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Arina Dina Hanifa
Pendidikan Bahasa Jepang – 2 C
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Ini adalah catatan yang saya tulis saat kuliah umum, jadi tidak diterjemahkan ke
dalam bahasa Indonesia (raw)
Catatan ini saya susun ulang dan saya masukan ke dalam kategori-kategori untuk
Referensi (ayat Al-Qur’an dan hadist, ayat Injil, Weda dll.) tidak ditulis, karena
catatan ini ditulis berdasarkan pemahaman saya saja :’)
Kalimat yang diberi warna biru adalah penjelasan yang saya tambah sendiri
berdasarkan pengetahuan saya (tidak dijelaskan dalam kuliah umum), jadi
dimungkinkan adanya kekeliruan
Kalimat yang diberi warna hijau adalah keterangan saya mengenai topik yang
bersangkutan (dalam bahasa Indonesia)
Sangat memungkinkan adanya kesalahan penulisan dan interpretasi, karena segala
kebenaran adalah milik Allah SWT :)
# The word “Allah” means “God” in Arabic, so why do non-arab muslims prefer to call God
“Allah” too?

The word “Allah” is actually a unique word. It means ‘God’ in Arabic, but there are differences
between the word ‘God’ in English and the Arabic word “Allah”.

You can make the English word ‘God’ plural with adding ‘s’ (Gods). But Islam only acknowledges
ONE God. You can also say ‘Goddess’ –It means ‘female God’. But Islam does not acknowledge
female God either.

In Arabic language, there are plural forms for every words. For instance, the plural form of the
word muslimun is muslimuuna. BUT, there’s no plural form of the word ‘Allah’.

In Arabic, there are genders (masculine/feminine) for every words, e.g. the word ‘kitabun’ is a
masculine word. BUT, the word ‘Allah’ does not have gender.

# “God begets not, nor is he begotten” –then who created God? (Q&A)

It is like answering to this question:

“John is giving birth in a hospital. Is his child a boy or a girl?”

The question is not logical. It does not even have an answer. John is a male and male do not
give birth.

Note: Saya baru paham maksud Dr. Naik setelah baca ini berkali-kali :’)
Intinya pertanyaan ini gak logis, kalau mau nanyanya “God begets not, nor is he begotten –then
how does God exist?” bukan “who created God?”:’D

# If God has already known the beginning and the ending, why did he create us in the first
place? (Q&A)


There are 30 students in a class, and a teacher had already predicted all the students’ fates
(like, this kid is going to fail, this one is going to succeed, etc.), can you blame him if his
prediction turns out to be true?

Allah had predicted our fates, and we can’t blame Him if what He had predicted turning out to
be 100% true too.

And why did he create us?

Because we opted for being a human! It means, we had made an agreement with Allah to
undergo His tests.

Jinn and Human are God’s only creations that have been given choices; to obey Him or to
disobey Him. The angels, mountains, trees, stars, etc. are muslims (they are all in a complete
obedience to Allah SWT).

It is an honor for us. Because if a man (the one who has choice to disobey Allah) choose to obey
Him, then his position will be HIGHER than the angels.

Note: Saya juga kurang ngerti dengan maksud ‘we had made an agreement with Allah’.
Mungkin dulu kita ditanya sama Allah “Mau jadi gunung atau manusia? Kalau jadi gunung,
kerjaan kamu gampang, tapi derajat kamu rendah. Kalau jadi manusia, kerjaan kamu berat tapi
kamu bisa dapet derajat lebih tinggi dari malaikat, plus layanan VVVIP di Surga.” Dan kita milih
jadi manusia. (?)


# Hey, I am a Christian! (declared Mr. Fariq Naik)

Mr. Fariq said:

- Jew means ‘a person who loves the Almighty God’. So I am a Jew!

- Christian means ‘a person who follows the teaching of Jesus Christ (pbuh). Jesus taught
us to only worship one God and he is one of the messengers of God. So I am a Christian!
- Hindu means ‘people living in India’. So I am a Hindu!
- Muslim means ‘a person who submit their will to Allah SWT’. So I am a Muslim!

If only all of these religions acknowledged the oneness of God and that Muhammad (pbuh) is
the messenger of God, they will be united.

# If all religions teach good deeds, why is Islam the true religion?

All religions (false ones) only teach the ideas/concept of ‘good deeds’, but Islam shows us HOW
TO DO IT (practical, not mere a theory).

