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BOI ee Ne “us TC ae Like ghouls the dar, the wicket ones gather, Drawn to a tragedy unfolding. Warnings twiceegioen across the span of time, ‘Sti bypride and by hatred ‘The strands of fate shall grow taut At the dazan ofthe Rhana Dandra. ‘The death ofall Eldar loom large, But fate can be twisted, even broken. One shall walk the forked path, A threefold truth to weave the skein: [Nemesis of She Who Thirss, Opener ofthe Seventh Way. Longe-dead souls gather behind The Rebirth of Ancient Days, Drinking, but not consuming: Tang in, but giving new if Inthe heat of Khaine’s wrath, Or srr wil be reforged- ur destiny becomes a weapon Fito slay a guides. The pallid moon of wnmumbered voces ‘Shall turn into a sun ity the flames of unjust ears A crucible of soul and dreams. ‘The stolen seers, amassed, Gather unto them the Dea. Legion, they drift within the sands, ‘Their voices raised ax one Lambent glove becomes shining Beacon, ‘Death hell rises to herald’ ry. ‘The Blackened shield becomes the sword, ‘The yauning void becomes the path. The God ofthe Dead cal ont. Avshisper so free and trong ‘Itshall hush the stars forever.