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Answer Document Supplement - the ACT

ACT State and District Testing

This document contains instructions that supplement the administration manual(s) for the ACT .
Note: If these directions are not followed, scores may not be accurately reported.

Examinee Transfers
If examinees transferred to or from your school, follow the instructions below.
If an examinee transfers … Then …
In prior to testing and there is no  Staff at the test site grid the State-Assigned Student ID (SASID) for each
barcode label examinee in Block U.
Important! If you do not know the SASID number, contact your school’s
district office. Do not grid the examinee’s Social Security number in Block U.
Out prior to testing  If the barcode label has not been applied to an answer document,
securely destroy the barcode label.
 If the answer document has a barcode label or any non-test portions
completed, keep the answer document for six months, then securely
destroy it.
In at the time of testing and already  Do not submit an answer document.
started testing at the former school
In at the time of testing and is too late to
start testing at the new school

Reporting ACT High School Code

If examinees test at your school but attend a different home high school, testing staff enter the reporting ACT high school
code to correctly report scores for these examinees.

Testing staff enter the reporting ACT high school code:

• in Block K on each answer document.

The examinee’s results will be reported to your school unless another ACT high school code is entered.

If you are unsure of the correct home high school for an examinee, contact your district office. To find high school codes,
go to www.actstudent.org/regist/lookuphs.

Local Student ID Number

Optionally for paper testing, to receive the local ID number in an electronic data file, testing staff may enter this number
(up to ten digits) in Block S. If the local ID number has fewer than ten digits, it will be reported as ten digits with leading
zeros added. Do not enter a SASID number in Block S.

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Answer Document Supplement - the ACT

ACT State and District Testing

Special Testing Reference Number

For paper testing, examinees scheduled to test with ACT-approved accommodations have a Reference Number on the
accommodations roster. Instruct each examinee to enter the Reference Number in Block T of his or her answer document
before testing.

Note: For non-college reportable accommodations skip Block T. There is not a reference number for these

School Use Only—State Questions

The State has requested that ACT collect additional information about examinees that do not test. This information
should be entered in PearsonAccess for public school students and students participating in the Wisconsin Choice

State Use Question 1 Response

A. Did not test – Examinee took 11th grade alternative
Select one option (A-J) that reflects the assessment
examinee’s reason for not testing. This B. Did not test – Parent Opt out
question should only be completed for C. Did not test – Examinee withdrew from school prior to the
ACT Administration.
examinees that did not test, regardless of
D. Did not test – Examinee was absent on BOTH initial and
whether a bar-code label is present.
makeup test dates for the ACT only
• If the examinee’s test was invalidated during E. Did not test – Examinee was absent on BOTH initial and
testing due to prohibited behavior, do not makeup test dates for ACT WorkKeys only
complete this information for them, but rather F. Did not test – Examinee was absent on BOTH initial and
mark the answer document as VOID, and makeup test dates for the ACT and ACT WorkKeys
attach to an irregularity report. G. Did not test – Significant Medical Emergency (Student
• The school test coordinator should record this absent from March 1-16 for significant medical reasons)
information in PearsonAccessnext following the H. Did not test – Recently Arrived ELL student (<12 months
instructions provided below. in US public schools)
I. Did not test – Student is not enrolled in 11th grade
J. Did not test – Other

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Answer Document Supplement - the ACT

ACT State and District Testing

Test Coordinator: How To Complete State Questions

To answer State Questions in PearsonAccess for examinees, take the following steps.
1. Sign in to PearsonAccess at http://actonline.act.org
2. Select “Setup” and “Students.” The Students page appears.
3. Under “Find Students,” use the “Search” dropdown and select the checkbox beside “Show all results.” A table
containing students appears.

4. Select the box beside an examinee (you may select all applicable examinees at this time) and under “Tasks” use the
“Start” dropdown and select “Create/Edit Students.” The Details page appears.

5. Select an examinee on the left under “Create Students.” The examinee details appear.

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Answer Document Supplement - the ACT

ACT State and District Testing

6. Scroll down to “State Use Questions.” Select an answer to State Use Question 1, using the answer options provided
on page 2 of this supplement. Then select the Save button. A “Success” message appears at the top left of the

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to answer State Use questions for other examinees as applicable.
8. Select “Exit Tasks.” The Students page appears.

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