For example, other religions do teach that rape is prohibited, so does Islam. But other religions
do not teach HOW EXACTLY to avoid it. Only Islam teaches us that women should cover
themselves in order to avoid being harassed (very practical and effective guide).

# I don’t like the rules stated in the Qur’an (Q&A)

When you are in Indonesia, you drive on the left side of the road, because it is the rule
of Indonesia. But in India, whether you like it or not, you have to drive your car on the
right side of the road, because it is the rule of India. If you are insisted to drive on the
left, just because you don’t like the rule, accident will occur.

God had created us. He made rules, and he stated it in His Book. If we did things against His
rules, just because we don’t like the rules, we will end up in a car accident (we will be thrown
into the Hellfire). So we have to follow His rules, whether we like it or not.

If a millionaire acquire his wealth in a way that contradicts Allah’s rule, when he realized his
mistake, he should throw everything he has away.

But why did Allah reveal the Qur’an?

If someone made a machine, he would have written the manual book also, so the machine
would work just fine. That’s if he was a good creator.

And Allah is our Creator. He had given us the manual book of life; the Holy Qur’an.

# Non-believers said that Islam is a ruthless religion. Hand-chopping for robbery? Rajam for

Take America as an example.

We all know that America is a Christian majority population country. The rate of robbery and
crimes is SUPER HIGH there, compared to the UAE which is an Islamic country that implements
hand-chopping punishment.

Survey also revealed that 80% of American (which are non-muslims) lost their virginity at the
teen ages. Many children born without knowing their fathers. Also the rate of rape is SUPER
HIGH there, compared to the UAE that implements rajam punishment.

# Why should I accept Islam? Why can’t I just do good deeds and enter Paradise? (Q&A)


You are an accountant. You did the accounting of X Company, and you did it very well.
But then the X Company that you did the accounting for went bankrupt and they can’t
pay your salary. Can you expect Y Company to pay your salary?

You are a non-muslim, but you do good deeds. But if your religion went bankrupt (because it’s a
false religion) and cannot give you your salary (Paradise), you cannot expect Allah to pay the
salary for you (He can’t give you Paradise).
Note: Saya lupa analogi yang dikasih Dr. Naik. tapi intinya sih kayak gitu…

# Why do Muslims pray towards the Ka’bah? Isn’t it equal to idol worshipping?

Ka’bah meant only for unity.

Can you imagine if each of muslims did they prayer to different directions? It would create clash
and chaos.

And Ka’bah is not equal to idol worshipping.

Muslims are circling the Ka’bah (tawwaf) to represent that we only worship ONE God.

Note: Idol artinya berhala ya :)


# Why do Muslims insist that Jesus is not God?

- God DOES NOT need to become a human to know what is good or bad for humanity.
- Human DOES forget, eat, sleep and it is very UNGODLY.
- All the scriptures said that we have to worship only ONE God, but non-believers choose
to worship false Gods instead. (Mr. Fariq then gave us a long list of proofs from the Bible,
Weda etc.)

# I’m a Catholic. I prayed to my God and he always fulfills it! So why did you say that he is a
false God? (Q&A)

Dr. Zakir answered:

“It means Allah had tested you.

He answered your pray, but it doesn’t mean that you worship the true God.

The only way to find the true God is through studying the book of God. Try to compare the
scriptures of other religions and the Qur’an. You will not find something better than the Qur’an.
I know because I’m a student of religions. I studied Christianity, Hinduism, etc. but I found
nothing better than Islam.”

# Does Islam prohibit Muslims from saying “Merry Christmas” to their Christian friends?

If you say “Merry Christmas” you have given a syahadah to Christianity.

Because it means you have acknowledged Jesus as God or the Son of God. It’s a shirk.

# What to say if a Christian invite you to worship Jesus?

Ask them: “Where in the Bible Jesus said that he is God?”

It will silence them.

# What does da’wah means?

Da’wah in Urdu means chicken-something (food name).

But in Arabic, it means ‘islah’ –to rectify, to improve.

# The responsibility of da’wah

Media spreads misconception about Islam and our responsibility as muslims is to RECTIFY it.

Da’wah is fard/compulsory for every muslim. Even if you only know at least ONE ayah, you have
a responsibility to convey it to others. In the judgment day, non-believers will BLAME the
Muslims for going to hell.


John’s son (we name him Matthew) is playing dirt at the river bank, and John knows that
the river is quite deep. John saw an elderly man fishing beside his son. Suddenly,
Matthew fell into the river. The elderly man did nothing to save Matthew, when he
could just have stretched his hand and help. Would John blame the man for not helping
his son? Of course.

