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Retoric analysis (Julián Andres Viveros Rayo- 1527997)


The human actions have been caused several damages in the ecosystems, the scientists say that to
a cause of land use, the humans are generate different effects in the environment like pollution,
climate change and these factors are causing the loss of biodiversity, this is necessary for that
several of products like vegetables of fruits that the humans consumes to exist, of this way the
animals like bees, butterflies and other insect are fundamental to develop process like the
polinization a phenomena important to conserve differents types of flowers and trees, but to a
cause of anthropic activities many of this species of insect and other animals have been decreased
and this fact affect the natural dynamic of the environment.

Develop 1

The biodiversity are important, because this provided food to all life include the humans, the
different organism has a function in the ecosystem and this help to conserve the equilibrium in
these, the biodiversity to permit that ecosystem give us ecosystem services, this concept is
important, to a cause to this explain the necessity to protect mangroves, because this important to
purify the water or the fungi that keep the soils fertile, into many others.

Develop 2

The decreased in the disponibility of food is directly related with the loss of species; to a cause of
phenomena like extinction for example affect the dynamic in the ecosystem, understanding that
each species has a important function in a specific ecosystem. The loss of biodiversity in the future
will be to cause that the reduce the food for humans, and this generates a alimentary crisis.

Develop 3

The reduce of food or more specific of crops is generated according to the study, for the lack of
biodiversity that leave production or food more vulnerable to diseases and pests, this investigation
also says that the loss of food could be generated a social problem, principally in regions that have
hard conditions to cultivated, this can to cause affectation in the vulnerable populations.

Develop 4

The decline of biodiversity is produced for differents causes, however the main are: changes in
land and water use and management, pollution, overexploitation and overharvesting, climate
change and population growth and urbanization


It is important develop different strategies to face the problem, in many countries are developing
strategies that prevent the affectation of the species, for example in Ghana the people are plating
cassava plant on fields, this produce a huge amounts of nectar that represent food to diversity of
insects, to permit keep the quantity and diversity of species. The people that are involved in this
strategies and programs that work for biodiversity-monitoring and also conservation, playing a
important role to keep the biodiversity and the ecosystem services in their countries.