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To our barangay captain _______, Barangay kagawads____________, barangay

tanods, barangay committees and to our beloved constituents of our barangay.

Greeting ladies and Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives me great pleasure to speak to you
this morning, the culmination of an enormous collective effort of the members of the
barangay health worker of barangay poblacion west, bautista pangasisnan.

The tasks which began in late ________ and concluded on _______ which tackles to
gather and compile datas from our constituents to come up with a concise report on
Demographic Information.

These are the following Information:

 The total population of our Barangay which is 1,133 which breakdowns to the
following numbers:

o Number of Male - 559

o Number of Female – 574

 Number of Families – 291

 Number of Households – 291
 Number of Labor Force – 418
 Number of Unemployed – 428
We also included the gathering of Information of each individual prior to their
respective religious affiliation which are the following:

o Roman Catholic – 787 or 72% (majority of the population)

o Iglesia ni Cristo – 156 – 10% (minority in population
o Others – 103 – 15%
We are also conducting and attending seminars, research and some other community
health related activities to serve our barangay and improve more on public service
concern mandated to us as a health worker.

Distinguished visitors, before I end my report let me express, our sincerest apologies to
whatever our short comings are, we can assure each and every one of you that we our
doing our best to serve and to fulfill our commitment.

Our most sincere wish that future plans, discussions and agreements resulting to more
outstanding health services will positively contribute to our fellow citizens and the aims
of our barangay will prosper.

Thank you very much and have a great day! God bless us all!

when. our country was selected: as the site of. this second meeting. From that
moment, many institutions and individuals contributed in one form or another towards:
the organization of, the meeting. I should like to take this opportunity to. express my
appreciation to Dr. Rodolfo Quiros Guardia, former. Minister of Agriculture and
Livestock, for the enthusiasm and. assistance he gave to the original initiative; to His
Excellency the President of the Republic for his firm support; to His Excellency the
Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Dr.. Hernán Fonseca; to Her Excellency the
Minister of Cultural Affairs, Youth and Sports, Dr. Marina Volio; to the Costa Rica Tourist
Institute, the Presidential Cabinet Minister; to the National Insurance Institute, and to
the Costa Rican Oil Refinery. Ladies and. Gentlemen, In recent years, we witnessed a
significant increase of concern among the peoples of the world with the rational
utilization of renewable natural resources, and with the conservation of species
suffering from the impact of an expanding society with an ever more sophisticated
technology at its disposal. Even:so, we still have a long way to go, and only through a
joint effort will we be able to reach our fundamental goal. I ń this sense, I consider this
second meeting of the Parties as taking on a transcendental role for the future of the
Convention. Distinguished visitors, let me express, in the name of the Local Organizing
Committee, our most sincere wish that the discussions and agreements resulting from
the two weeks to come will positively contribute to the consolidation of the aimsof the
Convention'and thereby to the philosophy underlying it.

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