors, Cabinet & Architrave 16 swg Zintec Steel
which are either recessed or surface Colour Red RAL 3002 or Stainless Steel Finish. Other RAL colours available on request
mounted onto the wall of a building. All
cabinets are manufactured in to comply
Architrave 30 mm wide all round
with BS 5041: Part 5. Recommended Glass 6 mm Georgian wired
mounting dimension – between 400mm Lock Yale type slam lock
& 600mm from FFL. Hinge Stainless steel piano hinge
Conforms to BS 5041 : Part 4

Cabinet Dimensions
Type A B C Diameter Hole (for Valve Entry)
mm mm mm mm
1 - Recessed Outlet Cabinet 460 630 275 210
2 - Recessed Architrave & Door Outlet 460 630 80 -

Annual Maintenance Details

We offer a 5 year warranty on all parts from the

month of Commissioning (see Commissioning /
Hydraulic Test Certificate).

With regard to maintenance, as per BS9990 the

System should have a ‘Hydraulic Pressure / Wet
Test’ carried out annually along with a ½ yearly

The Annual Test briefly comprises of servicing of

all moving/working parts i.e. inlet and outlet
valves along with the air release valve (a
pressure test is then completed). Other areas
will have a Visual/Integrity check.

Annual Pressure Test /servicing costs are

available by our dedicated Service / Planned
Maintenance Division
(Costs available subject to application).

Cleaning recommendations – should cleaning

ever be required, it is recommended that only
water be used.

Dry Rising Mains - Diagram

Dry rising mains are intended for use by the fire brigade or other trained personnel.

They are vertical mains fitted into staircase enclosures or other suitable positions, with outlet valves
on each floor and inlets fitted at ground level to enable the fire brigade to connect to the water

Dry Risers are installed into buildings above 18 metres. Wet Risers are installed into buildings above
50 metres

Recent Projects

Loampit Vale, Lewisham

10 Dry Risers & 1 Wet Riser
c/w Tank & Pumps, supplied
installed & commissioned

McCarthy & Stone, East Kilbride.

One of many dry riser installation
carried out as part of out nationwide
agreement with Britains largest
Retirement Home Provider

BBC News Studio, Olympic Park.

2 Bespoke Dry Riser Systems
installed on one of numerous
installation across the Olympic

Olympic Stadium.
We installed numerous Fire Hydrant
systems and tested and
commissioned all the Dry Risers
systems on the Stadium

Head Office & Accounts Unit 1, Bridge Trading Estate

Bolton Road

Satellite Offices East Kilbride


All enquiries to be sent via HQ

Office 0800 917 3065

Operations 0161 764 0002
Facsimile 0161 763 7419

Email sales@ukdryrisers.co.uk
Website www.ukdryrisers.co.uk