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Lesson Plan

Name : Sajjad Hanif

Roll No. AP647422

Class: 9th

Subject: English

Topic: Road Safety

Strength: 48

Teaching Aids: White Board, Marker, Duster, etc.

Headings Matter & Method Board

G. Aims To enable the students
To understand
To read
To speak English correctly
Specific Aims To teach the student the lesson road safety
Previous Why road accidents occur? Rash
Knowledge Driving
What steps should we take to minimize road accidents? Safe
Announcement Dear Student today we will study about road safety. Road
Of Topic Safety
Reading By It is a sad fact of the modern life that in our big cities, thousands of
teacher men, women and children die every year in road accidents. And the
number of those who are Injured is great. Some, after medical
treatment, Recover but many are crippled for life. It is really very
tragic. Most of the road-side Accidents occur either because of the
ignorance Of traffic rules or inability to read and follow The road
signs, or out of sheer carelessness of the Road users. Traffic rules
apply to everybody who Is on the road either as a motor driver or as
Reading By The same paragraph will be read by the two, three students.
Corrections After reading two three students I will correct their mistakes on Corrections
Words Board Words Meaning Words
Meaning Sad fact ‫دکھ کی بات‬ Meaning
Modern ‫جدید‬
Injured ‫زخمی‬
Medical treatment ‫طبی عالج‬
Crippled ‫معذور‬
Tragic ‫المناک‬
Ignorance ‫جہالت‬
Carelessness ‫الپرواہی‬
Pedestrian ‫پیدل چلنے والے‬

Evaluation What are the main causes of road accidents? Ignorance

How can we avoid accidents? Safe
Home Work Write down difficult words and its meaning in your note book.