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English Language

Individual Education Plan

Strictly Confidential
1 Child’s information
Family name Duri
Given name Jimmy
Gender Male
Race Bidayuh
Date of birth 20 / 05 / 2009
Age 10
Year 4
Languages spoken at home Bidayuh
Date, day and time 03 / 04 / 2019 (Wednesday) 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

2 School information
Name of school SK St.Gile’s.Git
Phone/ Fax number 013-8374184
Email address YCB1333@moe.edu.my
IEP prepared by Mr. Zechrist anak Zechariah

3 Medical and support information for child

Diagnosis or disability Visual Impairment
Medical notes N/A
Co-teacher, Miss Jasmine Thomson
Support staff / agencies
SK St.Gile’s.Git
Attendanc Days and times Wednesdays 8.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.
e Contact details Mdm. Imelda Ruga – Special Education Teacher

Contributors to IEP
Contact Signatur
Name Relation to child
number e
Duri anak Bakit Father 012-731 3528
Cecilia anak Jimpong Mother 013-546 8893
Mr. Zechrist Zechariah English Teacher 011-1137 3528
Ms. Jasmine Thomson Co-teacher 014-394 3763
Mdm. Imelda Ruga Special Education Teacher 012-706 0733
4 Child’s profile

Parents/carers expectations

Jimmy’s parents expect Jimmy to be able to:
 acquire simple English vocabulary in school
 accomplish simple instructions flawlessly
 cooperate with his teachers with well-manner
Health and safety information — including a copy of a health plan if
 Jimmy has no problem physically. There is no medication has been taken
 Jimmy has poor eyesight.
 Jimmy has short sightedness.
 Jimmy needs bigger fonts.

Skills, strengths and interests for learning

 prefers hands-on activities.
 prefers reading materials with bigger prints
 enjoys the interaction with teacher and gains attention from teacher.
 likes to sing songs.
 likes playing games.
 prefer concrete materials to understand better.

Education adjustments and inclusive strategies

Adjustment Strategies for Jimmy anak Duri

Timing  Provides Ali additional time to understand the content of the
 Extra time in completing the task given
Scheduling  P-P-P structure of the lessons so that the acquisition will occur
in a natural order (comprehensible input)
 Expectations will be explicitly told to Jimmy so that he knows
what to achieve today.
Setting  Conducive learning environment with sufficient facilities, e.g.
Projector, Laptop, Audio Devices, Big papers and stationaries
Presentatio  Using verbal instructions to make him understand better
n  Using ICT with visuals and audios to enable him understand
 Using bigger printed materials to give exercises and activities in
the class for better readability.
Response  Eliciting his response by using simple questions regarding the
content to assess his understanding
 Using verbally clear instruction to get response from Jimmy

5 Planning learning goals

Lessons Particulars
Aspect Description
Year 4
Topic Unit 7 – My Body
Focus Vocabulary (Body parts)
Learning 2.1.2 Able to read and understand words
Standards 2.1.1 Able to read and apply word recognition and word attack skills
by matching words with:
i) graphics
Vocabular head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose

Specific Evaluation and

Strategies and intentional Materials and
learning review notes
teaching practices (Steps) Teaching Aids
outcomes (dated)
Ali to sing 1. Pupils watch the video  Video 14 / 03 / 2018
along the played by teacher once.  PowerPoint
song “Head, 2. Pupils read the slides Ali:
Shoulders, PowerPoint slides shown  Speaker  sings along the
Knees and by teacher.  Laptop song “Head,
Toes” with 3. Pupil observes teacher’s Shoulders,
actions under explanation and modelling Knees and Toes”
teacher’s of the actions attentively. with actions
guidance. 4. Pupil follows the actions under teacher’s
made by teacher and say guidance.
each part of the body  orally states
orally. each part of the
5. Teacher provides guidance body and points
when necessary. to the correct
6. Pupils sing along the song part of his body.
“Head, Shoulders, Knees  is able to
and Toes” with actions understand and
under teacher’s guidance. follow his
Ali to spell 1. Pupil looks at the set of  Flash cards 14 / 03 / 2018
and state the flash cards shown by  Traffic light
body parts teacher attentively. cards Ali:
accurately. 2. Teacher points to each  orally spells and
flash card and spells its state the parts of
spelling with accurate the body
pronunciation. accurately.
3. Pupil spells each word in  is able to
the flash card and connect
pronounces it once. between the
4. Teacher provides guidance figure and words
when necessary. on the body
5. Pupil raises the green board.

traffic light card to show
that he understands.

Ali to paste 1. Pupil listens to teacher’s  Traffic light 21 / 03 / 2018

the word instructions and watches cards
cards onto teacher’s demonstration  Word cards Ali:
the correct attentively.  Body on  pastes the word
parts of the 2. Pupil raises the green or the board cards onto the
body. red traffic light card to  Blue tack parts of the
show that whether he body with at
understands the least 87.5%
instructions given. accuracy.
3. Pupil pastes the word  is able to
cards onto the correct manipulate the
parts of the body in the teaching aid
body on the board. (body board).
4. Teacher provides guidance  is able to
when necessary. accomplish his
5. Pupil points to each part of task given.
body and spells the
spelling with accurate
Ali to draw 1. Pupil listens to teacher’s  Traffic light 21 / 03 / 2018
his own body instructions and watches cards
figure and teacher’s demonstration  Marker Ali:
label the attentively. pens  is able to draw
body parts 2. Pupil raises the green or  Body on his body figure
accurately. red traffic light card to the board and label each
show that whether he part of body at
understands the least 75%
instructions given. accurately.
3. Pupil draws his own body  is able to express
figure on the back of the his ideas on his
body on the board. body figure.
4. Pupil labels each part of  is able to
his body (drawing) with communicate
accurate spelling. with his teacher
5. Teacher provides guidance in simple English
when necessary. to accomplish his

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