The elderly man represents Muslims. Matthew’s falling represents the non-believers falling into
Jahannam. And John represents the non-believers themselves.

Note: Saya lupa analogi yang dikasih Dr. Naik, tapi intinya sih kayak gitu…

Indonesia is the biggest muslim population country, so we have a BIG RESPONSIBILITY OF

DA’WAH too. If we don’t obey Him, Allah will replace us like what he did with those people in
Prophet Luth/Noah times.

Remember that Allah said He will replace us with better people if…

If we love all things we have now (our parents, children, wealth, status, etc) MORE than Allah &
Rasulullah, then He said “wait until I give decision upon you (destruction)”.
And to love Him means to obey Him. He told us to do da’wah, so we have to obey.

# How to give da’wah?

Picture this:

A neighbor abused your mother. What would you do? Maybe you’ll do everything to
hurt your neighbor; kill him, chop his leg, kick his buttock, or put him into jail etc. If you
don’t want do it, maybe you’ll hire someone to do it for you. Why? Because you love
your mother.

But then we said that we love Allah more than our mothers. If anyone says that Allah had
begotten a son, it means they abuse Allah! If the sky and earth have feelings, they will rip open!

But what should we do? Fight?

No, we don’t have to fight. But we DO have to open our mouth and do the da’wah. Don’t be
indifferent, remember those non-believers will blame Muslims in the day of judgment for not
saving them.

Christians are using the Qur’an against us. They ask: Who is more greater? Jesus or Muhammad
(pbuh)? The one who mentioned 25 times or 5 times? The one who’s born with our without
father? The one who is dead or alive? The one who could give life to the dead or who couldn’t?

We have to study these kind of things, so we could provide good answers. Don’t be ignorant.

But I don’t know anything about this Deen much!

If you do the da’wah, Allah will give us more knowledge. Don’t wait until you ‘perfect’ your
knowledge or da’wah technique, because THAT TIME WILL NEVER COME. Just do the da’wah.
Easiness will follow with Allah’s will.

# Surah Al-Asr

-If we understand this surah alone, without knowing any other surah in the Qur’an, it will be
enough for us.

-Surah Al-Asr reminds us that everything in this world is DECEPTION. What you think is ‘success’,
in the sight of God maybe it’s not a ‘true success’. Because the ‘true success’ is Imaan.

- Maybe we are a full time doctor, teacher, etc. but we have to be AT LEAST be a half time Da’i.
Even better if we could be a full-time Da’i.
# Why doesn’t surah Tawbah begin with basmallah?


If a hooligan harassed your sister in front of your eyes, what would you do? Perhaps you
would chase them and beat them into pulps. You wouldn’t say SALAAM to them first
before catching them up, would you?

Note: Saya liat di Al-Qur’an dan ayat pertama Surah At-Taubah menyatakan dengan tegas
bahwa Allah memutuskan perjanjian dengan kaum musyrikin. Sangat to the point. Biasanyakan
ayat pertama suatu surat ada kalimat mengagungkan/memuji asma Allah, dll. Kalau kata Dr.
Naik, seseorang gak bakal bilang ‘salam’ dulu kalau dia lagi marah.

# Muslims say "don’t vote a non-believer to be your leader" –how if this ‘non-believer’ does
good things (even built Masjids for the Muslims) (Q&A)

This non-muslim built masjids for the muslims to pray, but he doesn’t pray himself. Then he is a

Someone who does prayer but cheat. Someone who doesn’t do prayer but doesn’t cheat. The
latter is WORST, because he’s CHEATING ALLAH!

Maybe he builds you the buildings, but he DOES build Jahannam for you too –and you don’t
realize it.

# Should a man consider to marry a convert woman? She doen’t know much about this Deen!

Rasulullah didn’t say ‘marry a woman because of her religion’. Rasulullah said ‘marry a woman
because of her VIRTUE’.

A convert woman may does not know much about Islam. However, she may has better Imaan
than any other muslim women who are born in a muslim family, because she embraced Islam
with her own free will (maybe through a long seeking journey).

So, a convert women are worth considering too.

# I feel offended whenever my Muslim friends call me ‘Kafir’! (Q&A)

Dr. Zakir explained:

“Kafir means ‘to hide, to reject’ in Arabic.

If you hide a glass behind your back, then you are kafir-ing the glass.
However, in Islamic term, kafir means ‘rejecting Islam’. You are a kafir because you don’t
believe in Islam. You don’t need to feel offended unless you believe in Islam.”

Wallahu’alam 